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Masterbat is a reliable service company for Electrolux cooktops. Urgent check-out in any region of Moscow and Moscow region. The staff of our service will professionally repair your Electrolux surfaces. We install only quality parts. Guarantee up to 2 years.

Repairing appliances Electrolux in our service, you can not worry about the quality of work and the quality of parts. Our company employs specialists with at least five years of experience. Masters always have with them all the necessary tools. And the accumulated knowledge will help you to quickly and correctly determine the cause of malfunction. Repair and spare parts warranty from 6 months to two years. After completing the job you get a warranty card and a discount card of our company.

How to remove an oven and ceramic hob DIY

Consult and make an appointment for a repair if you send us data on your problem. You will be contacted by a specialist in your area within 15 minutes.

Our service center has been repairing Electrolux Cooktops since 2005. We have dealer agreements for original spare parts at favourable conditions. Our specialists are constantly improving their level at trainings and refresher courses. You can be sure that the repair of cooker hob Electrolux at home will be completed honestly and reliably.

Electrolux cooking plates

Good evening. After using for 20-30 min. Electrolux IPE6453WF induction hob, error E9 comes on with changing indication 70. All burners.

Two right burners are not working properly 2 weeks ago Electrolux EHI96740FK cooking plates

Hello. The two right burners on the induction hob Electrolux EHI96740FK sometimes turn on, then do not turn on, what is the reason?

Clicking cooktop electric over a month ago Electrolux EHH56240IK cooktops

Good Morning. When two large or three of any burners are working at the same time, the cooktop Electrolux EHH56240IK clicks and switches.

The induction hob doesn’t work over 2 months ago The Electrolux EKI 54500 OX cooking plates

Hello. When plugging the Electrolux EKI 54500 OX hob into the socket shows 054.с. Induction hobs don’t work, writes L. Previously.

Smelled gas from the stove more than 3 months ago The Electrolux EHG6835X cooking plates

Hi all! The Electrolux EHG6835X gas cooktop, from under the knob of the burners, there is a smell of gas. The picture shows part 105, what do you need.

Error e6 more than 3 months ago Electrolux Cooktop EHV56240AK

Good afternoon. Glass ceramic cooktop Electrolux EHV56240A when you turn on one of the burners lights up to the limit, then turns off and gives.

Over 3 months ago Electrolux Cooktops spontaneously shut off

Good evening. On the electric cooktop Electrolux three burners shut down spontaneously and until the plate cools, does not.

The cooktop does not automatically turn off over 3 months ago The Electrolux EHF6232IOK cooktops

Good morning. The Electrolux EHF6232IOK cooktop does not automatically shut off, the minus icon does not light up, after.

Need to replace the glass on the cooktop more than 3 months ago The Electrolux EGD6576NOK cooktop

Good afternoon. Need to replace the glass on the cooktop Electrolux EGD6576NOK, how much will the work and the spare part?

Volume of the buttons on the cooktop decreased over 3 months ago Electrolux EHH56340FK cooktops

Good night. While actively using the burners and timer the Electrolux EHH56340FK hob has changed (reduced) volume.

Replace glass on the cooktop over 6 months ago Electrolux EHS60210P cooktops

Good afternoon. The glass on the cooktop is cracked, but the panel itself is working fine, how much will it cost to replace?

Cooktop shuts down during operation more than 6 months ago Electrolux EHH6340FOK Cooktops

Hi all. When cooking the Electrolux EHH6340FOK cooktop shuts down by itself, the control panel display eight and then error 3 62.

Can’t adjust the temperature on the cooktop over 6 months ago Electrolux EHF96240XK Cooktops

Good evening. When you turn on the Electrolux EHF96240XK cooktop, the large panel automatically turns on and the temperature is not regulated.

Hobs error e6 more than 6 months ago Electrolux EHG 6341 FOK cooking plates

Hello. Electrolux EHG6341FOK cooktop (induction) gives error E6 after running out of food on the surface. Reboot by.

replacement, induction, cooktop, electrolux

The heat indication doesn’t work properly than a year ago Electrolux IPE6453WF Cooktops

Hello. On the Electrolux IPE6453WF hob the numbers on the heating indicator on the top and bottom left burner are not lit completely, they have.

Electrolux Hob EHH56240IK Cooktops not working more than a year ago

Good afternoon! When I turn on my Electrolux EHH56240IK hob the letter L on. The panel does not respond to other presses and after a few seconds.

Cooktop spontaneously turns off more than a year ago The Electrolux EHF96547FK cooktop

Hello. Electrolux EHF96547FK Cooktop. When I turn on any temperature, the burner turns on only once, and then.

Cooktop AEG. Electrolux when you turn on the error E 6

The cause of this malfunction in most cases is a failure of the inverter power unit. In all probability the power IGBT diodes are burnt out and the replacement of faulty inverter will solve the problem.

replacement, induction, cooktop, electrolux

But as practice shows error e 6 can be caused by a power board breakage and in order not to make a mistake: expert diagnosis is necessary. Here it is worth paying attention to how this error appears. After turning on the stove, an error immediately appears. a fault in the power board of the inverter. If the error occurs while the stove is working. the breakdown is in the relay board. Our specialists will diagnose and repair your stove on the spot, without having to replace expensive boards. All power and control boards can be repaired and restored. If you need expert help, give us a call and we’ll fix your problem today

Repair cooker hobs Electrolux with departure at home

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Questions and answers to repair cooker hobs Electrolux 86

Good evening. After using the Electrolux IPE6453WF induction hob for 20-30 min. Electrolux IPE6453WF induction hob, error E9 appears with changing indication 70. All burners.

Hello. The two right burners on the induction hob Electrolux EHI96740FK sometimes turn on, then do not turn on, what is the reason?

Good Morning. If two large or three of any burners are working at the same time, the Electrolux EHH56240IK cooktop clicks and switches.

Hello. When I plugged the Electrolux EKI 54500 OX into the socket, it says 054.с. Induction hobs don’t work, says L. Previously.

Hi there! The Electrolux EHG6835X gas cooktop from under the knob burner control, there is a smell of gas. The part 105 in the picture is what you need.

replacement, induction, cooktop, electrolux

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The benefits of contacting a service center

Now you know all about how to connect an electric or induction cooktop Electrolux your own hands. However, before you undertake it, you should be clearly aware of all the risks involved. The slightest mistake can lead not only to the destruction of the device, but also to the loss of health and even life.

Electrolux EIT61443B Induction cooker buzzing

For this reason, the right solution is to contact our service center, whose specialists will carry out all the work qualitatively and with a guarantee!

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