Navien boiler lights red on the remote control

Questions to service masters of Navien boilers

Please advise what are the main error codes of Navien boilers?

Brief description of errors and faults:

01E. boiler overheating. 02E. low level of OV. 03E. No flame signal or open circuit of flame sensor. 04E. false flame signal or short circuit of flame sensor. 05E. Open circuit of core temperature sensor. 06E. Cold water temperature sensor circuit short circuit. 07E. circuit breakage of temperature sensor hot water supply. 08E. Short circuit of the temperature sensor hot water. 09E. Fan failure. 10E. Smoke Removal System Failure. 12E. Flame goes out when the boiler is working. 13E. DHE flow sensor short circuit. 15E. Faulty or faulty control board. 16E. boiler overheating. 17E. DIP switch setting error. 18E. Overheated smoke evacuation sensor. 27E. APS air pressure sensor circuit breakage or short circuit.

I have a Navien 24k. Knocking for some reason, as if someone is opening the door. Indicator was red recently and showed 10. The display jumps back and forth. What’s the matter? Can you tell me please? A man came by, said it was limescale, need to change radiator. It has been the case that when I came home and turned on a higher temperature, dirty water was coming. Maybe the radiator is just clogged with rust? And it could be flushed instead of changing the?

If you have a knocking noise in the lower. The right side of the boiler, then it is necessary to change the three-way valve. If at the top (as if the kettle is boiling), flush the heating circuit. And the dirty water, it’s already the water circuit. Do you wash it or is it enough to check the filter and then draw conclusions?

A boiler Navien 12 is installed, when you turn off the burner pressure drops to zero, and when you turn it on it rises to normal, and so constantly. Maybe the diaphragm of the expander is torn?

When the boiler is at zero, drain the heating water from the boiler (the fame below the pump). And check the pressure in the expansion tank. It should be 1.0atm.

Lights out and now the boiler Navien Ace Coaxial does not turn on at all, even the remote control does not turn on! what to do?

Try to short out the wires to the output of the control unit should work at full speed only short circuit at the exit of the boiler and do not confuse with the power supply of 220.

Can you advise me, please, is the boiler Navien. After closing the tap with hot water for a long time there is boiling water, making noise. But there is no error. Temperature 30-36 I put on hot water, when heated rises to 63 and automatically turns off. at the min.2 the burner goes on again and so it goes on and on until I get a bath.

The boiler should be heating a radiator with water in which water is pumped to cool it down quickly after heating. To set the bath, turn the hot water to maximum, and mix it with cold water, even separately, even through a mixer.

I have a boiler ACE 30KN no hot water. It is cold. changed the secondary heat exchanger. I don’t think it’s the three-way valve, considering the heating water is hot in the pipes! Is it necessary to dismantle it, clean it and put it back on??!

It is, the problem is in the three-way. Cleaning won’t save it, only replacing it.

I have a wall mounted Navien. Please advise how to set the temperature correctly? My radiators are at 80 temp, my house is at 20 temp?

If the boiler will run on temp. In the room (as you have 20gr.), then before that it is necessary to set the temperature of the heat carrier (batteries) as much as possible 75-80gr. Otherwise, if, say, the coolant temp. costs 50gr., the boiler will heat up to 50gr. and goes out, goes back on after a few seconds. and off again. and t. д. And room temp.(In this case 20gr.) can be not reached.

Can you advise what I have a boiler. First showed error 03 (no flame signal or broken flame sensor circuit) then 10 (faulty smoke evacuation system) and finally 15 (malfunction or failure of the control board) and after opening the lid of the combustion chamber water drips and in the fan also water!!

Bought and installed today Navien 16K. And after starting the problem is almost the same as in the previous question from Nikolai. I set the room temperature to, say, 23gr. Boiler works for 25 seconds then shuts down, turns on after about 30 seconds and so on all the time and the temp. on the remote control is only 21gr.

I set the temp. temperature of the heating medium, let’s say 60gr. The boiler runs for about 40 seconds and heats up 61-62gr. and shuts off. In 15-20 seconds the temperature is too high. drops to 51 grams. And it turns on again and so constantly. The pump is running all the time. There is a suspicion of a three-way valve t.к. Water heat exchanger is hot but boiler is new. There is no problem with hot water, when I turn on the heating pipes are not heated. Maybe some other settings need to be done.

if there is no error on the display, then the causes of such boiler operation (besides the temperature setting), are: three-way valve does not work properly, the system is clogged somewhere, the pump does not work or does not press water, having lost power, the temperature sensor is fooling, air in the system, the main heat exchanger is clogged. Well, in other cases the error should light up.

