Replace the heating boiler in the house

Installing a heating boiler in a private home: important rules, installation instructions

You can not violate the rules, because the gas-fired units are classified as potentially dangerous devices, which is why they must be operated with the utmost caution. The boiler room must meet the following requirements:

  • The minimum permissible height of the ceiling is 2.5 m.
  • The presence of natural light.
  • The minimum width of the doorway is 85 cm.
  • Installation of a gas analyser which communicates with the automatic valve so that in the event of a fuel leak, the gas supply can be cut off immediately.
  • The degree of resistance to open fire must be a minimum of 0.75 hours.
  • Ventilation equipment.
  • Unobstructed access to heating and auxiliary equipment.

When installing a boiler with a closed chamber, the area of the furnace room does not matter, and ventilation requirements are less stringent, because the boiler draws air from the street to work.

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If you plan to install the new boiler in another room, consider these requirements:

  • Installation is only allowed in non-residential areas with a door.
  • To install equipment with an open combustion chamber, you must have a window with a window and the area of the room must be at least 8 m². For enclosed units, the volume requirement is only from 9 m².

How to make the installation and collect the documents:

  • Write an application to the gas utility for a permit.
  • Get list of specifications. If it turns out that only the equipment is replaced, the project remains the same. If you change the place of installation, the scheme of bringing communications, then develop a new project. To do this you need to contact a firm with a license.
  • Ask for a construction certificate from the company doing the substitution. With it, the chimney ducts condition report, the act of compliance with the standards, go to the gas inspectorate.
  • Installation, disassembly, commissioning.

You can do this yourself or hire a special service.

Is Unauthorized Installation of Equipment in a Private House or Apartment Allowed?

Installation with your own hands is not forbidden by law. Unauthorized connection to the gas mains is not allowed. The rest of the work the user can perform if you have the skills.

If you connect the gas without permission you face a fine of 10 000 to 15 000 (under Art. 7 of the Tax Code of Ukraine).19 CAO ). Many consumers are not afraid of this: they install without permission and then pay a fine. But it is worth understanding that you are not only endangering yourself, but also the neighbors.

What steps to take when replacing:

  • The organization of condensing boilers requires connection to the network, connecting the system to drain the condensate according to the rules.
  • Before switching on you will need to coordinate the condition of the chimney. Checks are carried out by a specialist from the gas service. After that, a similar audit will be conducted once a year.
  • If you do the work yourself, you will not get a warranty.

Methodology for replacing the gas boiler

Replacement of the heating boiler in a private home is made in several stages:

  • First of all you should read the technical conditions that are issued by the department of municipal gas supply in accordance with the application of the consumer. In this application, you need to specify the planned gas consumption per hour for your home. Within 1-2 weeks, subject to a positive decision, the gas service will provide a permit and technical conditions. Under no circumstances should the installation of a gas boiler be carried out without the consent of the supervisory authorities. This is illegal, dangerous and can lead to substantial fines, especially if the house is more than 1 apartment.
  • After obtaining a permit you can move on to the design. In the design documents for the replacement of the gas boiler in a private home must specify the scheme of installation of equipment, the scheme of the gas pipeline, the scheme of communications with the gas outlet sector, as well as the scheme of laying the gas pipeline to the residential building. This project can only be developed by licensed design engineers, who will issue the appropriate document upon completion of the work.
  • The next step is to coordinate with the city gas service. They are sent all the project documentation for the approval of the site and the project. This process can take from 7 days to 4 months.

Together with the project of placing the boiler to the state gas service must submit the technical passport and instructions to it, a certificate confirming compliance with all standards, as well as the hygienic certificate

Please note that this list of documents must be provided by the manufacturer of the gas boiler.

The main stages of approving the installation

Installation of gas boilers should be performed by specialized organizations. If the user has decided to change the boiler to a similar model, which was previously prescribed in the technical conditions of the gas supply, he will have no problems with the preparation of permits. If it is a more powerful unit, he needs to get new documents to start the boiler equipment in operation.

