Philips vacuum cleaner robot spins in place. The robot vacuum cleaner does not charge or holds the charge

The robot vacuum cleaner stopped talking

If you have broken a robot vacuum cleaner, then the first thing to do is understand the reason. He can neither start nor remove only tiles, nor do wet cleaning. It is the reason that determines whether repairs are needed, and if so, what.

Когда робот-пылесос не включается кнопкой, дело может быть всего лишь в севшей батарее. Put it on the station and wait until the battery is 100% charged. At the same time, make sure that the station itself is included in the network, and the outlet works.

The robot still does not react and at the same time a red bulb burns on its case? Perhaps the case is in the battery. You need to buy a new one. If the robot does not respond to the remote control, first make sure that the remote control is working.

Sometimes it happens that a robot vacuum cleaner does not go or does it badly, jumps. Then the matter is rubber. You could get a defective device or with damaged, dried up rubber. If there is a guarantee during which the robot vacuum cleaner has broken, then you can do the following:

Xiaomi robot vertebrae or any other, designed for dry cleaning, may not work if water got into it. So that the device does not break, you need:

  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Remove the vacuum cleaner, clean it and dry it.
  • Remove filters, also clean them (remove hair, dust, garbage), dry and put in place.
  • Dry the vacuum cleaner.
  • Be sure to make sure that the fee is not wet.
  • Turn on the robot again.

Problems with orientation

Orientation of the robot-vacuum cleaner in space occurs on the basis of the functioning of the navigation unit. In budget models, it usually consists of side sensors of obstacles and sensors against falling from a height. In more expensive models, navigation is carried out thanks to laser rangefolders and the work of the chamber. These elements tend to fail, after which often the robot vacuum cleaner does not see obstacles, jerks, stops in the middle of the room, works for half an hour and leaves for the base, travels only in a circle of one place, fifs back, etc.P.

Когда аппарат постоянно ездит по кругу на одном месте и совсем не ориентируется в пространстве, это может означать неисправность боковых датчиков препятствий.

If the device stops sharply during operation and squeaks, then the case may be in the failure of the battery, the failure of the navigation block, or in simple confusion in the wires and other extraneous items on the floor.

The malfunction in the form that the robot vacuum cleaner is simply rides backwards, or goes back and turns off, can be eliminated by removing the front wheel and cleaning it from dirt. The case may also be in the sensors that need to be cleaned of dust, or replace the failed LEDs. If this did not help you, and the vacuum cleaner also goes back, probably the problem lies in the device board.

Also, the reason may be of poor.quality assembly. For example, some kind of screw was not switched to the factory, as a result of which he fell into the mechanism and contributed to the overheating of the motor. The video below clearly shows how to repair the ILIFE robot vertebrae if it is backward and turns off:

Black Paul-a weak point of most automated robots-papers. From almost every user you can hear that their robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor and does not see dark furniture, it constantly crashes into it. Also, the minimum number of products can navigate in the dark. This feature of smart vacuum cleaners can not be called breakdown, rather, this is more a lack of all robotic devices.

What kind of, there are malfunctions, robot percars, eliminate

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– 2. Pro is a.

Pros: Not boring, something runs. A little cleaner the floor.
Minuses: A small vacuum cleaner, cleaning is randomly not everywhere, it will take garbage partially, leaves the garbage more than he took it, especially if he drove on the rug, and there is nothing to wet cleaning about at all. A rag made and dried up a strip.
Review: In general, an incomprehensible toy. Although I really wanted to buy a robot, but more abruptly. The kids were ahead and gave, it turned out easier. It is completely redeemed, now I don’t know if it is worth taking a sophisticated? I am interested in the more powerful robot. so that of course there would be a map of the room, so that it does not stupidly ride the same place (partial cleaning), the container for garbage is larger (I have a large area) and a container with water, for smearing rags on my own.

– 2. The data is hidden

Review: Good afternoon. After 6 months of excellent operation, the vacuum cleaner stopped working on a dark laminate, it works properly on a light. How to eliminate this issue?

– 2. Sergey a.

