Review of Baxi single-circuit gas boilers

Wall hung gas boilers Baxi literally flooded the Russian market of heating equipment over the past decade. This is not surprising. When a potential buyer faces a choice: to buy an inexpensive boiler, but underdeveloped and domestic, or reliable, but expensive production of Germany, the choice is often made in favor of Italian manufacturers of gas boilers.

As a rule, they are distinguished by a fairly favorable ratio of “price-quality” and developed network of maintenance, easy to find spare parts. Consider the most popular in Russia brand of gas boilers Baxi, reviews of which we can often read on specialized forums, Internet blogs or on the official website of the company.

Let’s take a detailed look at the main models, types, device, technical characteristics of wall mounted (hinged) single-circuit and two-circuit gas boilers Baxi, identify their main advantages and disadvantages, and also understand how they differ from each other according to the operating instructions.

The main models of wall hung gas boilers company Baxi

The following models of wall-mounted gas boilers from the company Baxi are presented in our market:

MAIN ECO COMPACT vs BAXI 600 vs BAXI 800. Combi Boiler Review

Wall hung gas boilers Baksi differ in the type of flue gas outlet and can be

Turbine gas boilers Baxi with closed combustion chamber

The boiler is equipped with a special fan (turbine), through which the combustion products from the boiler into the atmosphere are forcibly removed. For this you will need to buy an additional coaxial chimney or pipe system for separate flue and air intake.

Coaxial type chimney on the type “pipe in pipe” is installed at one end (through the knee) on the boiler, and the other end through the wall out on the street. It is very convenient, because.к. no need to specially build a chimney through the roof.

These Baxi models are marked with “F” or “Fi”. For example, mounted two-circuit gas boilers Baxi Main Four 18 F, Baxi Eco 4S 24 F or Baxi Eco Four 24 F. The numbers refer to the output of the boiler, t.е. 18 or 24 kW.

Baxi atmospheric boilers with open combustion chamber

If your private home already has a chimney with a diameter of at least 130 mm, you can buy a boiler with an open chamber, the emission of the products of combustion is due to natural draft. Such boilers are often called “atmospheric.

On the boilers themselves Baxi smoke exhaust pipe diameter is 121-122 mm, so they will fit the aluminum 125 mm diameter chimney that can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, which can be stretched up to three meters. Or you can use stainless steel chimney pipes of the same diameter. True, this variant of the chimney will cost a little bit more.

In these models, there is no turbine, and in the marking of the boiler Baksi present article “i”, or it is not stamped at all. For example, “Baxi Eco Four 24i” or “Baxi Four Tech 24″.

Wall gas boilers Baxi are available in two versions:

This type of boilers provides only heating of the heating medium in the heating system. In these boilers there is only one main heat exchanger. This type of boilers is not very popular, because its cost is slightly lower than for two-circuit models.

In turn, the wall mounted dual-circuit gas boiler can always be used only for heating, and the second circuit for DHW is not connected at all.

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You can simply buy a two-circuit gas boiler Baksi, even in the absence of running water in the future. It is possible that after some time you will need the second circuit of the boiler, and you do not have to buy a new machine.

Such boilers are the most popular among customers, as evidenced by the numerous reviews on gas boilers Baxi. They can operate both as a heating unit, and as a flow-through gas boiler. And, during the use of flowing hot household water, heating the heating circuit does not turn on automatically, unlike many brands of floor standing gas boilers.

Double-circuit wall gas boilers have two separate heat exchangers, or one bitermic for heating both circuits in a single monolithic unit. Boilers of this type have the highest demand among potential buyers. Buying a boiler of this type, we get in a “single flacon” boiler for heating and natural gas for hot water.

Features of the device of two-circuit gas boilers Baxi: instruction

All models are equipped with two separate heat exchangers (except boilers Main Four and Main 5) for heating water in the heating system and domestic, running water for hot water. The main heat exchanger is made of high quality copper, the secondary one for DHW. of stainless steel.

All boilers are equipped with a circulation pump of German manufacturers, either Grundfos or Wilo. This pump is able to lift the water column in the heating system up to 6 meters, which is enough for a two-storey house or cottage. Circulation pumps integrated into the boilers are quite economical and equipped with an automatic air vent.

To maintain the necessary pressure in the heating system Baksi boilers have a built-in membrane expansion tank of 6-10 liters. No need to buy another one, if the total volume of water in the system is less than 100-150 liters. This individual volume can be found out by yourself by calculating the total number of radiator sections, the length of pipe or when filling the system.