Remodeling the heating system, at first the water in the shower was fine, after two days, the water is no longer warm, gives an error 02 (low pressure in the heating system), heating for another three days, what about the warm water, can it turn on.

Put stubs on the boiler on the heating circuit, to feed the boiler to 1-1,5 bar. And use DHW for pleasure.

I have a boiler brand Navien Ace 20k. Works less than a year (about 10 months) and everything seems to be fine with it, but I’m confused by the gauge reading on his body: the arrow does not rise above half a bar, and if the boiler is not involved (not heating water or batteries at the moment), it is at zero.

However, I checked the factors and here are the following circumstances: At the remote control does not appear any alarm about the failure; The pressure in the heating system is present (tap out of the heating system is steadily shooting into the ceiling of a tight stream); water filter inside has not yet been flushed; water filter in the apartment system was a couple of months overdue for replacement, changed recently, hardly stirred, but unlikely.Can you tell me what could be the problem??

I think the weak pressure in the water supply network (below 1bar).). Although I would not rule out a faulty pressure gauge (unlikely, never encountered). Check the pressure in the cistern. In the tank (inside the boiler, the nipple looks like a car nipple), should be 1bar. By car pump, compressor.

Error 01, what’s the cause and how to fix it??

Causes of error 01: blockage or reduced flow in the heating system; malfunction of the circulation pump.

Boiler Navien Ace-20k White gives error 02, from the hot tap is running warm (30 seconds), then the cold water. On the remote control water temperature rises sharply to 99, then falls sharply. Nothing wrong with the heating system. advise what could be wrong and how to fix it? Boiler has been in operation for exactly one year.

Perhaps the sensor flow “hang” the movable actuator with a permanent magnet (checkbox), disassemble the housing and clean the checkbox. In your case, the problem is probably caused by an air lock in the hot water system.

First, the water that was in the circuit is heated as it should be, then when the air enters the heat exchanger, t.е. when there is no water in it, the temperature rises to a critical temperature, which is the cause of error 02. Perhaps somewhere there is a crack through which air enters the hot water circuit.

Boiler Navien Ace 24 Atmo. Recently, when turning on the hot water, if at this time, the pressure in the heating circuit more than 1.5 (according to the manometer on the boiler), an extraneous noise is heard, like a hum or buzzing. Listened to. It does not sound like a pump noise, t.к. no extraneous noises can be heard during the operation of the boiler for heating the heating water, everything is normal.

If the pressure in the heating circuit is less than 1.0. there is no noise, from 1.0 to 1.5 changes the volume of extraneous noise. Today another problem appeared: the temperature of the hot water system changes.

When set to 40, it cyclically varies from 28 to 42 (28, 35, 42, 40, 38, 28), with extraneous noise, then there is, then there is not. The boiler does not produce any errors, the heating fluid in the heating circuit does not cause problems. What it could be?

Your situation is quite common and is likely due to the fact that the heat exchanger is clogged. It can be caused by anything, but first of all it is, of course, the quality of heat carrier. There are two ways out of this situation. First. Remove and service the heat exchanger. The second. heat exchanger replacement.

Navien 20K boiler for a year and a half worked without problems, but the last two days have often give out error 11, but in the instructions of such a code does not exist. After a while, when the room temperature drops, the boiler turns on and continues to work as usual (the temperature is set in the “low temperature” mode). 22 g.) Please advise how to fix this and what this problem is about?

Error 011E. Faulty coolant level sensor. This error is not included in the boiler. It is provided in boilers for the European market, which are equipped with such sensors.

Navien Ace-30k second day in a row from time to time gives error 10. Worked for a year, no problems. Opened the front lid of the boiler and stopped giving an error. There seems to be not enough air for normal operation. Why? Nothing has changed, the error appeared on the spot, what to do? With the lid open it buzzes a lot.