This process usually takes from two weeks to three months, but often many users can not cope with the bureaucratic delays, rightly calling it “three circles of hell”. Recently, the practice has spread, when a specialized organization for the replacement of the boiler is also charged with drawing up permits, which makes life easier for the customer and does not lead to a significantly more expensive project.

The basic rules and regulations that govern the replacement of the boiler unit in the home are set in the SNiP documents on gas supply, heating, hot water and safe operation of boilers NoNo 42-01-2002, 31-02-2001, 2.04.08-87, 41-01-2003, 21-01-97, 2.04.01-85.

  • Obtaining technical specifications in the gas service of the city.
  • Development of the installation project: the scheme of installation and laying of the gas pipeline tapping to the gas networks with the scheme of the location of the internal gas networks on the site of the user and to determine the costs, how much it will cost to change the unit.
  • Coordination of the project with the local authorities, architectural department, city gas service and organizations, which own the engineering networks: water, sewerage and electric networks.

Package of documents for gas inspection:

  • Project;
  • Data sheet of the gas boiler unit;
  • Factory instructions for its operation and electrical wiring diagrams;
  • Certificates of compliance with state standards, presented by the manufacturer of the equipment when purchasing the boiler.

Pay attention! If rejected, the organization must provide a clear reason and a list of requirements for changing the project. Unauthorized project of reconstruction of the gas boiler is prohibited at the legislative level, as it can create a threat to the lives of many people

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Replacing the boiler

The heat exchanger of floor standing steel boiler Ishma burned out? Constant overheating of gas boiler Baksi Slim? Beretta wall mounted gas two-circuit boiler is 7 years old, and there is bad hard water in the well and you have changed the secondary heat exchanger more than once? What to do in such cases?

Do not hesitate, with us you get full technical support and bring the heating to the absolute working condition, and the team of masters of our service center is always ready to replace the heater. Emergency service works.

Convenient and advantageous to order the repair of the gas heater at the beginning of the manifestation of any cause, without resorting to an urgent change of the device. Always consult an expert to avoid unnecessary and premature costs.

Diagnosing and repairing an old or malfunctioning boiler does not always result in a replacement, but during a heater replacement, the money spent on a call for service and technical inspection always stays with the service customer if the boiler really needs to be replaced.

Please follow the recommendations of our service engineers for the right investment when deciding to replace a heating boiler in your home.

In Moscow and Moscow region there are a huge number of companies that offer heating boilers for sale. There is an opinion that you can buy a boiler unit and install it, like a refrigerator or a microwave oven.

Not everything which is easy to buy is also easy to establish. Heating boilers are no exception. On the correct installation and commissioning depends on the further long-term work, comfort, uninterrupted heat and hot water preparation.

Replacing a boiler on gas fuel is fast, high quality, in compliance with all rules and regulations of the gas economy. Replacing a boiler in a private home boiler room without changing the gas project is possible.

We transfer to gas boilers that worked on diesel fuel before replacement, to be precise, we change or reconfigure the overhead burner of the heating boiler. We register and coordinate the permit for the replacement of the gas boiler in compliance with regulatory procedure.

Replacement of heating boilers are made in country houses, apartments, buildings businesses. You do not need to wonder where to start changing a gas heating unit, leave all technical operations to the professionals of our engineering service.

According to all norms and rules, the responsibility for the working, as well as constantly operating condition of all gas equipment lies with a specialized organization. With this company you have a contract (VDGO) and in any case it is executed 100%.

Proper paperwork for unauthorized replacement of the gas boiler. Replacement of old Russian gas boilers AOGV, ISHMA, KCHM, DON, Neva, Siberia with new similar appliances is out of turn. We minimize financial costs and documentary approval in the technical services of the city.

Guaranteed supply of Russian gas heating equipment for residential houses, buildings during the replacement of the boiler working on gaseous fuel.

We reconstruct gas boilers ZhMZ Zhukovsky Mechanical Plant for residents of the Moscow region and adjacent areas.

Time-tested, owners of excellent reviews and functioning for decades without repair gas heaters, and today and dvuhkonturnye models.

Urgent replacement of boiler equipment in a residential building

Replacement of the heating boiler should be carried out in a timely manner without haste with a good mood, which will save you energy and money in any case.

