Mixer for a gas water heater

Mixer for a gas water heater what is necessary

Gas water heater has no storage tank and is designed for instantaneous water heating. There is a heat exchanger inside the unit, through which the water tube passes. Under the heat exchanger there is a gas burner. As a result of gas combustion, heat is generated, which heats the water flowing in the heat exchanger. Waste gases are collected in the collector and vented to the outside. This is a schematic diagram of the speaker, but the features of the functioning of some components may vary from model to model.

In the simplest units you have to light the burner manually, in more expensive models the automatic ignition is provided: as soon as someone turns on a tap with hot water, the water heater will start to work and will turn off when the tap is closed. The water temperature can be regulated by a simple reducer or sophisticated modern electronics.

From school chemistry course you should remember that the combustion of gas requires oxygen, which is contained in the air. Simple domestic boilers are equipped with an open combustion chamber and receive air from the room. Combustion products are discharged either via a normal chimney (option for private homes) or via a horizontal duct with a forced draught fan. The latter option is used in apartment buildings.

Gas water heaters are equipped with a multi-stage security system, so no harm can come to them, if, of course, the installation was carried out correctly, and you do not violate safety regulations.

How to install a mixing valve

  • compactness. Even the most powerful unit that can heat water for several points of water intake, will not take much space, and can be very neatly disguised in the kitchen;
  • cost-effectiveness. To heat water using gas, is much cheaper than using electricity. over, in some cases it is even cheaper to prepare hot water this way than to supply it centrally;
  • the ability to work with multiple water intake points. To provide water heating for 3-4 and more points of water consumption with a flow-through electric heater, you will need to take a device with a capacity of more than 8 kW, and this means that the network with a voltage of 220 V will not be enough. you will need wiring with three-phase voltage of 380 V. Gas heater, designed to work with the same number of water outlets, can be connected to the usual city gas lines. their power will be enough.

Some people manage to put the speaker even in rooms that are not connected to the gas mains, as there are models that allow power from a gas cylinder.

  • more complicated installation, if compared to electric heaters. On your own can not do. you need to involve professionals and to obtain special permission;
  • The gas line must have sufficient power. As a rule, this is not a problem. in most apartments, the power will be enough. Where only a gas stove is installed, the capacity of the network may be insufficient;
  • Combustion products must be output somewhere, so you will need to build a chimney. It will be easiest for residents of private houses and upper floors. The rest will have to erect a chimney on the outer wall of the house or install a turbine speaker and punch a hole in the wall;
  • The dangers of improper use. To minimize the risks, buy a speaker with a safety automation. By the way, all modern devices and most of those produced decades ago are equipped with the necessary safety systems. It is also important to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air: 1 unit of combustion gas volume should receive 10 units of supply air volume.

Single-lever faucets

The schematic of a single-lever faucet.

Single-lever faucets have become increasingly popular on the world market, due to their diverse design and ease of use. To turn the water supply on or off, it is necessary to turn the tap to a certain side with one movement. The owner does not need to perform any complicated operations each time the device is switched on.

The installation process of this type of faucet should be considered as an advantage. Installation can be performed without much difficulty with their own hands (it is better to resort to this only in extreme cases, because no one can give a 100% guarantee of a long service life when installed with their own hands).

However, despite a lot of advantages, single-lever types of faucets often lose in popularity to more traditional and classic variants. two-valve faucet designs.

Tips: how to choose a faucet for a bath with shower or kitchen

If there are hinged low shelves above the sink or washbasin, then when buying a faucet, you must consider its maximum height. the distance from the base to the top of the device. It must be lower than the distance between the sink and the shelf. A too long or low spout is not suitable for compact, shallow basins, and a mixer with a short spout is inappropriate for a deep, large basin or a bathtub with wide sides (it just can’t “reach”). The modern design models of faucets include spouts of unusual shapes. flat, wide, bowl-shaped (they are also called cascade spouts). So, in order not to get into a misfit and not to buy the wrong product, compare the width of your washstand, for example, and the width of this very spout (it should not occupy more than half the width of the dishes). When buying a faucet with a spout, it is worth considering the length of the hose, especially if you have a large bath or double kitchen sink.

