On the Hansa hob blinks f

Control module failure

Symptoms: any: if the control module has failed, it’s impossible to predict its behavior: for example, the stove can turn on and off arbitrarily, the indicators flash frantically, and similar madness

Of course, only a qualified technician can accurately determine that a faulty control unit is to blame. And it is definitely not worth getting into it by an untrained person: the consequences will be fatal, including possible breakdowns of other expensive components of the electric stove. Usually the control module is changed or reflashed.

On induction stove burns h

Residual heat indicator on the far burners is constantly lit. What to do?

Laboratory of repair on Electrozavodskoy 05.07.2016 01:19

Sounds like a sensor or control board error, unplug it for half an hour (if possible) if it doesn’t work contact a service center for diagnosis

Good afternoon. For added safety the hob is equipped with a residual heat indicator showing that the burners are still hot and must not be touched.

Afternoon! The problem is that the residual heat sensors of the glass ceramic burners do not work properly.

DNS Krasnodar on Kommunarov 05.07.2016 17:28

The problem is most often in the sensors and the temperature inside

Omega Service on Stavropolskaya 09.07.2016 15:51

The problem is in the heat sensors, need to be replaced

First option. Measure. Nothing critical. The second option. repair. Replacing the residual heat sensors 2-2.5 thousand.

This indicator is needed so you won’t get burned when you wash the stove. Maybe another problem in the heat sensors. 1. Unplugging the stove for 1 hour. 2. Unplug the stove for 24 hours. It doesn’t help you need to replace the sensors.


Relevant to:

The solution:

Wait until the burner cools down

Contact an authorized service center

If the burner has cooled down, the appearance of this symbol probably indicates a sensor malfunction.

We advise to call a specialist service center.

Beware! We advise not to use the product until the problem is fully resolved. Disconnect the device from the mains and do not turn it on again until you are sure that it is in working order.

As promised, prepared a post review of kitchen appliances. This is the first about the induction hob.

Not to accuse you of advertising, covered the name )))) I will tell you about the available functions and amenities. May be useful to someone choosing a cooktop. Or someone does not use these devices because he does not know how.

I want to clarify right away that arguing about what is better to cook with gas or electric equipment, in my opinion, makes no sense. As far as I know, in our country since the Soviet Union there are restrictions on gasification of houses higher than 9 floors. Therefore, there is no reason to tell the residents of modern high-rise buildings, which are grounded for electric stoves, about gas stoves. Well, a person would not buy gas cylinders and carry them to his kitchen on the 16th floor.

And vice versa. If the house is gasified, it has a higher electricity bill, and it will be more expensive to use the electric stove.

When searching for information on this topic, a question came up. And the residents of rural and equated areas, you can install an electric stove in your house, to transfer themselves to another (reduced) tariff?

I’ve cooked with different devices. Starting with a kerosene stove and a wood-burning stove.

For a very long time used a gas stove. As a combo version of the Soviet version, as well as a modern gas cooktop with piezo ignition and flame failure protection (Zigmund Shtain).

Electric stoves, of course, were also used.

For me personally, the first place in terms of convenience and safety is an induction, the second place of gas and the third place of the usual electric hob. I hope that now you all understand.

For starters, a little bit of theory. What is the difference between an ordinary electric cooktop (hereinafter “EP”) and an induction cooktop (hereinafter “IP”).

In usual EP a current, flowing through the wire of coil causes its heating and accordingly heats the coil and the metal body of burner, and as a result, the kettle, placed on it. An induction magnetic field is created in a power supply, which heats the kettle placed in this field (on the burner).

That’s why there are two important differences between an IP and an EF.

1-slow heating and cooling of the UI, vs. rapid heating and cooling of the UI. The surface of the IP burner can be touched for a short time immediately after removing the pot, without fear of getting burnt, after three to five minutes is safe to touch.

2 In the IP heats ONLY cookware and a little bit of the burner glass in contact with it. Т.е. if you put a pot with a small bottom on a burner with a larger diameter, you can safely touch the empty space with your hand it is cold. If you do the same experiment on the EP, you will get burns on your fingers.

The panel I’m talking about today has four burners. Two 180mm diameter (1800W and 2800W in P mode), one 210mm (2300W and 3700W) and one 145mm (1400W and 2500W).

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is that there are no knobs (touch control). In previous versions, I got tired of cleaning the dirt out from under them and figuring out what to replace the lost paddles/bolts holding the handles. Beautiful, clean, comfortable.

