Preparing for bikini waxing for the first time

All you need to know before laser hair removal!

No matter how you spin it, we are ALL lazy. You don’t want to wake up earlier than you should, just because it’s been a few days and your legs are getting cactus-like. And waxing is not the best solution here, because it provokes hair growth and soon you can become hairy as a mammoth. Shaving is more likely to cause more irritation than results. We’ve all felt that nasty prickly feeling when we haven’t shaved and put on jeans.

If you are looking for the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair laser hair removal is your best choice. We’ve done the analysis and give you all the answers you need to know before you get laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal doesn’t work with magic.

This procedure uses a cosmetic laser that has settings adjusted by the technician for both your skin and hair type. The laser shoots a concentrated beam of light that targets the pigment in your hair follicles. It kills the follicle at the root, preventing re-growth of hair. The target of the laser is the hair shaft and bulb (hair follicle).

Get less sunburn before the procedure

You can’t get decent results if you have very dark skin. or even if you have a tan. If you’re a fan of getting a tan, summer is not the best time to start laser hair removal. Many people start the laser hair removal procedure in the fall or winter in order to have completely smooth skin for summer!

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It is necessary to shave the hair on the part of the body where you will make laser hair removal

Don’t go in without a shave! This procedure is not like waxing and there is no need to grow unwanted hair in advance. The best option is to come for the procedure 2-4 days after shaving.


Important: You can’t come in for laser hair removal if you’ve recently had a waxing procedure. You need to wait for the hair to grow out, then shave before going for the laser hair removal procedure. Remember: The laser targets the pigment of your hair follicle and the follicle really needs to be in order for you to get results.

Stay away from tanning beds and suntan lotions.

If you do not want to get a burn or skin irritation. it is worth to take this advice seriously and spend some time after the procedure with a few episodes of your favorite TV series. Ideally, in case you go outdoors. use sunscreen. Good soap has never hurt anyone.

Your specialist will do a test section on your skin at your first treatment.

Everybody has different perception of pain, different skin reaction. a small test will give to a specialist. what laser power you should have, how much liquid freon for anesthesia should be applied.

Laser hair removal will not get rid of unwanted hair in one procedure

Many people, like me, thought this procedure was done once and for all. But in fact, to get great results, you need to take a course of 5-8 treatments, with an interval of

2 months between each treatment. Of course, much depends on the hair removal area, the color of the patient’s skin and hair, as well as the power at which the procedure is performed.

One procedure lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

The duration of the procedure depends on the area over which laser hair removal is performed, as well as, the amount of hair on it. Procedures such as underarms or bikinis are usually quick procedures and last about 20 minutes. Full female legs laser hair removal takes about an hour. As you go through the course of waxing, there are fewer hairs and the duration of the procedure decreases.

Laser hair removal only when wearing eyeglasses.

Before the procedure, your doctor must give you special glasses which protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the laser. Don’t refuse them; they are important for the safety of your eyes. The master will also work with special glasses.

You have to be consistent to see results.

Your hair follicles have their own growth cycle. People who have the best results tend to come back for repeated treatments after 6-8 weeks, when the dead follicles have fallen out and new ones have formed.

You should see visible results after the third session.

I hate to wait, but it’s worth it! After several treatments. the hair will continue to grow back and it seems that there are almost no results. But already after 3-4 treatments there is a noticeable improvement and the closer to the end of the course. the better the results become. At the end of the course, occasional sporadic hairs grow, which ideally should be removed with a laser. But it counts as a single pulse, which saves the family budget!

Laser hair removal procedure is not relaxing.

Let’s be honest. every time when the laser pulse is delivered the pain is felt. Some have more, some have less. Also, the soreness depends on the area where the procedure is performed. Anyway the pain is not so strong and due to the liquid freon, used in alexandrite lasers CANDELA for cooling, it is easily tolerated. I think we can all agree that the long-term result is worth the 20 minutes of pain.

You should not pluck or wax hair after laser hair removal

If you need to shave. no problem, but don’t wax and pluck follicles with tweezers! It can interfere with the process. For best results, unwanted hair should fall out by itself. without your help.

bikini, waxing, first, time

Avoid deodorants and hot showers

The first 24 (better 48) hours after the laser hair removal procedure. do not use perfume and deodorants. During the first week after the procedure you should refrain from taking hot showers.

Is laser hair removal a safe procedure?

Laser hair removal gives permanent hair reduction and is a safe and effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair, which is used all over the world.

And the most important question. “Is it worth it??”

Thousands of times yes (from my personal perspective)!

Laser hair removal does not guarantee that you will lose 100% of all your unwanted hair, but

STEPS How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax & After Care WHAT TO EXPECT. How to prepare TUTORIAL

99% of hair is really gone. Occasionally, after a course of hair removal, there may be a few small hairs, which can be removed by laser (single pulses) for even better results. The main thing. with laser hair removal you forget about the stubble on your legs, underarms, and other places save a lot of valuable time!

How to prepare for waxing

Wax depilation is probably the most famous and popular technique of temporary hair removal.

The viscous and sticky material based on a mixture of resins, beeswax and various additives is applied to the surface in the course of growth followed by a sharp tearing away against it together with the clinging vegetation.

