Navien boiler when you turn on the hot water

In the apartment we use a gas boiler Navien Ace savings are apparent

Two-circuit gas boiler brand Navien Ace we got along with the apartment, which we bought. It has already been connected to the heating system and hot water. That is, it was completely ready for operation.


The boiler is fully operational autonomous heating system and hot water supply in the room. However, in order for it to work, you need not only a gas supply, but also the connection of the boiler to the power grid. If suddenly in winter, you have a blackout, the heating system will also fail, because the boiler can not function at all. Its electronic mechanism on/off can not work without electricity, as well as any other electronic mechanism.

If you decided to change to such source of heat and hot water in order to save on utility bills. don’t doubt, you made the right choice.

For comparison, living in a one-room apartment with an area of 37 sq. м. We paid about 1800 per month for heating and hot water. Moving into the apartment of 100 sq.m. м. with underfloor heating with autonomous gas heating, we started paying for these facilities about 1200 / month. Our rent did not increase with the increase in floor space, but only decreased.

Boiler Navien Ace. 20A is not the most powerful of all. It belongs to the average power category. This boiler is enough to heat the area of 100-150 square meters.

The device and elements of the boiler on the photo below:

It can provide not only heating throughout the apartment, but also hot water to the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. Heating hot water, depending on the setting is in the range from 30 to 60 ° C.

The photo below is a pressure sensor in the system:

The heating system can also be regulated from 40 to 80 ° C. Naturally, the higher the heating temperature, the higher the gas consumption. The advantage is that you can set the desired temperature of water and heating. And in the case of departure, you can generally turn off the heating system. The boiler does not freeze in any case, because the protection system automatically switches it to a low temperature of 21 ° C, if the water temperature in the pipes is less than 6 ° C.

There is a function to switch the mode of water heating from winter to summer. In summer mode, the liquid entering the boiler is heated to a temperature higher than the set temperature, then circulates inside the boiler, while heating the incoming water again. Thus, the hot water at the outlet is heated sufficiently. This significantly saves gas.

Instructions for connecting the boiler in the figures below:

Now a little about the disadvantages of using this model of a boiler from the Korean manufacturer Navien. The most important. it takes some time to heat up. Therefore, when you turn on the hot water tap at first the water is cool enough to bathe.

If you have a place to put the storage tank, I advise you put it and pour there this cold water, which can then be used for a variety of technical needs. The volume of such fluid is about 7-10 liters if no one has turned on the hot water tap before you and the boiler is not in heating mode.

The second disadvantage. after a short break when turning on the boiler heats water unevenly. For about half an hour after you start washing, the water temperature ranges from the hottest to very cold. But after 15-20 minutes, the boiler adjusts to your desired mode of heating and the problem disappears.

Error 09

These fault codes occur most often. They signal that the fan has reduced its efficiency or stopped. To determine the exact cause check the integrity of its winding and test their resistance. It is also necessary to make sure that there is an intercircuit. If the damage is serious, it is better to change the device. If no problems are detected on the fan, the control board should be tested. This procedure will require certain skills: in their absence, it is better to seek help from specialists from the service center.

Problems with the heating circuit

The pump must be selected according to the requirements of the heating circuit.

Failures in the heating circuit are not always due to a malfunction of the main heating element. If the boiler works, but does not heat the batteries, the cause must be sought in the wiring itself.

List of the main faults of the heating circuit:

  • The filter in the return is clogged or the needle valve (Maevsky tap);
  • Insufficient power of circulation pump;
  • The rules of installation of the heating circuit with natural circulation are not followed.

Any of the above problems should be solved before the heating season begins. Otherwise the room for a few days may remain without heat, since the repair involves complete drainage of the coolant.

So, why the boiler does not heat the radiators, if during the previous years everything was working fine? The reason. a dirt plug formed on the filter of the heating circuit and completely blocks the flow of the coolant. It is solved simply. water from the pipes is drained or bypasses its circulation is blocked, the filter is cleaned. To prevent a repetition of this situation it is necessary to perform a complete exchange of the heat carrier with a parallel flushing the whole circuit.

In a gravity system, the slope of the pipes is of key importance.