Supply of air and emissions of combustion products is done by a fan through the chimney, creating a certain pressure in it. This pressure controls the air pressure switch and gives information to the boiler control board. Conclusion: Is the fan defective or unstable working, or insufficient air flow (check the chimney), or the relay is lying.

Tell me, the heating is fine, but the water in the shower is bad. Set it to 50, it heats 15. The boiler is 2 seasons old. Navien 24 Ace.

If the gas valve has not been adjusted, then most likely the heat exchanger of the hot water circuit is clogged, the cause of this again the quality of water. Turn on the hot water and look at the flame, if it is at maximum and the flow of hot water is different from cold (not always), then flush the heat exchanger.

There are two ways. 1. dismantle and flush. 2. Without removing from the boiler. I dismantled and rinsed with SOLITA fluid special for boilers. Very effective. But if the secondary flushed without problems, after flushing the primary, I had a problem that the boiler does not work normally.

It is easy to disassemble and assemble, but if you do it on the boiler you need to install a system with a pump. You will flush the whole system. Take your pick. I advise to buy a big amount of salt, it does not soak all at once. I filled the secondary one seven times. But the water. boiling hot!

Help please. bug 05. Breakage in the circuit of the temperature sensor. What to do and how to fix it?

The causes: short circuit between the temperature sensor and the controller. Bad contact between the contacts of the temperature sensor and the controller.

Solution: Check the resistance of the whole circuit from the controller to the temperature sensor and the resistance of the temperature sensor itself. Replace faulty sensor. Disconnect the temperature sensor connectors and controller connectors and reconnect them for normal contact.

Please advise what is error 11 in the boiler NAVIEN ACE 24A. Check the data sheet, there is no such error.

Well, on early Navien models, this error indicated Water level error. It often appears together with error 02. Check circulation in the boiler and heating system.

Check the filter in the boiler, the pump, the filter in front of the boiler (if there is one). Also check if the three-way valve is not jammed (no need to call a specialist). Check if the valves in the heating system or in front of the boiler are not closed.

navien, boiler, lights, remote, control

Boiler Navien temperature is normal, heats water, but when the heating is turned off, the pressure on the gauge to the end of the red field drops.

When it turns on afterwards, it builds pressure and goes hard into the yellow field and starts dripping from the drain valve. Please advise what can be done, and whether it is possible to operate in this mode?

You need to drain the coolant from the boiler and set the necessary pressure in the expansion tank.

Boiler Navien Ace-16k very bad heats water. Heating is normal, and from the faucet barely warm. No errors.

If the water is hard, it is possible that the secondary heat exchanger, which performs the water heating function, is clogged with calcium and magnesium salts.

navyen ice 16 boiler, shuts down and gives error 27E. What are the possible ways to fix it?

When the display on the boiler Navien lit error 57 it means that there was a problem with the connecting hose of the air pressure sensor (DDPV). The device and its connections are malfunctioning. Most likely it’s all about the air passage.

  • There is a mechanical failure in the BFD;
  • Broken tube, through which the air flow, as a result, it does not create any pressure;
  • The air pipe is kinked or pinched;
  • Debris has entered the connection hose preventing normal airflow, causing the pressure to either drop or rise, the self-diagnostic program detects the problem and displays a corresponding numerical code;
  • Fine debris under the sensor diaphragm;
  • Condensate in the connecting hose If the temperature outside is minus, the droplets can freeze, blocking the air flow, the self-diagnostic program “sees” the obstacle and generates a code.

Error codes of DAEWOO boilers

Error E0. Malfunction of room temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is defective or the connection is broken. Temperature sensor in the control panel. Replace the damaged part with a working one.

Error E1. Pressure drop in the heating system. Coolant has a low pressure or is leaking. Leaky boiler DAEWOO or heating system. The reason for the leakage must be repaired. Fill the system and restore pressure.

Fault E2. Gas burns incompletely. Debris in the chimney or duct. Check the condition of the chimney or ductwork.

Error E3. The coolant is overheating. The water does not circulate properly. Check to see if the forward and return cocks are open, inspect the strainer and circulation pump.

Fault E4. Chimney blockage. Check the condition of the chimney.

Fault E5. Flame sensor malfunction. Faulty infrared sensor or electronic board. Check infrared sensor and electronic board for faults. Replace defective unit.

