Refrigerator zil does not turn off after defrosting

The refrigerator does not turn off: why and what to do?

Sometimes it is possible to notice that the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time, it constantly works. After some time, there is no change, the engine continues to run without stopping. This indicates the occurrence of a certain malfunction that has caused an unnatural operating mode. What are the factors that lead to such malfunctions will be described below.

Even those who are not versed in this technique have noticed that the engine runs intermittently. How long before the refrigerator shuts down? The duration of the working and disconnected state is different. This is influenced by the set temperature of internal chambers and the ambient air temperature. However, if the refrigerator does not turn off for about seven or eight hours, you should pay attention to the refrigerator’s operating mode. When intensive cooling or freezing is set, the motor can remain on and run continuously for long periods of time without stopping, and this will be the norm. Keep in mind: later models equipped with electronic displays stop on their own after a specified period of time, returning to normal operation. As for old refrigerators, it is necessary to take them out of freezing mode with your own hands. Otherwise, the motor will work for a long time without stopping.

Causes of failure of the compressor cycle

If your freezer runs continuously, the motor overheats because it has no means of cooling. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the electric motor is placed in a hermetically sealed housing, which lacks even a basic heat sink. And the compressor itself wears out much faster in such a mode. If the cause of the cycle failure is not eliminated, the main component of the refrigeration unit will break down. Repair is comparable to the cost of the whole unit, especially if it is used.

Why the freezer doesn’t stop on time?

Important: Before rushing to find the fault, carefully monitor the operation of the unit for at least 30-40 minutes. During this time, change of modes (operation/rest) should take place at least once.

If the suspicions are confirmed, deal with the situation.

Causes of the fast shutdown of the refrigerator and possibilities for their correction

Mains power outages and surges

In modern appliances, although there are multiple systems that provide security against instability in the network, but sharp and frequent fluctuations can still affect the correct operation. To save expensive equipment, it is best to buy additional means of protection and connect the device to the mains only through them, such as a voltage regulator. Otherwise compressor, electronic control unit and other important parts of fridge can not endure the interruptions and break down, what will cause expensive repair.

Problems with the control unit

Any home appliance that has a control board becomes vulnerable due to this small but very important detail. If the program is broken, the commands start to come in at different intervals. Motor turns on and off in chaotic mode. The most probable cause of electronic unit malfunction is unstable power supply. In this case the board must be reprogrammed or replaced. But it is better to leave the right to make such a repair to a specialist, especially he has all the equipment for accurate diagnosis.

Compressor malfunctions

It is the most expensive part of the refrigerator to replace and repair. The compressor performs the important function of pumping freon in the gaseous state from the evaporator, it feeds it under pressure to the condenser. The gas is compressed and cooled, condensing it to a liquid state. Through the capillary expander, the coolant enters the evaporator again, where it absorbs heat. [ads-pc-4] [ads-mob-5] To understand if the compressor is faulty when the refrigerator frequently shuts down, you need to know the resistance of its windings. each pair of terminals. If the winding is damaged or there is an inter-turn short circuit, the following often happens: the device turns on and continues to work, but already at an increased load. That is why the compressor heats up more than usual during the operation. Relay tries to simplify motor operation and therefore malfunctions early. In modern models, this part of the appliance is indestructible, so it is subject to complete replacement.

refrigerator, does, turn

Starting protection relay malfunctions

This part quite often fails due to physical wear or overheating during operation. The most harmless breakage, which is the reason why the fridge switches off after several seconds of work. It is much cheaper to correct this fault than to repair compressor or control unit itself.

If the unit turns on and immediately shuts down because of the relay, you can try to repair it before replacing this part. To do so, it is worth checking the solenoid core. Folk wisdom is inexhaustible, so some craftsmen have invented to insert a wire of appropriate size or an ordinary metal rod from a ballpoint pen instead of a spoiled core. But this method is not always effective, since modern models of the coil have a different structure. The conductor in such a solenoid is in the form of a tablet. Exactly it can become the source, why the refrigerator quickly shuts down if it burns out.

If the equipment has stopped working it is better to call an experienced technician who will make a diagnosis and then make a quality repair. Specialists have in stock the highest class components, the more so there is a warranty obligation. An experienced technician will quickly figure out why the device turns on and immediately turns off, and professionally eliminate the cause of the breakage.

