Options for installing a split system in an apartment

Installation of air conditioner in the apartment

Need to install air conditioning in the apartment? Do you want the work was done at the proper level, while spending the best money? We will not only help you to do qualitative air-conditioner installation, but if it is necessary we will also help you to choose correctly the device.

The first moment that a buyer faces is the choice of the type of air conditioner. As a rule in an apartment it is possible to install various equipment by type and kind of blocks. There is a characteristic difference only in the installation of the indoor unit. If to consider all differences at installation of domestic and semi-industrial split systems, it will be clear that all outdoor units are typical. Their difference is only in dimensions and capacity. And the execution of the internal block is various, and is caused only by the methods and intensity of cooling. The price for installation of different types of air conditioners, respectively, is also different. In the apartment, there is an opportunity to apply any method of cooling, but because of its technological features and cost not all are used.

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The optimum air exchange in the room. a guarantee of safety for the person

It is noted that if a person’s work does not require being outdoors, he spends 16 to 24 hours a day in the apartment or office. And here a very important role is given to ventilation. According to the norms, the air in the room must be renewed every 1 to 2 hours. If this rule is not followed, excessive carbon dioxide and humidity accumulate in the rooms. This leads to the deterioration of the person’s health, appearance of mold and mildew on the walls. In a poorly ventilated room germs and allergens accumulate. Stuffiness, “weeping” windows, the formation of mold and mildew, as well as the deformation of wooden furniture. all these are clear indicators that the air exchange in the apartment is disturbed.

Undoubtedly, the ventilation system in our homes is installed in order to solve the problem of insufficient air exchange together with periodic ventilation. Ideally, air should enter the apartment through windows, circulate freely through the cracks between the door and the floor, and then be able to escape through the ventilation ducts, which are usually in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen

To create a healthy atmosphere in your apartment, we recommend the following steps:

  • Use a simple test with a thin strip of paper to make sure ventilation is working properly. If the test shows that the air is not removed from the room or is difficult to remove through the ventilation, the duct must be cleaned. In apartment buildings ventilation ducts. the responsibility of the management company or HOA.
  • Pay attention to the windows. Old wooden windows allow outside air to enter the room through gaps. But if your apartment has plastic windows with a seal between the frames, the street air in the apartment does not penetrate when the windows are closed. In this case it is recommended to install air inlets.
  • Install conditioner in a room for cooling or heating air in a room, and also for dust removal.

Such measures will help to create a healthy microclimate in the apartment, which will contribute to the well-being of its inhabitants. But one should be very attentive when choosing a place for an indoor unit installation in the room not to make harm to human health and not to reduce the conditioner life time.

Choosing a room: pros and cons

The choice of a place for an air conditioner is a responsible and important stage. The comfort in the further usage depends in many respects on the chosen place. Let’s consider the rooms and determine where it is better to mount the unit, regardless of its type.


Let’s say right away that the kitchen is not the best place to install an air conditioner. In apartments it is usually one of the smallest rooms. We don’t spend much time in the kitchen, even if we enjoy feasting with friends. Most of the time we are in the living room.

If conditioner is installed in the kitchen, the air flows simply will not go to the other rooms. It is very uncomfortable, especially in summer time. Therefore we do not recommend to place conditioner in this room.

You still want to install the unit in your kitchen? You should take into consideration that the filters will clog much more often and during cleaning you will be dissatisfied when you will have to remove a layer of grease from them. And high humidity is not good for a long service life of an air conditioner.

It is also a vital question: where exactly to hang the unit in a small kitchen? An air conditioner above the window is obviously unreasonable variant, above the table even more. Unless it is over a doorway you can install it. But together with other disadvantages the choice, in our opinion, is evident.


Where to install it if not in the kitchen? Maybe in the hallway? Well, this is not a bad option for installing air conditioning in the apartment. From personal experience, it has been verified that the unit, mounted above the front door opening, successfully cool a small two-room apartment, not to mention a one-room apartment. It is rather a good variant of installation of the conditioner.