Replacement of the gas boiler heating furnace of a private home in some cases occurs suddenly during a good frost, when the heating apparatus is working at maximum temperature.

It is rare that private home owners keep track of the life of gas heating appliances, order a diagnosis and plan to replace the heating equipment in advance.

Inquire about the cost of work and the price of a similar boiler, the rules of replacement of the gas boiler and the rules of paperwork for a competent confirmation of the conversion of the gas boiler. Therefore, very often the change of heating equipment of the cottage is urgent or very urgent.

So what is better to do with their own hands during the conversion of the gas heater in the cottage, and what is better to give for consideration to the service center of a specialized organization in your area of Moscow region or (New Moscow).

Questions are often stacked with the complex cost of replacing the gas heater, so many owners of suburban property are trying to make a replacement household boiler with their own hands. This is not always a savings of family money, so many users mix specialized equipment with household appliances.

Is it worth making up a bicycle? How much effort, time and finances will it take to replace the boiler yourself, will you be able to start it at all?? This is especially true when replacing the floor standing gas boiler on a wall mounted dual circuit gas apparatus of foreign origin. All the ensuing legal implications and technical nuances will be encountered

After all, all the questions will have to be answered independently and only correctly, and this activity will take so much time that it is still better to contact the service professionals.

Answers to all these questions know the professionals who will briefly and clearly define the essence of the problem and the order of further action when the emergency replacement of the heating boiler in a private home.

We work long enough and the Moscow region for individuals and legal entities to implement installation and commissioning works for boiler units on various fuels, including diesel and liquefied gas.

In the Moscow region there are 7 technical departments of the service center for the maintenance of heating under the TO subscription contracts.

Let’s note a special case. the manifestation of a serious breakdown in the gas boiler after the purchase and installation of the device in a defective form on their own.

It is necessary to follow all the rules of the warranty of a gas appliance and clarify the options of replacement in the warranty service center, where you will politely ask for a warranty card stamped by a specialized organization and a signature of the service engineer who performed installation and commissioning of the boiler. Commissioning of the gas boiler. this is an obligatory event for warranty and further service.

What is needed for the installation of a gas boiler

The first phase of installation, is the determination of compliance with the minimum standards for the installation of boiler equipment.

When determining the permissibility of the installation of the boiler, takes into account SP 89.13330 (SNiP II-35-76) “Boiler plants”, in the updated version after 2015, as amended.9 (addition, issued in 2012, establishes the requirements for the construction of gas mini-boilers in private homes, industrial plants, residential, public, administrative buildings).

    By type of premises. installation is allowed only in non-residential premises fenced off from the rest of the room and the corridor by the door. According to SNiP 2.04.08-87 (abolished), prohibited installation in the bathroom and sanitary rooms, but in the regulations under the number of SP 62.13330 (SNiP 42-01-2002). This instruction is no longer valid.

If the room meets the requirements specified in the building regulations, proceed to the design and other documentation.

When drawing up a permit for the installation of boiler equipment there is a need to install a gas meter. Although this requirement is not mandatory, the regulatory authorities will not give permission to install a boiler without a meter.

What permits are needed

Permission for use of the gas boiler must be obtained from the regulatory agency working in the area. Usually it is Gorgaz or Oblgaz. In order to complete all the necessary documents, you will need to go through several stages of registration:

    TU for connection to the gas mains. the permit will indicate that the technical conditions of the building and gas pipeline parameters allow connecting the boiler equipment.It takes from several weeks to one month to prepare TU. Expected volume of gas consumed must be written in the document. Issuance of technical specifications, in fact, is permission to develop and produce a project.

replace, heating, boiler, house

    Permit of Rostechnadzor and other technical documentation for the boiler to be installed.

Issuance of the consent is a permission to install the gas boiler in accordance with the existing project.

Is it acceptable to install with your own hands

In fact, the SP stipulates that installation work should be performed by a licensed and certified professional. Not many people know, but this norm applies only to work on connecting to the gas pipeline. Connection of the boiler itself can be performed independently, provided that you have a technical education.