The latter comes out together with the root part, which ensures the smoothness of the skin for 2-4 weeks.

What you need to understand when signing up for such a session, and how to prepare for it?

How to prepare for shugaring

Each of the girls at different times, but comes to the thought of hair removal, most often we use a razor. and get an unpleasant result. They become rough, hard, black, the skin is irritated and itchy, there is no mood to wear a swimsuit or something open.

Sugar depilation comes to the rescue. shugaring! Smooth skin, no unwanted hair. what could be better?

When you are going to the procedure for the first time after shaving, you need to prepare properly, so that everything went successfully, less painful and the result met your expectations. About this in our article. By the way, it will be interesting and men who have decided to do male shugaring.

The procedure requires a certain length of hair. It’s usually 7 to 14 days after shaving, depending on your individual growth rate.

Face (whiskers, sideburns, cheeks) 2-3 mm, or the length that was from nature.

Underarms 3-4 mmClassic or deep bikini 5-7 mm Legs 5-7 mmAggars 3-4 mmBelly 3-4 mm

Women are less painful after the procedure, if it is done immediately after the “critical days”.

Lifehack. Start growing out your hair a week before your period, and go straight to your appointment after your period. That way you’ll grow the right length and be less stressed.

After work, flight, stress, when you are exhausted and upset. the session will be more uncomfortable.

Try to come to the studio shugaring rested, satiated and in a good mood. Then you’ll have nothing but a good experience.

Do not use on that day oils, creams, deodorants, shower gels. These means can impair the adhesion of sugar paste and harm the quality of services rendered.

Do not: synthetic fabrics, tight jeans, things made of artificial leather, capron tights.

Try to wear roomy, cotton underwear, skirts, dresses, wide jeans or pants to reduce friction and perspiration after sugar depilation.

When shugaring deep bikini take with you a change of clean underwear to wear after depilation.

Do not consume alcohol. Some people think it’s a good idea to have a drink to get up the courage. it is unacceptable. Painful sensations will intensify, an inadequate skin reaction is possible. If you are nervous, or just like wine, in our “All Smooth”, you will always be offered a glass of red or white to your liking, but strictly after the session. Completely free, a compliment from us.

We do not recommend the use of gels, ointments or sprays for pain relief. they are ineffective, because all these tools act superficially, and the hair is up to 5-7 mm under the skin and painful sensations remain.At the same time, if you apply such a product. it will worsen the adhesion of the paste, which means that the procedure will take a little longer. Also, the risk of trauma to the epidermis increases.

Seriously consider the place where you go, whether it’s salon shugaring in Yekaterinburg, or master at home. Skills, knowledge and experience are crucial to satisfaction. Read reviews and recommendations.Among other things, it is worth understanding that an experienced specialist, who cares about you, can not only give preliminary recommendations, but also correctly assess the condition of the skin and personal characteristics to achieve the best effect.

Observing these rules, you will feel as comfortable as possible, and the effect will remain for a long time and will never want to use a razor ever.

For more information on the procedure itself and the rules of preparation you can in our salon shugaring in Yekaterinburg, located at Amundsen 64, south-west district. It is one of the best salons in the city, which is confirmed by the reviews of our clients.Not only residents of the South-West, Academic, Krasnolesia, Avtovokzal and visa, but also other districts of Yekaterinburg go to us, trusting our quality and enjoy the atmosphere.

What to do or not to do “after”? Read about it in our next article.

Laser hair removal of the body: indications, contraindications, preparation

Laser hair removal is considered one of the safest and at the same time effective methods for removing unwanted hair on any part of the body. Every year the popularity of this procedure continues to grow, and the positive effect of the procedure has lasted for more than 10 years.

Affordable cost, no painful sensations, in contrast to other methods of depilation, 100% safety for health. this is just a small list of advantages of laser hair removal. The main advantages are:

  • High efficiency. Laser hair removal removes up to 98% of all unwanted body hair.
  • Quickness of operation.
  • ingrown hair removal. Considered to be the only effective technique to remove ingrown hairs.

No negative consequences. The laser does not affect the skin, so after successful completion of the procedure, the body will not show any burns, scratches, bruises and other side effects.

To make an appointment or call by phone: 375 (29) 366-70-60

Another advantage of laser hair removal. is that this procedure not only removes unwanted hair on the human body, but also eliminates the cause of bad odor in the armpits.

The main indications for laser hair removal include:

  • The need to remove hair on the face and other delicate areas of the body;
  • Presence of ingrown hair;
  • A tendency to hyperpigmentation;
  • Too stiff hair, which cannot be removed by any other method.


Also the procedure is indicated for people with very dark skin, for which the photoepilation is not suitable.

Not desirable if you have a large number of moles. Strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.

Preliminary preparation includes:

  • For 3-4 weeks before the procedure to eliminate all methods of hair removal.
  • For 14 days it is forbidden to take antibiotics, as well as visit tanning salon, hammam and baths.
  • Three days before the procedure can not use alcohol lotions in the supposed epilation area.
  • Shave the waxed area a few hours before the procedure.

