No pressure in thermex water heater

Thermex water heaters

Evening. When turning on the water heater Thermex Flat Plus IF 50H does not work the button to turn on the heating power, what to do?

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Hello. Thermex Champion ER 50V water heater. When cold water is delivered and the tank is filled to the end, stops heating elements. I don’t know if it’s too hot or not.

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Hello. Thermex water heater RZL 100 VS. There is a problem, in the kitchen, there is no hot water, just no pressure, as if the water.

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Hello Thermex water heater IS 30 V, the heating element breaks on the body, how much does it cost to replace the heating element?

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Good afternoon, there is a bad smell coming from the electric storage water heater Thermex 100 FP/ST. The problem is.

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Hello. Please tell me if it is possible to use a RCD in a Thermex Flat Thermo IF 80V leakage current water heater.

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Good afternoon. I have a water heater Thermex RZB 30-L. So, lost one mounting plate (there are two at the back, attached by 2 bolts to the.

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Good afternoon. Thermex ID water heater electrode control board stops working when the tank is plugged back in.

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Good evening guys. Need to buy or diagnose the Thermex Flat Diamond Touch ID 50V water heater control board. Please advise.

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Hello. Help, I am so confused! Took to repair a water heater Thermex 80 liters, did not sink at all and the display does not.

Thermex Flat Plus IF 100V water heater does not light up more than a year ago

Hello. The water heater control panel does not light up. Pressing the RCD test knocks it out. Please advise what.

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Good evening. The temperature sensor water heater Thermex shows less than half the set temperature, what is the problem?

Thermex Flat Diamond Touch ID 50-V water heater does not work more than a year ago

The light bulb on the RCD is lit, but the screen on the RCD does not turn on, respectively, does not heat, what could be the reason?

Thermex Flat Plus IF 30V water heater 2-5 sec sharp sound (whistling) more than a year ago

Recently, the water heater began to make a sharp whistling sound ( air release)) ) for 2.5 sec. and even from.

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Hello. My water heater when heats the water to a set temperature, turns off the automatic fuse.

Thermex GP 50S water heater screen does not turn on over a year ago

When plugging into the socket, there is no movement, the display does not light up, on the RCD lamp is lit, as if the power is not going on? In what.

The switch in the flow-through water heater THERMEX Stream 350 constantly burns out, although the switch is for 16A. What is the cause and what.

Diagnosis of the electrical network

Without power any boiler “Ariston”, “Oasis” will not work. Press the plug firmly against the socket: it may be loose. To check if the socket is working, plug in another appliance and see if it works or not.

Inspect the power cord. It may be pinched or damaged. If the insulation is broken, it is best to replace the element. If it looks good, use a screwdriver to test the cable. Worker will light on “phase”, when connected to “zero” and “ground”. not.

Check to see if the fuse is blown. It is important to choose the correct cable cross section depending on the boiler capacity.

Diagnose the RCD. To do this press the “Test” button. The unit should shut off.

It could be a wiring problem. If the contact with the terminal of the heating element is bad the heater will not turn on. Need to tighten the terminals to the contacts or replace the wiring if faulty.

What to do

To increase the pressure of hot liquid or adjust the water supply, follow a few tips:

  • Check the filter by unscrewing the side nut. Then remove the mesh and clean it with a brush.
  • The check valve must be removed and blown in the direction of fluid flow. If it does not flush. go to the store for a new one.
  • The pressure reducer should also be looked at: unscrew the adjusting screw and watch for changes in flow at the outlet. Nothing changes. remove the entire pressure reducer and clean it or buy a new one at once.
  • You can also check the faucets. cleaning the filter screens is always useful.
  • Limescale in the body is very easy to clean: unscrew the lid and the flange at the bottom of the heater. access is open.

We hope that these tips will help you get your water heater working properly. If you’ve encountered other causes and ways to fix the problem. share your knowledge in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Typical malfunctions of the heater “Termex

A wide model range Thermex allows you to choose a boiler for 100 liters for a large family, for 10-15 liters for use in a small kitchen, etc.д. The device is a metal heating tank, inside which is placed a heating element. The work of the heater is regulated by a relay, as well as the thermostat. A magnesium anode contributes to “softening” of tap water.