Pros: Small and low. This is the only advantage of this and all similar models from Philips. He also has 2 years of guarantees, it is likely that it will die before it ends
Minuses: All other characteristics were sacrificed to sizes, the price overstated for its functionality, there is really no wet cleaning. It has structural disadvantages, due to which the quality of work will gradually decrease up to the complete loss of performance. (the front wheel is clogged with dust and hair, because of this it only drives back and forth by half a meter, treated with removing the wheel and cleaning; the dust comes inside the sensors of the height difference, because of this it spins on a small area in a square meter, stops to the base and immediately from she moves away, backs back, etc.P. This is no longer treated)
Review: Review belongs to the entire line of ultra.thin robots of vacuum cleaners from Philips, they are structurally almost the same. The only advantage of this vacuum cleaner is small in size, especially height (6cm). This allows him to crawl into traditional dimensions inaccessible to vacuum cleaners (8-9.5cm in height) place. If you do not have such requirements in height or width. Better to choose something else. Now the disadvantages: 1 vacuum cleaner does not have a turbo, all the garbage is sucked only due to the side brushes. 2 as a result of the absence of a turbochite, it is practically useless on carpets. 3 Low Hanging capacity (600p) against 2000 or more competitors. According to this, the dust and small hair of animals, he more or less sucks, but there is no longer enough forces for lumps of the earth from shoes for, for example, 4 wet cleaning is not here in fact, you can stick a wet rag with a palm with sizes and that’s all, water tank, control There is no wetting here. 5, as a class, there is no system of orientation in space. The cleaning principle is that the vacuum cleaner randomly moves in the room until the battery is discharged to a certain value, after which the vacuum cleaner also randomly tries to find the base on the infrared LED on it. He will see this LED only about one and a half meters in direct sight from the base, if you are lucky. He sees a continuous wall, slows down and turns away, does not see the leg from the table and other small obstacles and crashes into them. In small closed spaces, for example, between the legs of the chair, it rang out randomly in different directions, and if you are lucky, it will come out. In reality, I had a new base in my apartment (room, corridor and kitchen) in 6-7 cases out of 10, then he stopped finding it completely, and then stopped and rising, even 10 cm from the base. 6 sensors of the height difference are not tight, over time, dust gets inside and the vacuum cleaner begins to spin in one place instead of cleaning and this is no longer repaired.

– 2. Anna s.

Pros: Thin, not very noisy
Minuses: Does not fulfill its duties. Leaves traces on the floor from the wheels. Rides in a circle in one place. Does not find its station.

– 2. Elena and.

Pros: Design.
Minuses: This is my first robot. There is nothing to compare. But in my opinion, the quality of cleaning is terrible: 1. Crumbs, as already written above, cannot collect in the kitchen. 2. The trajectory of movement is random. Can cut circles in one corner of the room, completely ignoring the other. 3. Find the problem, if you do not put it right opposite it. four. If you began to gather under the bed somewhere under the bed, be sure that he will drag them to the nearest carpet and smear them on it. 5. Yes, carpets are a problem for him. Even short.term. Can not collect anything from them at all. 6. After a couple of years of use, he stopped charging. You put it on the base, like it blinks. You come up in an hour, no longer burns. Accordingly, when you turn on the cleaning, it cannot. Because not charged. 7. If anyone suddenly began to go back and forth, as if stumbled upon an obstacle, peel from dust and Volsni Vorosiko in the middle. When it ceases to rotate, it begins to fool.
Review: Would not recommend buying.

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– 2. Andrey

Pros: He worked well. So far, he worked.
Minuses: Dive in a couple of months. Infinitely backs back. Inside, in the case, a lot of dust (strange for a vacuum cleaner, yes?). Protection is bad. Sensors, microcircuits, mechanisms. All in dust, hairs. A rubber petal pulled (erased), which was behind the gap of the “dustbone”.
Review: It works well but little. Waste for 1-2 months. For that kind of money.”not funny”.