Besides, an air conditioner in a hall does not weigh on the head and does not seem to be something superfluous, as it is in a passing zone. However, it is important to take into consideration that in this case it is necessary to stretch a rather long line. It increases a price for installation. If there is a financial possibility, you can try such variant of installation.

Living room

The most correct variant is a placement of air conditioner in a living room. Such way of installation of conditioner in one room has a number of advantages: we spend most of all time in this room, there is no necessity to pull a long route, the device is very convenient for maintenance, having a ladder.

However here it is still important to take into consideration where to place a conditioner correctly and reasonably taking into consideration the existing furniture. Very often in one-room apartments there is a sofa, which is used both for sleep and for receiving guests.

We recommend to place conditioner above the door or on the wall at the side of the window. It is better not to install conditioner above the window, it is not a good variant. Also it is not necessary to mount the device above the head or strictly opposite the sofa.

The location in the living room has the most important advantage: you will be able to enjoy the air conditioner as much as possible at night. It does not matter what time of year it is outside. It will be cool in hot summer and warm in damp autumn. What can be better?

How to install air conditioner in the apartment

First of all the electric wiring for the air conditioner is installed.

    Installation of outside (external) unit of split-system:

  • a choice of place (not lower 1,8-2 m above the ground);
  • Installing brackets (anchor bolts are used);
  • Installation of the external unit on brackets;
  • Drilling a hole in the outer wall for communications, the diameter of the hole 50-60 cm;
  • Installation in the hole of the waterproofing cup and connecting communications.
    Installation of internal block of split-system:

  • Choice of place (the distance from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit is 7-20 m). The distance depends on the air conditioner model)
  • installation of brackets;
  • Internal unit installation.
    Connection of air conditioning system wires:

  • installation of the box (outside or inside);
  • Connection of copper pipes for refrigerant and electrical wires;
  • Air and moisture removal from the system. vacuumization. Duration of 45 minutes, special equipment used.

Trial run of split-system. As a rule, special hardware-software devices are used.

Routing under the air conditioner

After your choice of certain air conditioner model you should open its technical specifications (there is a lot of this information in Internet, you can find information about any model). Below please find specifications of Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM35VA/MUZ-DM35VA Standart Inverter series.

Determine the diameter of freon pipes according to the catalog. in our case for both models the value is the same (6,35(1/4) and 9,52(3/8)).

options, installing, split, system, apartment

Further we open the scheme of electrical connection of indoor and outdoor unit.

In our example, you can see that the power wire 31.5 must be connected to the indoor unit. From the indoor unit to the outdoor unit must go interblock wire 41,5.

So in our case from the outdoor to the indoor unit must go communication: copper pipe 6.35 in insulation copper pipe 9.52 in insulation wire 41.5 in a corrugated (preferably in a corrugated).

Multi-Zone Mini-Split System vs Central A/C in Home (2019) Cooper&Hunter

We pay your attention that some manufacturers of conditioners, complete their models with additional wire that has own connectors for interconnection with the boards of indoor and outdoor blocks. so called remote sensors (temperature sensor for working of conditioner on heating).

There are very few such air conditioners on the market, but they do occur. Also it is necessary to pay attention that the above-stated electric scheme, is applicable only for splitsystem (one internal. one external block), for multisplit system (one external block. several internal), the connection layout will be as on a photo.

In this case the power comes to the outside unit and goes to the inside unit through interblock connections.

After a choice of an installation place, we need to mark places of installation of internal blocks of conditioners (by drawing on a wall the block, according to its overall dimensions, you will find in the same technical documentation).

In our case on the wall you have to draw a rectangle with the size 799290. The main line of air conditioner you have to bring in the left bottom corner.

Mark the duct under the chord. The route of air conditioner should be laid in SHG 6040 mm from the bottom left part of the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, the drain hose (in case of passage separately from the main route) is laid in a separate hole 2020 mm.