It is worth noting that modern water heaters are equipped with a control unit, which has the function of self-diagnosis. System detects the defective part and shows the error code on the display. By deciphering the value, you can understand where to look for the breakdown and how to fix it with your own hands.

Table of Termex water heaters errors

Error codes What does it mean How to fix it yourself
E1 (Vacuum) Insufficient filling of the tank with water. Premature onset. It can lead to the burnout of the heating element. To correct the situation, disconnect the unit and wait for normal filling. Then reconnect the unit.
E2 (Sensor) There is a problem with the temperature sensor. Try unplugging the boiler by performing a reset. If the code appears again, please use a multimeter to check the sensor, and if it is defective, replace it.
E3 (Over Heat) This error indicates that the water has reached a critical temperature (95 degrees). The thermostat is probably broken. Have it replaced.

There are other problems with the electric water heater:

pressure, thermex, water, heater
  • The appliance does not heat water or takes too long.
  • Noise is heard during operation.
  • Starts up only for a short time.
  • Is not working, does not turn on.
  • The tank is leaking.
  • Bad smell and color of water.

If you notice one of the signs, then proceed to check and repair.

Find the cause

Before you begin repairing your appliance you must find out what is causing the problem.

This can be roughly understood without disassembling the appliance.

The main faults of electric water heaters are:

  • the device does not turn on;
  • The short circuit protection (RCD) operates;
  • the water heater does not heat water, or does not comply with the heating rate
  • The boiler leaks.

If there is a leak, it is necessary to find out where the leak is. If it is a leaky heating element gasket, then such a defect can easily be repaired. You just need to replace it with a new one, the more so that they cost a penny.

To learn how to make the right choice of water heater and do not make a mistake, you can here:

Preliminarily understand that it is the heating element is out of order can be on these indirect signs:

  • The safety circuit intervenes;
  • The automat on the meter knocks out;
  • The water does not heat, or the device does not heat well;
  • hissing of the water heater and the output of water of turbid consistency with an unpleasant odor.

With these symptoms, the greatest likelihood of a heating element failure. This can also be determined by the appearance of the ТEН. the ТEН cover is damaged.

Sometimes the heating elements burn out and without visible damage to the shell, then it can be determined with the help of a tester.

If the ohmmeter shows infinity on the terminals, it means that the nichrome coil is broken.

If zero, it means there is a short circuit somewhere. In any case, such an element needs to be replaced.

In some cases, the heating element fails for the following reasons:

  • The heating element has expired;
  • the unit has been switched on without water;
  • the water heater has been off for a long time, but the water has not been drained;
  • sudden changes in voltage in the network.

In any case, the heating element must be replaced. Of course it is easiest to use the services of a master, but it is possible to change the heating element yourself. It should be warned that the repair must be done in a certain sequence, so that there is no confusion. This is an important prerequisite for a successful repair.

What will be needed for the work

Before you start to solve the problem, it is necessary to get a tool. If you don’t want to put water heater repair on stream, it’s better to buy inexpensive tools. For small household solutions, Chinese manufacturers are ideal.

List of necessary tools for repair of Termex boilers:

  • Pliers. The most common ones, without the ergonomic handles made of environmentally friendly material.
  • A flathead screwdriver and a medium-sized screwdriver. Useful for the household later on.
  • Multimeter. Probably the most expensive device from the entire list. Allows you to measure mains voltage, current, resistance and test the continuity of wires.
  • Wrenches. To avoid wasting time, it is better to buy a small set, which will also come in handy in the future.