– 2. The data is hidden

Pros: Small height
Minuses: Useless thing
Review: Money right. Everywhere! Absolutely everywhere gets stuck (on small rugs, thresholds between rooms, under the cabins, etc.). The logic of movement is chaotic, the robot is clearly not guided in space and does not understand where the cleaning has already occurred, and where it did not smell. Sensors are apparently not enough, or they work incorrectly. At the slightest stuck, he behaves exclusively in idiotic. It would seem, hand over a little back, but no. will stubbornly hollow further and in the end will turn off. Leave for independent cleaning by timer. an empty venture, you will look for it later throughout the apartment where it was jammed. Noisy. If you have an apartment without furniture, thresholds and carpets. Perhaps your option. I’m sorry about the purchase.

– 2. Kozhikin Alexey

Pros: He buzzes and fires around the apartment!
Minuses: For two months, he only returned to the base twice. Return from work begins with the search for a robot: where is stuck? How to already write correctly: if you do not have furniture, carpets, pets, children and dirt. This is a thing for you! And what was pierced by the purchase? Only what the neighbors have. He had a fight with his wife. 🙁 Yes! He stopped working today!
Review: I will add. I took it from warranty repairs. Guess the cause of the breakdown? Wheels and brushes ceased to function correctly from cat fur. And why did I buy it?! BUT! In order to clean the wheels! Who would give?

– 2. Titov Sergey

Pros: He did not work badly. Even he returned to the base
Minuses: I worked only 16 days. From the beginning from the remote control stopped driving back. Then from the remote control stopped taking the team home (to the base) quickly broke. The service was not carried (there was no time). In almost a month he earned again. Before that he was completely discharged and he was lying in the box. It works, but from the remote control is still not moving, but goes to the base for recharging. Removes well for the robot.
Review: For a short service life, there is nothing to say about it, except for this product is not very reliable. Apparently he has a factory marriage, but he still works. The goods were purchased by the share, probably this is the answer to the question about its shortcomings.

– 2. Alexander

Pros: one. Low, well drives up under furniture. 2. I cleaned the first time well.
Minuses: Quickly degrades. one. First stopped calling on a rug in the hallway, which was cleaned for the first month or two. 2. Stopped getting to the base, that is, it finds it, but the contacts do not close it, you can only manually deliver it. 3. At first, obstacles began to appeal in some places, and over time he generally stopped traveling normally. Constantly backs up until it rests somewhere and will turn off.
Review: For less than 2 years of rare use (sometimes not used for weeks) almost completely failed. Rides backwards on a small patch, it seems that obstacles seem to be everywhere.

– 2. The data is hidden

Pros: He buzzes and fires around the apartment!
Minuses: For two months, he only returned to the base twice. Return from work begins with the search for a robot: where is stuck? How to already write correctly: if you do not have furniture, carpets, pets, children and dirt. This is a thing for you! And what was pierced by the purchase? Only what the neighbors have. He had a fight with his wife. 🙁 Yes! He stopped working today!
Review: I will add. I took it from warranty repairs. Guess the cause of the breakdown? Wheels and brushes ceased to function correctly from cat fur. And why did I buy it?! BUT! In order to clean the wheels! Who would give?

– 2. Pro Pro

Pros: Cleanses well
Minuses: The base finds 3 times out of 10 in a small apartment. Noisy. Gets stuck everywhere and everywhere.
Review: I do not advise. I will most likely give this model to my parents, they have a square apartment, maybe they will suit them.

– 2. Vasiliev Evgeny

Pros: Cute
Minuses: Does not find a base, gets stuck, a small vacuum cleaner
Review: Erzatz Robot. Pokes around the apartment hard.time. Compared to the rumba, primitive

The reasons for the loud operation of the vacuum cleaner

There are several main reasons why the vacuum cleaner began to work loudly.

A crowded vacuumber is one of the most common reasons, especially for old models. A bag for dust can accommodate a certain amount of garbage, it must be periodically changed if we are talking about disposable vacuumers or cleaned (for reusable rag bags). An acceptable level of filling. in the region of 80% of the volume, then the filtering abilities of the bag are significantly reduced, the absorption force drops, and the engine begins to work at the limit of power. In modern vacuum cleaners models there is a special light indicator that gives a signal about a crowded vacuumber.