The second reason why the boiler is working, but the batteries are cold. is the lack of circulation pump capacity. Productivity of the device is not enough to pump the entire volume of the coolant in a timely and efficient manner. Or the heating system in the house has branches at a considerable distance from the pump. As a result. the circulating pump overheats, the heating equipment operates with excessive energy consumption, and the radiators remain cold. The solution. replace the pumping device with a more powerful.

Navien NCB Combi-Boiler Video

If the house has a two-pipe heating circuit with natural water circulation, and during the heating season often notice that the boiler is on, but the batteries are cold, the reason lies in the failure to comply with the slope of the main. According to regulatory documents, only the slope of the pipe equal to 10 mm per linear meter in the heating system with natural circulation will ensure the normal movement of the coolant. As a result. even heating of the batteries in the whole house. If there is no slope there is a stagnation of the coolant, which negatively affects the temperature of the radiators. The problem can be solved by completely redoing the wiring.

Is it possible to do heating in the garage on the tosol for cars?

What heating system cleaning fluid to choose? Selection criteria are described here.

Instruction of a gas boiler NAVIEN

Instructions for use of a gas boiler Navien colorfully describes the sequence of commands to control this device, which can operate under such conditions, when the technique from competitors simply stops.

Both the fully electronic control system, and the key principles used to regulate the boiler operation speaks in favor of this. Navien, a product from the Korean manufacturer. reliable, stable, able to cope with frankly emergency conditions.

NAVIEN boiler when turning on hot water

The company “Kyung Dong NAVIEN” represents under the brand name “NAVIEN” double-circuit wall mounted gas boiler with an open combustion chamber, adapted to Ukrainian conditions, and which has a successful ratio of “price. quality. NAVIEN boilers have no problem working in our conditions. They are not afraid of low gas pressure and water, they easily cope with fluctuations in voltage in the network. NAVIEN boilers operation is characterized by a long service life and economical gas consumption. NAVIEN boilers correspond to all norms and standards accepted in Ukraine, and have the corresponding certificates.

In the case of a drop in the room temperature, the boiler automatically activates the anti-freeze protection system. If the temperature of the heating water falls below 10 ° C, automatically starts the circulating pump, ensuring constant circulation in the heating system. When the temperature of heating water drops below 6°C, the burner automatically switches on and heats the heating medium to 21°C.

Safe and flawless operation of the boiler at frequent fluctuations in voltage in the mains.

SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) chip in the microprocessor protects the boiler against mains voltage fluctuations within ±30% of 230 V. Boiler operates without interruptions, thus extending its service life and preventing damage caused by unstable voltage

Possibility to use heating and hot water at low gas inlet pressure in the gas supply system.

The boiler operates stably and safely at a gas pressure of 4 mbar (40 mm of water column).

The possibility of using hot water when the incoming water pressure is low.

The boiler operates reliably in the event of a drop in the incoming water pressure of up to 0.1 bar, which makes it suitable for homes with a low water pressure, or where the water supply pressure fluctuates frequently.

Exceptional heating technology. Constant adaptation to room conditions.

Remote boiler control with a built-in temperature sensor allows not only to save gas and reduce heating costs, but also to automatically maintain a comfortable temperature in the heated room.

What breakdowns can occur in a gas boiler Navien?

Most often consumers choose a two-circuit gas boiler navyen, its faults are highlighted on the display. Many users on the forums are wondering what the error codes mean and how to troubleshoot.

Practice shows that the appearance of faults is mainly due to improper installation and operation of units, as well as with voltage fluctuations and use of poor-quality coolant.

Floor standing gas boilers Navien. pros, cons and model range

Floor heating single-circuit gas boilers. what is important to pay attention to

The manufacturer has provided the following fault codes for Navien gas boilers:

  • 01E. system overheating;
  • 02E. lack of coolant or broken flow sensor circuit;
  • 03E. no flame signal;
  • 04E. short-circuit in the flame detector circuit or false flame detection;
  • 05E. temperature sensor circuit connection failure;
  • 06E. temperature sensor circuit short circuit;
  • 07E. violation of DHW temperature sensor connection;
  • 08E. DHW sensor short circuit;
  • 09E. coaxial flue fan malfunction;
  • 10E. Failures in the system of products of combustion removal;
  • 13E. a breakdown of the heating system flow sensor;
  • 27E. APS sensor circuit malfunction;
  • 15E. breakages in work of the control board.

