Poorly heats the water in a two-circuit boiler Vaillant

Why the boiler has stopped heating water. causes and solutions

The control board should be considered as the cause of hot water problems when all other checks have failed. The cause may be a fault in the flame modulation circuit. The boiler control unit constantly adjusts the output of the burner depending on conditions and if there is a malfunction on the board, the boiler can spontaneously restart or shut down when reaching the maximum output, which in most cases is required precisely in the mode of preparation of hot water.

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As errors of the boards it is still possible to set it incorrectly. But this only applies to those cases where the problems appeared after its replacement. Baxi boards are universal and require customization for a specific boiler.

Good evening everyone! After 4 months of operation of a two-circuit gas boiler Baksi it has stopped heating hot water. Why? What is the reason? I assume that the boiler is working on unprepared water and probably “overgrown” with limescale or rust. What do you advise??

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The most common cause of boiler breakdowns is limescale. Most likely, and you have a boiler heat exchanger clogged scum and that is why it does not warm. The solution. install spets. filters. For example, magnetic or electromagnetic. They’re put in front of boilers and work for years without maintenance. See. manufacturers Kema (Moscow) or Akvashchit (Ufa). Good luck!

Yes, most likely your two-circuit boiler is covered in limescale. That’s why he stopped heating hot water! Why? Tough water! What to do? Install the filter. For example, ion exchange or electromagnetic.

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Vailant and Baksi boilers are notable for high reliability and safety. Breakdowns of such complex equipment should be eliminated by the master. But, minor malfunctions can be removed on your own, if you have a basic level of knowledge about the device of heating and heating gas two-circuit boilers Baxi, Ariston or Nayen. On the display of a two-circuit gas boiler Baksi most of the faults are indicated. Having the deciphering of errors, you can understand the cause of the boiler failure to heat water. With what to start searching, if the water heating in a two-circuit gas boiler Baksi or Vaillant does not work, and the indicator does not show an error or it can be interpreted differently? The gas boiler doesn’t heat hot water. Why? The reason? A boiler two-planimetric Baksi (Baxi). If a two-circuit gas boiler Vaylant, Baxi, Aristan or Navien does not heat hot water, you should check the secondary heat exchanger. It also tends to clog quickly. But luckily easy to remove, clean and install again. What is the reason? Why it happens?

Water heaters are used as the main or additional source of hot water in apartments and country houses. Complex device can fail for a variety of reasons, breakdowns deliver a lot of household inconvenience and require urgent elimination. Let’s take a closer look at why the water heater is not getting cold water, for what reason the pressure can be reduced and why there are difficulties with heating.

How the boiler works

To understand the causes of failure, you need to understand how the boiler works. Two-circuit devices “Ariston”, “Baksi” and other models have several blocks. In the gas node occurs ignition and combustion, the water node is responsible for water supply and pressure in the main. Smoke Removal Unit Discharges Combustion Products Outdoors.

As soon as you start the boiler, the pump is activated, which pumps water into the system. Gas valve opens. Liquid circulates through the heat exchanger tubes, and the burner heats the body evenly. Sensors monitor the heating process. As soon as the temperature reaches the set point, the gas supply is turned off, the heating stops.

heats, water, two-circuit, boiler, vaillant

Vaillant boiler. no hot water or heating

When the temperature starts to drop, sensors will send a signal to the control module. the heating cycle will start again.

When the faucet is opened the flow sensor is triggered. It gives a signal to the board to switch the three-way valve to DHW heating. When the faucet is closed, the valve switches to the heating system. Some models are equipped with a “quick start” mode. Then the valve switches periodically, heats both the first and second heat exchanger.

Questions about Arderia boilers malfunctions

Question: I have an Arderia esr 2 gas dual circuit boiler.13 ffcd the display shows error AA (boiling water). When you set the temperature, the refrigerator heats up as usual, and then as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees, it switches on, and so on to infinity. It turns on every 10 seconds. Pump is working, filter cleaned, all valves open, sensor is working. Most likely there is a problem with the 3-way valve. Please advise what to do?

Answer: You need to call a master to reconfigure the boiler, namely, Arderia has a service menu which can be accessed from the remote control, and there and need to increase the setting of the difference between the set temperature and start temperature.

Question: After 2 years of normal operation began to happen: When you connect the heating, a sharp increase in pressure (as indicated by the pointer “manometer”) and the coolant reset emergency. What is the problem?

Answer: Most likely. damage to the membrane of the expansion tank or the lack of air (nitrogen) in the air chamber (if certainly there are no stop valves on the tank, which “accidentally” closed. Also probably the three-way valve is defective.

Question: Installed and connected the gas wall boiler Arderia 2.13, which lasted exactly 2 years without problems and began malfunctioning. Heating works fine. But the hot water does not want to heat. The burner then goes out, then lights up again and the water barely warm or even cold. And when you open the faucet suddenly begin to warm the battery. Who faced with this, tell me what this could mean?

