Refrigerator bag with their own hands from foam plastic

A simple variant of a thermal bag from isolon

Making a thermal bag with their own hands is not difficult, it consists of only 2 parts:

For the basis will suit an ordinary sports or household bag. And in order to choose it correctly, you need to take into account a few points.

  • The bag should be rectangular in shape and without internal compartments. If there are partitions, they must be removed. This will make it easier to lay a thermal insulating layer.
  • Pay special attention to zippers. To keep the cold, they must close the lid without gaps. It is good if the locks are covered with fabric extensions.
  • Choose the inner volume, taking into account that part of the space will be taken by the thermal insulation.
  • Color is better to take light, so less heat loss (and cold). But the bag gets dirtier.
  • The contours should be reinforced with wire.
  • Wearing a bag on your shoulder will warp it, and the insulation will crumple. There are losses. Therefore, it is better not to take a model with a shoulder strap.


The bag can be bought or sewn yourself. The pattern will help.

If you need a container for lunch, a plastic grocery bag is a good idea. It will keep both hot lunch and cold dishes.

Prepare materials for manufacturing.

  • Foil-covered polyethylene foam. isolon. It is sold in construction stores and is inexpensive. The thicker the insulation, the better. Isolone 0.5-1 cm thick is adequate for the thermowell.
  • Regular, double-sided or reinforced adhesive tape. The wider the better.
  • Styrofoam for the bottom.

From the tools we will need:

After that we proceed to assembly.

  • To begin with make a pattern of the insulating box. The same as for the homemade bag. To do this, carefully measure the inside size of the bag. The sides of the box must be 1-2 cm smaller than the bag’s size. Do not make seam allowances, otherwise the insulation will not fit into the bag.
  • After that, we cut out and assemble the polyethylene box. For the joints to be stronger, they need to be stitched with harsh threads.
  • Cover all joints with reinforced adhesive tape.
  • Place the box inside the bag and fasten it with staples or tape. In order to improve the insulating qualities, put a sheet of styrofoam or foam plastic on the bottom of the bag before installing the box.
  • If there are gaps between the box and the bag, fill them with foam rubber.
  • Attach the lid separately. It has to fit tightly to the box. If there are gaps, they need to be closed with silicone sealant.

This is how you can make a thermo bag at home. And if its volume is too small, you can assemble a thermobox and transport it in the car.

How to make a cooler bag with their own hands

Roughly speaking, there are two types of homemade refrigerator bags: simplified and analog. In order to make a simplified type of bag, you need improvised means and do not need experience in creating complex mechanisms. But to create an analog refrigerator you need to buy additional materials, seriously study the design and watch a master class with a photo or video.

How to make a cooler from foam plastic with your own hands

With the arrival of the summer heat, the problem of preserving food on the road is more acute than ever. To keep the most perishable, the course is used polyethylene bags, aluminum foil, scraps and pieces of isolon. On the tenth attempt to pave improvised insulation patience ends, and there is a thought to make a cooler of foam plastic, light, compact and reliable.

refrigerator, their, hands, foam

What materials we will need?

In order to make a portable cooler bag, let’s briefly understand how it works and what we may need in the process of making a “handmade” thermal container.

It is not quite correct to call portable cooler bags this way, because they do not produce cold. Such bags are basically just thermoses that maintain low temperatures for a certain period of time by slowly exchanging heat with the environment.

Based on this, determine what we will need:

  • the bag itself. you can sew it or use a ready-made bag, the main thing is that it has a tight and reliable zipper;
  • thermal layer. for this purpose it is necessary to choose in a store a foil-type insulating material. foil-isolon
  • fasteners. metallized adhesive tape or a furniture stapler.

Also as auxiliary source of cold you can use special accumulators. hermetic containers with saline solution. Refrigerator bases are pre-frozen and then slowly thawed in a thermal bag, keeping the temperatures inside low for a while. Cold accumulators can be bought in a store or make their own hands, about this, too, we will definitely tell.

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Making a car fridge

A fridge car bag has a certain peculiarity. Let’s tell you how to make a car cooler bag.

Sewing DIY Vegetable Fresh Bags (Zero Waste)(plastic free)

Choosing the base

Car variant does not provide for carrying by hand, so the performance of such a product does not require the selection of a suitable bag-case.

The basis for a car cooler bag can be:

The main thing is that the chosen base must be strong and sturdy, have even walls, and be roomy. If using a plastic base, you need to make sure it’s suitable for food storage.

The choice of materials for upholstery

In order for the usual container chosen for the base of the bag to acquire the capabilities needed for a thermal bag, you need to choose the right material. It will be used for the internal finishing of the container.


For insulation you can use different materials.

very often the usual foam plastic is used for this purpose. It is lightweight and will not weigh you down, holds heat well, and is inexpensive. When using it, this disadvantage of foam is revealed: often it begins to crumble when cutting.

Foam plastic retains all the advantages of foam, but does not have its disadvantage. This material is more dense, but at the same time it is easy to cut and does not crumble. But at the same time it costs more than foamed plastic.

