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The instruction to Centek (Centek or Syntek) air conditioner comes with the unit, and it has answers to all the most important questions: how to turn on the air conditioner, how to set it and how to use it. But if you do not have the manual at hand, read this article.

Split-systems are equipped with a great number of functions, which are not easy to understand, if you are an inexperienced user. But it is enough to spend some minutes for studying this instruction to understand the essence of each function.

First of all, conditioner is set with the help of control panel. It is delivered in the package and it is powered by two batteries. Detailed instructions for the remote control and the main functions are shown below.

Icons on the air conditioner remote control

Number of buttons and their values depend on the brand of air conditioner. The buttons have symbols printed on them or they can be labeled.

So, what do the icons on the air conditioner mean?

  • On/off. switches appliance on and off.
  • Snowflake (cool). cooling.
  • Sun (heat). heating. There are only those models that support this function.
  • Drop (dry). dehumidifies. Needed to remove excess moisture from the room.
  • Fan. changes the fan speed.
  • Four arrows to the side (swing). change the position of the shutters, directing the flow in the desired direction.
  • Asterisk (sleep). turning on the night mode, when the device starts to work with low rotations.
  • Arrows up/down or plus and minus allow to set temperature up/down.
  • CLOCK. sets the time of air conditioner operation.
  • MODE. selects the operating mode.
  • CLOCK sets the time
  • LED turns on backlight of the remote control display.

To set temperature correctly on your air conditioner?

As today conditioner is used not only for cooling but also for heating as well it is important to set temperature both in summer and in winter.

Let’s consider both variants, for example when the long-awaited summer comes, you always want to make your room cool! But be careful. cool is not always good.

How to : Start on functioning of Super General Split AC 2 Ton / 3 ton split AC

What temperature should be set on air conditioner in summer??

Most of conditioners manufacturer presupposes the conditioner’s operation mode in the following range: 16-30 degrees Celsius.

But just imagine when it is 35 or even 30 degrees outdoors then if you set 18 or 20 degrees on a remote control we will unlikely be able to reach set temperature and conditioner will work without switching off. But also it is very COLD! Yes, such temperature on the remote control of a conditioner is direct way to the polyclinic. of course it is possible to set 18 degrees, but it should be a short-time conditioner’s operating mode. You should set the temperature correctly about 25 degrees. Believe, it will not be hot at all, it will be cool and at least sometimes conditioner will switch off and rest!

What temperature we set in air conditioner in winter?

In winter of course the situation is quite the opposite, because there is not much heat. When you start air conditioner on warm set it to 30 degrees. it is a short-term mode. After achievement of heating of a premise it is necessary to lower the temperature on the remote control of a conditioner up to 25 degrees. it is average temperature. It would be possible to set 22 degrees, but there is a little subtlety here. Since the temperature sensor in the air conditioner is upstairs (in the internal block of the air conditioner), it will be a few degrees cooler below. So always set a few degrees higher than the desired temperature in the lower part of the room.

DO NOT FORGET that before summer and before winter, if you plan to use air conditioner, it is necessary to conduct maintenance of air conditioner, the cost of service and work regulations can look in the section CONDITIONER SERVICE.

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Protective and diagnostic functions of the air conditioner

The air conditioners also have diagnostic and safety functions to ensure normal operation of the unit, controlling the operation of the equipment to prevent short circuits and various breakdowns.

Protective and diagnostic functions:

  • Protection against low temperatures. When the lowest outdoor temperature threshold is reached the unit shuts down automatically.
  • Defrosting. On the outside units of split-systems, working for heating during the cold season, the ice can be formed, which can lead to the equipment failure. In order to exclude such consequences the manufacturers have foreseen the defrosting function, aimed at automatic switching to the cooling mode, during which the outdoor unit is heated and the ice is thawed.
  • Emergency unit shutdown if freon leakage is detected. Special sensor monitors the freon pressure in the system. Freon topping up every 2 years in correct operation. Freon leakage from the system can occur due to mechanical damage to the internal elements of the equipment.
  • Cleaner filter condition monitoring and automatic shutdown in case of heavy contamination.
  • Compressor current protection. Various equipment malfunctions are indicated by changes in compressor current. This function aims at stopping the operation of the equipment immediately when a malfunction signal is received.
  • Self-diagnosis. This mode is intended to test the serviceability of all elements of a split system, and is started by the user’s command. In case of malfunction of the equipment the corresponding inscription appears on the screen or the light-emitting diode lights up.
  • Self-diagnosis is automatic start of testing mode of all equipment systems, which allows timely detecting faults and preventing serious damage to the air conditioner.

