Replacing the cooktop on a glass ceramic stove

Why the hob glass needs to be replaced?

There aren’t too many reasons that can cause damage to the durable composite surface material. Most often the breakage is caused by improper transportation of the household appliance. By neglecting to use original packaging, it is quite easy to damage the glass when moving it may crack under the action of bending loads or when struck with a sharp, hard object.

Another reason why you may need to replace the hob is the improper care of the stove. The use of abrasive powders for cleaning glass can cause abrasions, scratches, which, although they will not affect the performance of the household appliance, but certainly will deprive it of aesthetic appeal. Glass damage is caused much more seldom by blows by dishes and other subjects, but it is impossible to exclude completely the probability of cracks and chips in such a case.

Replacing the hob with your own hands

The advantages of qualified repair are undeniable, but if the lack of funds makes it necessary to resort to independent action, you need to arm yourself with tools and follow the recommendations.

Small cracks in the glass can try to patch with silicate (clerical) glue. Pour it along the entire length of the crack and fill it with pieces of regular glass. You can also use epoxy resin, it will reliably fix the crack. These methods will save the situation, but the surface will look unaesthetic.

Unwanted purchase used panels on the ads, because it is very difficult “by eye” to determine the degree of wear parts, small scratches can not be considered, and sometimes they cause cracks. As the saying goes, the thrifty pay twice! The same can be said about replacing the burners in the electric stove.

Replacing the panel with your own hands

The advantages of qualified repair are indisputable, but if the lack of funds forces to resort to independent action, you must arm yourself with tools and follow the recommendations.

Small cracks in the glass can be tried to seal with silicate (clerical) glue. Filling it along the entire length of the crack, you need to fill it with pieces of ordinary glass. You can also use epoxy resin, it will bond the crack securely. These methods will save the situation, but the surface will look unaesthetic.

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It is not desirable to buy second-hand panels on the ads, because it is very difficult to determine the degree of wear of the detail by eye, small scratches can not be considered, and sometimes they become the cause of cracks. As the saying goes, the miser pays twice! We can also say about replacing burners in the electric stove.

Causes of the defects

The main reason for damage to the hob glass is the fall on it of heavy objects. a cast-iron frying pan or a massive cauldron.

It often happens that the surface withstands repeated impacts, and then cracks appear on it for no apparent reason. This occurs because of the formation of micro-damages on the glass, which are difficult to see with the naked eye. And one day the inevitable will happen, after which the glass ceramic panel will not stand and will break.

replacing, cooktop, glass, ceramic, stove

Another reason for microscopic defects on the induction hob is the use of iron sponges and detergents with abrasive particles when cleaning. At first glance, the scratches are unnoticeable, but sooner or later they will show themselves.

Damaged cooktop glass must be replaced.

Causes of the defects

The main cause of damage is the fall of heavy objects on the hob. It is usually a pan or pot which has fallen out of our hands.

But sometimes it doesn’t. An induction hob can withstand the vicissitudes of life for a long time. And then it suddenly cracks for no apparent reason. This is because the destructive stresses of the past have caused microdamages in the material that are not visible to the eye. And at some point the inevitable happened, after which the glass ceramic cooktop failed.

Important! An additional source of risk for cooker hobs is the use of the wrong detergents when cleaning them.

This occurs when using abrasive materials that scratch the surface. Although the damage may not be noticeable to the eye, it will eventually reveal itself.

If the glass panel is cracked, it must be replaced. Let’s find out how to replace glass on the hob.

How to repair a cooking surface (panel)

Technology in the house is becoming more and more, willy-nilly begin to think that it would be nice to be able to fix at least simple things yourself. To help this article, which will be considered a simple repair cooktop with their own hands. Please note if the technique is under warranty, it is better to not get into it at all. All that is possible in this case to replace the power cord. In other cases it is better to apply in service. Well, if there is no warranty for a long time, you can try to repair the hob by yourself.

Burners for plates with glass ceramic hob.

Electric stoves with glass ceramic hobs are replacing conventional electric stoves with traditional cast-iron burners due to their modern design, energy efficiency and ease of use.

How to Replace Cooktop on Samsung Electric Range Model# (NE58F9500SS/AA) Part# (DG94-00889B)

Burners for stoves with glass ceramic hobs are lightweight, low power consumption, have a built-in thermostat.

In Zelenograd you can buy a burner for cooker hobs in the store “Spare parts repair for household appliances”. Address and driving directions HERE.

There is a large selection of burners for stoves with glass ceramic panel of European origin.

How to choose?