The above listed tools are quite enough to repair water heaters malfunctions. But in addition to this, some consumables are also required:

  • Duct tape. An adhesive tape, which has high electrical insulation properties. Required when restoring the integrity of the wiring. Duct tape can be replaced with more convenient shrink tubing.
  • Sanitary sealant. Liquid sealant, used when replacing gaskets, when solidified it forms a layer that prevents the leakage of liquid. If desired, can be replaced with a more expensive automotive sealant.

thermex выключается при наборе температуры, ошибка Е1

Why the bottom of the water heater Termex leaks: the main causes

Each water heater has its own characteristic causes of leaks, so you should start by identifying the model of the unit. After that try to visually detect the source of the leak:

1) Fissures (rusty cracks) on the surface of the bulb. This is one of the most common causes of leaks in the Thermex Safedry water heater.

3) Leaks on the surface of the tank. There are a huge number of reasons for this:

4) Faulty heating elements (overheating, scale pollution, incorrect operation). The following indicates that this is the cause of the leak:

  • The external ТEН cover is damaged;
  • protection tripping;
  • knocking out the circuit breaker on the meter;
  • slow heating of water, or its absence;
  • hissing;
  • Turbidity of the water, accompanied by a stench.

If in some cases the defect is visible to the naked eye (for example, damage to the shell), in other cases you can not do without the help of a special tool. the tester.

Among the most common causes of the Termex heating element failure:

What to do to fix a leak from the Termex heating tank: recommendations for fixing the problem

So, let’s assume you figured out what the cause of the leak is. Now you can proceed directly to its elimination.

If the cause is damage to the bulb covering the heating element, then you will need to remove the flange with the bulb and check for fistulas on it. They can be fixed with a soldering iron or cold welding.

If the heating element is defective, the repair consists in replacing the heating element. If it leaks from under the gasket, it is necessary to unscrew the construction and tighten the fasteners. When disassembling you should inspect the gasket for wear and tear, as this could also be the cause of the leak.

If you realize that the gasket on the flange is worn out, you just need to replace it. First you should de-energize the boiler, empty the tank, remove the protective cover and disconnect all cables. Remove the flange to provide a good view. Inspect the gasket: tears or deformation are an indication that it should be replaced. After that try to fill up the tank again and make sure there are no cracks or leaks.

It’s not hard to fix a Termex leak when it’s caused by leaks in the pipes. Just unscrew the pipe joint and change the tape or caulk. Then turn on the water and check the product. If the leak is not fixed, then the cause was not in the pipes.

If the tank is leaking, then, most likely, your own efforts to fix the technique you will not be able to. However, it’s worth a try. Fissures on the surface of the tank can be tried to solder. First, de-energize the Termex, drain the water, remove the cover, disconnect the cables and remove the flange with the heating element. Secondly, remove the water heater, disconnect the end pieces of the shell from the side of its. Thirdly, you need to carefully remove the insulation. Fourthly, the obvious holes need to be closed: they need to be threaded and bolted and sealed with a piece of cold welding.

Finally, prime and paint in several layers. After putting the flange in place, connect the hoses, pour water into the tank and check its tightness.

Water IS BEING CURRENT ?! Water heater repair by own hands | REPLACEMENT THERMEX

Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is the part that controls when the liquid stops and begins to heat. It helps simplify the process of heating water, reduce electricity consumption and prevent the tank from bursting from overheating expansion.

If the thermostat breaks, it can be the reason that no hot water comes from the water heater. In this case, you need to replace the part.


It is necessary to note that the new element must match the burned element as much as possible, especially in the part where it is attached to the body of the water heater, and the number of tubes for thermostat sensors must also match the old one.

Assembly is carried out in the following sequence:

  • installing a silicone gasket, it is best to put a new one, the cost of it is quite small, and a fresh gasket will ensure tightness of the connection, otherwise there may be leaks;
  • The magnesium anode is inserted in the corresponding place on the heating element;
  • The assembled heating element is inserted into its place in the body of the device;
  • The fixing strip is put in place press the heating element to it and tighten the nuts;
  • Thus the assembly mirrors the disassembly. Next, the electrics are connected and the lid is screwed on by means of a photograph.

Fully assembled water heater returns to its place on the wall. Here again, it is advisable to do this operation by two people. Especially since the installation is a little more complicated than the removal.

Then the tank is filled with water, and you need to make sure that there are no leaks. If everything is normal and there are no leaks, you can perform a test run. The water heater is ready to run again.

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