It is extremely important to follow not only all the rules listed above, but also the personal recommendations prescribed by the beautician.

It is important to notice that you should not expect instantaneous effect right after the procedure. And a noticeable result will be visible after 2-3 weeks. So, after the procedure, the hair in the waxed area begins to fall out only after 15-20 days.

The effect after a course of treatment lasts for many years. However, some patients may have sporadic hairs, for the removal of which it will be enough to visit the cosmetic clinic no more than once a year.

First time for bikini waxing 24.08.2018

Fortunately, the first time you can go not only to school, but also to wax. And, as often happens before the unknown, you can get nervous before your first trip to the bikini waxing. To go well, we will tell you how to prepare and what to expect from the first bikini waxing.


The painfulness that is sometimes associated with waxing is often exaggerated and associated with anxiety and tension. The more relaxed you are, the less painful your first waxing experience will be. Think of this step as a necessary stepping stone to incredibly smooth skin.

And be prepared for epilation

For Lycon waxes, a length of 1 millimeter and more is sufficient. But if it’s your first time, it’s optimal to grow the hairs to 3-4 mm. And 2 weeks before the procedure, refrain from shaving. This is due to the fact that your hairs still have a very strong root. And the wax needs more surface area to grip and remove the hairs the first time. Our waxes can certainly cope with shorter hairs, but you have to apply the application several times. And the day before the procedure, prepare your skin with a scrub.

After your first waxing, come back for another treatment in 3-4 weeks. And after that, just go home and get rid of all the razors, because you’ll never need them again!

Why Preparation

Preparation. This is the most important step before the procedure. Despite the safety of the laser beam, as any medical or cosmetic manipulation, laser hair removal can have negative consequences in the case of improper approach.

Recall that the laser works on the principle of selective photothermolysis, ie, selective thermal effect on a particular source. In this case, it is the source. Melanin, the dark pigment responsible for hair color. The laser energy is absorbed by melanin and directed to the follicle, the follicle is heated and destroyed. This is the principle of the laser for hair removal. The laser beam “does not see” the skin if properly prepared for the procedure.

Step three: body exfoliation and a stiff loofah

To prevent ingrown hairs, it is necessary to peel them before removing them. You can use a mild scrub before shugaring (which does not scratch the skin) or a stiff loofah. Purpose. Removing keratinized skin particles and removing the fat film from the skin for better access to the hairs and gentle removal. When using scrubs, especially in sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms, do not overdo it. It is important not to scratch the skin, causing micro-injuries. Shugaring is not done on inflamed areas, and in itself is already a light exfoliation.

Tip: Scrubs with natural granules such as salt or walnut kernels are more likely to damage the skin than scrubs with artificial granules. This is due to the fact that the artificial granules used to produce scrubs are smoother. They clean gently. Use such products in sensitive areas. It is better to peel the hair a day or two before the actual treatment.

How to prepare for shugaring

The depilation method is simple. Sugar paste is applied to the hair, which hardens. After a few seconds it is torn off together with the hairs. Shugaring will be especially effective if you follow a number of rules.

  • Take a hygienic shower before visiting the salon. Do not use sponges and harsh abrasives on the day of depilation.
  • Check the size of the hairs. The depilation is too short hairs can not depilate the master, and with the long beautician will have to labor, trimming the excess with scissors.
  • The length of the hair must be 4 millimeters, not less! Sugaring is not suitable to remove hairs 1-2 millimeters, the paste will not be able to catch and pull them.
  • Before shugaring limit sunbathing. Do not visit the solarium and do not smear self-tanner. The procedure of wrapping reschedule to another day.
  • A week before going to the cosmetologist stop plucking and pulling hairs.
  • If you are allergic to sugar (cane or white) and citric acid, then it is better to choose another method of depilation.
  • Two days before going to the salon, scrub those areas of skin that will be depilated. This is to avoid inflammation after shugaring and to prevent hair ingrowth. If the scrub is not suitable, clean the skin with a gentle gommage.
  • Do not apply creams and lotions on your skin on the day of shugaring. For shugaring, the skin must be clean and must be dry. To degrease the skin, baby powder, talcum powder is used.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the procedure. Don’t be shy with the master. Imagine the end result. smooth skin, beautiful hair and a well-groomed look in the bikini zone.
  • The temperature of sugar and in the room should be very warm. Usually the exact figure is indicated on the paste jar.
  • Master beautician must have experience working with the product, otherwise it will not work.
  • Do not try to remove hair by yourself. In the intimate area all hairs grow in different directions. You only need to depilate them as they grow, which is simply impossible to do on your own, since not all areas are well visible.
  • Ask the beautician if he works with clients during “critical days”. Finding out in advance about this intimate detail will save you from a mishap that can happen during treatment.

Sugaring your bikini for the first time

Some girls have been shaving their groin hair for a long time, and then one day they get tired of the cuts, bumps, painful pimples and ingrown specimens. And certainly not happy with the necessary frequency of these manipulations because of the prickly bristles literally the next day.

As a result, almost daily shaving and wasting time makes you think about waxing methods. And here comes the excitement and questions related to the new approach to intimate area care. bikini shugaring.

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