Don’t forget also about the type of fastening: if your sink has three openings, and you are not planning to replace it, then you will have to choose a mixer under these openings, i.e. with two valves. For a bathtub and a washbasin, located close to each other, you can install one faucet with a long “pivoting” spout.

When choosing between a faucet with a lever or push-button mechanism for switching the water flow from the spout to the shower handle, it is better to give preference to the lever. Practice shows that it’s more reliable and easy to use with “our” water.

Tip: If you have a gas water heater, then from the single-lever faucets are better to give up.

What is the best faucet for the bath is better with a gas boiler

Albert KratovWho saves on water I drink what I drink Magnets on the meter and I use as much water as I want. To collect in the tank. I can’t, because I don’t have a meter, and I pay 44, 8 cubic meters. I don’t use as much water as I’d like. No need to pour and all Personally, my economy is a serviceable plumbing, meters, and so on. But my husband’s aunt did not save money until she put the meters and now after taking a bath the water is not flushed, and uses it to flush the toilet. Her water is only cold,

Kirill NeklyudovIs it true that in Khrushchev houses the towel dryer in the bathroom is hot in summer?? From 1964 up to the 90s we lived in a panel building, and the towel dryer was always hot, unless, of course, the water was hot. But when the hot water was cut off for three weeks, the towel rail was cold and nasty, covered with condensate droplets It’s not “Khrushchevka”, “Stalinka”, etc., but in the way towel bars are hooked up in your house. if the heating is turned off in the summer, the towel bars are cold, and if the hot water is turned off. they will be hot all year round.

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Vyacheslav ApokinHelp me understand! gas boiler! Really change the shower head, is not expensive for replacement of tools is not required, but if you had this problem constantly, it is possible wrong assembled shower switch on the mixer and it does not open completely. you can check The temperature can only depend on the water head T. е. its flow, if where water is flowing normal, screw the faucet (reduce the pressure) water will begin to heat)

Evgeniya PodomarevaGirls, and you just once in your life held a wrench in his hand? Taps were repaired and gas heaters were cleaned? Of course she did. When my kids were little, we went to the country house in May and lived there until October. My husband came once a month, not counting vacations. Our house is on the spur of the road and at such a spur that the nearest neighbors a mile away “It’s good to be able to do everything, but God forbid you to do everything yourself” I and the sink cleaned, and curtains nailed

Victoria VyrupaevaCan you mix the water in the gas water heater Don’t be afraid! What’s the faucet for in the bathroom?? Boiling water pouring out. no need to run into the kitchen to turn off the gas? Feel free to add cold water. Good luck

Galina MenshikovaWhen you open the cold water in the kitchen, hot water starts flowing from the faucet in the bathroom. What does it have to do with? Replace the faucet in the kitchen. EXPOSED: change faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, the rubber bands have worn out, through a faucet cold water gets into the pipe from the hot, but if the tap in the bathroom did not leak by itself it would not leak when cold water gets into a “hot” pipe

Yuri MaiserovThere is an old gas water heater. The kitchen gas water is fine, and in the bathroom there is no water from the hot tap at all. Tube with hot water clogged knee (where the pipe makes a turn Call a plumber, he will remove the bathroom faucet and clean the pipe and faucet again put Sometimes, however, and from the tap near the riser has to be disconnected, To change the pipe and bath mixer. To change the pipes unequivocally

Albert TaborskyExplain to me how in the country that built the SS-18 rocket, the Ruslan airplane and the Vityaz all-terrain vehicle they could build in such a way? Because the Soviet man is not allowed to live like a MAN and then he will feel the taste Still I remember a professor from America, visiting a professor from Russia, a citizen of the United States came to a three-room apartment to his colleague, and was shocked how can Damn, I lost my bearings because of your question we always have the extremes what to wonder we built a house, but forgot about the pipes. That’s how we live and dream of how to break that ledge in the half-kitchen

Vadim BlinovNEVA-4511 does not heat water properly. Passes a different amount of water per unit time. Normal phenomenon. Do not open the hot water tap on the faucet completely (to reduce the amount of water flowing per unit time The water temperature at the outlet of the tap will increase.