Baxi boilers are equipped with a Honeywell gas valve, the gas burner has stainless steel flame spreaders. All models automatically maintain the water temperature in the heating system and DHW by smooth electronic modulation of the burner.

One-circuit or two-circuit gas boiler from Baxi will be better?

In the leaders of sales are two-circuit boilers from Baksi. For example, not expensive, but technological model Baxi ECO 4s 24 F. It will cost about 500 u.е.

Demand for two-circuit rather fueled by the fact that users want more quickly and without cost for additional equipment to get the opportunity to heat domestic hot water (DHW).

Indeed, any two-circuit boiler, including Baxi, will heat water “online”. But the flow heating from any boiler is so inconvenient that users soon decide to complement the two-circuit boiler layer heating, or at least an electric boiler How to heat water with a two-circuit boiler

Similar proposed, but single-circuit, able to control an indirect boiler Baxi ECO 4s 1.24 F. for the same 500. With an indirect boiler, it forms a strong pair, providing a comfortable DHW always.

As a result, the choice is almost equal. that the two-circuit with layer-by-layer, that the single-circuit with indirect But if you still want the simplest and cheapest DHW, you can follow the many who made Baxi ECO 4s 24 F sales leader, and nothing to complement it.

Features of Baxi boilers

This is high-tech equipment with excellent basic performance. At the request of customers, additional elements can be included in the package, which will make the device even more functional.

The manufacturer offers the following devices:

  • The timer. Wall and floor boilers “Baxi” can be programmed so that they work at a time set by the user. This approach reduces the cost of heating: when no one is home, the equipment will automatically turn off.
  • Room thermostat. This accessory is necessary to control the climate in the room. Its use is very simple. you set the desired temperature on the display and the heating device maintains it independently. When the desired temperature is reached, the unit turns off. When the temperature drops by one degree, it will start working again.
  • Outdoor temperature sensor. Thanks to this element the boiler will be able to react to changes in the weather. The technology is needed to maintain an optimal temperature in the house, while reducing gas consumption.

Thanks to these accessories, the final cost of heating is reduced and home heating becomes many times more efficient. In addition, these elements will facilitate the operation of the device.


Among the vast variety of heating equipment belongs to the Italian company Baxi. If you compare the gas equipment of this company with the products of other companies, it becomes clear that the models of this brand are the most technologically advanced and functional. At a minimum, they can be used not only for heating, but also for hot water preparation. That is the device 2 in 1. The brand’s catalog features quite a few models that have slight differences in technical parameters.

Among the advantages of units “Baxi” allocate the following:

  • Electric ignition. For heating the boiler is enough for one minute, and for this use the minimum power. As soon as the equipment is properly prepared, it operates at maximum efficiency.
  • Automatic flame control. Thanks to this the room always remains at a comfortable temperature. It is also beneficial to the service life of the device, because the constant on and off is often the main cause of failure of devices.
  • Post-circulation system. For this equipment is supplemented by special accessories, which allow to reduce electricity and gas consumption.
  • Simple installation. Can be installed on the floor or on the wall. The device itself has a robust and reliable design, despite its low weight.
  • Environmentally friendly. During the operation of the installation, when the fuel burns, a minimum amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the air.

Heating equipment is well-proven in the work in the premises of different purposes: from suburban cottages and apartments to industrial buildings. Due to the fact that gas boilers are able not only to heat homes, but also to prepare hot water, they make life much more comfortable. This property is especially important if one lives in an area remote from centralized engineering networks.


If we consider the negative qualities of gas equipment firm Baxi, the only thing that can be highlighted is its high cost. It is explained by the quality of the products produced. You need to understand that the heating equipment. an important element, on which the comfort of living will depend. Therefore, experts do not recommend saving on the purchase of a quality unit.

Some types of devices must be installed in a specially designated room. a boiler room, which must be properly prepared. If there are no skills to work with gas boilers, then you should entrust their installation to professionals.

The for the model range of gas boilers Baxi

Floor standing gas boilers Baksi (Baxi)

Baxi Slim has a cast-iron heat exchanger, the capacity is 15-62 kW, there is a self-diagnostic system with small size. The Slim HPS modification is insulated with fiberglass, and Slim EF has a burner with a thermocouple.