Fans of gas stoves, when they decide to buy a cooktop, but leave the gas, face the choice: tempered glass or glass ceramic.

How to Replace a Glass Cooktop | HGTV

There’s really no difference, as only the burner is heated. It is possible to break both, but the glass ceramic will break into pieces, while the tempered glass will be covered with cracks.

Electric cooktops don’t use tempered glass, which heats up completely, but the maximum temperature it can withstand is lower than the maximum heat.

Ceramic glass can withstand twice the temperature of tempered glass.

The positive and negative characteristics of glass ceramic are as follows:

  • durable than tempered glass;
  • is well suited to temperature fluctuations;
  • Has high heat resistance;
  • is afraid of point hits;
  • You need a special cookware with a flat bottom;
  • Ceramic glass panel is more expensive than tempered glass.

Advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass:

If you choose a panel for a gas stove, the experts tend to favor tempered glass, as it is a budget option, visually indistinguishable from ceramic glass. The mechanical properties are enough to work properly.

Broken glass cooktop / hob. We’ll replace!

You see cracks or other damage on the glass ceramic surface? Don’t know where to turn? You need expert help! You can’t buy a glass-ceramic surface for a brand-name cooktop in a store. Our company will fabricate glass for the panel! In our gallery you can see some of our work. How to order a glass replacement for your hob? Contact us by phone or write on WhatsApp for specialist consultation. What you need to order? For a consultation you will need one photo with a good view of your hob (controls, name, burners)

How to order hob and cooktop glass replacement:

  • Send a picture of your panel on WhatsApp 79296099163-a quick way or e-mail stekloport@ (the article panel does not need) where you can clearly see the control and the name of your panel (Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi, Gorenje, Bosh, Miele, Ikea, Indesit, Ariston, Hansa or another) and the location of the panel / stove city street.
  • A specialist will advise you on the manufacturing and replacement of the glass panel, as well as the design.Over 3.5 years of manufacturing such glass, we have repaired a large number of panels and plates, and if for your model has done previously, then send a photo for example.
  • A measuring engineer will come to you at the agreed time, take the required dimensions and sign a contract for the manufacture of glass ceramics for your panel.
  • Replace the glass for the cooktop in the time specified in the contract, install it in place of the old one. Glass change takes from one to two hours, the silicone cures within 24 hours.

Call a qualified technician to fix the problem. We will replace the glass ceramic for your cooktop, but the panel must be in working order. The most common causes of failure of visible elements of the panel. Liquid penetration, especially grease that causes burnout of boards, controls, burners.

Replace glass on electric stoves / surfaces The main advantages of electric stoves: Electric stoves are characterized by their impressive functionality. While in the past such devices were only used in rooms without gas supply, today the electric stove is already the conscious choice of most users.

Replace Glass on Induction Cookers/Surfaces Key Benefits of Induction Cookers: The features of these models are practical and durable, along with advanced features that make using the stove and cooking much easier. Induction models also help to save energy, as the surface heats up very quickly and shuts down by itself if there is no capacity on the panel.

Our company is the official distributor of glass ceramic cooktop produced by the German manufacturer SCHOTT, we paint the picture ourselves using the same technology that is used in the factory.The pattern is as durable and externally similar to the original as well.Be sure to check out our gallery, it will answer many questions. The glass-ceramic material is extremely heat-resistant and resistant to rapid temperature fluctuations of up to 750 °C. It is highly resistant to regular mechanical stresses that occur in the kitchen and during cooking. CERAN’s four-millimeter-thick glass ceramic cooktop is rarely heat-resistant. Due to its low transverse conductivity, the areas adjacent to the cooking zones remain relatively cool, and heat is conducted directly to the cookware. This provides significant protection against the risk of accidental burns and accidents and significantly reduces unnecessary energy losses. You can see ready-made examples of panels in the gallery, here are a few examples of the pattern, the edge of the glass of the hob/oven.

Frequent causes of glass ceramic damage:

Whirlpool Electric Cooktop Main Glass Top Replacement W10365146

  • Strong and sharp impact on the surface with a heavy object.
  • All burners were turned on at full power, causing the glass to overheat. A peculiar sound appears, cracks begin to sprawl on the sides.
  • Surface can be damaged in a pinch, such as dropping a knife.
  • Cookware sticking to the panel. For example, you cooked jam, it ran out and got under the pan, which stuck. Cookware tears off, usually with glass particles.
  • Warming waterpipe coals.
  • Sugar crystals stuck to the spiral heated plate can stick to the ceramic glass surface.Cleaning the surface leads to damage, in particular to chips.
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