Fault E6. Gas leakage (if equipped with a gas leak sensor). Gas leak or sensor malfunction. Check leak tightness of gas connections, gas valve, gas leak detector. Eliminate the causes and replace the defective part safely.

Fault E7. Faulty wireless connection to the control panel. Contact fault, handset defect. Check the connection of the panel, check the correctness of the panel. Rectify the detected causes.

Error E8. Failure of temperature sensor. Power failure, temperature sensor failure. Check the voltage supply, the sensor and the electronic board for condition. Rectify the ascertained causes.

Error E9. Trouble caused by leaks in the heating system.

Error 4U1. Buttons of the control panel are stuck.

Fault U0. A restart of the device is recommended.

Error EF. Water flow switch action exceeded for more than 90 min.

Error EA. Signals that the water in the heating system is filling more than 5 times in 1 minute.

Fault EC. Wrong boiler model selected.

Error code EE. Stoppage of operation of the fan. The power supply line is defective, or there is a defect in the fan, condenser or speed sensor. Carry out a diagnosis of the electric voltage, the motor functionality, the capacitor, the speed sensor and the electronic board.

Error code Ed. Current frequency deviation has occurred.

Error code U8. Damaged DHW temperature sensor (hot water supply).

Error code U9. Chimney blockage or damage of chimney temperature sensor.

DAEWOO Gasboiler DGB 160 MSC boiler does not heat the water up to the set temperature. The water heats up to 34 degrees and the burner shuts down. Water pressure is good. Please tell me what the problem could be?

Inlet gas pressure must be checked. Or the secondary heat exchanger may be clogged or the gas valve may not be properly adjusted.

Boiler 100 MSC and remote control DBR-W21. When the hot water tap is turned on the gas burner doesn’t start and the control lights up and goes out again several times. What can be the reason?

There are several variants: 1) the control unit is defective, 2) the remote room thermostat is defective.

I have a gas boiler DAEWOO Gasboyler 130, yesterday stopped igniting the burner. And does not work either for hot water or heating, before this problem was not. What’s the reason?

The causes can be many: 1) the ignition electrodes do not work, 2) the gas valve is defective, 3) leaks from the primary heat exchanger, etc.д.

Started having problems with the boiler DAEWOO DGB-250 MSC. 29 kw. Round pressure gauge. Remote control DBR-D21. The unit starts working and water begins to leak from the water filter with air discharge from the bottom and top. It drips, it leaks, then stops and then resets again after a while until the pressure drops to zero. Then he gets up and gives an error. After adding water starts working. The pressure in the expansion tank is 0.8. 1 atm.

Most likely you need to replace the auto-air valve or the gasket under the auto-air valve.

I have a boiler DGB 300 msc, gave out error E3. After that, the service center repaired the circulation pump (replacing the bearings, impeller and cover), as well as cleaned the heat exchangers and filters and the unit itself from scale and soot. Repaired and turned it on, the water pressure in the system keeps, no gas leakage. The device turns on, the flame lights up in the chamber for 10 seconds, and after 5-10 seconds, hot water flows, after which it shuts off and gives error E3. The hot water coil housing is cold during operation. On the remote control: DHW temperature mode is set to 54C, when you turn on the temperature rises from 0 to 41 and generates an error E3.

The three-way valve is most likely defective or the secondary heat exchanger (D.H.W.) is clogged.

I have a wall mounted boiler DAEWOO 100, in operation for the third season. Was working fine, and now does not give the set temperature (set at 50 degrees) comes to 48-49 and the unit sharply shuts down and the temperature creeps up to 80-85. Then the pump comes on, the temperature drops for a few minutes and it goes round and round again, we cleaned the heat exchanger, replaced the temperature sensor and all to no avail. What to do?

Your circulation in the heating system is probably bad. It is necessary to clean the filters in the heating system.

EE error, the fan does not start. Model DGB-300.

Most likely a defective fan. Most likely it is necessary to replace the fan.

Trouble with the boiler DAEWOO Gasboiler 160. Water does not flow by turning the appliance filling valve. What might be the cause?

The boiler make-up valve itself may be defective or there may be no water at the make-up valve inlet.