Manuals for Aux remote control and air conditioners

Instruction to AUX air conditioners shows all operation modes of the equipment, operation features, possible causes of malfunction, description of error codes. Different models may vary slightly in appearance, but all air conditioners and remotes are in the same style. Differences are found in functionality.

There may be situations where the remote control feature is labeled, but in fact the equipment does not support it. In this case, the mode is not accessible for activation from the remote control. Different versions of remote controls are shown in the photo.

Comparison of main features

Although the models of each series are similar in appearance, they have slightly different technical characteristics. Models 5207 and 5209 have a preferential technology against ice formation in the system. Among its advantages, the Centek CT-5809 has a system to regulate the direction of airflow.

Most models of the company Centek have identical dimensions. All three models in the table are single phase and not inverter. Also, these devices are equipped with a timer that allows you to turn on and turn off the system after a specified time. Each product is easily turned on by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.

remote, control, split, system, centek, button

Repair of Centek air conditioner is inexpensive, so if you have any problems you should immediately contact the professionals. Installation cost depends on the retailer, but usually customers don’t pay much money for it either. To avoid additional expenses it is worth remembering a general rule: during the operation of air conditioner all the windows in the room must be closed. This will prevent the air conditioner from overheating and prolong its service life.

Model CT-5207 CT-5209 CT-5809
Operating mode cooling/heating cooling/heating Cooling/Heating
Room area (m.kv) 21 26 27
Noise level of outdoor unit 48 DB 50 DB 50 DB
Noise level of the indoor unit 32 DB/36 DB 32 DB/36 DB 32 DB/36 DB
Heating power consumption 2200 W 2780 W 2780 W
Power consumption when cooling 2050 W 2640 W 2640 W
Ventilation mode have Yes Yes
Remote control available at there is there is
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A

User reviews

The opinions of users, buying Centek split-systems, are very positive. In most cases, buyers put a dash in the line of disadvantages. That is why the following information can be derived from the reviews:

  • Low price. The company does not overprice, and for its money it produces a very good product.
  • Nice design. The design of the air conditioners is very stylish, they attract many customers.
  • Low power consumption. The power consumption is maximally reduced, so that the purchase becomes even more economical.
  • Noise level. Both outdoor and indoor units are very quiet, and there is no unpleasant sound that is annoying.
  • Versatility. Split systems are equipped with many functions, for your convenience, making them even more pleasant and easier to use.
  • The compressor is Toshiba and Panasonic. High-quality compressor inspires confidence in the purchase, and a sense of reliability.

Based on the reviews of the owners, it can be concluded that the main and only disadvantage that consumers see is the lack of goods in some outlets.

What is a universal remote control for air conditioner

Universal remote control for an air conditioner does not differ externally from the original device and has all buttons for controlling standard functions of air conditioning systems. But unlike the original remote control such devices allow to run and set air conditioners of different models.

Specificity of the universal remote control is a great number of frequencies of infrared beam transmission which are adapted for different models of split-systems.

remote, control, split, system, centek, button

Principle of operation does not differ from the original remotes. the user enters the desired code with the help of the buttons on the plastic body of the remote control, and then the selected mode of the air conditioner starts.

Available functions of the universal remote control:

  • turning on/off the air conditioner;
  • controlling the direction of airflow;
  • Adjusts the temperature of cooling and heating air
  • reducing the humidity level in the room;
  • fan speed control;
  • Automatic mode to maintain the optimum temperature for cooling the air in the room, etc.

Rare buttons

There are a number of buttons with specific functionality, which are not found on all models of air conditioners.

remote, control, split, system, centek, button

ION, PLASMA, HEALTH. Ionization mode. Fills the room with negatively charged ions. Thereby reproducing the feeling of freshness in the room. This mode negatively affects bacteria and viruses and eliminates unpleasant odors.

I-FEEL. The system will maintain the set temperature by directing the airflow vertically.

Wi-Fi. Identified by the Wi-Fi icon. Thanks to the built-in GSM module, you can control the air conditioner with the app installed on your smartphone.

Voltas AC remote Mode Button/Function. Audio in Hindi

TEMP. As a separate button, allows you to see the temperature in the room at the moment.

SENSOR. This button activates the Intelligent Eye function. Using a special built-in sensor, the system registers the movement of a person in the room and turns on its own in the mode of pre-set parameters. If the system does not detect the presence of a person in the room for more than twenty minutes, it goes into power-saving mode. With this function you don’t have to worry about the appliance not being switched on.

In your absence, you need to take care that large pets do not check the performance of this sensor. It will turn on when it detects motion of an object twenty centimeters or more.

The main function of the air conditioner and, accordingly, the button on the remote control is the cooling of the room, COOL. But each model has its own chips and additional features that greatly expand the capabilities of the system. Standard names of buttons for all manufacturers help you not to get confused with their purposes regardless of the model.

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