Replacing the hob of an induction cooktop

How to install an induction cooktop into a countertop with your own hands

Induction hobs use the same vitrified clay as conventional ceramic hobs for cooking. The difference is in the induction coil inside. When you turn it on, it creates an electromagnetic field that generates heat in the cookware placed on top. It appears because of the high-speed movement of molecules at the bottom of the pot or pan. After removing the cookware from the cooking surface, heat production will stop.

Parallel to the emergence of induction stoves, there have been discussions about the health hazards of their use. It has been proven that the use of induction has no effect on life. such a panel is ten times safer for humans than a household hair dryer, and this type of stove has become a fashionable trend.

For those who want to get into the trend and replace their aging stove with an “induction” stove, this material. Let’s see how to connect an induction hob in the kitchen by yourself. Even a beginner can cope with this task.

Built-in induction cooktop

To carry out the installation of the purchased hob, you may need:

  • Power VVGng-Ls or NYM cable;
  • A special socket and plug for it, designed for a current of 32 to 40A;
  • PVS wire (if it is not provided in the set);
  • Differential circuit breaker;
  • HSHV tip;
  • Terminator;
  • Knife;
  • Screwdriver;.

Stove construction

Electric stove. a complex household appliance with a simple design. All the necessary working elements of the technique are located in a heat-resistant stainless steel case. Operating principle: Electric current flows through the heating elements (TEN) and heats them to specified temperatures.

replacing, induction, cooktop

The cooking surface of the stove consists of several burners (from two to six, but the standard. 4). But the construction of burners is different. Standard ovens have an enamelled cooking top and an internal heating element. modern stoves look like a solid ceramic plane with built-in heaters of different power.

A glass ceramic stove is a kind of electric stove. It has a smooth mirror surface, on which electric burners are placed. ordinary or double-circuit. The latter have a controlled heating level. For example, a wider surface is designed for large dishes, while a smaller surface is designed for small ones. Non-standard shape cookware can be evenly heated in a certain configuration.

All glass ceramic stoves are made of durable ceran. This material can even withstand the falling of heavy objects. In this case, halogen burners with heat-emitting lamps, which are heated by a special alloy strip in the form of a snake, are built into the plates.

replacing, induction, cooktop

Principle of operation: the heating element begins to distribute heat in the desired direction. The peculiarity of such stoves. they cool down instantly. After a few minutes after turning off, the surface can be touched with your hands.

Replacing the glass at home

Replacing the glass on the hob is sometimes necessary as a result of serious damage. Due to the fragility of the material and human carelessness, the breakage cannot be avoided.

This may be preceded by the following factors:

  • Strong and sharp blow on the surface with a heavy object. It does not matter whether it is a pot or a lid, but the result is the same. a hole, which in the future will go cracked;
  • operating the burners at full power, causing the glass to burst, which is accompanied by a specific sound and many cracks;
  • improperly installed cooktop. due to high voltage, the glass will simply break;
  • Dropping sharp objects on the panel;
  • sudden temperature fluctuations, which can cause damage to the glass;
  • Cookware sticks to the plate due to carelessness during cooking. Food can “run out” and get under the pot. by tearing off dishes, you can say goodbye to the glass.
  • Sugar and other loose foods on the surface. this leads to scratches that can leave a deep mark on the glass, forming a crack.

How to install a Ceramic Hob or Induction Hob

Attention! Corners are the most vulnerable points of glass cooktops. The slightest blow on them will lead to a chipping.

If the damage can not be avoided, the hob must be replaced. A number of questions arise: where to buy, how to dismantle, how to install?

The work of a specialist is not cheap, but sometimes it is the only option to keep the functionality of the device. Replacing the hob glass requires certain skills and abilities. In addition, the replacement requires the use of brand cooking surface, and you can not get it in the public domain.

Thus, to change the panel, you will have to pay 50-60% of the price of a new device.

It is the factor of high that pushes the idea of self-replacement. Is it possible to repair at home?

First, you must understand the complexity and seriousness of the process. Only experienced craftsmen can cope without consequences. They have special skills and equipment that guarantee a quality result.

Secondly, the process of finding a new glass surface is quite complicated. Panels are not freely available, and the alternative is not expected. It is necessary to use only a branded hob.

replacing, induction, cooktop

Important! The option with the purchase of used equipment does not guarantee that the panel will serve a decent period. Most likely, the cracks will appear on it quickly, which again require replacement. The miser pays twice.

If confidence in your abilities does not leave you and the prospect of self-repair does not scare, you need to arm the tools and follow a step by step guide.

Cracks on the glass ceramic can be fixed with glue. A common option is common stationery glue, otherwise silicate. Use it along the entire length of the crack, adding pieces of ordinary glass.

The lack of a fragment can be solved with epoxy, pouring it into the desired area. The method is quite reliable, but unaesthetic.

Therefore, we strongly advise to entrust the repair of such equipment to professionals. This guarantees the reliability of the result, as well as the safety of further use.

Manufacturers advise to observe a number of rules when using the glass surface:

When replacement is needed

The cooking surface is dismantled in the following cases:

  • the device has expired and is out of service. such equipment is not repairable, it is replaced with a new one;
  • When there are cracks on the surface of the glass. it is not safe to use such a device;
  • If there are problems in the operation of the stove. in this case, the panel is dismantled to repair or replace faulty elements;
  • When there is no problem with the hob, but the need to replace the countertop.

Dismantle the hob themselves or involve professionals.

Important nuances

Before buying and installing a new cooktop, find out the cause of the breakage of the old appliance.