At occurrence of some codes of errors the problem will be solved only the expert of the service center. However, you can try to fix certain problems on your own without using a technician.

Why the boiler Navien Ace doesn’t heat the hot water

Wall mounted boiler Navien Ace is the leader on sales in Russia. It deserved this rank thanks to the reliability and simplicity of installation. The manufacturer of this boiler is a Korean company Navien, which thanks to the introduction of this model to the market, has become the number 1 seller of boilers. in the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the modern design of the case, boilers Navien Ace look perfectly in any interior. But, as well as any other mechanism, this boiler sometimes needs repair.

The most common complaint about this model. Navien Ace boiler does not heat water.

This manifests itself as follows: cold water into the boiler, but at the outlet of the boiler. water has either the same temperature, or slightly hotter than the inlet.

Of course, it is most uncomfortable to use such hot water, so the problem must be dealt with.

Since we very often hear a complaint about the boiler gas Navien Ice no hot water, we decided to tell you about the ways to solve this problem.

Traditionally. there is no single solution to the problem of no hot water.

For heating of sanitary water in the boiler is responsible for three modules: a heat exchanger, in which the water is heated directly, hydro, which switches the boiler from heating mode to water heating mode, and the water flow sensor. Which understands that the boiler has started flowing cold water, and it needs to be heated.

In this article, we will describe these three nodes in details, and list the actions that will help in case if your gas boiler Navien Ace does not heat water.

There are several main reasons for this fault.

In this case, the boiler switches to water heating mode, but there is no hot water coming from the tap.

If the heat exchanger is clogged, it is necessary to remove the heat exchanger and make its cleaning. If you notice a damage in the heat exchanger itself. it needs to be replaced.

Second cause. Is the three-way valve failure. In this case, as well as when the heat exchanger is clogged, when the boiler switches to DHW heating mode, Navien Ace does not heat hot water. The valve must be replaced. The main sign of this failure is the drop in pressure in the system.

The third reason that Navien Ace does not heat water. can be a breakage of the water flow sensor. When this fault, the boiler can not detect the flow of water through it. In this connection, the boiler does not go into hot water heating mode, but stays in heating mode.

Now let’s troubleshoot the boiler.

On how to flush and/or replace the heat exchanger. you can read in another article. Also. in another article we tell in detail, about replacement and maintenance of the three-way valve.

Here we will detail how to replace or repair the boiler water flow sensor.

In any manipulation with the boiler, before starting the work it is necessary to disconnect the boiler from the mains.

To proceed to disassemble and determine the cause of the boiler failure, you must shut off the gas valve.

After that it is necessary to shut off the supply and return cocks of heating and water supply and drain the water from the boiler. To do this: remove the plug from the filter and drain all the coolant from the boiler.

Then, having removed the fasteners from the water fitting, we take the make-up tube aside and take out the hydro unit.

The cause of malfunction hydro may be in the sensor water flow, namely the magnet installed inside the hydro, could stick or the rod went sideways and fell out of the sensor water flow.

In this regard, the boiler ceases to see the flow of water, as a consequence of which the boiler Navien Ice does not heat hot water. To solve this problem it is necessary to replace the hydraulic unit.

When heating

often for elimination of the described problems it is enough to wash the primary heat exchanger. In general, it is worth noting that knocks, as well as clicks, other noises in most cases occur due to a large amount of soot clogging the channels. In the case of breakage of pumping equipment, as a rule, it can be quickly repaired. In rare cases it must be completely replaced.

Recommendations for troubleshooting of Navien Deluxe boilers

Wall mounted gas boiler Navien Deluxe Coaxial 24K can not start. As long as you keep the button depressed, the burner works. If you release the button, the appliance begins to extinguish. What’s the cause of the malfunction?

Most likely the thermocouple or gas valve is broken. There is also a decrease in gas pressure on the inlet pipes. In some cases, there is insufficient voltage on the control board.

navien, boiler, turn, water

Problem detected. It is very difficult to start. Igniter is lit, but there is no fire in the main burner. Help me find out what is the reason?

navien, boiler, turn, water

Components in the ignition mechanism seem to be broken. It is necessary to do a service of the device and cleaning of the ignition device.