Filter blockage-modern vacuum cleaners have a multi-stage air purification system, premium vacuum cleaners with non-filters are able to capture up to 95–99% of pollution. With prolonged work, the filters are clogged, so additional power is required so that the air can pass through them. Some filters (mainly foam, rough cleaning) can be extended and they will almost completely restore their filter abilities.

Extraneous objects-the thrust of the vacuum cleaner can weaken due to the hose of dust, large pieces of paper or garbage, toys and other objects that will prevent free passage of air flow.

Easy solution to fix a charging error 1 on Roomba 685. SOLVED!

Technical malfunction. loud operation of the engine can be caused by wear of bearings. If you do not carry out timely and complete cleaning of the filtering system, dry dust penetrates the motor compartment, settling on the moving parts. As a result, the friction coefficient increases sharply, if the bearings do not grease in time, they begin to work actually “dry”, which leads to their wear. Much worse if the problem is caused by a malfunction of the winding or failure of components. In this case, you will have to contact the service center.

How to eliminate the blockage?

To independently understand what interferes with the normal functioning of the electrical appliance, disconnect the vacuum cleaner hose and check the air traction through the hose holes. If the air sucks, perhaps the problem in the hose itself, or in the tube with nozzles. You can clean them without resorting to the help of specialists. It is convenient to clean the hose with a cable that plumbing is used to eliminate sewer blockages.

If the problem is in the clogging bag to collect dust, then carefully remove it and carefully shake out all the accumulated garbage.

Often clogging occurs due to the accumulated garbage in the brush with the brush. nozzles for cleaning the carpet. Sometimes hair, pets wool, threads and much more get there. As a result. weak air traction and enhancement of buzzing.

Philips vacuum cleaner robot spins in place

Back call

The functionality of the robots-blankets is arranged so that after cleaning the room, the device is programmed to return to the base for recharging. However, there are situations when the robot vacuum cleaner does not return to the base, it cannot find it or come up with it. Complaints about such problems come quite often, because the experts of our Botmania online store have prepared a list of reasons why the robot vacuum cleaner does not return to the base, and what to do in such situations.

The reasons for the failure of the robot and the ways to eliminate them

When there are problems in the work of an electronic assistant, this does not always indicate his breakdown. The reasons can be covered in a banal oversight for technology.

philips, vacuum, cleaner, robot, spins

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Whether the presence of fine filters is required (important for allergies and owners of pets)?

  • After performing dry or humid cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner cannot find the base due to the presence of foreign objects on its way. First you need to check if something superfluous has put that could block the “Way home” device. If such barriers are not observed, you need to check the activation of the “virtual wall” function. If necessary, the option is turned off to restore the functionality of the device.
  • In cases where there is pollution on the IR Dachik, the robot vacuum cleaner does not see the base. What to do in such situations? Clean the sensor at the charging station, remove dirt and dust from the surface of the device. If cleaning has not helped, it is necessary to check the correctness of the sensors using the infrared radiation detector.
  • The impossibility of docking with the station may appear due to breakdown of the unit-feeding or base itself. The problem will cope with the problem of the spoiled block with a new one, or a trip to the repair workshop for the repair of the docking station.
  • Also, the reason why the robot vacuum cleaner does not find the base lies in problems in the work of IR sensors. They can be replaced in the service center.
  • If the chamber of the robot vacuum cleaner is covered with dust, then the device will not be able to find the way to the base. Eliminate the defect will help eliminate pollution. If the thorough cleaning of the camera lens did not help, then the navigation equipment has broken. You can replace the part in the service center.
  • Difficulties with the search and docking with the docking station can cause complex routes for cleaning the apartment. It is not rare that the owners of the equipment build complex routes that “confuse” the device and prevent it from returning to the starting position. There are two options for solving the problem: either to change the route by making it easier, or to set a special pendulum, which will indicate the robot to the base to the base.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner does not stop at the base or does not see it in cases of a sudden discharge of the battery. If the device has stopped responding to commands, it is necessary to check the battery charge level. Worn energy is replaced, which eliminates the malfunctions of the work in the future.

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Whether the presence of fine filters is required (important for allergies and owners of pets)?

