Pole fridge doesn’t work Causes of malfunction

Why the refrigerator doesn‘t work?

The most correct decision at breakage of difficult home appliances is to address for the help to the service center. And if, for example, to open the instruction to the fridges of the company “Samsung”, it is written there that even the replacement of the light bulb should be made by the specialists of the servicing company. This rule works if the fridge is new and under warranty. And if it is old?

Although there are a number of situations where the refrigerator does not turn on due to improper installation and adjustment. And such cases are described in the “General malfunctions” section, and you have to fix them yourself. Further we will consider the variants of solving the situations when the fridge doesn‘t turn on after defrosting or power cutoff. And why the light in the chamber is on, but the motor does not work?

What you need to check

What are the reasons why the fridge works, but it does not freeze or cools food very little?? The problem is not necessarily an indication of malfunction. There are a few nuances to check first:

  • Check that the machine is plugged in and that the power indicator light is working. The cord might be pulled out of the socket. You just need to plug it in
  • Check how tightly the door is closed. Even a small gap between the case and the seal has a negative effect on the operation of the equipment.
  • Adjust the settings. You may have accidentally started the defrost cycle and forgotten. Turn the appliance back to normal mode. It could also be set to a high temperature. Note that in summer the temperature in the chamber increases, so it is adjusted depending on external factors. But it is not recommended to set the thermostat to the maximum. the compressor can break.

If during the checkup none of the listed above was detected, it means that the fridge does not freeze due to the breakdowns of different assemblies and mechanisms. Let’s speak about them further.

Breakdown of the compressor of refrigerator Atlant

How to repair the compressor in the refrigerator Atlant?

The function of the compressor is to allow the freon to flow properly through the pipeline. The compressor of refrigerator Atlant can not work because:

Signs by which it is possible to understand that the compressor of refrigerator Atlant is out of order:

  • Turns on, but then shuts off immediately.
  • Works with a sound, but the agent does not move through the pipe.
  • It does not switch on, but the light in the fridge is on.
  • The indicator on the refrigerator lights up.
  • Or there is an error on the panel.

What to do if the light does not turn on?

Refrigerator light doesn‘t work

Of course, if only the bulb burned out, we can not say that the two-chamber refrigerator does not work completely. But it is inconvenient to use the device without light at least. You can replace the light bulb yourself or call a master.

fridge, doesn, work, causes

Before the technician arrives, you can also check if the contacts between the socket and the basement are broken, make sure that the wiring is not damaged. It happens that the contact has broken off, so the bulb in the refrigerator does not work. It’s a good idea to run diagnostics on the door limit switch and control board. Again, if this is an asterisk task, trust a handyman on all matters.

Three types of light bulbs are used in refrigerators:

The best thing to do when your refrigerator light isn’t working is to change the bulb to a “native” bulb. And also use the products of those companies that specialize in the manufacture of components for refrigerators. LEDs save on electricity, but, nevertheless, many owners are satisfied with an incandescent lamp.

  • Unplug the appliance.
  • Take out all the food and start the defrosting process.
  • Remove protection from the light bulb.
  • Unscrew the blown bulb and put a new one in its place.

If you do it right, the whole process will take you a few minutes.

Types of Faults

Before proceeding to the refrigerator diagnostics, it is necessary to get acquainted with the typical types of breakdowns. Most of these problems are simple, and can be corrected with your own hands.

Strong noise and rattling

The first rule is that the refrigerator must be vertically and horizontally aligned. Otherwise, the compressor will distort, and in contact with the body or components of the mechanism, it will be very noisy. The unit can be levelled with a level or plumb bob (a weight suspended from a string). If necessary threaded feet should be adjusted.

The appliance operates too loudly and with insufficient air circulation, so it is a mistake to install it against the wall. In order to reduce the load on the compressor, the refrigerator should be moved away from the compressor at least 20 cm.

Even the modern models have a slight humming noise during operation. But, if the hood suspension is not adjusted, the refrigerator starts rattling. To fix the problem, loosen the spring bolts slightly so that the gap between the head and the casing is 8-10 mm.

If there is a soft knocking in the pipes, check whether they are in contact with the chassis or other parts of the refrigerator. If necessary, they are unbent side. If the relay jerks, it is worth checking how it is fixed and whether it is correctly positioned relative to the marking.