    Here it is worth noting that there are three ways of laying the route of the air conditioner:

  • Drainage hose goes in one hole with freon communications. in this case the whole route must go under the obvious natural slope towards the condensate drain.
  • The drainage hose is separate from the main line. in this case we give an obvious slope only for the drainage hose and freon communications can be laid not at a level (they are often carried along the ceiling).
  • To drain the condensate is used drain pump. There are cases when drainage from the air conditioner cannot be drained gravitationally. then a special condensate drain pump is used, which removes condensate under pressure.
  • Capillary hose D 6 mm which can also be installed without a gravitational gradient is departing from the pump. We advise to lay it inside the electrical conduit.
  • When marking the route it is necessary to avoid sharp turns with a negative angle.

Laying the air conditioner pipes

When the drawings are prepared, you can move on to the next stage. the preparation of the route of air conditioner.

It is necessary to unwind the coils of copper tubes in a straight line for a trimmer and put on insulation (insulation wall thickness of 6 mm) corresponding to the diameter of the tube.

options, installing, split, system, apartment

On the photo you can see the assembled line with the interblock cable and the drainage hose. The route is partially wrapped with gray reinforced tape (so it is easier to work with it). It is also possible to wrap the line completely (some installers are more convenient to work with the line when it is completely wrapped).

Copper pipe is sold in coils of 15 meters (rarely 45 meters), so if the route/paths are long enough you may need to solder the copper pipes. Try to bend the line carefully, as copper pipes are very soft and bending can be broken. If there is a break in the line, the air conditioner will not work properly.

It is possible to make a ready-made route of any configuration and it is very important that it will be of a desired length.

How to establish an air conditioner in a bedroom

And then let’s move on. How to establish the conditioner in the bedroom? The most successful variant is the variant above a headboard of the bed . because it’s the most comfortable place. The stream of cold air is directed to the opposite wall, and it is there that a peculiar cold pole is formed. The lowest temperature is at a distance of 2.5 to 4 meters from the air conditioner. That’s why you can’t put the air conditioner in front of the bed. The stream of cold air will be reflected from the wall and will hit people. The cold illnesses are guaranteed.

Above the door. In this case the conditioner will not be visible at the entrance and will not spoil the interior. Besides it will allow to freely move the furniture as you like, not being afraid to block conditioner. But the big disadvantage. it is necessary to lay a long route, which will complicate the installation.

Above a window. one of the main advantages is a short route and conditioner will not draw attention. But in this case it will be impossible to hang curtains with lambrequins.

We hope that our instruction about installation of air conditioner was useful for you. Installing air conditioner with your own hands is not a simple thing that requires certain skills and knowledge. Especially it concerns the installation of outdoor unit of split system. After all, often this work must be done at high altitude, which is associated with a risk to health.

To take full advantage of the air conditioning system, it must be properly installed. We recommend to entrust split installation to professional craftsmen who can boast not only with tools but also with specialized skills.

Still have questions? Ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. You can also share your experience in installation of split-system in a private house or apartment. Your advices and recommendations will be useful for many readers. Read our other articles on our site and don’t forget to share them in your social networks. We wish you good luck!


The internal unit is almost noiseless (the noise level of some Daikin’s internal units is 28-31 dB, and of Mitsubishi when the motor is on the lowest speed. 26 dB; the same noise level is produced by a flying moth). But the fan and compressor of the outdoor unit can “buzz” louder, too.

Inner blocks by the way of fixing can be wall and floor-ceiling (floor-ceiling units are so called because they can be attached both to the ceiling and the floor). There are also cassette and multizone blocks, but we will speak about them next time.

Wall-mounted indoor units are most often installed in apartments. With the help of movable louvers of the wall unit, you can change the direction of air flow. But capacity of wall-mounted blocks is specially limited. in opposite case strong stream of cold air will “blow away” everything in its way. But if a room (for example, office) needs more powerful conditioner, then floor-ceiling unit is installed. It allows a strong jet of water to be blown along the wall or ceiling, so the temperature in the room is evenly distributed.