Causes of malfunction when the refrigerator works without pauses

Factors why the refrigerator is not cycling properly on and off./off. or permanently:

  • Failure to operate refrigerator in good working order:
  • Improper placement, setting, adjustment, temperature setting;
  • Fridge does not freeze or does not cool well because of depressurization, gaps in the seal, skewed hinges, loose fit door. Sensor detects constant insufficiency of temperature for preset thermal mode and forced operation, no commands to switch off;
  • Malfunction of electrical parts: sensors, relays, motor;
  • Malfunction of defrost in NoFrost (fan, heating element)
  • freon leakage.

Improper placement, adjustment, operation

Uninterrupted or too long compressor operation, may be related to the following:

  • It is possible that the fridge does not switch off for a long time in hot weather, it constantly works because of wrong location: absence of air clearance from the wall, high temperature in the room, proximity of batteries, heating appliances, radiators. The result is a heated compressor that needs to run longer to cool the chambers. The heat can also cause the engine to work badly, especially a worn out one, and burn out due to the loads;
  • the user sets the thermostat to the maximum for cooling and freezing at the same time. To get the most out of all the chambers, the motor must run for several hours without stopping, or for 24 hours. Example: “super freezing” and maximum cooling in the refrigerator compartment is activated. The way out, what to do if the refrigerator constantly works without interruption is simple: check the settings, these modes are often not turned off automatically, they need to be deactivated manually;
  • heaps of frozen food, create congestion and can provoke prolonged operation of the motor, they interfere with the movement of the air flow inside the cabinet;
  • On the top panel is placed a TV, heavy objects, which changes the geometry of the housing.

Home appliances have their own climatic class, which is especially important for refrigerators and freezers. the temperature conditions set by the manufacturer directly concern the quality of their operation. For example, if to put fridge in closed small non-ventilated premise with t ° 30, it is quite expected that duration of operation of the motor increases up to non-stop.

In a room with high temperatures, the probability of poor operation increases with a weak compressor and deterioration of the gasket. Under normal conditions, a small amount of heat penetration into the interior may not be noticeable, but it will significantly affect the operation of the refrigerator in the heat, especially if the motor is old and has already lost part of its service life.


Causes of depressurization and door not closing properly:

  • Wear, skewing, jamming, jamming, gaps in the sealing rubbers around the door perimeter, including in the inner chamber (in the freezer);
  • Hinge misalignment;
  • Incorrect height adjustment of the feet, e.g. with the housing tilted to one side. Uneven loading: Wear and tear, warping progress more quickly.

When there is a leakage, warm air enters the interior of the chambers and the cold escapes, the temperature rises and the temperature sensor constantly detects a temperature drop. The closed cycle is created: the compressor constantly tries to lower t°, for what the refrigerator does not switch off. The following phenomena are observed: The device works in principle but with short interruptions, the cooling chamber does not work properly (it works but does not cool) and the freezing chamber does not freeze well.

Failures of nodes and parts of the system

Variants of breakages of functional parts of the fridge:

  • Thermostat, starting relay or sensor breakage. User is the first to set the temperature. The latter detects its achievement and gives a signal to the relay, to open the power circuit and turn off the motor. The malfunction of one of the above nodes is a frequent cause of the uninterrupted operation of the refrigerator;
  • freon leakage. Due to a breach in the tightness of the tubes, the refrigerant tank, the connections between them, the substance leaks. Decreased ability to cool due to lack of freon, as well as decreased pressure, which is not enough to fully circulate. The sensor detects the need for compensation and commands the motor to act without pauses;
  • Consequences of capillary tube plugs similar to those described above.

Over time, relay contacts can stick, weld, there is a risk that the motor will run up to burn out. Similar consequences if the temperature sensor is broken, when it has no reaction to the temperature.

Why the fridge does not turn off: main reasons

Your refrigerator runs smoothly and does not turn off at all. the following reasons are the explanation:

  • Relay breakdowns;
  • The thermostat may malfunction;
  • Failure of the temperature control circuits or boards;
  • Door seals leakage;
  • Freon agent leakage;
  • clogging of capillary tubes;
  • installation of the equipment in an excessively warm environment;
  • user program setting.

