Replacing the Wirlpool Helper Washing machine brushes. From below

replacing, wirlpool, helper, washing, machine

Independent repair of WHIRLPOOL washing machines

Whirlpool washing machines are quite popular among users. The technique of this brand is distinguished by a wide range, the presence of a variety of washing programs and a very stable quality. But, unfortunately, even reliable units tend to break. According to the experience of the Masters “Rembettech”, most often, the following nodes suffer in Whirlpool washing machines.

note! Data is given in decreasing order. The analysis took into account the malfunctions found in WHIRLPOOL washing machines, both vertical and front loading.

Drown of the drain pump. from 2000

This node is responsible for pumping water from the tank of the washing machine. The pump consists of a case, impeller and motor, which sets it in motion. As a rule, either impeller (mechanical damage) breaks or burns out the motor. Basically, the pump pollution leads to this: CROs and foreign objects fall into the impeller blades. As a result, the blade is either broken off, or the motor is burned out from overload.

WHILLPOOL washing machine does not drain water or drains it very slowly. If the impeller breaks down, the sound of a working engine of the pump will be heard. If the motor has burned out. the pump sounds will not be heard at all. In models with a screen on the display, the F03 code (FP) is issued.

The drain pump is not subject to repair, it is changed to a new.

only for the work of the master, the new pump is paid separately.

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Need a replacement of bearings in the WHIRLPOOL washing machine? Contact our service center. An hour after applying for an application, a master with original details and specialized equipment will come to you. You do not need to take equipment to the workshop, repair is carried out at home.

When you need to replace the bearings in the Wirlpool washing machine?

The fact that the bearing knot failed, indicates several signs. It:

  • Constant imbalance of linen, the occurrence of an error code on the display.
  • When rotating the drum, a strong creak and buzz is heard.
  • When pressing the drum plays, you can hear how it beats against the wall of the tank.
  • At high speeds, the technique vibrates excessively, knocks and jumps.

Details fail due to wear. Also, the node is destroyed due to the effect of water, which begins to seep through the oil seals.

No repair of bearings is carried out, only replacement. over, they change the details in pairs and always with the seals. It is not recommended to perform such work yourself, you can finally break the equipment. In addition, an ordinary user does not have the necessary skills and equipment for repairing measures. It is better to call the master. And you need to do this in a timely manner, otherwise, a cross or shaft will come out of order, and repairs will cost much more.

Spending the Motor of the Washing Machine

The reasons are possible, the engine of the washing machine is sparkling, and here you already need to look at the brushes. Speaking of the brush brushes can occur when there is loose contact with the collector inside the machine.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

The brushes of the washing machine often sparkle, and this happens when the machine is used for a long time. Here it is possible, brushes were erased to such a state that contact still happens, but it is no longer durable.

In this state, the unit can work for some time, but when the squeezing mode is turned on, the owner will notice that there was a spark in the lower part.

In order to repair such a breakdown, you need to inspect the engine and, if necessary, you need to replace the brushes. After such details are replaced, sparking can be preserved. The question immediately appears here: the washing machine sparkles, what to do and what to do?

This happens because the installed brushes have not yet been lost. When the brushes are replaced, the owner must remember that the maximum load modes should not be turned on (10 washing). You can’t load a lot of underwear into the unit. This is all done so that the brushes are working and there is good contact.

How to replace brushes in a washing machine

Before you start replacing brushes, you should watch the video.

Even a reliable and durable washing machine of Ardo, a regular inspection is required, and replacing the worn details. After 5 years of work, it may be necessary to replace the brush brushes, which may lose full contact.

If a malfunction of the electric motor of the washing machine of the ardo 1000, associated with the replacement of the engine brushes, must be purchased, it is necessary to purchase such a set of tools and devices:

  • The washing machine is de.energized;
  • Space is released near the rear wall of the unit, for the convenience of work;
  • The back wall is removed after unscrewing the screws holding it;

To determine the placement of the electric motor in the washing machine, you need to find the pulley pulley, and then the engine and the drive belt that connects them. The belt is removed after praising it with a screwdriver and scrolling the pulley.