Answer: If barely warm water flows, it means the three-way valve switches. As an option 2nd heat exchanger on the heating side. That is, if the heating boiler is working steadily and comes out at par, then no. If the hot water pressure is fine, it is possible that the secondary heat exchanger in the heating channel is clogged. On demand DHW boiler fires up, goes to nominal but heat is not removed, so the boiler extinguishes the burner. Another option is the temperature sensor of the d.h.w. is lying.

Question: We installed and connected the wall boiler Arderia esr 2.13 ffcd. Been running for 4 years. It has recently shut down. Right down to the backlighting of the remote. It won’t go into emergency mode. I took the board off, took it out of the casing, there are 2 fuses. But they’re intact. What happened and how to save? I have the full feeling that the power is off. Power through the regulator. Stabilizer works.

Answer: You need to change the board and set the DIPs on the new board like on the old one.

Question: Installed and started the gas double boiler arderia esr 2.20. There’s a question about how it works. Boiler runs almost without stopping the pump, with the coolant temperature drops to the set point after the burner is turned off, and the burner is triggered again. It’s like this practically without pause. I have never seen anything like this before. Also noticed that when you turn on the DHW is very hot water comes out of the faucet first, my hands are not possible. Is this a malfunction and how to increase the pause time.

heats, water, two-circuit, boiler, vaillant

I would also like to ask about this point. Tried to adjust boiler operation by room temperature.

Ways to solve the problem

The problem can be solved in ways that require a significant investment of funds, for example:

However, there is a less expensive, but very productive way. tie-in electric storage heater in the hot water circuit. over, for this purpose is quite suitable any standard heater with a volume of 30 liters, regardless of the manufacturer.

How the boiler works?

For a clearer understanding of the situation it is necessary to understand the principle of the boiler. Such two-circuit gas wall boilers such as “Baksi” or “Ariston” consist of several components. The gas part is the combustion of the incoming fuel, the water part provides the supply of heated water from heat exchangers in the heating system, the smoke removal part is responsible for the removal of combustion products outside the home.

After starting the boiler, the pump is turned on, providing the necessary level of water in the system and opens the valve that supplies gas. The heating medium flows in the heat exchanger, which is heated by the burner flame. The thermostat monitors the temperature in the room, temperature sensors monitor the readings on the supply and return pipes. Also the fuel pressure, the coolant in the circuits, the presence of draught and combustion is recorded.

Depending on the user settings temperature sensors set the mode of water heating. Sensor on the return pipe turns off the boiler, depending on reaching the required temperature set for the return. However, the system pump does not stop working until the temperature of the heat exchanger decreases.

heats, water, two-circuit, boiler, vaillant

This is to prevent the water in it from boiling over. As soon as the coolant cools down to the limit level the electronics sends a signal to turn on the water pumping and the gas valve. The entire process begins again. When you open the tap in the faucet in a two-circuit boiler, a flow sensor reacts, which tells the electronics to switch the three-way valve to the mode of heating water for DHW.

When you turn off the hot water faucet, there is a reverse transition to heating mode. Some manufacturers provide for heating both heat exchangers during periodic switching.

Troubleshooting and causes

What else could be causing the bad heat?? Consider possible problems and solutions.

Incorrect regulation of the burner flame. The temperature does not exceed 40-60°C. Increase the flame. For this purpose disassemble the body of boiler, previously removing screws. Increase the flame power by turning the knob on the burner. Watch the results of the settings, you may need to further increase or decrease the output.

Coolant velocity is dropping. This means that the system rapidly loses heat. Why does this happen:

  • Leaks in the radiators, pipes. Check all connections, joints. Run a dry cloth over them. If you find a leak, you need to seal the place. Sanitary tow or a special sealant is suitable for this purpose. Power up the system with the heat transfer fluid.
  • Incorrect adjustment of the pump. Circulation pumps are sometimes equipped with a speed regulator. To increase the speed of the fluid, set a higher rate.
  • Improper installation or connection of the system. Ensure that all isolation valves are open and that there is a steady flow of water to the radiators.
  • Airlocks also obstruct the circulation. To eliminate them, use the Mayevsky cocks that are located on the radiators. Place a container and unscrew the tap. The air will escape together with the liquid. Afterwards close the valves and check that the system is operating correctly.

Automation fails. Perhaps one of the sensors sends a false signal, so the boiler is blocked when the temperature rises. Check all the components, their wiring and contacts.

The wrong technique in terms of power. There is such a thing as a boiler clocking. If the power is too great for your area, the unit will often shut down, reaching a certain temperature. It will not heat the room properly. What temperature should be set in this case? Regulators will not help. You will have to include additional radiators or change the gas valve settings. If this option does not suit you, then you have only to replace the boiler with a less powerful.

Gas pressure drop. Open fuel valve all the way, check if it works. Sometimes excessive grease obstructs the gas supply. Remove the surplus from the parts of the valve.