Why the gas boiler Navien Deluxe 16K stops switching off at the moment when the heating reaches the desired temperature? Heats up to 85 degrees, then crashes. Cycle resumes after performing a restart.

We can assume that the electronic board fails, the temperature sensor has a defect, the button of the protection sensor is broken. It is possible that the regulation of the automatics has malfunctioned.

Can you tell me why the heating temperature can not get over 70 degrees?? We are trying to raise the temperature and the display shows that this is the highest value. How to adjust the heating temperature?

If the unit can not implement an increase in temperature of the heating system, the following causes are possible. In the settings is the maximum temperature of heating to 70 C. The chimney draught rate is dropping.

The wall mounted boiler Navien Deluxe 16K does not work properly in the process of heating the DHW system. Alternately hot and cold water flows out of the tap. Tell me why this happens?

The causes of the malfunction appear to be. Cold water is added because the 3-way valve does not work. The heat exchanger is clogged with dirt. You should clean it.

At the bottom of the boiler there is a tap, from where the water always leaks. The unit itself does not turn on. What must be done?

Apparently, there was a discharge of coolant through the safety valve. In this case it indicates an increased pressure in the system. The filling valve in the system may not be closed or the expansion tank must be primed.

We would like to know what the problem is when the pressure increases too frequently and the safety valve is activated? On the display always flashes the heating icon in the boiler heating cycle. What happened?

There is a problem with the thermostat of the mowing line. Water circulation in the heating system is poor.

For what reason the gas two-circuit boiler Navien DeLuxe 24K periodically switches off?? Say, the other day the ignition did not work at all. The unit was cleaned that month. What’s the matter?

We can assume that there is a problem with the smoke evacuation system. The chimney must be inspected. Failure of ignition element will mean the breakage of some component after a voltage drop or water penetration.

Someone can tell you how to solve the problem with the chimney duct? There has been a reverse draft for two days now, which causes the smoke to go straight into the room. I made the chimney myself. It consists of a metal pipe. There may be an error in something.

Boiler functions perfectly in DHW cycle, but when heating starts, water starts boiling and appliance fails. What is the problem and how can it be fixed??

We assume that the circulation pump is broken, the electronic board is out of order, the temperature sensor is defective. At the same time the filter screen might be clogged.

At the hot water preparation stage the boiler alternately produces hot and cold water. It is not clear what the problem is. How to correct the heating of water?

Perhaps there is dirt in the heating system or the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. There may also be a broken pressure control switch or the circulation pump may have malfunctioned.

The main factor is the wrong chimney configuration. It could be contaminated with soot that noticeably lowers its efficiency. In addition, it is recommended to check the ventilation in the living space.

Started the Navien Deluxe Coaxial 13K. It immediately raises the temperature to 96 C, and after that the alarm with an error. Later on, when it cools down, it goes on reset. What does it have to do with?

Overheating failure indicates improper coolant circulation. Previously recommended to inspect the radiator taps. They should be in the open position. Then check for contamination of the filter element, and make sure that the heat exchanger does not contain dirt.

Made my own connection of the same model in March. After about a month and a half it is sometimes very noisy. I would like to know what is causing the noise in the boiler?

It is likely that there is lime scale in the heat exchanger. When the water is hard, then subsequently lime is deposited in the wall of the radiator tube.

Would you like to install a gas boiler Navien Deluxe Coaxial 24 kW at the cottage. Interested in how to properly start this device?

For the correct start-up of this equipment we recommend the following steps. Turn on the electrical power to the unit. Open the gas valve. Then start the gas burner. Then set the desired temperature.

I need to carry out a service. Recommend how to drain the coolant from the device?

According to the instructions, this should be done as follows. Disconnect the unit from the mains. Close the gas tap. We open a little bit the air vent. Open the drain valve. Then remove the leaking fluid. If necessary the safety valve can be used to drain the water. This valve is situated at the bottom of the appliance.

