Refrigerator does not freeze after idle time

Refrigerator stops freezing after downtime

Serious refrigerator breakdowns are rare. Lack of cold or frost is a more common problem. So, a common situation: you defrosted the refrigerator, cleaned it, washed it, and then it stopped freezing. Let’s look at why this can happen.

To understand why the refrigerator does not work after defrosting, you need to carefully examine its condition. Breakdowns are often caused by parts malfunctioning or the entire cooling system malfunctioning.

  • Failure of the compressor of the freezer compartment;
  • Faulty air sensor;
  • breakage of the thermostat;
  • Damage to the change-over valve;
  • Freon leakage;
  • Defects in the coolant circuit;
  • The problem in the control module.

Instructions for self-diagnosis

Before proceeding to self-diagnosis of the refrigerating unit, you should make sure that it is connected to the mains, stands securely and the doors are tightly closed. If all of these conditions are met, you can begin to diagnose the equipment, which involves performing the following steps:

  • Attention should be paid to the defrost button, especially if its location is inside the refrigerator compartment. It often happens that the user presses the defrosting button by himself, thus activating the defrosting function.
  • Pay attention to the seals on the refrigerator doors. It is not an exception that in the cold room, these elements are simply torn or have lost their former flexibility. They need to be replaced. This is often the case with units that have been in service for more than a year. It is necessary to leave the door on the freezing compartment not tightly closed, in fact in this compartment, most likely, a layer of ice has frozen, which prevents the door from close tightly, due to what the temperature in the main compartment increases a little.
  • Often the unit does not cool due to a faulty sensor. This can be checked by changing the temperature setting.
  • Place your hand near the motor, which is in the bottom recess of the unit. If it got too hot, the motor thermal protection was probably activated due to the refrigerator overheating. It is necessary to disconnect the equipment and move it a little away from the wall. If after some time, when the fridge is completely cooled down, everything can work properly when switching on, the only problem is the lack of time for the motor to cool down.
  • It is necessary to measure voltage on the engine with a tester. If it is absent, the problem is the fridge thermo regulator malfunction.

Thus, at self-diagnostics it is possible to reveal and remove common small defects, why the fridge works but the freezing chamber does not fulfill the set tasks. However if after these actions the fridge still does not freeze, the reasons can have more serious character.

Thermostat breakdown

This appliance is designed to maintain a certain temperature in the chambers by automatically switching the compressor motor on and off. It is rather easy to understand that it is out of order.

refrigerator, does, freeze, time

If the compressor is in working order, but products don’t freeze, because the upper chamber doesn’t work, it means that the thermostat stopped functioning.

Only an expert can qualitatively replace it, but you can buy the part yourself. The type and brand of the unit must be taken into account.

Conclusion and useful video

The following material will help to understand how to check the functionality of the electric motor, the relay that works in tandem with it, as well as the subtleties of adjusting the thermostat:

About how you can fix the damage of the tubes, designed for the circulation of freon, is told in the last video:

Modern refrigerators are quite reliable units, but breakdowns still occur from time to time. To reduce their probability, the owner should operate the equipment according to the instructions.

And if signs of abnormal operation are still detected, you should try to find out the causes yourself. Because in many cases, it will help to save money and prevent the inconvenience that causes the breakdown of the equipment.

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Construction of a typical refrigerator

The compressor pressurizes the freon (cooling agent) into the condensing unit. There, the refrigerant gas condenses into a liquid fraction. This process is accompanied by heat evolution, which is removed through the rear panel of a refrigerating cabinet.

Liquefied freon is supplied into a system of thin tubes, after which it takes the gaseous state again and once in the evaporator block, it boils. The evaporator and generates the cold. Freon finishes its circuit and returns to the compressor.

The resulting cold first reaches the freezer, and from there it flows to the cooling chamber. forced or natural. This gives the freezer the ability to maintain a cool temperature even if some of the components fail.

In double-compressor refrigerators, one compressor serves the freezing chamber and the second one serves the refrigerating chamber. This is convenient because we can disconnect one of the chambers if we wish and use only one of them

As soon as absence of cold in the cooling compartment with a properly functioning freezer compartment is noticed, one should try to analyze the situation independently.

If there is a suspicion of a malfunction, the user should do the following

  • determine by observation which of the chambers is not getting cold;
  • Check if there are any heat sources near the refrigerator, e.g. radiators, heaters, cooking plates, etc. д.;
  • Determine the integrity of the rubber door sealing strip, whether there are any objects (pieces of food, crumbs, etc.), which prevent the door from closing. п.) that prevent the door from closing tightly.

It would also be worthwhile to examine the rear surface of the fridge for mechanical damages, and all assemblies and systems. for rust, oxidation.

Select a new refrigerator from Korting

Before you repair a fridge that is not working, think about how much these costs are justified. Usually, by the time it breaks down, your refrigerator has been in service for years. So it is very likely that something will break in it again soon.

Buying a new refrigerator is a radical solution to all these problems. Korting offers a wide range of refrigerators, taking into account the different requirements of consumers.

Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator Not Cooling. Freezer Not Freezing

  • Types of installation. built-in and free-standing;
  • According to the number of chambers. one-chamber, two-chamber, multi-chamber and two-door (Side-by-Side);
  • By volume: from mini-fridges with the volume of 48 liters to capacious models of 456 liters;
  • Functionality: with drip defrost or No Frost system;
  • Type of control. with mechanical regulator or with electronic and sensor panels.
  • All Korting refrigerator models have a high energy efficiency class A or A.

Contact our firm store and the managers will help you to choose the optimum model of the refrigerator.

Korting KNFS 91797 GN refrigerator

The five main reasons for the lack of cold in the refrigerator

Temperature sensors that control the temperature mode malfunction.2. Thermostat malfunction.3. Capillary tube clogged. 4. Coolant (Freon) leakage.5. Compressor failure.

Modern models with the No Frost defrost system have fans and electrical heating elements to defrost the evaporator. In such models, there is a possibility of breakage of one of these parts, which also leads to the disturbance of the temperature mode.

Refrigerator Not Cooling. Freezer Box Got Leaked While Ice Removal With Knife

All of the above malfunctions are detected only in the process of step-by-step diagnosis. It is very important to understand that any attempts to intervene on their own can end up with even more serious damage, even if we are talking about such a seemingly simple procedure as cleaning the capillary line. As for the failure of the compressor, the owner of the equipment should wait for a master, who will conduct a complete diagnosis of the motor and determine the cost of replacing such an expensive part.

refrigerator, does, freeze, time

Your fridge blows but doesn’t freeze

Refrigerator is a complex of different units involved in the process of removing heat from the refrigerator. One of them is the air-cooling system. No Frost, or “no frost. The task of the node includes the intake of air from the evaporator and supply it to the freezer, then to the refrigerator. If the evaporator does not cool, the refrigerator will hum, but not freeze. Noise is created by the fan. At this time, the compressor may not work. The cause can be found in the control, the thermostat or the refrigerant system.

refrigerator, does, freeze, time
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