The first convenience is that the power can be increased immediately when you turn it on. Т.е. no need to press 1,2,3.9, and immediately pressing the triangle down to get the power 9. Triangle up to raise the temperature, triangle down to lower the temperature.

The P function (booster, ver, power) plugs in increased power for quick heating. To experiment, I put a pot with a liter of cold water from the faucet on the off IP and boiled water in two minutes in P “POWER-power” mode.

It’s convenient to use the A-function (automatic heating) together with the P-function. This function quickly heats a pan and then switches to the temperature you preset.

You can turn the burner off by pressing the two triangles at the same time. If you forget to turn it off, after you remove the cookware, the F (Full blank) symbol lights up and the cooktop switches off automatically after two minutes. When you put the dishes back in, it’s the same as before.

Because someone from the pikabushniki complained that it is impossible to fry pancakes on the induction burner automatically turns off after you remove the pan from it. Where do you have to walk around with a frying pan for three minutes? )))

Heating does not start with “1” but with “U”. This is to keep the food warm. Т.е. You have cooked but the guests are late so you don’t have to reheat it later put it in U mode and keep it warm. Also suitable for baby food or heating yogurt to be prepared.

In the photo, you can see that I have a separate control for each cooking zone (all controls are touch sensitive). My daughter also has an induction stove but she has a separate button to select the burner you want to control. For me, terribly uncomfortable. Pay attention to this when selecting a panel

In the same photo you can see the H symbol on the bottom right burner. This means that it has been cooked on recently and there is residual heat (H Hot Hot). The glass itself doesn’t get very hot, unlike EA burners, but safety must be at a premium.

Another interesting heating mode is STOPGO (“Turn off and go”). You have been distracted from cooking and you have four pre-holiday pots/pans on the stove. Press SG and walk away from the stove in peace. This mode switches all the burners to keep warm (U).

The icon above this function (square with a dot inside) activates the lock mode or child lock mode. Child lockout mode prevents children from accidentally activating the hob, while child lockout mode prevents you from changing settings or turning the hob off.

Demonstrating that you can safely, without fear of burning to touch the burner with boiling water in a pot. It is not only safe to the stove does not stick ))))

By consecutive pressing on the clock you select the burner. You can alternately start the timer on all four. In my photo the timer is engaged on the left two. The dot lights up. And then you adjust the time.

When the time expires, the timer will turn off the burner and beep for thirty seconds.

The simplest example is to braise the meat. All preparatory operations (frying, spices, salt, water) completed you set the timer for how long you will braise (for example 45 minutes) and quietly go about your business. Or in the morning, to avoid overcooking hard-boiled eggs, you set it for three minutes and wait for it to light.

The timer can be used in another way as a timer. So you don’t have to turn it on every time. Example I cook on two burners at the same time eggs poached, I set the timer for a known longer time (so it does not turn off, but just shows the countdown) and looking at him fix the right pan is three minutes, the left pan is three minutes, countdown and so on.

If you have a dual tariff meter, you can cook on the night tariff including a timer, and thus save money.

If you suddenly spill water from the boiling pot on the stove, no problem the stove will turn off automatically.

Wipe off the liquid and you’re ready to go.

And with this panel you will never have to go out of the house and painfully remember whether you turned off the stove or not.

Stove will turn off automatically if:

no set power after you switch it on

What Does An ‘F’ Or ‘U’ Error Mean On An Induction Hob?| AEG

control panel is flooded or anything is on it for more than 10 seconds (a cloth, a pan)

The liquid in the pan has boiled over and the appliance is getting very hot

Heating on 6-9 mode after 1.5 hours, 5 4 hours, 3-4 5 hours, U,1-2 6 hours.

That seems to be all. Lots of handy features in such a seemingly simple item. That’s why cooking on such a stove is a pleasure (and safe).

In terms of usability and safety, the IP is superior to both the gas and EV. Compared to the EA also saves energy, because it does not require time to heat the burner.

The only point is not all cookware fits to the IP, and the wok is used with a flat bottom.

I forgot to mention the dishes. I’m sure there will be questions.

The manufacturer recommends that you look for the induction icon on the pan.

But not all manufacturers put it on. Below are four of the pans I cook with at Fiszman. Only one has that badge on it.

But also the presence of the icon does not guarantee performance. Once had to return a frying pan to Fiszman, even though it had the proper sign on it.