Explain to me how to diagnose the 3-way valve? There is a suspicion that it does not fully open. On the heating can not pump the last battery, although in DHW mode is heated pipe heating water under the boiler.

Of course, you have to check the 3-way valve for a hanging rod in the intermediate state. We also recommend that you check the heating system itself.

I have a wall mounted boiler Navien Deluxe 20K in my apartment. Up until yesterday, it was running smoothly. Now after 5 seconds of starting it goes out.

It seems that he is not able to get water into the system. Explain what the problem is? The likely factor for this defect is the electrode-ionizer, which does not see the fire, or a lack of circulation process.

A few days ago we had a problem with this model. It started whistling when it worked. I tried to restart it. It worked, but the whistling does not disappear. Perhaps someone can tell you what the problem is?

In many cases, a sharp whistling happens if the pressure at the burner nozzles is set incorrectly. Check the gas pressure settings and correct if necessary.

In the boiler Deluxe 13K water intrusion occurred, and it began to function intermittently. Let’s say you set some temperature and the heating cycle goes to a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius, and then it shuts off. Explain what happened?

If water has entered the electronic board assembly, the printed circuit board is probably damaged. Try to reset it by completely disconnecting the appliance from the power supply. Then start it up again and test its performance.

This unit has been put into operation. Now when starting the wick burns for 8 seconds and the main burner does not support the fire, which causes the unit to start fading. How to fix it?

You are saying that the ignition module is defective or that there is a problem with the burner. Just in case, you need to check if the phasing is not broken when you connect it to the power supply.

Repairmen made in the middle of this year commissioning of the same model. Supposedly after 3 months the DHW circuit is no longer working, although the heating circuit is working as it should. I tried to turn on the hot water tap, but the unit only indicates the temperature and is not going to heat. What’s the problem?

There is an assumption that the 3-way valve is defective. I need to replace it.

Explain why the Deluxe Plus boiler is equipped with a safety thermostat?

The temperature sensor stops the gas flow to the gas burner unit if the liquid in the primary system overheats.

navien, boiler, turn, water

I need to flush and clean the main water heat exchanger. Explain what steps to take to correctly remove this component?

The heat exchanger can be easily disconnected from the unit using a screwdriver. Here is the process of removal. Drain the water from the appliance using the drain cock. Next emptying the DHW system. Unscrew the screws fixing the main heat exchanger and remove it from the frame.

Did a self-test with this unit. The water pressure in the unit has supposedly dropped after five months. Sometimes it drops it and stops. In other words does not hold pressure at all. What could be the problem?

When the unit does not raise the water pressure, it can be assumed that the make-up valve is leaking. When shutdown occurs and pressure drops to zero, the 3-way valve is defective.

Please tell me how to clean the cold water filter?

First, it is necessary to drain the water from the hot water circuit. Second, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Next, remove the sensor and filter from the cavity. After removing it clean it of debris and contaminants.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater (Error Code 038E)

The unit was making a humming noise when starting up, but now the noise has increased. At first the sound was gone quickly, but now it takes much longer to hear it. Has anyone observed such a malfunction?

Formation of excessive unpleasant sound can be explained by the presence of scale inside the body of the heat exchanger, which heats unevenly due to the different thickness of the walls. The more dirty the heat exchanger the more noisy it becomes and the lower the heat output.

Appliance is working, but water doesn’t seem to circulate through the system. The return pump noticeably heats up. How to fix it?

Probably a clogged strainer, or at some point the taps are closed, and it hinders the passage of the coolant. Also the circulation pump can break down.

Why is the hot water not being prepared?? The water flows from the tap barely warm. Can you explain what the cause is??

Finding out the problems lead in the following directions. For example, a hot water temperature sensor failure, it is necessary to perform replacement of the sensor. The appliance capacity setting for hot water heating may have been lost.

From time to time I observe a spark failure at the time of ignition. The burner is clean, the chimney is fine, and the draft is good. What could be the problem?

Navien Quick Tips. Combi Boiler. Massachusetts

Unit can no longer detect the flame due to a weak pulse from the ignition control unit. Try to diagnose the wires from the ionization sensor to the electrode. It may need to be tightened. There might also be a damage in the sensor insulation, which should be replaced.

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