Our tip: if the length of a room considerably exceeds its width, it is much more effective to mount a floor-ceiling conditioner!

Split-systems differ in capacity (cold-productivity) and design. The choice of design. at the discretion of the buyer. But it is necessary to consult with a specialist about capacity. In this case you should know:

  • The area (volume) of your room.
  • The sizes of a window, the side of the light on which it overlooks.
  • Presence (absence) of window blinds.
  • Number of constantly working appliances generating heat (TV set, computer and etc.).).
  • The number of heating batteries in the rooms.
  • The number of people who are constantly in the room.
  • Is there forced ventilation?

Still a piece of advice: If they do not ask you anything about it at a firm, where you want to buy a conditioner, it is better not to buy it from them. Because there is a danger that you are offered a “typical wrong. In reputable firms before selling an air conditioner a consultant, as a rule, visits the place of a supposed air conditioner installation, makes measurements and find out all the necessary details. Then all this data is put into the program and only after this the computer selects the optimal model. This is the case, for example, in “Aeroprof” company that specializes in Carrier air conditioners (USA), in “Meteomarket” company (Daikin air conditioners) and in “KlimatSS” company (Hitachi air conditioners).

What else we have to know? experts recommend installing a SPLIT-SYSTEM BEFORE or during repair, not after all the repairs have been made. Then you don’t have to chisel and drill a freshly-painted and lined walls in order to lay electric wires for an air conditioner and to fix brackets for fixing the inside unit. It is possible, of course, to hide all communications in external ducts, but it will not make the interior beautiful.

This is how the distribution of air flows from the wall-mounted indoor unit looks like

It is not enough that works on installation in a newly-repaired apartment are much more expensive, especially after the Euro-repair.

Now about other possible “ambushes”. Very often the mistakes begin while buying a conditioner. Wishing to save money we go to the nearest store (and even at the market) and buy a conditioner. And what? And that’s it: We’re alone with him. In the best case you will have to install it, just after careful reading of the instruction.

And meanwhile installing splitsystem in the apartment is not the same as installing a fridge or TV-set: just bring it home, put it in the chosen place, plug it in, and it works! You can’t do that with air conditioning. An air-conditioner demands a competent installation. This is the case when you cannot economize on the installation. The better it is installed, the longer it will serve. It is not occasionally that mounting works make up 18-30 per cent from the cost of a unit.

options, installing, split, system, apartment

I remember how one experienced and outspoken installer, answering my quite innocent question: how to start assembling a conditioner, suddenly became anxious and cried: “People! You are all competent!! Every air conditioner has its manual in Russian, where both installation and exploitation rules are described “for fools”, point by point. Read the damn thing before you stick your hands in it! And even better. call the specialists”. And he is right.

Sequence of installation

How to mount a conditioner? The whole process can be divided into several stages:

The marking of the location of the indoor unit;

Drilling a hole in the outer load-bearing wall and reaming for routing utilities;

Foaming and if needed installing a decorative plug for a hole in a wall.

And now let’s describe some of the features of each stage of the work.

Good question: Where to install air conditioner in the apartment

To teach how to mount conditioner is a thankless job: it is clear that you will unlikely install conditioner with your hands. you better invite specialists who will install them according all the rules.

The aim of this article is to help you to find a place for an inside unit beforehand. So that it will be determined by you and consciously. Not a master on a principle: “it is quicker and easier to finish installation”.

Where to better place conditioner in the apartment Three factors define a place for an internal unit. the proximity of a window, the location of furniture in the room and the current stage of your repairs.

Renovation completed. there are few optionsIf you’re just thinking about a major renovation and are planning an interior design, it’s wise to opt for central air conditioning. Then there will be nothing to disfigure the interior: the block is not seen, only the bars at the top of the wall, as on the photo. But the price for such decision, of course, is incomparably higher than the usual split-system.