The easiest check magnet from the fridge, if it stays on the bottom of the dish, it will work. And both the fancy ones and the most simple and inexpensive ones. You can check your cookware beforehand )

  • F03. there is no data exchange between the relay module and the panel;
  • F04. no cooling. Most likely overheated electronic components;
  • F05. The (big) thermosensor of the induction burner is out of order;
  • F06. thermosensor malfunction on small induction hob;
  • F07. No connection with the thermosensor.
  • SE (ERROR BY SENSOR FIELD SHORT). Indicates a shorted sensor field. Possibly liquid got on the stove hob. Most often the problem is solved with a dry cloth. you need to wipe the surface dry;
  • ERROR BY OVERHEATING. Indicates overheating of internal panel components. Possible solution: wait for panel to cool down, then hold the ON/OFF touch button to reset the settings;
  • PAN DETECTION ERROR. The system identifies the cookware in use as incorrect. Cookware may be very small in size or may not be on the hob at all;
  • LE. Line Voltage Low. Try unplugging and reconnecting the appliance;
  • FL. fan defect.

Error codes for induction stove hobs

Error code “E0” Incorrect setting of the induction hob.

Disconnect the hob from the mains for 30 seconds.

Error code “E1” Incorrect setting of the control panel. Disconnect the cooktop from the mains for 30 seconds.

Error code “E2” Backlight control module malfunction: LED failure or no 14 VDC power supply. 1) Check if the BC1 14V cable connector is connected from the left board 1. Raven burner backlighting does not work when turned on. 2) Check the LED connection on the burner light control module (XL01- XL04) 3) Check all LEDs and their wiring for short circuits and open circuits. Some multimeter models allow you to check LEDs directly. Normally, the 14 V power to the LEDs is connected in the following order: front left. rear left. rear right. front right burners. This means that the first LED that doesn’t light up is usually the faulty one. 4) See. Code E5 5) Replace the burner light control module. Fault code “E3” Overvoltage or undervoltage 1) Check the 230 V voltage at the sockets

between the neutral and the phase. See. connection diagram on the underside of the appliance. Switch on the appliance with the pot on the burner and let it run for 1 minute. 2) If there is nothing wrong with the voltage, replace the induction cooktop Technical Support. FV 13/28 599 72 90-30 Rev. 03

Error code “E4” The fault occurs, for example, after heating an empty pot to the “P” level Or using cookware with a very curved bottom, which causes the coil temperature sensor to overheat. The fault disappears after 15 minutes. The reason for the high temperature is the air space between the bottom of the pan and the ceramic panel, which causes an increase in the sensor response time. “E4” Or: Faulty or incorrect installation of the temperature sensor. 1) Check the connector on the induction cooktop 2) Check the coil sensor. It must fit evenly in the silicone holder. 3) On appliances with 3 burners, the fictitious temperature sensor is connected to terminal 2? 4) Replace the sensor coil. 5) If the problem persists, replace the induction cooktop. Illuminated burner controllers only Error code “E5” Timeout period for control panel to communicate with back-lit burner control module exceeded Disconnect the cooktop from the electrical supply for 30 seconds. If the error code is still displayed. 1) Check the wiring between the burner control board and the control panel or there is a short in the RASt2 connector.5. If necessary, replace the connector or wiring. 2) Replace the burner control module. 3) If the fault cannot be corrected, replace the control panel. Error code “E6” Induction hob malfunction Disconnect the hob from the electrical supply for 30 seconds. If fault code is still displayed after 1 minute of operation, replace control panel. Fault code “E6” The coil temperature sensor has overheated when using a Falcon control panel made before 2010. See. E4 Error code “E7” The fan malfunction. 1) Turn on 1 burner with high power for 1 minute. The fan should start spinning. If not, check if the fan is blocked and also the connector on the induction hob. 2) Replace fan. Attention! This operation cannot be performed on all induction hobs. 3) Replace the induction cooktop if the malfunction cannot be corrected. Technical Support. FV 14/28 599 72 90-30 Rev. 03

Error code “E8” Connection/wiring fault on induction hob and control panel. Center contact of RAST2 connector malfunction.5. Either the right burner is faulty or there is no voltage. (only if an error message is displayed for both right-hand zones) 1) If the error code is only displayed for the right-hand cooking zones: check the 230 V voltage at the sockets

between neutral and phase. See. Wiring diagram on the underside of the appliance. 2) If the voltage is within acceptable limits, check the wiring between the induction hob and the control panel (center contact) or a short in the RASt2 connector.5. If necessary, replace the connector or the wiring. 3) Replace right induction hob. 4) If the fault cannot be eliminated, replace the control panel. Error code “E9” Control panel touch screen system malfunction. Disconnect the hob from the electrical supply for 30 seconds. If the fault code still exists after one minute of operation, replace the control panel. See. Also refer to Chapter 6 “Control Panel with Regulator (Kite). Installation Tips and Key Operation”. Only appliances with rotary switches (CrissXcross) Error code “E9” Rotary switch system malfunction 1). Wiring diagram (potentiometer), replace rotary switches if necessary. 2) If the fault cannot be corrected, replace the control panel.