Foam foam and foam plastic do not have a metal surface. So they should be supplemented with another insulation. foil-isolon.


As in the manufacture of a portable bag, it helps to connect the parts of the car cooler with duct tape. It is better to give preference to the metallized adhesive tape.

The structure of a car cooler bag

To make a thermal bag for the car, let’s specify the device. The food container consists of several layers:

  • 1 layer of insulation. cut out pieces of Styrofoam or foam plastic. They are carefully cut to the size of the base and inserted into it. Insulation can be bonded to the walls of the base with acetone-free glue or double-sided adhesive tape for strength. It will be useful to tape the joints between the parts.
  • 2 layer of insulation. isolon. It is put on top of the foam plastic or foam plastic, making the inside shiny because of the foil. Attach isolon also with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • The external joints are glued with adhesive tape.
  • If desired, you can make an additional layer for the container. the outer layer. Isolon is also used for this. Now its foil part makes the outer surface of the container.
  • The lid of the thermal bag is made on the same principle. Use plywood or cardboard to cut out its base. Its dimensions should correspond to the size of the outer perimeter of the top part of the fridge. Cut out the foam plastic part and glue it to the lid from the side which will be inner lid.

Important! The size of the foam part must strictly correspond to the inner perimeter of the refrigerator top. Then the foam will fit tightly into the container, which will become almost airtight.


On top of the first layer of insulation it is applied the second one, of foil-isolon. Fix the handle for opening the refrigerator on the outside of the lid. It is also possible to fasten the lid with the furniture hinges.

Handles for transporting the manufactured refrigerator bag are made from a strong, wide tape, making sure to pass it under the bottom of the bag.

Cold accumulator

Many people at the mere mention of the phrase “accumulator of cold” has one picture in mind: you need a special device that will perform the function of generating frost.

However, the accumulator of cold can be made from improvised materials, which are present in all homes.

Ice in bags

To obtain it, it is necessary to pour water into the ice molds and put them in the freezer. Once the water has solidified, you can begin making ice packs.

Put the ice cubes in a resealable bag, then close the bag. The second bag will serve as a leak protector, so the first bag will have to be put in another.

Ice bottles

You will need the following to make them:

  • An empty container, where there were carbonated drinks;
  • water (the amount of liquid depends on the size of the bottle);
  • Put the salt (6 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

Make a strong solution with salt. Dissolve the salt in the water, and then freeze the resulting solution. The salt will not let the ice melt quickly. This means that the bag will hold the cold for much longer.

Pampers and battery

This method of creating a refrigerated unit is recommended for families with young children. It is necessary to pour water into the inner side of the diaper. You should wait until the liquid is well absorbed into the diaper itself. The children’s hygiene product will need to be cut. The gel mass should be placed in a plastic bag with a clasp and put in a second bag. After that. send the prepared bag to freeze.

Gel accumulator

It is created on the basis of a salt solution. The solution should be concentrated, which will later increase its volume to 3 liters. In the diluted 3-liter liquid add wallpaper glue or gelatin. Put the gel mass into the prepared container and place it in the freezer. Gel accumulator takes much longer to melt than regular ice.

Based on ammonium nitrate

Knowledgeable dacha owners in their country plots use such a product as a fertilizer. From such a helper at the cottage, it is easy to get a quality cooling element.

The saltpeter can drop twenty-three degrees.

Two ingredients (water and ammonium nitrate) are taken in equal proportions. Pour the fertilizer into the prepared bottle and dilute with water. Cool accumulator ready.

There is also a second version of creating this cooling element. Fertilizer is added to the frozen water. The cooling effect of the accumulator on the fertilizer will thus increase in time by several times.

Foamed polyethylene foil

Chilled foods will not get warm in the foil bag, and hot snacks will not get cold. Any building material store always has it in its assortment.

Aluminum or metallized foil and keeps the temperature in the bag. Such polyethylene is available with a single-sided or double-sided coating. Double-sided foil-coated polyethylene has better characteristics.

On the basis of the listed refrigeration tools you can make a portable refrigerator.

What is a thermal bag?

It looks like an ordinary bag. The peculiarity is the presence of thermal insulating material. The most important part. it is actually the cold accumulators. To save food, they must first be frozen in an ordinary stationary freezer and put into the bag.

Keep food preserved for 12 hours. You do not need to spend a pretty large sum of money to buy a mobile refrigerator. If you try hard, then the bag-refrigerator, made by your own hands, will serve you more than one season. The functionality of the homemade version is not inferior to the product, bought in the store.

Thermocontainer to make their own hands: simple and useful crafts

A cooler bag is an indispensable thing, especially for those who like to travel. In stores it costs a lot, but there is a very affordable alternative thermocontainer with their own hands. You can make such a bag quickly, and most importantly, for free. On the outside it will look like a normal one, and on the inside it is lined with insulation, which will not let the cold out and will not let heat in. A little time and effort and you have in your hands a thermo-refrigerator, not inferior in its quality to purchased models.

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