Each of these causes requires a detailed analysis.

Door seal damaged

A rubber seal is located around the perimeter of the refrigerator door, sealing it and preventing cold from escaping. If the door is not properly closed, the compressor is subjected to heavier load. The motor thus compensates for the excessive ambient heat. Failure is corrected by replacing the gasket.

You have set it to this operating mode

When superfreezing or express cooling is switched on, the motor may run non-stop. To fix the problem:

  • Refrigerator with mechanical control does not turn off, loudly and constantly works until the user turns off the program of constant cooling;
  • Compressors of models with electronic control stop after 8 hours.

High temperature in the room

Locating the unit near pipes, radiators, heaters, fireplaces, or on the sunny side of the room is contraindicated. Some models work non-stop even when the temperature in the room is 30 degrees. The following steps will help solve the problem:

  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in the kitchen;
  • Refrigerator relocation to another room;
  • Reducing the temperature of the heating at the place where the appliance is installed.

The thermostat is out of order

Thermostat or temperature sensor gives signal to open circuit. In case of its failure, the compressor works without interruption. it has already received information about reaching a low temperature and further freezing.

When the refrigerator constantly works without stopping and without turning off, it is possible to determine the cause of the problem in the following way:

  • Disassemble the back of the appliances.
  • Removal of the thermostat.
  • Press the plate next to the center nut.
  • If there is no click, replace the part.

It is also possible to identify the malfunction by checking the resistance with a multimeter.

Important! Work on the diagnosis of failure and replacement of the part should be carried out only by a specialist.

Compressor breakdown

Compressor release relay failures cause contacts to stick and cause non-stop operation. If the part naturally wears out, the pressure in the discharge tube stops forming and the set temperature is not reached.

The breakage can only be eliminated by the replacement of the motor performed by a service technician. The work is expensive because it includes:

  • disassembly of the refrigerator;
  • compressor installation;
  • Re-injection of freon;
  • Starting the temperature sensor;
  • Testing and commissioning of the equipment.

Signs of refrigerator compressor failure

Tip! It is better to repair the compressor, because when you buy new equipment, the risk of failure of the part remains.

Refrigerant leaking out of the system

Compressor pumps liquid freon into the system. The substance takes away the heat from the products and takes it outside. Refrigerant leaks out if the integrity or kinks in the spigots are compromised. Temperature buildup and non-stop refrigerator operation begins when gas becomes scarce.

refrigerator, does, turn

The problem can be solved by topping up the freon, but only an expert should do this job.

Evaporator tube failures

Why doesn’t the domestic refrigerator turn off at all, if the main parts are serviceable? Compressor functions smoothly when an ice clot has formed in the evaporator tube. If the tightness of the pipes is compromised, the same phenomenon occurs.

It is difficult to eliminate the defect by yourself. it is required to disassemble the equipment almost completely.

Control module malfunctions

Element is responsible for processing signal from temperature sensor. At power surges or from moisture access the part can break, and the motor can work permanently. In order to eliminate the malfunction it is necessary to firm up the control module, which will be done by the service technician.

Trouble with single-compressor models

If the refrigerator generates cold continuously and the compressor doesn’t turn off, the sensors may wear out or get damaged. The switch position is normalized manually. If breakage persists, compressor or thermostat must be replaced.

How long should the refrigerator work and how long should it rest?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question. One model of the refrigerator can keep on for 2 minutes after 8 minutes of inactivity and another model can keep on for 3 minutes after 6 minutes of inactivity. The compressor’s work/rest ratio for these models is 1 to 4 and 1 to 2, respectively.

The ratio of operating time to idle time should be on average 1 to 2. Simply measure how much your refrigerator runs and how much it rests. If the idle time is 2 or more than the run time, there is nothing to worry about. In the opposite case, it is worth thinking about. What are the possible causes of a malfunctioning refrigerator?


Temperature difference

You need to know that your refrigerator does not produce cold. It transfers the heat from inside to outside. This is thanks to a special gas called freon (coolant). The better it draws heat inside and gives it away faster to the outside, the more efficient the refrigerator is.

If you have set too low a temperature in your fridge, it is more difficult for the Freon to pick up the heat. And the higher the outside temperature, the harder it is to give heat to the ambient air. Accordingly, the greater the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator, the longer the compressor will work.