Control panel malfunction buzzer malfunction. Replace control panel. Individual indicator segments are faulty. Control panel defective. Replace control panel. Only for Raven control panels No 14 VDC power supply When panel is turned on, backlighting of burner circuits does not work No 14 VDC power supply or faulty power circuit 1) Check wiring between BC01 left induction burner board (14 VDC), additional burner backlight control board and control panel or possibility of a short circuit in RASt2 connector.5. If necessary, replace the connector or wiring. 2) If the malfunction cannot be corrected, replace the control board

Hansa stove error codes

Sometimes the induction hob on the control panel can give a certain error code. What does each code mean and how to repair the malfunction tips master in our article.

Sometimes the induction hob on the control panel can give a certain error code. Some malfunctions can be repaired manually, while others require specialized intervention by the service center. We will look at common error codes of induction hobs.



Please note that the error codes are the same for all stoves, but the display can be different. For example, in Gorenije stoves the error is denoted by the letter E, while in Hansa models by the letter F. Also keep in mind that the errors considered here and their solution apply exclusively to induction stoves. The solution to the problems of conventional electric cookers can be quite different.

Electric stove error codes

Time of conventional cooking stoves is becoming a thing of the past, giving way to built-in hobs with an oven (electric stoves). This is due to the fact that electric cooktops have a huge number of advantages over the traditional kitchen stove.

The most widespread and demanded stoves among Russian stoves are Aeg, Siemens, Kaiser, Bosch, Ardo, Indesit and Ariston brands. They have a good build quality and excellent performance. But despite this, these cooking plates are not immune to all kinds of failures and errors. Let’s see the main error codes for each of abovementioned electric stoves.

Ariston|Ariston electric stove error codes

Depending on what kind of error on the sensor panel of Ariston stove the certain code of error appears, which informs its owner about what exactly is faulty:

  • If stove stopped working properly and error F01 is displayed, it means that NTC sensor is out of order.
  • Code F03 indicates that the key is not working.
  • Error F05 indicates that the TEC circuit of the large burner probe is in short circuit.
  • F06 says the same thing, only for the small burner.

Error codes of Aeg|AEG electric stoves

In contrast to Ariston electric stoves, the main error codes of Aeg stoves begin with the letter E and are decoded as follows:

  • Error E1 means that the electronics have overheated;
  • error E3 indicates no communication with inverter;
  • error E4 indicates that it is necessary to let the burner cool down;
  • Error E5 means that there is a problem with the mains. If this error occurs, it is impossible to do without the help of a specialist;
  • error E6 indicates no communication with the power inverter;
  • E8 there is no communication with the power unit;
  • E9 configuration errors;
  • E22 several buttons pressed at the same time;

In addition to these errors, Aeg electric stoves can have errors that are marked with the letters L and F. L reminds you that the childproofing is on, and F reminds you that there is no cookware or that it is unsuitable for use on this stove.


Bosch|Bosch Electric Hob Error Codes

Error codes for Bosch cooking tops are deciphered as follows;

  • F2. appears on the indicator display if the hob is too hot and shuts down. To eliminate this error, wait a few minutes for the appliance to cool down;
  • F4 Stove is cold and shuts down. It is necessary to check whether there is a hot pot on the control panel. If not, it means that the device is out of order, and will need the help of a master;
  • F8 means that the burner is working too long. To fix this error, you need to turn off the burner for a minute, after which you can turn it on immediately;
  • Error U400 indicates that the hob is connected with errors.

Siemens|Siemens electric stoves error codes

It is not uncommon for Siemens hobs to give minor malfunctions. You can eliminate them on your own, knowing the deciphering of the main error codes for electric stoves of this brand.

