Refrigerator in summer what number to set it to

What temperature should be in the refrigerator?

Correct temperature setting of your refrigerator not only guarantees the freshness and safety of the food but also ensures the long service life of the appliance. Let’s find out what the normal temperature should be.

Before we can figure out “How it should be,” we need to understand how it definitely shouldn’t be:

  • Refrigerator compartment. Food freezes or spoils quickly, ice forms on liquids, condensation forms on the walls.
  • Freezer. Ice melts or, conversely, a large layer of ice forms on the freezer.

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The optimal temperature in the refrigerator should not be below 3 degrees and above 5 degrees. For the freezer, the values range from 18-22 degrees below zero.

Some models of refrigerators have a so-called special fresh zone. Located near the cooling elements, it is intended for meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The temperature in it is on average 0-2 degrees.

Norm and values

If you set the temperature too low in the storage assistant, the products will over-freeze, and because of this, they lose their useful components, and their appearance becomes unattractive. At high temperatures, bacteria begin to multiply, and this can lead to serious food poisoning.

The set optimal temperature for the refrigerator and in the freezer, gives the food can be preserved for a long time, without losing their nutritional qualities. You won’t be bothered by the unpleasant smell. Saves energy. The freezer defrosts more quickly. Your refrigerator will last longer.

How full the freezer is, how often it is opened and if it uses the rapid freezer function or not.

Average temperature in the fridge

This indicator depends on two important conditions:

  • External temperature. the temperature varies depending on the time of year. Also, more or less heat gets inside your refrigerator when you open it.
  • The amount of food stored. if there is too much food in the unit (or not enough), then every time the owner opens the door, there is a temperature drop.

Empty space is one of the enemies of normal refrigerator operation.

If the shelves in your appliances are literally empty, fill a few plastic bottles with plain water and place them in the free space.

Considering these factors, the average temperature of domestic, refrigeration equipment varies from 2 to 5 ° C.

Which value is considered correct

The first thing to mention here is that the temperature range that will be considered correct depends on the model of the device as well as the environment.

The average is considered to be 2 4 ℃ for the main chamber and.18.24 ℃ for the freezer.

If the room is hot, there is a lot of heat loss when you open the door, which means the unit will need more time and resources to recover the cold. In this case, it is wise to set lower values.


In addition, the operating temperature also depends on the workload: the more crowded the shelves of the unit, the colder it should be. The same rule is true for freezers.

What the temperature should be in the refrigerator and freezer

No matter what brand you have, LG, Samsung, Bosch or Whirlpool, the optimum temperature is considered the same for all appliances. Experts have determined these indicators to be as follows:

It’s important to understand that the recommended storage temperature for different foods can vary quite a bit. This directly affects how long fruits, vegetables and other items will stay fresh and safe to eat.

Many people have noticed that the climate inside the refrigerator is not uniform. In some parts it is warmer, in other parts it is colder. This zoning allows you to optimize your food and meal storage. Key Areas:

  • The coldest place near the wall near the freezer. it is suitable for meat, fish, semi-finished products;
  • The middle shelves are ideal for dairy products, sausages, cheeses, etc.д.;
  • Doors are the warmest area. it is recommended to store beverages and sauces;
  • “freshness zone” is specifically designed for greens, fruits and vegetables. its availability may vary with the particular modification of the appliance.

It is worth bearing in mind that the temperature regime is affected by how often you use the refrigerator. Every time you open the door, it raises the temperature inside the oven. If you do not add or remove items for a long time, the temperature will gradually equalize over the entire compartment.

There are some useful tips on how to keep your refrigerator and freezer at a high level of efficiency:

  • Fill the chamber at least halfway, if it is not possible, use bottles with water;
  • arrange the food in such a way that there is enough space for air ventilation;
  • do not put warm and hot food. not relevant for No Frost systems, but there it will increase the load on the compressor and increase power consumption;
  • Listen regularly to the sounds the appliances make. if everything is normal, you should hear only a steady buzzing sound;
  • If you notice ice and snow accumulation, defrost the oven, wipe all surfaces dry, and continue operating.

What will happen if the temperature is set incorrectly?

Optimal storage temperature for most refrigerator foods is between 2°C and 5°C. If the refrigerator temperature is set too low, the food freezes or creeps and loses its nutritional value. Food spoils quickly after defrosting.

At higher temperatures bacteria begin to multiply in the products, which leads to their rapid deterioration. Eating this kind of food is dangerous to your health.

Incorrectly set temperature control results in higher power consumption. Frost builds up on the walls of the unit and must be defrosted frequently. Or, on the contrary, water leaks all the time. All this shortens the service life of the domestic appliance.

How to measure the temperature

Measure the operating temperature after turning on the refrigerator for 5-6 hours when it has stabilized. Do this with an alcohol or mercury thermometer for air or liquid. Measuring range of the compact device is usually from.50°C to 50°C or 0 to 50°C.

How to take the temperature, 2 ways:

  • to obtain accurate readings, the refrigerator door must not be opened and unrefrigerated foods must not be placed in the refrigerator during the measurement;
  • Place the thermometer on an empty shelf in a refrigerated cabinet, close the door, check the reading after 4 to 6 minutes;
  • Place a glass of water for two hours, after which a liquid thermometer can be used.

A range of 4 to 6°C will confirm that the equipment is operating correctly with the mechanical thermostat set at the mid-point.


How can you regulate the degree?

To begin with, it is important to understand that the temperature mode is chosen incorrectly. The following points will indicate such errors:

  • Food removed from the refrigerator is warm or barely chilled;
  • The contents of the compartment are constantly freezing;
  • the shelf life does not correspond to the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer, i.e. the food spoils earlier;
  • The main fridge compartment itself and the ice in the freezer compartment are melting.

Any of these factors are indications that the settings need to be adjusted accordingly. It is also important to check that the values you have set correspond to the actual conditions. An ordinary thermometer, placed in different areas, can be used for this.

Depending on the model features, the temperature mode can be set mechanically or electronically. The first option involves appropriate knobs or levers. It is worth noting that it is very simple and intuitively understandable. With digital devices, the parameter in question can be set using buttons or a sensor. The electronic option in situations with two- and three-chamber models allows you to set the desired values for each of the chambers.

Temperature Setting in Refrigerator

The algorithm of actions should be described in detail in the instruction manual of the home appliance.

Depending on the design features of the refrigeration equipment, the thermostats can be located:


Among other things, it is worth noting that many modern samples of the equipment in question have such a convenient option as “Holiday”. This function, in essence, is a translation of the device into standby mode. When it is activated, energy consumption is markedly reduced and at the same time the appearance of an unpleasant odor of mustiness is excluded.

If this function is selected, the temperature in the refrigerated compartment is constantly maintained at 15 degrees Celsius. Naturally, perishable foods should be removed. By the way, depending on the modification of the unit, the option “Holiday” will turn off the freezer or leave it in the active state.

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