Andrew PislyakWhat water heater to put immediately hot water? Put a gas water heater. It heats the water as it passes. You open the faucet, the water flow went, the speaker turned on, in 2-3 minutes hot water flows from the faucet. You regulate the temperature either on the water heater or the faucet. As long as To put a flow heater. But it eats a lot. 5 to 10 kw. Will have to pull the new wiring for it. I personally have an 80 liter storage tank. quite enough for the bath and dishes. it is always on and just adjusts the temperature. disconnect.

Elizabeth PolyakovaCan I install a bathtub with hydromassage if there is a gas water heater? Of course you can. The whirlpool simply pumps water in a circle. If you pay attention, in these bathtubs in addition to the nozzles through which this same massage, there is a larger hole with a mesh top. Through And why can not? the only question is: 1. Can the crane withstand the electric motor? wiring, t. к. a motor at least 1,5 kW and whether it is necessary in principle. I recommend to try at first, I did not like

Thermostatic mixer with a water heater

A relatively new invention that allows you to get water consistently heated to a certain temperature. Inside the thermostatic faucet has a sub-mixing unit. The faucet will not work at normal cold water pressure.

A thermostatic faucet violates the basic rule of using faucets connected to running water heaters. There is an automatic cold water inlet. At the same time, the pressure in the DHW line is reduced, which leads to a constant increase in the heating temperature and creates an excessive load on the heat exchanger of the flow-through gas boiler.

Choosing a thermostatic faucet is not the best option for a gas water heater. This type of valve can be installed only if the pressure in the pipeline is stable and the boiler with a modulating burner is connected.

Single-lever mixer at the column

Single-lever or single-shaft mixer, it is a kind of sub-mixture. Exceptionally hot or cold water is supplied only at the extreme position of the knob.

Using a single-lever faucet when connected to a flow-through gas water heater can. For example, the instructions to the Bosh boiler states that this type of valve is allowed to use during operation.

The advantage of the design: soft shutoff of the water supply, which prevents water hammer.

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What is the best faucet for the bath

Let’s see how to choose a faucet? All such designs are subdivided:

  • In terms of design;
  • functionality;
  • The material from which the body of the device itself is made;
  • decorative body coating;
  • single-lever and double-lever;
  • by type of mounting. wall-mounted, installed on the side of the bathtub or washbasin;
  • into vertical and horizontal;
  • by the form and length of the spout.

In addition, devices for mixing cold and hot water can be classified according to their functionality into those that:

  • Are designed exclusively for the washbasin.
  • Their design includes both a bath and shower function.
  • Presented in the form of two separate devices in the form of a faucet for the bath and a shower hose with a watering can. Each of them operates autonomously; and.


The material for making faucets is usually an alloy of brass and bronze. Sometimes there may be a product made of alloy steel. But today, most of the devices are available in silumin, a special alloy made of silicon and aluminum, which is lightweight but not very durable. Silumin easily deteriorates when exposed to alkalis and acids and is prone to scratches and abrasions. But its cost is much lower than that of chrome-plated products or those made of stainless steel.

The material can be determined by the weight of the device. If it is light, then you have a silumin, heavy. metal, electroplated composition of chromium, or the device can be made of stainless steel. There are devices covered with enamel. The most popular products are chrome, stainless steel or enameled.

Plastics and ceramics can be used in devices intended for mixing water of different temperatures, but more often only valve handles are made of these materials. In all other parts of the devices, the use of these materials raises a lot of doubts about their reliability and durability.