  • Before pulling the engine out of the machine, the power supply connector is turned off, the screws are unscrewed;
  • The motor is removed;
  • The engine is wiped or vacuumed, which can be covered with graphite dust that interferes with further procedures;
  • The engine is tested for leaks and closes on the case. It is most convenient to do this using a multimeter;
  • Food is removed from the contacts of the holders of the brushes, pressing on them;
  • Contacts are pulled out of the engine body;
  • The brush wear is determined by the size of the graphic section: if its value is less than 5 mm, the replacement should be done necessarily;
  • The new brush is rubbed to the collector, installing sandpaper on it and scrolling several revolutions;
  • The same procedure is repeated with the second brush;
  • The engine is vacuumed again;
  • The motor is completely assembled and installed in the Ardo washing machine;

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replacing, wirlpool, helper, washing, machine

Whirlpool Top-Load Washing Machine Disassembly, Repair Help

At this stage, a drive belt is not needed. Just the car starts in washing mode. This must be done so that the brushes are well injured to the engine collector.

  • The drive belt is put on the engine pulley, and then on the pulley pulley;
  • The washing machine is completely assembled;
  • The back wall is installed and fixed.

In the same way, the malfunctions of the electric motors of washing machines TL are also eliminated.

Replacing the brush brushes

Replacing the engine of the washing machine should begin with the selection of new parts. To prevent a random error, you must clearly know the type and type of motor of your washing machine. To find out this information, find the marking sticker on the motor itself.

You can find new brushes in such places:

  • In specialized stores selling spare parts.
  • In service centers specializing in the maintenance of washing machines.
  • In online stores.

We will figure out how to put the brushes correctly:

  • Unscrew the old brushes and inspect them. If your washing machine is precisely because of them, then you will notice the extreme wear of these elements.
  • Also inspect the collector, scrolling it with your fingers. If you find only modest scratches, then you can easily get rid of them using ordinary sandpaper.
  • Insert the brushes carefully instead of old ones, fix them using screws and screwdriver.
  • Next, scroll the motor with your hands. This will give you an understanding of how tightly the brushes are adjacent to the engine. With rotation, light clicks should be heard.

If you are convinced of the correctness of all work, you can start the reverse assembly of your see.

Assembly of the machine

Now you know how to replace brushes on a washing machine. But in order for the technique to work properly, it is important to collect everything as it was. And most importantly. so that there are no extra details and fasteners, as often happens in jokes.

  • Screw the engine in place using fasteners.
  • Return to the starting position belt of the drive of the washing machine. To do this, first put it on the pulley, then rotate it, holding the belt with your hand. Scroll the pulley a couple more times to make sure of the correct location of the belt.
  • Connect the engine with wires.
  • Install the back panel in place and fix with self.tapping screws.
  • Run the test washing. If the operation of the machine is normalized, then you did everything right.

Important! At first, brushes can tap a little until they follow. This sound will disappear later, do not worry.

As for the repair of brushes, then, having taken them out, you yourself will understand that this element is not subject to repair. only replacement is possible.

How to remove the engine of the washing machine?

extracting the SMA engine through the bottom

IMPORTANT. Before any start of disassembly, the technique will be de.energized.

How to replace the brushes of the electric motor of the washing machine?

Saving brushes of washing machine in a clip

BUT. Replacing the brushes of the Bosch washing machine here is simple, nothing needs to be soldered, we disassemble the plastic case, take out the coal of the brush itself and insert it back new, due to the design, nothing needs to be soldered, everything is kept on special ledges.

B. Replacing the brushes of Washing machines Indesit, Ariston, Samsung, unlike Bosch brushes, the brushes are soldered to the iron housing on all other washing machines, using spot welding, the fastening is quite durable and will not fall off.

Since when replacing brushes, you will have to connect a copper wire with an iron housing, you will not get off with a simple soldering, since you need to connect two heterogeneous metal. We do not recommend that you experience fate and use strong acids for soldering, where it is easier, do not completely tear off the wires of the old brush, but just put it down a little and bite off to solder the brushes not to the steel case, but to the remnant of the copper braid of the old brush, which is already in In turn is tightly connected to the body.

ATTENTION. After the replacement, new brushes will be rubbed within 2-3 washes and the sound of rotation will be unusual and unpleasant, but over time it will pass.

How the engine of the washing machine works: varieties

Before diagnostics, you must understand what type of motor is in your washing machine and how it works. There are three main types: asynchronous, collector and inverter engine centrifuges of the washing machine and semiautomatic device.