Gas boiler DGB-100 MSC. When the boiler is started, the ignition is normal; the red indicator on the control panel lights up. After that the fan speed starts to increase, sometimes even to the point of flame failure. If it doesn’t go out, after some time the fan speed increases (as if the chamber is blown out before ignition), then the speed is normal again. After stopping due to flame failure, the unit automatically starts up again. If you need to adjust the gas, then explain how to do it.

Most likely, you have a defective fan or control unit. The gas setting will not help you.

Remote Control NR-10DU for Navien Tankless Water Heater

Deo 100 boiler malfunction. After a year of operation, the error E2 began to appear. The problem is with the smoke exhaust. The chimney is clean. The error gives out once in two or three minutes, then the flame lights up again. What is it and how to deal with it?

Обзор пульта котла Navien 16 Ace.

We recommend checking the primary heat exchanger for clogging factor. If the chimney and heat exchanger are OK, it means that the inlet and outlet ventilation is bad. We recommend to look at the height of the chimney. whether there is no air leakage (the chimney from the boiler is not tightly inserted), no air inflow (probably tightly closed windows and doors), the ventilation duct is not working.

I have a wall mounted boiler DAEWOO-130. The problem is that when the DHW temperature is set to 50 degrees. The unit continues to heat water up to 90 degrees and does not respond to the set temperature. Workman came to change the temperature sensor, but the problem is not solved. What is the reason?

The causes could be several: 1) the secondary heat exchanger is clogged, 2) the flow of water through the secondary heat exchanger is low, 3) the control unit is defective, 4) the control unit has not been adjusted for gas pressure.

In 2013 I bought a DAEWOO Gasboiler DGB-100 MSC. Not even a year later, all sorts of problems started popping up. The primary heat exchanger had to be replaced, and then the secondary heat exchanger failed. The problem is not over at this point, the pressure in the system began to jump. And now once again the pressure is like a speedometer in a car, now lowers to 0, then exceeds the limit.

You may not have carried out commissioning work which adjusts the gas pressure. If these measures are not taken, the primary heat exchanger fails. Failure of the secondary heat exchanger indicates that the temperature is too high or the water quality is not up to par. Adjustments are necessary because.к. Salt deposits occur when the unit is operated at high temperature. You may have a faulty expansion tank (due to lack of maintenance) or no additional expansion tank on the heating system. All the requirements are very detailed in the data sheet. If you follow all the requirements written in the passport, there will be no problem with it.

DGB-350 MSC. Error U8 and an acoustic alarm appear during the power supply. Resistance of the temperature sensor is about 70 kohms at 16 degrees. What is the acceptable resistance range of this sensor?

Error code U8. faulty temperature sensor. Average resistance value at 20 degrees. 50 kOhm.

Deo gas boiler writes error E1, the water does not heat, although visually the pressure is very strong. Heating does not start. What to do?

Error code E1. No water in the boiler. You need to power it up.

Model DAEWOO DGB 130. Pump has been in operation for 7 years without faults, then the pump broke, it was replaced and now it does not stop. Works all the time. What you can do?

You need to turn the unit on and off several times on the control unit, in different modes (continuous, timer mode) turning the right regulator. Blockage mode should disappear.

DAEWOO 100 boiler malfunction. How do I enter the submenu to set the pump to work only with the burner?

You need to press buttons 1,3,7 on the remote control (1. the button to turn on the heating, 3. button to switch the mode of the heating medium or room temperature, 7. increasing the parameter “triangle”) at the same time. P0 mode is the standard factory setting; within the range of the heater operating time set on the timer, when the burner is turned off, the pump is also turned off.

DGB wall mounted boiler works fine for half a year, then it ignites three times and the error U0 pops up. Replaced flame sensor, lasted 3 hours and again U0. What to do, what’s the reason?

Error code U0. flame sensor doesn’t see flame. Make sure there are no obstructions to the flame sensor, the mica window must be in its place in front of the sensor. It is also possible that the flame height is too low and the sensor does not see it (you need to add gas regulator on the control box).

DAEWOO Gasboiler DGB-160 boiler, error code E8 on the remote control.

Error code E8. Temperature sensor failure in the heating system. You need to check the connection to the control unit, if necessary replace the sensor in the heating system.

Writes error E1, but the point is that the pressure rises in the appliance, t.е. It used to work at this pressure before, but now it won’t even turn on. Been in use for 6 years. Maybe it’s the pump?