Type of freon

If the refrigerator is filled with R134a or R12 freon, it cools better. If it is charged with R600a refrigerant, the compressor will have to work longer to lower the temperature. These refrigerants have different characteristics.

Modern refrigerators are charged with the refrigerant R600a, more rarely. R134a. You can read more about them in the article about which refrigerant is better, R134a or R600a.

System clogging

Freon circulates through a system that includes:

Any of the components can become clogged. The cross-sectional area will be smaller and it will be more difficult for the freon to pass through the system. The flow rate will be reduced, so the refrigerant will cool the chamber less efficiently. The compressor will take longer to reach the desired level of cooling.

Compressor capacity

The more powerful the compressor, the more it compresses freon. How effectively it can give away the heat to the surrounding air depends on the degree of compression. Accordingly, the higher the capacity, the faster the refrigerator compartment will cool, it will work less.

Not enough refrigerant

In the previous section, we mentioned that the refrigerant (aka Freon, Refrigerant) is responsible for heat extraction from the refrigerator. If there is not enough of it in the system, cooling will be slower. Lack of freon can cause:

If your refrigerator begins to run longer, and especially if the run time gradually increases, there is likely a refrigerant leak. Recommended article: How to find and get rid of a freon leak in your refrigerator.

Evaporator icing

The evaporator is the part of the system where freon expands and its temperature drops below 0 degrees. It draws heat away from the compartment, cooling it. This assembly is usually behind the back of the compartment, but there are exceptions.

Refrigerator Isn’t Defrosting — Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Moisture can accumulate on the evaporator, turning into frost, snow and ice. They form a kind of “coat.”. Because of it, the freon can not effectively draw heat out of the chamber. The refrigerator has to work longer to cool it down to the right temperature. To fix the problem, simply defrost the refrigerator.

How to diagnose the problem

The refrigerator is not designed for continuous operation. Therefore, its shutdowns are not sudden, and occur only for a short period of time to give the compressor a rest. The difficulty lies exactly in determining whether the refrigerator is really malfunctioning, or such shutdowns are considered normal.

During the fridge shutdown the compressor is resting.

Let’s try to do the math to solve this problem. For example, the compressor can work for 2 minutes, and during the next 10 minutes it rests. Normal operation is evaluated by the numerical value of the coefficient between 0.2 and 0.9. If we take our example, the coefficient is 0.166, according to formula 2:(210).

What to do when there is a problem?

So, you find that your fridge works differently than it should: it does not turn off after cooling down, or simply cannot lower the temperature to the right level. What to do with it? Do not ignore the problem under any circumstances. Someone permanent freezing may not seem a big difficulty, but it is reckless. Any device that works out of order, quickly wears out. And a compressor of many models of refrigerators, such as Atlant or Indesit makes not less than a quarter of its cost.

Is it possible to do the self-repair? It is up to you, of course, to decide, but you should objectively assess your skills and knowledge: what are the guarantees that you will really be able to repair or replace the broken part, and how long it will work after that. Here is a list of malfunctions that you can fix with your own hands:

  • Replacing the door seal. The main thing here is to find the part exactly for your model or a corresponding family of models. You can obtain this information from technical documents, service centers or on the internet. Before you begin, it is advisable to watch a video instruction on how to install a new seal to avoid mistakes.
  • If you have experience in electrical installation and repair of electronics you can change the faulty thermostat or thermostatic regulator by yourself. Do not forget to pre-check the circuit with a multimeter and find information about the characteristics of the elements to be replaced.
  • Changing the compressor yourself is also only feasible if you are familiar with its operation, understand the technical characteristics and have enough experience.
  • It is possible to eliminate the lack of refrigerant with your own hands. However, this process has many nuances, which must be carefully studied.

Remember also that self-intervention is not allowed, when the guarantee on the device is still in force.

Going to a specialist workshop or service center is the safest option. Specialists will conduct diagnostics, determine exactly why the refrigerator does not work properly, and conduct a professional repair. Note the warranty again. it saves you a lot of money for servicing. Especially if you have an expensive model.

For operative and most effective repair it is better to apply in the firm service center. Well-known manufacturers (Bosch, Atlant, Indesit, etc.).) Open them almost in every major city.

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