  • Asynchronous is installed in washing rooms Bosch, Siemens, Mille, Ardo and Kandy. A cheap and quiet motor has a simple design: Stator and rotor. Large dimensions and low performance left an asynchronous engine in the past. Therefore, it was used in the early models of the above cars.
  • The collector engine today is actively used in the brands of SMA Indesit (Indesit), Ariston, Zanussi, Electrolux, Samsung, Beko. The belt.type motor has compact dimensions and sufficient power. Transfers revolutions using a belt to the pulley pulley. Its design is slightly more complicated than the previous type: stator, rotor, two brushes and a tacrotachter that controls its speed.
  • (inverter) modern engine has just begun to conquer the user. Installed on LG models, samsung. The motor does not have a belt, but is directly attached to the drum, passing it on speed. Its structure is similar to the asynchronous engine, but compact, prayed and rarely fails.

How to check the engine service with your own hands

Since today only collector and inverter engines are used, we will consider the paths of diagnosis on their example.

Direct type

It is difficult to check its serviceability at home. You can use system testing if it is provided in your washing model. Self.diagnosis can also issue a malfunction code on the machine display. Having decrypted the code, you will understand what is the problem and whether it is worth contacting the workshop.

If you still decide to remove the engine, do it right:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from power.
  • Remove the back cover by twisting the bolts around the perimeter.
  • Under the rotor of the engine are the screws that attach the wiring. They need to be twisted.
  • Unscrew the central bolt holding the rotor. To do this, use the head on 16 (for LG model).
  • When unscrewing the bolt with the second hand, hold the rotor so that it does not rotate.
  • Remove the assembly of the rotor.
  • Behind it is the assembly of the stator, which is held by 6 bolts.
  • To twist them, take the head for 10.
  • Disconnect the wiring connectors from the stator.

You can start inspection and check the engine performance.

Collector type

There are several ways to check the collector engine. But first take out the motor from the body:

Take a diagnosis. Connect the wires of the stator and rotor winding, as indicated in the diagram below. Then connect the winding to electricity 220 volts. If the rotor began to rotate, it is believed that the device is working.

This method has disadvantages. Firstly, you cannot accurately confirm the functionality of the engine, especially how it will work in different modes. Secondly, direct connection threatens to ruin the motor if it is closed.

Based on the above, this scheme can include ballast, which serves as a protection. As ballast, you can use the heater from the washing. Connection according to the scheme:

replacing, wirlpool, helper, washing, machine

In this case, when close, the element will begin to heat up, protecting the engine from combustion.

Since the collector engine consists of several elements, they all need to be checked.

Electric brushes

There are two brushes on the sides of the motor body. Since they are made of soft material, over time they are erased. Remove the brushes from the body and, if they are worn out, install new details.

Find out that the problem is with the brushes, you can when connecting the engine. If you combined its wiring with the network, and when rotation, he began to spark, then the case is in the electric shock.

You can buy new elements in the store by showing old brushes or by calling the machine model.

The problem is in the lamella

Electricity to the rotor is transmitted through the lamellas by means of brushes. Since the lamellas are attached to the glue to the shaft, when jamming the engine, they can exfoliate. You can cope with small detachments with a lathe, setting the collectors. The chips are thoroughly cleaned with a fine skin.

When examining the lamellas, pay attention to the detachment and burrs that indicate problems in the work.

Rotor and stator windings

With problems with the winding, the cube engine becomes less powerful, or generally stops working. This happens because there is a short circuit in the windings, the motor overheats greatly and the termistor is triggered, which turns it off for safety.

You can check the windings with a multimeter. Set it into the resistance measurement mode. Apply the probe of the multimeter to the lamella, as shown in the picture. Normally, indicators should be from 20 to 200 Ohms. If the resistance is less, this is a closure. If more, a break in the winding.

replacing, wirlpool, helper, washing, machine

To check the stator, turn on the zummer mode on the multimeter and in turn apply the probes to the ends of the wiring. If the device is silent without making a signal, then everything is in order.

To find the location, one probe of the multimeter connect to the wiring, the other to the body. There should be no sounds normally.

If you find a breakdown, do not try to carry out independent repairs. To do this, you need to re.create a winding. In this case, it is easier to replace the electric motor.

As you can see, checking the engine with your own hands is easy. In some cases, you can independently repair the engine or contact the service center.

Typical malfunctions Whirlpool

If we transfer thoroughly all possible breakdowns of the SMA, we will have to write a whole guide in 10 volumes. Therefore, we stop attention only at the malfunctions typical of this brand.

We used data from authoritative service centers to create valuable instructions for those who are going to repair the WHIRLPOOL washing machine with their own hands.

  • After washing, water is in the tank.
  • Washing modes freeze, do not start at all, or programs are performed with failures.
  • All wash modes take place in cold water.
  • SMA flows in the Luke zone.

