Place the cabinet under the oven and hob

Calculation of the box under the oven and hob

In this article we will talk about how to properly design a box to install the oven, and if necessary the hob.

Nowadays, the vast majority of kitchen sets are designed with built-in appliances, so understanding the design of such modules is very important.

The box we are considering has two unchangeable sizes:

From the total height of the box, depends only on the size of the bottom drawer with front.

The dimensions of the niche for installing the technique we are considering can always be seen in the instructions for it.

So (see article about kitchen design), the total height of this module is 870mm, thickness of countertop. 28mm, thickness of chipboard. 16mm.

The cabinet under the oven: dimensions and installation of appliances with their own hands

Joint integration of kitchen furniture and appliances is not easy, especially with small spaces in houses built in the last century. Popular built-in kitchen appliances can solve two difficult problems: to save space and to design the kitchen to your own taste. Manufacturers offer a large selection of devices, which makes it possible to create a unique combination of style, functionality. Kitchen sets on sale can have a place for a built-in hob and a separate cabinet for the oven or a module that combines both elements. And here’s what induction hobs are and how to choose one for your kitchen. you can see here.

The formula of the cabinet under the oven

Hello, dear reader! If you are now contemplating the design of the cabinet under the oven, then read the article to the end and you will learn almost all the possible options. I will tell you in detail about the pros and cons of each version.

The result of reading this article will be your informed choice of a certain module. You will know exactly why you need such a cabinet and you will get maximum pleasure from your choice.

What is the difference between a cabinet under the hob, compared to the usual drawer?

Hello, friends! Very glad to see you on! If you are reading these lines, you understand that the construction of an ordinary drawer would interfere with the positioning of the hob. Today you will learn how to design a cabinet under the hob.

I want you to know how to avoid mistakes when designing a cabinet and give you the standard details of the module for a recessed cooktop. I will tell you all the trade secrets and nuances.So go ahead, friends!

What are good recessed designs in the kitchen

Choosing the principle of arrangement of the room, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons of different options for furniture and appliances, as well as schemes of its arrangement. This also applies to the choice of the type of oven. The quality of the oven does not depend on whether it is built in or is a freestanding unit, both types have the right to exist.

However, embedding the oven in the sideboard has undoubtedly positive features.

  • It’s a great way to save space.
  • The appearance of a set with built-in appliances is incomparable with the situation consisting of separate modules, such kitchens look modern, elegant and aesthetic.
  • For housewives, the working triangle zone is intelligently organized, making cooking and cleaning easy.
  • The creation of a single work surface, without slots, helps to get rid of excess dirt and simplify the cleaning process.
  • The oven and the hob can be fixed at different, convenient for operation, levels.
  • In built-in modules it is possible to combine the installation of appliances, and a variety of them, with different storage systems.

The use of built-in designs can also be noted and some disadvantages, for some it seems very serious.

  • The important point is the cost of sets of such furniture is much higher than traditional options for sets.
  • Installation and dismantling of appliances, built-in furniture modules, is quite time-consuming. Therefore, when you want to rearrange or replace a failed appliance can be a problem.

Where to place the cabinet with built-in oven

Modular kitchen will look beautiful and spectacular, if all parts are properly installed and endowed with functionality. To be able to use the oven comfortably, when choosing a place for its location, take into account several points:

  • Arrangement of modules and built-in appliances should take place according to the rule of “working triangle”. It is better to place a cabinet with an oven under the cooking surface, between the refrigerator and the sink;
  • The height of the box is chosen according to personal preferences. The appliance should be convenient to use for all household members;
  • The oven must not be placed too close to a refrigerator or sink. Because of the frequent and intense heating of neighboring appliances can malfunction, and the ingress of liquid will lead to a short circuit;
  • The gas oven cabinet must be no more than 1 meter away from the supply pipe. Using a longer length transition hose will affect the safe operation of the appliance;
  • The box should be placed in a free zone, so that the opening of the door is not hindered by anything. A corner placement by the wall is no match.

What a cupboard under the recessed oven can combine

Built-in oven cabinet can combine the functions of other household appliances:

place, cabinet, oven

Oven with microwave function has gained wide popularity due to its practicality and convenience. It allows you to use the oven as a microwave, and modern models are equipped with other modes of operation. for example, defrosting, grilling, baking.

place, cabinet, oven

Structurally, such a technique is an oven equipped with a magnetron. a microwave radiation generator.

Any oven can be combined with a cooktop. There are two versions of such equipment:

Dependent set looks stylish and harmonious, but is inferior to the independent in practicality. if broken, the entire construction comes out of operation. In addition, in the latter case there is a choice of equipment to suit the needs of the mistress.

The cabinet under the oven and the hob. the stages of assembling the simplest design

Today we are going to figure out how to assemble a reliable cabinet under the oven and hob. The work can be done by almost anyone, the main thing. to have at hand the necessary materials and tools.

Assemble the simplest cabinet under the hob and oven is not difficult

How to install your Electrolux Oven with Hob. Built Under installation

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