There are no cases when new robots and their docking stations do not remove protective films. They cause a bad signal receipt, which lead to malfunctions in the operation of the device. Will affect the operation of the device and the incorrectly installed base. The ideal option for placing the station is a place where there will be no extraneous items around the station within a radius of half a meter.

The vacuum cleaner does not suck dust

If the robot falls performance and it ceases to collect dust, the probable reason is the overflow of the vacuum cleaner. In order for the device to collect garbage, you need to extract the garbage collection, clean, rinse with water, dry and install in place. Similar actions need to be carried out with filters. But it must be borne in mind that not all filters can be washed with water, so you need to read the instruction manual in advance.

Poor cleaning can be associated with engine malfunction. In this case, you need to carry the device for repair.

Pass the quiz, see how it works and open access to the 14th day test period and other bonuses

Whether the presence of fine filters is required (important for allergies and owners of pets)?

Why is the robot vacuum cleaner not charged

If your robot vacuum cleaner does not charge or finds the base charger, you should try to solve the problem to start in simple ways.

With constant use of the contacts of the robot and the basic charging station are contaminated and require cleaning. Even a beginner will be able to clean the device, following clear instructions.

Instructions are suitable for all models of robot percussion. The following actions must be performed:

philips, vacuum, cleaner, robot, spins
  • With prolonged use on contacts, traces of rust or corrosion may appear. If this happens, wipe the contacts with a bottomless fabric moistened in alcohol.
  • Disconnect Rainbow from the docking station.
  • Carefully inspect contacts on the basis and Auto Duster. If there are visible pollution, delete them. Using a paper towel or fabric, carefully clean the metal contacts.
  • Place the device upside down next to the dock.

The lower part of the robot and the upper part of the docking stations over time are covered with dust, so do not forget to carefully wipe them and them.

Contacts of the base station should easily and freely move up and down. If they get stuck in one position, you will need a new charger.

Additional reasons and their decision

The following symptoms can be observed within the framework of this problem: fast battery discharge, lack of charging when connecting a vacuum cleaner to the base station, signs of charging, when there is actually no charge. Solutions: Determine the problem and define the solution criteria. The problem with the charging of the vacuum cleaner can be caused by a faulty battery, a faulty base station, error in the firmware or violation of the rules for compliance with electric networks and other operating rules.

A worn.out battery cannot be repaired. It should be replaced immediately. The lithium-ion battery, which does not support the eclectic charge, is not only functionally outdated, but also at greater risk (the risk of spontaneous ignition/explosion). The refusal of the base station can be caused by several factors: voltage fluctuations on the network, software failure, structural refusal, and depreciation of contact units.

Voltage surges on the network can lead to the failure of some blocks of the “base” of the microcircuit. As a result, fuses, resistors, varistors and other details are burned out. The elimination of this malfunction is carried out by replacing the station “Station”. It is not recommended to independently repair the damaged parts of the microprocessor board. non.compliance with electrical norms can lead to negative effects on the vacuum cleaner during charging.

We turn to user reviews

Offoles cleaners, mostly, our lovely housewives, try to deal with the cause of the rumble, and ask a lot of questions. Here are just two popular questions of the same type: “Tell me, why the vacuum cleaner is buzzing loudly?”And” I have a samsung vacuum cleaner, what to do?””

Reliable vacuum cleaner “Samsung” needs constant cleaning of filters

It turns out that modern Samsung models have special sensors that regulate the motor overheating. If the vacuum cleaner, during a period of long.term work, turned off. he needs to rest until the engine cools down. If this rule is ignored, in the course of further operation, it may fail. In addition, the Samsung 1600 W model is equipped with a large number of filters that need to be periodically cleaned.

Also read in our article about Samsung vacuum cleaners equipped with Anti Tangle turbine.

After reading on the forums, reviews about the vacuum cleaner, which began to buzz strongly, users draw conclusions for themselves. They now try to fill the dust bag only half, out of fear of ruining the motor. Now their vacuum cleaner works silently.