Important! Behind these at first glance harmless malfunctions can be hidden by serious breakdowns. They need to be eliminated immediately so as not to break the cm finally.

The most vulnerable details of the Whirlpool cars

Based on the problems described above, we can distinguish the most vulnerable places of WHIRLPOOL washing machines. Many modern models provide a self.diagnosis system that, using a malfunction code, will tell you about what part failed.

But what to do if the machine does not turn on at all, and there is nothing that would help you find out the cause of the breakdown? Listen to the advice of experienced repairmen, they are sure that the most vulnerable details in the Whirlpool machine are the following:

  • Thermoelectric heater. TEN.
  • Engine and its movable elements.
  • Luke’s cuff, nozzles.
  • Controller (control module).

Attention! Whirlpool cars, like any other cars, “suffer”. Both filters and hoses are clogged. If you clean the cleaning in a timely manner (3-4 times a year), then you can avoid breakdowns of the drain system and water bay.

Repair tips

The first important advice, which will allow the most to delay the repair as such. carefully care for the WHIRLPOL washing machine during operation. The same rubber seal must be wiped dry after each wash so that it does not wear out faster than it should.

The mechanical details of the washing machine need to be at least periodically lubricated to ensure their high.quality and reliable operation for a long period. In addition, when carrying out any repair work, you should not only have on hand a scheme of a particular model of the manufacturer in question, but also clearly understand what you are doing and why. Without the presence of drawings of the available WHIRLPOL washing machine, there is a high probability that the repair can be made incorrectly or made with violations that only exacerbates the breakdown.

If desired, it will be possible to chat with a specialist of some service center located near your home.

How to change brushes on a washing machine

Some manufacturers of household power tools indicate the advantages of their models by quick.removing carbon brushes. This is really important, since during the work, time is more expensive than gold, and brushes due to difficult working conditions have to be changed quite often. With washing machines the situation is somewhat different. To evaluate their condition or replace it: it is necessary:

  • Turn off the power of the washing machine from the mains, and if possible from the water supply and sewage system to facilitate repair;
  • Remove the casing of the washing machine in order to ensure access to the electric motor. For various brands of washing machines, one or more walls have to be removed. Sometimes just unscrew the bottom. In each case, disassembly is carried out with its own order of actions;
  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley located on the shaft of the engine rotor;
  • Turn off the electric wires connected to the electric motor;
  • Unscrew the mounting elements of the engine and remove it from the washing machine.

ADVICE! A great solution would be if all disassembly operations at each stage are fixed on the smartphone camera. This will make it possible when assembling the unit correctly install all elements and electrical wires in place. Remember which way the brushes are directed!

Having removed the engine, you need to unscrew the fasteners of the brush holders, then disconnect the contact terminals. If the brushes standing on the engines have a length of less than one and a half centimeters, or cracks are visible on them, a break in contacts, then they must be replaced.

If only one brush is severely worn or damaged, both parts must be replaced.

Before you put new brushes in return for the old ones, it is necessary to inspect the state of the stator and rotor, clean them of dust, dirt, and graphite residues with dry rags moistened in medical alcohol. If there are small scratches and lifts on the surface of the collector’s contact (the brushes are adjacent to it), they can be carefully removed with the “zero” of the smallest sandpaper, then wipe with alcohol. After all the manipulations, you can install new elements with a mandatory reliable mount, using locking bolts.

Having assembled a washing machine in order, reverse disassembly, you can start testing. To do this, you need to turn on the washing machine on one of the wash modes (without things for idle), and observe the operation of the device. If there is a slight sparking and not a loud noise in the engine, in the first minutes of work, this is a normal phenomenon. Over time, the surface of the brushes will fit to the collector, and the sparks will disappear. It is not worth it, during the first launches of the washes, overload the drum with linen.

How to choose brushes for replacement

The functioning of the washing machine and the service life of graphite elements directly depend on the correct choice of brushes. All brushes must be the same sizes, since installing parts with different stiffness of the spring or other material, bears a greater probability of failure of the entire unit.

It is only worth buying brushes from trusted sellers, always writing or remembering the brand of your washing machine. It is easiest to purchase spare parts through online stores or in service centers. Original products can cost from 800 to 3000, but you can purchase universal brushes for cheaper, they cost from 300 to 500. When purchasing brushes for a specific model, the possibility of low.quality repair is excluded, which is often carried out with mechanical fitting of brushes to the required size. Even considering that the replacement of brushes is not a difficult repair, it is better that it is carried out by specialists with the provision of a guarantee for repairs.

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