Most likely a faulty pressure gauge on the unit.

Navien NCB-210 Red Wrench Flashing But No Error Code “Soft Lockout” Bad Main PCB and Dual Venturi

Model DGB-160. Constantly open makeup, if you shut off. Pressure on the sensor immediately climbing upwards. The sound in the expansion tank is water, without air. We assume that the expansion tank does not work, what could be the reason?

It is necessary to pump up the expansion tank to 1-1.2 atm. (into an empty expansion tank without water). Also it is necessary to pump up an additional expansion tank on a heating system (if the additional expansion tank is not present, it is necessary to establish it).

We have a wall mounted gas boiler DAEWOO 160. The problem is as follows. When you turn on the hot water pressure indicator on the device drops, the pressure in the expansion tank is normal, the tank is new. Please advise what to do?

Probably the make-up valve is open. Water flows from the heating to the hot water. The makeup tap must be closed.

DAEWOO dgb 160, periodically stuck three-way valve. What can be wrong with it??

likely to need a replacement three-way valve. But before that we recommend to check the supply voltage.

We have a problem with our boiler 300 msc, it systematically overheats. Error E3 is coming out.

There are many possible causes: 1) the circulation pump is defective, 2) the system is blown out, 3) the filter before the circulation pump is dirty, etc.д.

When I turn on the hot water the unit vibrates and after a while displays error E4. There is nothing wrong with the chimney, we have checked it. How to eliminate the vibration and this error?

Most likely need cleaning of main heat exchanger and fan (if turbo model). Also probably need to replace the fan.

Wall hung boiler DGB 250. How to change the gas to liquefied gas in the board? Nozzles (15 pcs.) changed and is it necessary to change the height of the flame?

Need to switch dip switches to LPG mode. The gas valve also needs to be reset.

What should be the pressure in the dgb 200 expansion tank?

The pressure in the expansion tank should be about 1.0 bar if the pressure in the system is maintained at least 1.2bar.

DAEWOO boiler. Error E2 keeps popping up, before it worked fine, after 3 months the boiler started shutting down with error E2, after a minute of operation the boiler switches off, turns on and then shuts down again. What is the problem?

Error code E2. no draught in the chimney. Chimney may be obstructed or blocked. Primary heat exchanger could also be blocked.

Gas boiler DAEWOO 350, two years in operation. Recently, from time to time (once a month) when you turn on the DHW error E3 lights up. Heating is switched off. After resetting the remote control, everything works fine. What could be the problem??

Error code E3. poor water circulation. Circulation pump may be defective or filters or secondary heat exchanger may be clogged.

The boiler DAEWOO Gasboiler DGB-160 MSC. A couple of days ago the pressure began to drop, I noticed a leakage from the mesh filter. Decided to remove the lid and see where the water comes from. So, the water runs from the water filter. Tell me what you can do manually, or better to call a wizard?

You need to determine the exact location of the leak. It is likely that the auto-air valve is clogged and as a consequence is leaking from it. Need to either flush the auto-air valve or replace it with a similar one. For easier access when replacing the valve you can remove the fan. The work is not very complicated, you can do it yourself.

I have a DGB 250 boiler, works 2-3 days a week. I come to the cottage, turn on the DHW and heating, hot water is immediately, the heating is on for 1-2 hours. Why is this?

Heating comes on as soon as the appliance is started. If you have a delay, it means that the timer is on. You need to do an adjustment.

Boiler DAEWOO Gasboyler 200. How to remove the filter before the circulation pump?

You need to take out the fixing bracket and pull out the filter element.

Model 100 MSC. When you turn on the hot water pressure drops sharply, the pressure sensor starts flashing on the display and the tap on the heating supply is warm. Pumping water does not help, when you turn on again, everything repeats. What is the reason?

There can be several reasons: 1) the make-up valve is defective. must be replaced, 2) the secondary heat exchanger is clogged. Flushing or replacement is necessary, 3) The three-way valve is defective. You need to replace.

Deo boiler. When you turn on the hot water heating turns on (set for summer mode). What to do? How to fix the error?

It is necessary to check the efficiency of three-way valve. If the heating is insignificant, you can leave it as it is because there is a bypass hole in the valve. It is necessary for the operation of the unit.