Insufficient draining of combustion gases. This happens in case of a bad draught. Gas temperature at the outlet is about 120°С. This causes overheating of the boiler, malfunctions. Also with a bad air supply, the flame becomes unstable.

Check the draft by holding a lighted match to the control window. If the air supply is normal, the flame will deflect to the side. If not, it will burn evenly. In this case, you should clean the chimney of clogs.

Clogged heat exchanger. As we wrote above, scale is deposited on the tubes of the unit. Deposits narrow the passage for water, so the pressure and temperature drop. The liquid inside boils and soon the heat exchanger fails. If the temperature drops for this reason, the assembly must be dismantled and decalcified. Use chemicals and a pump to pump the coil passages. Install magnetic water filters to avoid recurrence.

After reading this publication you can add and pump the coolant yourself, increase the level of heating. Regulate the work of the boiler according to the instructions, follow the timing of technical inspections, then your equipment will break down much less often.

Ways of solving the problem

The problem can be solved in ways that require a significant investment, such as:

However, there is a less expensive, but very productive way. tie-in electric storage heater in the hot water circuit. For this purpose, any standard heater with a volume of 30 liters is quite suitable, regardless of the manufacturer.

The boiler does not turn on and turns off

How to turn on the technique, if it does not ignite? Find out the reason for the problem. If it is impossible to ignite the burner, the safety mechanisms are activated.

There is no draft in the chimney or ventilation ducts. This happens due to clogging by soot and soot, foreign objects and debris. It is easy to check the draught:

  • If the oven has an inspection window on the box, hold a lit match to this window. If the flame is deflected to the side, there is a draft.
  • To check the quality of ventilation, hold a piece of paper up to the window. The leaf is pressed against the window. there is a draught, if it has fallen down. no draught.

You can not operate the heater with the lack of draft. There is a risk of carbon monoxide entering the room.

You can clean the chimney from the apartment side yourself, in other cases it is better to contact the utility.

The battery is dead. Some models have an electronic type of ignition. to learn more about the device of the gas boiler you can from previous articles. When you open the mixer, the batteries are triggered and send current to the module. Last one gives the command to ignite the spark for the burner. If the batteries do not work, there is no ignition. The batteries need to be replaced at least once every six months.

Low cold water pressure. This happens when the flows are mixed. When you open the cold water tap more, the hot water pressure drops. no hot water, the heater goes out. It is correct to set a comfortable temperature on the regulator, so as not to mix the streams. Otherwise, scale builds up quickly.

Diaphragm stretching. If it malfunctions, the gas valve does not open or ignites intermittently. Replace the membrane.

Faucet mesh is clogged. For this reason, the strength of the flow may be reduced. Disassemble the mixer, clean the grid.

Gas valve blocked. Before you turn on the heater, turn the valve to the stop.

Filter on the heating water inlet to the DHW heat exchanger

Problems with heating hot water sometimes arise and exacerbated by a clogged filter installed at the inlet of heating water into the DHW plate heat exchanger. The filter protects the DHW plate heat exchanger from dirt from the heating circuit.

How to re-pressure valliant boiler (f.22 fault)

If the filter is heavily clogged with mud, in DHW mode this will most often manifest itself as an error: “primary flow overheating (NTC2)”. The overheat protection triggers and the boiler shuts down.

All brands of boilers have different ways to remove the filter. But this procedure is usually not very complicated. No special tools are required. But it is better to find the manual, website, pictures or videos on the Internet on this topic. For the first time you can invite a service technician and see how he removes the filter.

Cleaning the DHW filter of the Protherm Gepard and Panther two-circuit gas boilers

fixing bars, heat exchanger holders; 2. holder screw; 3. gasket; 4. heating water filter in the heat exchanger inlet; 5. DHW heat exchanger of the gas boiler;

To clean the DHW heat exchanger filter it is necessary:

  • Close the heating water inlet and outlet valves.
  • Open the drain valve on the boiler, on the right side below the pump and drain the heating water from the boiler.
  • Close the cold water inlet tap and disconnect the cold water tube from the boiler. Water will be drained from the boiler through the open cold water outlet. Open the hot water taps to completely discharge the hot water circuit.
  • Remove screws (2) and holder (1) from both sides of the plate heat exchanger.
  • Remove the DHW plate heat exchanger (5). The plate heat exchanger housing is clamped by mounting bars to the base. Once the tires are removed, pull the heat exchanger up and remove it.
  • Remove the gaskets (3).
  • Take out the filter (4) from the hydrogroup.
  • Clean the filter and put everything back.

We recommend changing the gasket between the heat exchanger and the base (3) each time you install it. The gasket of the hot water heat exchanger, rubber ring: 22.2×13.5×5 mm. On the inside there is an annular notch. Part Number: 0020014166 (10 pieces).

When reinstalling it, make sure that the heat exchanger is positioned correctly. the markings on the side wall of the heat exchanger must face forward. I recommend to take advantage of the moment and clean the heat exchanger removed from the boiler. How to do it. read the following article on this topic.

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