Pros and cons of steam generators for the home

Steam generator or iron: which is better

Most of us have to iron our clothes nearly every day. This is a fairly routine task. Especially if you need to iron not only shirts, jeans and a skirt, but also several sets of bedclothes. But the right device will help to achieve a perfect result, reducing ironing time.

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Previously, the choice was limited to irons with certain characteristics. Now you may be faced with the question: what is better. an iron or a steam generator for the home? We will tell you what the difference between these devices, and in what situations each of them is more suitable.

What’s the difference: the main differences between the two devices

Both are designed for textile ironing. They easily cope with all kinds of fabrics, smooth and renew the appearance of clothes, curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads. In addition, they can be used for deep cleaning of any types of surfaces from dirt and dust.

In this case we can distinguish the following main differences.

  • The steamer acts on the object by means of wet steam, and the steam generator submits a powerful stream of dry steam under pressure, this device works on the principle of a thermal shock.
  • The temperature of steam produced by the steamer is not more than 100° С, the steam generator spits out steam jets with the temperature up to 160° С, that is why its effect on the surface is stronger.
  • Steam generator is a more powerful device, it can quickly smooth out multi-layered and thick fabrics, with complex folds and decorative elements.

At the same time, the high temperature ensures additional disinfection of all items to be treated, removing various impurities.

In order for the steamer to start working, it takes no more than 1 minute after turning it on, while a household steam generator requires 7-9 minutes.

pros, cons, steam, generators, home

Best models ranking

When buying any home appliances in the first place people pay attention to the manufacturer. Most consumers prefer the products of famous brands that have established themselves as manufacturers of quality and durable products, even though their are sometimes overpriced. The most popular brands that produce steam generators include Bosch, Tefal, Philips, Rowenta, as well as Braun and Vitek.

However, if you can not afford to spend large sums to buy a steam generator, but you are not ready to iron a mountain of clothes every day iron, you can opt for the products of less well-known firms. For example, domestic steam generators MIE, as well as equipment companies Polti and Lelit are much cheaper, but their products on its technical and operational parameters are not inferior to more famous counterparts.

The most popular steam generators for home use are considered Tefal GV 6733 and Philips GC 8651. These products belong to the medium price category, nevertheless, they have quite an impressive set of functions and user features.

pros, cons, steam, generators, home

Tefal GV6733

The steam generator of the French brand has the following characteristics:

  • power limit. 2,2 kW
  • steam pressure. 5,2 bar;
  • steam intensity. 100 g/m;
  • Steam impact for use on vertical surfaces. 270 g/m;
  • 1,5 l boiler capacity.

Automatic scale removal and automatic shut-off.

Philips GC 8651

The main features of this steam system are just as impressive:

  • maximum power. 2.4 kW;
  • steam pressure. 6,2 bar;
  • Steam intensity. 120 g/m;
  • steam impact. 330 g/m
  • cistern volume. 2,5 l.

In addition, there is the option of notification of the occurrence of limescale and low water level, there is a quick start system and the possibility of automatic change of modes.

The characteristics of this steam cleaner are slightly higher than the previous one, and the difference in cost is almost imperceptible.

Steam generator design

What is a device? One of the elements of the steam generator is a station with a boiler for heating water and a reservoir. The volume of the reservoir can vary. For example, Philips, it ranges from 1.5 liters with PerfectCare Compact to 1.8 liters with PerfectCare Compact PerfectCare 9000.

pros, cons, steam, generators, home

Water heats up and turns into steam. Through a special hose, it is fed through a small iron. the main tool for steaming clothes.

Pros and cons of the steam generator

Disadvantages. low intensity of operations, medium disinfection efficiency. The device is no substitute for an iron.

Easy and fast to steam, but not all things

How does the steam generator

The design and principle of operation of the steam generator is quite simple. The algorithm of action of the device looks like this:

  • Water in the tank after turning on the unit heats to 100 ° C or more, then turns into steam.
  • A hot mist with a temperature of around 160°C and a humidity factor of around 6% arrives at the nozzle via a tube-hose.
  • As soon as you press the button, steam escapes from the holes in the iron’s sole plate and helps smooth out creases and folds in the fabric.

Heating water, depending on the model of the unit, usually takes from two to ten minutes. The unit then gives an LED or audible signal that it is ready for operation.