I have a boiler 160 msc. When working on heating constantly loses pressure in the system, and it shuts down, no leaks detected anywhere.

Probably a problem with the expansion tank. Also possibly need technical service. We recommend to call the specialist.

information on gas boiler models: Features, operating functions, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.

Overhead gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24k is a hit of sales in Russia in recent years. And it is quite understandable, the optimal price-quality ratio, good performance and reviews have made this model very popular among domestic buyers.

Today we will dwell on the model Navien Deluxe 24k Coaxial with a closed combustion chamber and a capacity of 24 kW, we will examine the instruction manual (passport), the errors arising from possible malfunctions of the gas boiler under the corresponding codes, methods of elimination and repair, as well as the basic functions and properties.

Gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24k: design features of the model

In the Russian market South Korean company Navien supplies several modifications of wall (mounted) two-circuit gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber Deluxe series. The buyer has quite a wide choice of wall mounted turbine unit at a price of 27000-35000, which is:

Navien Deluxe 24k Coaxial and Deluxe Plus 24k

Models “Navien Deluxe 24k” and “Navien Deluxe 24k Coaxial” are equipped with a remote control unit, which is also a room thermostat for the boiler.

On devices Navien Deluxe Plus series controls the boiler operation through the control panel, built on the front of the body, and the chimney device has two nozzles, as well as the device series “Navien Deluxe 24k”, either for a separate chimney (75 mm and 70 mm), or a cumbersome Korean version of the stainless steel chimney with a conclusion through the side wall or through the wall on which the boiler is installed.

Navien Deluxe 24k boiler: instructions, accessories, spare parts

Gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24k consists of the main elements: two stainless steel heat exchanger for heating and DHW, expansion tank, circulation pump, gas and three-way valve to switch the circuits, as well as group security.

In addition, the boiler has many other elements that ensure the smooth operation of the heater and safety.

See diagram of the device and connection of the gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24 k Coaxial:

Gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24k: manual

2 heating circuit temperature sensor;

13 heating system filter; 14 heating return line; 15 safety valve; 16 DHW circuit outlet; 17 DHW circuit inlet; 18 gas hose connection; 19 gas valve; 20 DHW flow sensor; 21 control unit (brains); 22 DHW secondary heat exchanger; 23 fan; 24 gas burner nozzle collector; 25 ignition transformer; 26 ionization and ignition electrodes; 27 closed combustion chamber; 28 primary heat exchanger for heating; 29 combustion products collector.

Possible malfunctions of the boiler Navien Deluxe and methods of their installation with your own hands

When using a wall mounted gas boiler Navien, as well as any other modern equipment, you can face possible problems, malfunctions of the device. If the breakage of a boiler Navien on the display of the control panel appears an error with a certain code.

You can try to fix the problem yourself, without calling the house specialists. To this end, we’ll break down the most common errors that occur when the Navien Deluxe heater.

It is highly probable that the heating system is too clogged. In this case, it is necessary to remove the accumulated air from the system or the automatic air vent will need to be replaced. It is also possible clogging of the filter of heating system, clean or replace it with a new one.

This error code signals that there is not enough coolant in the heating system. Either the heating system is incorrectly filled or there is water leakage in some area. You need to add water to the heating circuit, fill the system.

If the error code 03 is displayed, this indicates that the boiler is not igniting due to a lack of gas supply to the gas burner. Check if the gas valve on the pipe is open.

Fault 05. Temperature sensor in the heating circuit is defective.

Error 07. The temperature sensor for the hot water circuit is defective.

This error code signals to us that the fan (turbine) is defective and must be replaced.

Insufficient draught in the flue gas exhaust system. Diagnostics of the smoke evacuation system is necessary to identify the cause of malfunction.

Fault 12. No flame.

Error 13. Sensor for heating circuit flow may need to be replaced.

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This error indicates that the electronic control board is defective in the boiler Navien Deluxe. It is likely that it burned out from a power surge or other reasons, and you will need to buy a new one.

Error 16. The primary heat exchanger of the heating circuit is overheated.

Error 17. The DIP-switch of electronic board is defective.

Error 27. Air pressure sensor defective.

Error 46. Primary heat exchanger overtemperature sensor has failed.

Error 57. Problems with the connecting hose of air pressure sensor.

Error 94. Faults of auxiliary memory of electronic board of boiler.

