Mobile air conditioner Hyundai h pac09 r10e review

Have a standard set of modes. Let us consider a top of mobile budget air conditioners for your home, which, in the opinion of users, cope with their task perfectly.

Zanussi ZACM-09 MP-III/N1 white

Designed to cool rooms up to 28 square meters. Installed near a window, so that you can remove the hose, and runs on mains power. Equipped with wheels for moving. With a good capacity of 9 BTU / h works quietly enough. The noise level is only 46 dB. Power in cooling mode. 2630 W. The airflow can be adjusted in different directions. Remote control included. Has a regular display and a 24 hour timer that can be programmed. The device can be used as a dehumidifier and ventilator. Such modes are indispensable when the humidity in the room is very high. It also prevents the wallpaper or paint from deforming. Dimensions. 35,469,834 cm.

  • optimum capacity for the house;
  • large cooling area;
  • remote control;
  • low noise level;
  • self-diagnosis of faults;
  • auto restart;
  • consumes little electricity.

Timberk T-PAC09-P09E white

Calculated for cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating rooms up to 16 square meters/m. To allow the climate control unit to be moved, it is equipped with casters. Comes with a special bracket to install the duct in the window. Power. 900/2400 W, where the first figure is the consumption, the second. in cooling mode. Refers to a system with a “nine”.

The model features a washable air filter and sensor control. Filter can be easily removed, washed and put back in place. Can be programmed with a timer or change modes remotely, including sleep mode. Parameters: 32.368.833.4 cm.

  • high performance;
  • modern remote control;
  • has a sleep mode;
  • washable air filter;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • auto restart;
  • compact.

Hyundai H-PAC07-R10E white

Air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of 7 BTU designed for rooms of 15 m². Basic cooling mode works with 2050 watts, there are additional functions in the form of drying and ventilating the air. Can be set to “night” mode, and the noise level will not affect the quality of sleep. It has accelerated cooling function. All control is done with remote control and on the regular display. Maintains the temperature from 16 ° C. Airflow adjustment in two modes. Dimensions. 32.867.830.5 cm.

  • easy operation;
  • takes up little space;
  • adjustment of intensity of a stream;
  • there is a night mode;
  • automatic temperature maintenance;
  • Acceptable noise level.

Scoole SC AC 09C PE

The device is a so-called “3 in 1”. There is cooling, dehumidification, night mode and ventilation. Suitable for apartments with large rooms of 25 m². Convenient castors are provided for moving. Power output 990/2610 W. Remote control. There is a timer for 24 hours. Can be programmed to start or stop operation.

Feature of the model in the presence of a fine filter for air purification. Such system not only creates a favorable microclimate in the room, but also gets rid of dust, bacteria and various impurities.

Fan speed can be controlled. Unit dimensions: 32x73x37 cm.

  • a powerful air flow;
  • large working area;
  • Easy control and installation;
  • has a SLIP mode;
  • air filtration;
  • Universal timer.

Hyundai H-PAC09R10E reviews

mobile, conditioner, hyundai, pac09, r10e

Good mobility, can be put in any room.

Not found.comment: The air conditioner takes up little space, but it works very well. It can be moved from room to room with the help of special wheels. There is a fan function. If it is too humid in the apartment, for example, when there are a lot of freshly washed clothes hung up and they are all drying out, you can switch the mode of drying on. It is also good that there is a function of automatic switching on, you can set a certain time. The display is digital, and it displays all the necessary parameters in detail. There is a small remote control, so you don’t need to come up to the device for extra time to correct its work. Alexandra

Мобильный кондиционер. опыт использования, действительно работает?

Mobile conditioner Hyundai H-AP1-03C-UI001

You can buy mobile air conditioner Hyundai H-AP1-03C-UI001 with a discount in our specialized climate control company ClimateStandard. This mobile air conditioner Hyundai H-AP1-03C-UI001 is designed for 8-10 square meters room. 3 years warranty.

Features of mobile air conditioner Hyundai:

  • It is possible to use the air conditioner without a duct in large spacious rooms to create a comfortable microclimate in the area of one or two people, which makes this device a unique personal mobile air conditioner.
  • Lowest noise level among mobile air conditioners 45 dB (A).
  • Economical energy consumption. energy efficiency class A.
  • Cool air without harsh temperature effect on the body. “soft” cold.
  • Automatic up and down jiggling louver mode for even air distribution.
  • Efficient use as a dehumidifier up to 25 liters per day.
  • Full condensate collection tank.
  • Capable of automatic condensate evaporation and moisture removal in the form of steam with warm air.
  • Informative LCD display without LED indicators.
  • Electronic temperature and humidity control.
  • 24 hour ON/OFF timer
  • Night mode with energy-saving operation.
  • Ultra-slim remote control.
  • Compact storage port on the device, SD card principle.
  • Two speeds of treated air.
  • Automatic selection of the airflow rate is possible.
  • Securely attached to the back of the unit.
  • Rollers for easy movement in the cooling zone.
  • Smooth body shape with no sharp angles.
  • Fast air-cooling to 17 degrees.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.

Mobile air conditioner Hyundai Persona H-AP1-03C-UI001 can be used both with air duct (included) and without it. This means that the usual principle of operation of mobile air conditioner with discharge through a window or door is no longer relevant in certain rooms. When using an air conditioner without a duct, hot air will be directed upwards, concentrated under the ceiling. This principle allows you to use mobile air conditioner in commercial halls, open spaces and offices, where it is difficult to bring out the air duct.

For effective work of a conditioner the use of a device without a duct is recommended only in open premises or premises with high ceilings (more than 3 meters). This air conditioner has full dehumidification function with the capacity of 25 liters per day, which makes it possible to use the air conditioner in the off-season. The lowest noise level among mobile conditioners is 45 dB, which is acceptable for work and rest of people and it allows using the conditioner comfortably even at night time.Hyundai mobile air conditioners have an automatic condensate drainage function. If needed user can use special water tank to collect condensed water. Thus, the use of mobile conditioner becomes even more convenient and simple. Adjustment of air stream direction is possible with the help of the function of automatic up-down swinging of louvers. This function can be selected by pressing a button on the remote control.

Mobile air conditioners Hyundai have the function of automatic removal of condensate through the air duct to the street. If necessary, the user can use a special tank to collect condensed water. Thus, the use of mobile air conditioner becomes even more convenient and easy. Informative LCD display without LED indicators.

Mobile air conditioner Hyundai H-PAC07-R10E

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Mobile air conditioner Hyundai H-PAC07-R10E

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Mobile air conditioner Hyundai H-PAC09R10E

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