When deciding to install the boiler yourself or involve professionals, take into account several nuances:

replace, heating, boiler, house

    When installing a condensing boiler, you will need to connect the unit to the mains and connect the condensate removal system without disturbances.

After installation, a representative of the gas utility must check the efficiency of the boiler and fill out commissioning documents.

How much does it cost to replace the gas boiler and gas service

The cost of works on uninstallation, installation, preparation of documents, start-up and adjustments depends on the conditions of equipment replacement (with equivalent or different parameters. for example, more powerful), the model of new equipment and its technical characteristics, the region.

In Moscow, the replacement of used gas boiler in a private home, specialized companies will perform for 10. 25 thousand St. Petersburg will undertake for 5. 17 thousand For residents of regions the amount for the service will be from 4.5 to 12 thousand At that only half of the sum will be spent directly on dismantling and replacement of the old boiler and the rest will be paid to gas companies for connection and first start-up of the boiler.

Important! Preparation of documentation is not always provided in the contract between the customer and the company, which will carry out the replacement of any gas boiler. It is necessary to clarify what is stipulated in the list of services in order for the procedure to proceed legally.

The project and TU

Project and TU (technical specifications). the most important documents for the installation of an autonomous gas heating network. Specifications are drawn up in the gas service. In fact, this document is the official permission to install the equipment. For facilities that are fully compliant, it takes about 14 days to complete the specifications.

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Design documents are developed after the receipt of Technical Conditions. In essence, it is a diagram of the installation of the unit and the laying of the gas pipeline. For a private home project must include a scheme of the passage of the line on the site. This documentation is also developed only by licensed design professionals.

Requirements for detached furnaces

Separate boilers are built for high-capacity heat generators, which require an increased level of safety.

Requirements for furnaces built separately from the residential building:

The rooms are equipped with concrete floors or covered with a fireproof finish. Under the equipment with weight over 200 kg a 15 cm high reinforced base is prepared.

Heated water flows into the house through the insulated pipeline with low heat loss. Freestanding furnace room does not occupy a useful area of the house, safe in operation and does not violate the architectural appearance of the building. Can be used for heating a group of buildings, such as a house, a sauna and a greenhouse.

Requirements for doors

Exterior doors should easily come off their hinges in case of an explosion. Then the energy will be directed outward and bring less destruction than with a rigid and firmly fixed leaf. But in any case, you need to protect the room from intruders who can enter and damage expensive equipment.

Internal doors are designed to contain flames in case of fire for 15 minutes. Type 3 leafs with an EI 15 fire resistance rating comply with the standard. They keep their integrity and thermal insulation properties long enough for people to evacuate the house and for the emergency services to arrive.

Ventilation of the boiler room

Requirements for the boiler room in a private home are very strict in terms of ventilation. Combustion products from fuel combustion are hazardous to humans. Carbon monoxide inhalation leads to severe poisoning. High concentrations cause paralysis and even death.

Gas leaks in the network create an explosion hazard. Methane, propane and butane are heavier than air. They accumulate in the lower level of the room. That is why it is advisable to install under-floor gaps or grated wall vents for removing hazardous substances. For every 10 kW of unit power 0.01 m² of supply duct cross sectional area is needed.

Natural ventilation, as recommended by standards, includes supply and exhaust ducts for replacing indoor air. Their area is calculated based on the triple volume of the room and selected using special tables, charts or online calculators.

For every 10 kW of capacity requires 0.01 m² of supply duct cross sectional area.

Combustion products are discharged through the chimney or coaxial chimney built into the wall. In the first case, the cross-section of the channel must match the diameter of the boiler spigot. Optimal shape. circle or oval.

The walls of the chimney protect against the formation of condensation. Warm air, moving through the pipe, cools, which leads to the precipitation of water vapor in the form of dew. In winter, the moisture freezes, the channel narrows. This contributes to the deterioration of the removal of combustion products.

Protection against condensate is carried out by lining the chimney or installing a stainless steel tube inside. Corners and bends should be smooth, joints of the duct elements. tight.

In other cases the ventilation duct can be lower. For the two units have separate systems for flue removal.

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