Naven Deluxe: technical characteristics of the gas boiler

The main characteristics, parameters, dimensions of the gas boiler “Naven Deluxe” and gas flow rate are presented in the table below.

Specifications Naven Deluxe

Despite the different reviews of customers, the products of South Korean company is an excellent value for money. Cheap spare parts and a wide network of service centers across the country can also be attributed to the advantages. See video.

Error codes

Navien boiler gives out errors for various reasons, that is why each of them is marked in a special way. It is not necessary to know all of them by heart, it is enough to remember the main.

  • For example, “01E” unequivocally indicates the overheating of the boiler, but why this happens, you need to deal separately.
  • “02”. code for insufficient level of coolant (water) in the heating circuit. In some cases, the same error will indicate a break in the circuit of the flow sensor.
  • The already mentioned “03” refers to problems with the ignition (flame level signal).

Important. Most of the occurring at the boiler Navien malfunctions are coded by a combination of numbers, but, in addition to these, there can be other failures in operation. They can be identified with the help of service center specialists.

Error 02 boiler Navien 1

Error 02 on the Navien boiler display

Korean manufacturer supplies the market gas heating units of various modifications: wall/floor, with one circuit or two. there are many differences. But error 02, indicating insufficient fluid volume in the system, is typical for any boiler Navien. The article will help to identify the cause of its appearance and gives practical recommendations on the solution of the problem by your own forces.

Fault code 13 is indicated in the instructions of Navien Ace series boilers. Information is minimal: the cause. in the sensor of the heating circuit flow. Error 13 is formed in the electronic circuit board in the absence of a signal from it about the normal coolant circulation. Knowing this, it is not difficult to determine the next steps.

What to begin with

Restart the boiler NAVIEN a network switch on the remote control. The Korean heating equipment is famous for its resistance to voltage instability, but a false alarm can occur when the voltage deviates strongly from its nominal value.

Remote control of gas boiler Navien Deluxe

If it is not possible to eliminate code 13 of the fault, the cause of the boiler NAVIEN.

Mistakes of boilers Navien (Navien)

Navien boilers are widely known in the heating equipment market. There are several reasons for this: versatility (they can be installed in a private house or apartment, as well as in non-residential premises), quality, automation of the boiler operation and with all this. the affordable price.But any equipment can sometimes break down. And the fault here is not in the quality of the boiler.

Your Navien boiler shows an error on the display? Often the problems are associated with improper installation, violations during operation, lack of service or its low level and other factors. Therefore, errors in Navien boilers can periodically appear on the screen.

The main thing is to know what the error codes of boilers Navien mean, to assess the situation and find a solution to the problem.Read error codes of Navien boilers, their causes and possible solutions from the specialists of “Sunway” below.


The second thing you should pay attention to when the pressure in the heating system drops is the correct operation of the expansion tank.

As you know, liquids when heated increase their volume. Water, for example, at a temperature of 90 degrees has an expansion coefficient of 3.59. Therefore, to avoid overpressure in the heating system, expansion tanks are used. When the liquid heats up the excess volume should go into the expansion tank, thereby stabilizing the pressure, and when the water cools down, it comes out of the tank, filling the system. Thus, the pressure in the heating system during operation of the boiler remains within acceptable limits. In two-circuit boilers, expansion vessels are already installed in the boiler itself.

An indication of improper operation of the expansion tank can be the fact that when heated, the pressure rises sharply, even an emergency release of water through a safety valve, and when cooled the arrow of the manometer drops down to the point that the system has to be recharged. In this case it is necessary to adjust the operation of the expansion tank.

In the manual to the boiler specified what pressure should be in the expansion tank. Therefore, for proper operation of the tank this pressure must be set. To do this:

Find a nipple on the expansion tank, as on a bicycle wheel, and drain all the air.

Let’s connect a car pump to the expansion tank and pump it up to 1.5 bar, at the same time water can come out of the drain connection.

If there is a hose from the boiler to the tank, disconnect it, you need to pour out all the water from the tank.

Let’s pump the expansion tank with pressure according to the instructions of the boiler

Fill the heating system with water at a pressure of 1-2 bar.

Turn on the boiler and check. If the arrow on the pressure gauge is within the green line when the water heats up, then you’ve done everything correctly.

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