Aggressive behavior (humming and growling) of the appliance and then abrupt shutdown can be a sign of defective starting relay. The compressor unit can also be noisy. This problem is often met in the refrigerators “Indesit”. If there is no experience in repairing the electric appliances, in both cases it is necessary to apply to a service center.

The fridge doesn‘t turn on

There can be many reasons: from the faults of the plug, socket and power cord to the breakage of the electric motor winding. Diagnosis in such cases is made according to the following algorithm:

  • check the backlight: if the light in the chamber lights up when you turn on, but the refrigerator itself does not turn on, the cause of the malfunction may be a loose wire in the terminals of the thermal regulator or its malfunction;
  • Switching on and off of the fridge defrosting button, probably, it is jammed;
  • To understand if there is a breakage in the starting and safety relay, you should test them with an ohmmeter;
  • Check the condition of the electric motor: possible winding breakage, short circuit to the frame or intertwist short circuit; in the last case the resistance between the pair of contacts will be less than 20 Ohm;
  • In old refrigerators or those kept in high humidity, the possible reason of the switch-off is oxidation of the contacts, they should be cleaned.

The device might turn on for a while and then turn off right away. Two causes: Faulty starting protection relay or compressor. Further operation in this case is extremely undesirable. Constant switching on and off will aggravate the situation.

Advice! Possible cause of frequent fridge shutdowns may be a voltage drop. Such devices are able to work normally in the range of 200-240 watts.

Appliance shocks when touched

At the first detection of such a fault, the refrigerator should be unplugged. Because current leakage is dangerous to human life.

If visual inspection of the wires does not reveal a breakage, the insulation resistance should be measured. This should be done with a megohmmeter. The cord “ground” is attached to the body of the unit, the wire called “fishing line for trimmer”. to one of the wires of the refrigerator under investigation. The resistance is always elevated at breakage points. Isolate the place of current leakage. If the wire is damaged beyond repair, replace it with a new one.

Strong or weak frost

To find the cause, several indicators are checked at once:

  • Adjust the thermostat by turning the knob to the desired setting; it may be the reason for poor cooling;
  • Performance of the motor-compressor: the measurement is made with a special device, which only the masters have;
  • The timer, electric heater, fan are in good working order; the fuse can also be broken; such problems are possible only in the No Frost systems;
  • Freon leak: it is unreal to detect the defect by yourself if you have no experience, you will need help of specialist.

If the unit freezes too much, you need to check the button responsible for rapid freezing. It glows red? It means that maximum mode is activated accidentally.

The reason can be caused both by the defective sensor and the compressor malfunction. Weak or strong freezing. this is a common problem of Exqvisit refrigerators. Malfunction of defrosting system is the main problem of LG models, although not frequent. And the quality of many well-known manufacturers like Samsung, DAEWOO, Atlant, Electrolux, Stinol, Veko has poorly developed. Compressors, thermostats and relays also break down frequently in the refrigerators Polus.

fridge, doesn, work, causes

Important ! What to do if the unit can no longer be repaired? It is prohibited to throw away the broken refrigerating equipment because of the presence of dangerous freon gas. The culprits are subject to quite hefty fines. The appliance must be written off or disassembled with the provision of a special certificate of completion.

Fast increase of snow coat

The main reason of the excess of frost on the evaporator and the big “fur coat” is the insufficient sealing of the door. Such defect is often found in “Biryusa” refrigerators. It was present even in Soviet models. Unfortunately, the manufacturer hasn’t solved it up to now.

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Zanussi has another problem. In addition to loose fit the door, the second weak spot is poor-quality door hinges. It is not always easy to find new sealing gaskets and hinges.

Another cause of coatings. freon leakage. Frequent increase of it is also possible at improper work of the compressor, which starts to work constantly, without switching off. Nord refrigerators often suffer from this problem. Ice blocks are formed in Ardo appliances when the capillary tube is clogged.

Water gathering at the bottom of the refrigerating chamber

The reason of moisture accumulation under the bottom drawer is too narrow drainage hole located on the back wall of the unit. Similar problem is encountered in LD refrigerators (“LZ”, “LG”). Frequent clogging of the drain pipe and insufficient cooling level, as well as the door insulation damage are the troubles of the Belarusian “Atlant”.