  • 0 flashes to indicate that the safety function of the automatic shutdown is activated. To solve this problem, switch off the unit and make the settings again;
  • The letter E flashes, this error code indicates moisture or foreign objects on the control panel. To solve this problem, wipe the panel with a dry cloth or remove a foreign object;
  • error code F0. Indicates a malfunction of the indicator. If this error occurs, you will need the help of a specialist;
  • F4 error indicating child safety interlock failure. Disconnect the device from the mains, wait thirty seconds and turn it on again.

Error codes of Kaiser electric stoves

The main, most frequently occurring errors, which can be eliminated on your own for Kaiser hobs are:

  • Error code L flashes, child safety protection is on;
  • ER03 is blinking, touch keys don’t work properly. This malfunction can be caused by food boiled on the hob. It is necessary to turn off the hob, and then wipe it thoroughly;
  • Error code ER21 means that the unit has overheated. To eliminate this error, turn the fan off and check to see if it is running correctly; error code ER21 indicates that the unit is overheating. If after turning on the hob the code continues to be displayed, you will need the help of a master;
  • Ex error code technical malfunction of the appliance. Service must be contacted;
  • error codeU400. means that the panel is not connected correctly.

Error codes of Ardo Ardo hobs

Troubleshooting of Ardo electric stoves can be divided into two categories:

In the first case, various error codes appear on the control panel to indicate one or the other malfunction. The decoding of these codes can be found in the manual to the device in the relevant section.

In the second case, the burners break down. There are various possible breakdowns here. Do not try to fix it yourself, because unprofessional intervention can further aggravate the situation and increase the cost of repair. In such cases, the right solution will be to apply to a service center, and thus save time and money.

Indesit Indesit electric stoves error codes

Among the most frequent malfunctions that occur in Indesit brand electric stoves, the main ones are the following:

  • The burner doesn’t turn on or malfunctions. This malfunction can occur due to a breakdown of the burner itself or the switch. You can not fix it yourself, you need the intervention of a specialist;
  • Automatic shutdown at simultaneous operation of two or more cooking zones. Possibly the appliance has overheated. You need to turn it off for a short time and then turn it back on again.
  • The heat indicator doesn’t go out, therefore the thermostat is defective. This fault can only be repaired by an expert.

Knowing these error codes, you can try to solve the problem yourself. But still, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it is better to seek help from specialists. And in no case should we forget that whatever the quality of the electric stove, it requires careful care, and in the case of a breakdown, competent repair.

Error E3

Error E3 signals an unstable voltage. It can be both low and high.

Solution: check the voltage during the operation of the appliance. To do this, place the cookware on the burner and turn it on for 1 minute. Then measure the phase-to-zero voltage in operating mode. To measure the voltage see the wiring diagram underneath the stove. If the voltage is normal and the stove works, then it was just a spike. If the voltage is high or low, then it is worth contacting the organization responsible for supplying electricity to your home. And if the voltage is normal, but the stove does not work, you will have to call the service center.

Gas cooktop

The last type of cookers gas surface. One of the most simple and easy to repair with your own hands. There is less electronics, so there are not many faults and they are all easy to troubleshoot.

  • The gas does not ignite or ignites poorly. Immediately check the ignition (piezo) for clogs or liquids. In 90% of cases it is enough to wash and dry it thoroughly. If it did not help, check the availability of electricity in the chain to the piezo coil.
  • The gas cooktop does not turn on because the gas is not coming to the burner. Hobs repair in these cases is not needed, prevention is enough. Check the gas pipe, if the tap is open and there is gas in the system, move on to check the nozzles. Clogging occurs with grease or food debris, just do the cleaning. Remember to wipe dry after cleaning, no moisture should remain. If there is moisture left, the piezo will not ignite.

Modern stoves are equipped with fault detection sensors and diagnostic modules, the error code appears on the screen. Find the code in the manual and follow the specified recommendations to fix a specific fault. Use the forums, there you can find real reviews and experience to repair with your own hands from experts and other users of your model with detailed instructions and photos.

If you analyze all the faults of hobs that can be encountered in operation, we can confidently say that most of them can be repaired with their own hands.

Induction hob can make various noises during operation, and they can occur for the following reasons:

  • The appliance may buzz if you put a thin-bottomed pot on the cooktop, or if you set the power too high;
  • The stove often buzzes or whistles when a small pan is placed on a large burner;
  • vibrations can occur at the junction of different materials when the bottom of the pot consists of several layers;
  • The intensity of the noise depends on the quantity of dishes on the hob.

If the beeper is constantly sounding, we can assume that the reason why it does not turn off, is in the control unit, which can only be repaired by replacing with a new.

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