Regular flushing of filters. an unshakable rule

philips, vacuum, cleaner, robot, spins

Does not work

From the unwillingness to work on a carpet of a certain color to completely ignoring the buttons and the clinical death of the device.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on using buttons or applications on a smartphone. Who is to blame and how to fix it? Most likely, the problem is in a fully discharged battery. Try to install the device on the base by making sure that the base is connected to the outlet, or connect the charger in the connector on the case, then wait at least half an hour and repeat your attempts to revive.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not respond to the remote control and does not start. Replace the batteries inside the remote control, no matter how trite it sounds.

ICLEBO can work poorly or even jump on the carpet. This behavior indicates a defective rubber scrap or damage. Turn the device over and carefully inspect the scraper. If it is damaged or dry, replacement will help.

The robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning accidentally sucked water. An unpleasant situation in which you need immediately:

  • Disable power;
  • pull out a garbage container and dry it;
  • inspect brushes and wheels for the presence of wet and adhering garbage, carefully clean everything;
  • Dry the device. If the warranty has already ended, and you are friends with a screwdriver, we recommend that you open the body and dry a fee with electronics, all connectors.

Not charging

The robot vacuum cleaner does not hold charging or stopped charging because of which it is not enough for full cleaning. You probably bought an assistant a couple of years ago and the batteries managed to degrade, lowering their maximum capacity.

Ni-MH hold on with proper operation for six months-a year, after which the user notices degradation. Li-Ion last two to three years.

Get rid of the situation where the robot vacuum cleaner works for half an hour and leaves for the base only by replacing the battery with a new. You can contact the service, you can independently find a suitable battery and install it.

Please note that installing cheap batteries of unknown manufacturers is dangerous. They can catch fire.

The robot vacuum cleaner is not charged. Perhaps contacts on the basis or body of the device were polluted. Just clean them with a cotton wool with alcohol. It is likely that everything will work as before. If not, then the problem can be in the damaged wire of the charger, breakdown of control board or charging.

Display or LED reports a system error

Many blankets-blankets have screens on which commands and error codes are displayed. Such a display immediately issues a message in the event of a wheel failure, obstacles on the road, problems with sensors or brushes, etc.D. Each model has its own codes indicating mechanical or software errors. All this information is contained in the user manual of a particular device.

The ability of a robot permutation to position itself in space in different models is built on a different principle:

  • Supreme class models-due to the navigation unit in which laser sensors and tracking camera are built.
  • Budget models are controlled by sensors that determine the obstacles and floor levels;

If one of these components fails, you can observe the picture when the robot unsuccessfully stumbles upon an obstacle, suddenly stops and begins to vibrate, does not work long and returns to the base, continuing to move one circle.

Removal of garbage from the rotating shaft of a robot permissor to ensure normal movement

If the device suddenly stops and the sound signal sounds, the vacuum cleaner battery is probably discharged, the navigation unit is faulty (this can be a temporary phenomenon and is eliminated by the reset of settings) or the vacuum cleaner is confused in the wires. With constant reversing, it is sometimes enough to clean the rotating shaft of dirt or wipe the eyeballs of spatial orientation sensors well.

complex problems with the navigation board of the device can be solved only by contacting a certified repair workshop.

It starts cleaning on its own

If your vacuum cleaner begins to remove unexpectedly, the problem may be in the schedule. Using the remote control (or application), delete the schedule and set the new. Remove the battery and press the power button to clean the schedule and other settings.

Most of the robots-blankets are equipped with the function of automatic charging. When the battery is discharged during the cleaning, the device will automatically find the way to the dock.

If your robot vacuum cleaner cannot find a docking station and wanders around it until the battery is discharged or it does not get stuck, it may just be a quality problem with which you can do nothing. However, before accusing the manufacturer, make sure that you correctly placed the dock. If the docking station is located on rug, next to the stairs or under furniture, the robot will be more difficult to dock. The docking station should be placed on a solid flat surface in the open space at a sufficient distance from the walls and furniture. Try to rearrange the charger in another place and check if it works.

Trying to FIX: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Eufy RoboVac 30C

If your robot vacuum cleaner worked normally, and then suddenly stopped joke, it can also be a problem with the sensor. Check if the robot has problems with home movement. Maybe this is an obstacle to obstacles. Then clean the sensors. If this does not help, replace them.

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