According to this parameter, mixing devices can be:

  • Devices with one valve are the most popular, because they are simple and easy to use. One lever, turned up or down, left or right, allows you to adjust the temperature of the water and open or close the water supply.
  • Two-valve devices are somewhat uncomfortable, especially when the handles do not have pronounced edges, and soapy hands often slip off them. They also have a major handicap. they tend to leak easily. But they also have the advantage of using less water.
  • Sensor panels. Despite their stylish, aesthetic appearance, these products are not characterized by the duration of maintenance-free operation.
  • Devices with contactless infrared sensors have found their application more often on devices used in kitchen sinks. The water faucet opens as soon as the sensor feels the heat from your hands.
  • Devices that have in their design, thermostatic regulators. Here it is possible to program a certain temperature of water and its pressure. Naturally, such faucets are much more expensive than all traditional faucets.
  • The newfangled cascade-type devices that can be installed directly on one of the sides of the bathtub. There is no doubt that such devices are most often used in designer bathrooms, their cost is quite high and the average consumer can not afford it. The advantage of them is a large flow of water, reminiscent of a waterfall.

Let’s move on to another important factor.

Water pressure in the apartment

If you have a good water pressure at the entrance to your apartment: from 3 atmospheres on the hot and cold riser pipe, the functioning of all devices will be adequate and you can choose what you like, focusing on functionality, design, material and cost. Therefore, it is useful to install pressure gauges and always monitor the pressure coming directly from the risers.

If you have a pressure of 2 atmospheres or less at the inlet to your apartment (for hot or cold water) do not buy appliances with one valve. Weak water pressure leads to incorrect operation of the mechanism inside such a faucet, and there is a high probability that you will go from hot water to ice water. And the attempt to change the situation with a single-lever faucet will turn into a real torture (tested by my own practice).

In addition, if the water system in your apartment is also included and running washing machine or dishwasher (which is most likely the case), then its constant switching on and off will also affect the already weak supply pressure, and the water in your faucet will really constantly stray. It is better in this case to take a two-valve device. They will at least be able to regulate the cold and hot water more smoothly.

If the inlet pressure is very low, you should not buy and expensive faucets with a thermostat, where you can smoothly regulate the pressure and temperature, as well as smart shower heads. It all comes to naught until you can’t really deliver water at a normal pressure.

Option of water supply at the entrance to the apartment with low pressure is the worst, if not sad. It severely limits your options for faucets. Here you may have to fight long and hard with the HOA or HCC in your own house, trying to prove that the pressure is actually coming to you is weak. Or, if you are tired of fighting, there is only one way out. to install expensive compressors with filters, pumping water out of the common risers. But in this case your neighbors will suffer a lot.

But if you have good pressure at the inlet, but the water is still very loose, you need to deal with the distribution of the water pipes in the apartment. It is quite possible clogging of filters, which you can change, referring to the article: You have weakened water pressure in the apartment?

A Look At Honeywell Hydronic Mixing Valves

How to choose a faucet for the bathroom with a shower

The choice of one or another type of mixing device depends, in addition to technical characteristics, also on the design of the interior, as well as on the financial capabilities of the homeowner.

There are truly exclusive products with a beautifully shaped spout, various innovative devices. But it should be understood that their cost will be prohibitive for the average consumer. In addition, all of them are not designed to save water, and in the case of failure, it will be difficult to replace the individual part.

Quickly runs out of water in the boiler

Intensive use of water in the summer and a light degree of heating will cause the boiler to empty faster. It is also possible that the tank creates excessive pressure and a safety valve bleeds it, draining some of the hot water. Or, on the contrary, low pressure in the main water line, which does not push cold water into the boiler, it is always half-empty.

In addition, probably recently replaced the heating element with a less powerful. The position of the temperature regulator remains at the same level and the heating element can’t cope with the heating. There are many reasons why the water heater quickly empties, below are a few of them.

Leakage in the cabinet

Boilers are made of durable materials that can withstand high pressure and weight. With heavy use and poor maintenance, corrosion forms on the inner surface of the tank. fistulas through which water escapes from the tank. The development of corrosion is affected:

If the boiler is rotten, the holes can not be sealed by welding. Such a case is not usable, and its place in a landfill.

Boiler body is rusty

Leaky connections

Check valve, pressure reducer and other plumbing components must be connected firmly, without gaps. Units should be sealed with hemp, felt-tape or plumber’s thread and sealed with sealant. If this is not done, weakly fixed places are bound to leak sooner or later. Unobtrusively or visibly, the water will leave the boiler and it will lead to a breakdown: if the thermal protection does not work, the heater will burn out.

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