Top Reasons Fridge Freezes Food — Refrigerator Troubleshooting

What is wrong with the fridge?

In addition to those problems that have been described above, malfunctions such as:

  • No refrigeration, no compressor, but light is on. At this phenomenon can be observed a number of malfunctions, for example, breakage of the thermostat, motor, compressor, starting relay, electrical circuitry. The expert is capable to reveal the reason only after carrying out of diagnostics of all refrigerator by the special device.
  • The refrigerator starts up, but its operation is short-lived: in most cases, the starting mechanism is defective. To find out, you will need to diagnose the equipment.
  • Cooling problems when the compressor is running: in this case, there could be a pipe breakage, coolant leakage, a clogged pipe or a broken thermostat.
  • Snow deposits in the freezer: This occurs when the door is not closed tightly. If there is such a factor, it should be eliminated as soon as possible. Most often it happens because of overloading of the chamber with products. Sometimes the rubber seal on the door becomes worn out from age and that can also lead to its imperfect closing. Or the cause is hidden in the thermostat itself.
fridge, doesn, work, causes

These and other defects can occur in various refrigerators. However, each brand has its own typical weaknesses.

For instance, the fridge Nord is resistant to voltage jumps in the electric network. However, the manufacturer warns that the device can be turned on only 5 minutes after the voltage drop. It will help to save the motor from wear and tear. But this action is practically difficult to perform, because it requires constant monitoring of voltage and interruptions of light. If the conditions are not met there is a decrease of the refrigerant pressure. When starting, the motor experiences great overloads, which ends up breaking down as a result.

Two-chamber Nord has such disadvantage as poor-quality plastic that absorbs the smell of products that results in unpleasant aroma from the fridge. And some models leave the factory with defects that can be manifested by suspicious noises and intermittent operation.

Two-chamber refrigerator is notorious for its poor-quality rubber gaskets, which leads to the doors not closing tightly, which can result in other failures.

The refrigerator doesn‘t turn on. what to start with??

Quite often the failure of the refrigerator is not a consequence of some internal breakdown, but of an external factor. Finding out the causes of malfunction, the specialists always pay attention to the work of the internal lighting first of all. whether the light bulb in the refrigerating chamber is on. That’s where we start, too.

If the light bulb does not work, we can assume that the refrigerator is de-energized. We need to check the connection of the appliance to the electric mains, we do it in the following order:

If there is a problem with the connection. consider that you are lucky. There are no problems with the refrigerator itself, and the repair will not take much time. If the superficial diagnostics didn’t yield results and the lights are still not working, it means that the problem is more serious. It is possible to understand the same, if the refrigerator doesn‘t switch on, but the light bulb is on.

The peculiarity of the imported modern refrigerators is that they can be designed for the electric mains voltage different from the Russian one, that is why in case of great jumps or big deviations from the norm they can work intermittently.

The unit is leaking

If water appears in or under the unit, check the operation of the unit. There may be no cooling, so it is leaking. Or the socket, plug or power supply is faulty. If the refrigerator does not freeze at all or does not start, it is possible that the drainage system, the evaporator or the seal is worn out, or maybe it is just not installed correctly.

Signs of malfunction: compressor won’t start, nothing changes when you turn the temperature regulator, temperature is high. The compressor will not shut off when it reaches the correct temperature. If the problem is a refrigerant leak or breakage of the contact group of the temperature regulator, the unit will shut down permanently.

fridge, doesn, work, causes

What to do if a new fridge does not freeze

Vendors are required to check the new unit. If your refrigerator does not freeze when you turn it on after installing it at home, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • The compressor does not work when the unit is switched on, probably the starting relay is defective and should be replaced. Another reason is its damage during transportation, respectively, you need to replace it and refill it with freon;
  • If the refrigerator does not freeze when the compressor is running, it means that either the cooling system is clogged or freon is leaking. Only a professional technician can fix this problem;
  • check the thermostat adjustment and factory settings.

These cases are warranty cases, first of all it is necessary to apply either to a service department or directly to the store.

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