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If the repairs have recently been completed and you were not planning to “spoil” the finish, the only option is to look for a place for the indoor unit of air conditioning in the apartment. Let’s talk about it

You can neglect the window. Usually they install conditioner near the window, but not on the inner walls because they do not want to pull a drainage pipe along the room. It is clear: as soon as masters will show you an ugly plastic box, with which they are going to cover the “line” and will announce the price per one meter (the farther from the window the more expensive) you will most likely agree for “as near to the window” option. This is the first mistake of amateur renovation. Do as it will be more convenient to use the conditioner, but not as it is more convenient for the masters.

Here everything is like with unplanned sockets. do not want to spoil a good repair, there will be open wiring and overhead. Are you ready to “make a mess”. it is possible to hide the trunks in a wall, as any electrics. And do not be tied to the window.

Conclusion: you have to plan beforehand a place for installation of conditioner and the fact of its installation. It is important to do it during or even before the repair, but not after its completion. When we have to choose either/or. decoration or beauty of placement of conditioner. Though even open wiring to the conditioner can be made as a design-concept (an example on the photo).

One should not forget about peopleThe block of air conditioner should be installed in such a way that the stream of cold air was not directed to the heads and backs of people, i.e. it is prohibited to direct the stream to the working place, bed or to the backs of people who are sitting at the table. Otherwise, you can expect frequent colds. Pay attention on the photo that conditioner is located above the entrance to the bedroom, such variant is possible only in situation when the position of the block was planned beforehand, before the repairing began.

Conclusion: the best place where people don’t blow on their heads and backs. And conditioner thus cools most of the rooms without being conspicuous. Designers often choose a place over the door or direct the air conditioner to the door.


Where it is better to hang an air conditioner in a bedroom?The solution for a small bedroom can be the placement of air conditioner, when the stream goes along the foot of the bed.

If there is no room to move around, choose a model with a multi-directional airflow. This arrangement of the air conditioner in the bedroom is good so that when you work or rest, the bottom sash can be closed and the air flow can be directed to the left or right.

Important: air conditioner in a bedroom should be located so that the main air stream goes near bed without exposing to people who have a rest there. It can be a non-standard variant as in the example on the photo the unit is integrated into the false ceiling in the manner of central air-conditioning system.

Over the doorThe option of air conditioning over the door in the bedroom is one of the most common and recommended by interior designers. It is better to let it blow on your legs than in the head of a dreamer.

Near the door In a situation, like on the photo, when the door is of large size and the partition is not left for mounting the unit above it. you can place the unit on the next wall. But again so that it blows on legs.

Opposite to the door: when the configuration and size of a bedroom allow, the air conditioner is placed on the wall opposite to the entrance. Again, taking into account that the air stream goes parallel to the bed, without affecting those lying on it.


Actually it is not a big problem to hang or hide an air conditioner in a beautiful way. Look how conditioners are situated on the photos selected by us and decide. on the example of these photos you will find the way how to place conditioner in your own apartment. Where and how to hide a conditioner in the interior The most important thing is not to prevent a conditioner from working in chase of stylish furnish. Roughly speaking, to hang a unit and cover it with a curtain is not an option.

It is clear that it is very difficult for the owners of small-sized apartments to find a place, where to install conditioner in the room: the square is small, furniture is rather dense and no matter how one directs the stream, one will have the situation when it blows on the head. Here, unfortunately, there will be no miracles. if one cannot find a “hidden place” out of sight, one should try to make a little-visible conditioner himself. There are a lot of variants.

The main difficulty in finding the ideal place for a unit on the wall is that one cannot install conditioner behind the panel or screen: any obstacle on the way of air will level the benefit of a unit.

An ideal variant from the point of view of aesthetics is to install a conditioner unit among other constructions of the similar form, for example, pictures and shelves, as on this photo.

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