Mainly used for ironing fabrics. But a clothes steamer also works for other purposes. In particular, it is used in the home:

  • for cleaning dust, hair and lint from heavy curtains, drapes and upholstered furniture;
  • to remove unpleasant odors from clothing, sofas and chairs, mattresses;
  • For hygienic treatment of bedding and furnishings;
  • to eliminate parasites in upholstery and mattresses;
  • to remove difficult but not too old stains from textile and hard surfaces;
  • For cleaning glass and tile.

The operation of the device makes it convenient to steam dense fabrics vertically. Difficult suits or wrinkled outerwear are hard to iron with an iron. With a steam generator, you can hang the garment on hangers and steaming it from a short distance. Creases and folds are smoothed out, and the clothes look neat.

Kohler steam generator float switch repair part 1

The choice of an iron or a steam generator for the home depends on your budget, purpose, and the amount of ironing. A station is a productive, professional and very expensive equipment. An iron is a compact household version. You can’t replace the steam generator with an iron that produces steam.

I chose an iron first. it’s small, it’s cheaper. But it is not easy to iron large amounts of ironing, and the quality of ironing with considerable effort was often unsatisfactory. I bought a steam generator on the advice of a colleague and I am very satisfied.

The steam station broke down recently, too bad, it was convenient. But, since I do not iron much, I decided to buy an iron. cheaper and less space.

We have both an iron and a generator at home. I would not compare these devices, they are different and solve diametrically opposite problems. The station is a great time saver, especially for large volumes.



After analyzing the reviews of real customers, we can say that most of them were very satisfied with their choice. The main advantages of steam generators, pointed out by users, are the simplicity and ease of use of the device. Owners actively iron clothes without removing them from the hanger, and spend considerably less time on the process than with an iron.

The equipment is not gathering dust in the corner, but is actively used because of its versatility and ergonomics.

Steam generator

Many consumers buy a steam generator as a replacement for an ordinary iron, and after using it for a few months, they don’t want to go back. The speed and quality of ironing please the user, and technology and practicality of the equipment greatly simplifies the process. Owners say the big attributes are that the water goes into a separate container, the iron is still light and maneuverable, and the hand is not unduly stressed. The process of ironing thanks to a capacious water container does not have to be often interrupted, allowing housewives in one step to iron the clothes for the whole family.

Steam cleaner

This appliance is the choice of those who want to do a lot of housework with one household appliance. An abundance of nozzles and attachments allows you to be creative in cleaning your home and taking care of your clothes. Overall, it is a great helper for the housewife, as evidenced by the countless accolades. The process of using a steam cleaner turns everyday household chores into an exciting game, resulting in clean, odor-free clothes and disinfected surfaces in every room.

To the disadvantages of steam cleaners buyers attribute mainly the high price of the equipment itself and its maintenance.

In the following video you can have a look at the steamer for clothes in action.

Bosch TDS 2255

This model has a separate steam generator and compact iron, and is popular because of its affordable price and other advantages:

  • quite considerable capacity of 1300 ml, providing 30 minutes of uninterrupted ironing;
  • The steam station is equipped with a wide range of functions, including temperature adjustment, protection in case of shutdown;
  • the long cord of almost 2 meters will allow you to freely control the device on a large area;
  • there is room to hide the cord.

The disadvantages include the nonremovable water tank and the lack of automatic steam supply during the steam blow. By and large, reviews of this model are positive. Buyers acknowledge significant time savings, long but effective ironing, the safety of steam in contact with clothes.

One customer commented that he would like a fixer with a continuous steam function.

Rowenta DW9240

This model is different because it is an iron that has a built-in steam generator. This option will suit those who do not like bulky steam stations, but want more compactness. The main advantages of this model:

  • 5 functions for adjusting the temperature mode and steam supply;
  • possibility of steaming in vertical position;
  • It has a motion sensor that responds to steam shutoff, thereby saving water consumption.

If you compare customer reviews, the pros and cons are about equal. Customers note that the iron easily smoothes natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. Also has a powerful steam output, it is easy to switch the temperature, the disadvantages are mainly a small water tank and high electricity consumption.

So, when choosing an iron or a steam generator, everything depends on preference. If a person is limited in the budget, and the clothes you need to iron quite a bit, then there is no sense to take a steam generator, instead it is better to look for an inexpensive but high-quality iron, preferably more powerful.

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But if the quality of ironing and fast heating are in the first place, it is better to buy a steam generator, which, with proper handling will serve for years.

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