It so happens that the cause is not the device itself, but improper connection or errors in operation. For example, when a powerful hob connected to the network through a regular socket 16A, which can not stand up and burn out.

Also, before buying a new device, pay attention to the size of a landing hole drilled in the countertop for the old panel. Measurements are carried out even when purchasing a similar model to replace a broken one. Manufacturers often make changes in the design of the device and the new panel may not fit the dimensions.

What experts advise when connecting the hobs?

Watch a video on installing the hob

Safety precautions

When removing the hob, it is essential to comply with safety regulations. Perform all operations correctly, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations given in the product data sheet.

Basic safety measures:

  • Use only for its intended purpose;
  • Do not disconnect the electrical connector from the device without taking action and making sure that it is disconnected from the mains;
  • Do not change the order of disconnection of gas equipment and do not dismantle without disconnecting the supply valve;
  • Make sure that there are no children or animals nearby.

Avoid accidental dropping of the panel from hands to avoid health hazards and damage.

It is recommended to use the services of qualified professionals (gas and electrical work). As performed by unqualified professionals can lead to accidents, both in the production of the work itself and in subsequent operation, which can cause damage and harm to health.

Why cracks cooktop glass

Manufacturers claim: glass ceramic panel is capable of withstanding a load of up to 25 kg per cm2. But this does not mean that you should not be careful when handling it. Rules for use of such devices are set out in the manual. Failure to comply with them leads to breakage. In order not to crack the cooktop made of glass ceramic, you can not:

  • dropping heavy objects on the surface. pots, pans (sometimes a knife dropped vertically with the tip downwards is enough for chipping);
  • To turn on several burners at full power at the same time;
  • Maintain heating for a long period of time;
  • pour cold water on the hot plate (small splashes do not apply);
  • spill sugar on it, which will quickly melt. after cleaning the surface will appear small damages in the material, they easily cause cracks;
  • To put the pan on a non-cleaned surface, if it sticks, it will come off together with part of the glass panel;
  • leave unattended boiling sugar syrup, and even more so. jam, if they overflow over the edge, it is impossible to remove them without microtrauma to the panel;
  • cook food in aluminum cookware, with a flat or concave, but not convex bottom;
  • Use abrasive materials for maintenance, they scratch the surface, micro-cracks are formed. the cause of serious damage;
  • Using hard sponges for cleaning. vitrified clay sponges and scourers are required.

But even if you don’t do all of this, cracks are inevitable when the glass ceramic cooktop is originally installed incorrectly: stacked against the edges. During expansion from heat, stress is created in the material, resulting in a crack.

If the glass cooktop has burst, you can determine the cause by the nature of the damage:

  • if you hit it, the cracks are branched, with lintels;
  • if overheated, they appear in the working area, going to the edges;
  • From improper installation cracks the center.

Damage to the panel can be different: a small chip in a corner or a crack that crosses the entire surface with the rays. ramifications. But regardless of their size, it is dangerous to cook on it:

  • the work of the stove is disrupted;
  • heat escapes through the cracks;
  • The size of cracks increases;
  • There is a danger of electric shock, especially if you touch the wet pan with your hands.

Regardless of the size of the damage, you can not use the stove.

If the hob broke, what to do in this case? Options for further action only 2: replacement of the panel with a new, repair damage. The choice is determined by the size of the crack and the skills of the owner. There is a third option. sparing: replacing the panel, and sometimes the stove in the service center at the expense of the manufacturer, if the warranty is still valid. This is possible when the reason is a factory defect. If the glass-ceramic cooking surface cracked due to improper use of the stove, you will have to pay for its replacement.

Elimination of a chipped cooking surface

Even small scratches can grow into a huge problem: the glass ceramic surface will be covered with cracks. The smallest damages can be removed in two ways:

  • A paste-like mixture of baking soda and water is covered with a soft napkin, movements in a circle polish the surface with the means, all that remains is removed with a dry towel;
  • With a composition designed for polishing surfaces made of metal, cover a cotton swab and wipe the top of the hob, with paper napkins remove the residue.

How to install Induction Cooktop

Before using the product, it is necessary to test its action on a small area. If everything is in order, proceed to remove the micro-damage.

And what can be done if the cooking surface is cracked, affecting the working area? The best option is to call in a specialist. If you have the skills to work with glass and glue, you can fix the damage yourself. The main requirement for the materials used is resistance to high temperature. Needed:

  • Glue. silicate, Cosmophen (if the place of damage is not heated above 50 degrees) or cyanoacrylate;
  • silicone;
  • Pieces of glass 4-5×9 cm in size;
  • epoxy resin;
  • aluminum plate to the size of the crack;
  • A rubber spatula;
  • Alcohol, gasoline or acetone for degreasing.
  • Disconnect the stove from the power supply.
  • Panel removed.
  • Repair begins with a thorough degreasing.
  • Lubricate the crack with glue.
  • Reinforce the surfaces around the perimeter (but not under the burners) with pieces of glass, placing them on the silicone.
  • If the vitrified clay elements are not enough, the empty spaces are filled with epoxy resin.
  • The chipped area is reinforced with a prepared aluminum plate, gluing it under the crack.

When the resin sets and the adhesive hardens, the panel is put in place.

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Mechanical damages. From 3,000 ₽

Type of repair / service The cost
Replacement of glass ceramic surface 3 000 ₽
Replacing a glass-ceramic gas surface 3 000 ₽
Replacement of the glass ceramic induction surface 3 300 ₽

24-hour Bosch Customer Service at: 8 (800) 200 29 61

You can also place an order for a service call online. To do this, just fill out the short form.

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