  • Condensing model achieves capacity of 650 kW, the efficiency factor is 98%.
  • . Used for heating large rooms.

Rating of Baxi heating boilers

We offer a rating of boilers for heating from the Italian manufacturer Baxi.

Baxi SLIM 2.300 i 29.7 kW

It is a floor standing boiler of atmospheric type (that is, with an open combustion chamber), the heat exchanger is made of cast iron. The boiler is designed for 50 liters, the productivity of hot water is 12.1 liters per minute, which is enough. The boiler is equipped with an automatic electric ignition function and continuous electronic flame modulation. Safety provided by electronic self-diagnosis system, thermostat against overheating of water and draught sensor that monitors removal of combustion products.

Baxi SLIM 1.300 iN 29.7 kW

This is a unit of the same series as the previous boiler. This is a fairly compact floor model, designed for the organization of heating. The boiler is equipped with a cast iron heat exchanger. Maximum useful heat output 29.7 kW, minimum 14.9 kW. Weight of the equipment. 136 kg. Two temperature control ranges for the heating circuits: 30 to 85 degrees and 30 to 45 degrees (for underfloor heating).

Baxi Duo-tec Compact 24 20 kW

This is a compact model with a high level of efficiency. 110%. Closed combustion chamber with forced flue gas discharge. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel. The hot water supply is adjustable from 35 to 60 degrees. The boiler is equipped with an adaptive flame control system and energy efficient circulation pump. The pressure is controlled by an electronic manometer. Safety provided by built-in self-diagnosis system.

Baxi Duo-tec Compact 1.24 24 kW

Model belongs to the same collection as the previous one, but it is designed only for heating system operation. Temperature controlled by means of a renewed display panel. Temperature sensors are installed on both the flow and return. The appliance is equipped with a weather-dependent automatic. The temperature in the heating system can be adjusted from 25 to 30 degrees.

Baxi ECO Four 24 F 24 kW

This is a very compact model, designed for installation even in small rooms. Boiler equipped with a sealed combustion chamber with forced draining of combustion products. The heat exchanger is made of copper. The appliance is equipped with continuous electronic flame modulation and progressive electrical ignition. Air regulation system is patented. It is possible to reconfigure the equipment to run on liquid fuel. The boiler is equipped with an automatic weather control and there is a digital temperature indicator on the control panel.

Baxi ECO-4s 1.24F 24 kW

The unit differs from the previous model in the number of circuits, it is designed only for heating. The temperature of the heating medium is regulated in two ranges: for batteries from 30 to 85 degrees and underfloor heating from 30 to 45 degrees. The set temperature is controlled and maintained automatically.

Why the boiler may hum?The boiler may emit a humming noise for one of the following reasons:

  • Large amount of oxygen in the water-heat medium;
  • Reduced gas pressure level;
  • Sludge accumulated on the parts;
  • Fan malfunction.

Why the radiators do not warm?Sometimes the radiator remains cold when the boiler is on. Most often the cause is a broken pump or clogged filter.

Installation and maintenance recommendations

Installation of condensing boilers Baksi, is carried out in a simple way. For installation it is required to follow the simple recommendations of the manufacturer:

    The removal of combustion products and air intake, are carried out through the coaxial pipe. Wall hung boilers can be connected to a horizontal chimney and floor standing boilers to a vertical one.

Reviews about condensing boilers manufactured by Baksi

Technical characteristics of floor standing and mounted gas condensing boilers Baksi, are the main advantage of heating equipment of this type. Compared to atmospheric units, the gas consumption is reduced by 35%. The efficiency of the models is from 107-109%.

The disadvantages of Baxi condensing heating boiler, are:

    High cost. classic versions will cost 2-3 times cheaper than the condensing ones. When deciding to buy a boiler that uses the principle of steam condensation, consider the cost of maintenance, as well as repair work.

The design and construction of heating equipment from Baxi, was designed to provide maximum thermal efficiency. The heat of heated steam, is used not only to increase the temperature of the coolant, but also for heating hot water. High cost and installation costs pay off after a few heating seasons.

By their thermal characteristics, condensing boilers Baksi, are not inferior to more distinguished products of German and Austrian manufacturers. Easy installation and operation, automation of work processes and efficiency make the equipment of the Italian brand, one of the most popular among domestic consumers.

Cast iron gas boilers Baxi Slim. are reliable floor standing appliances for heating private homes, adapted to Russian conditions. Good reviews from customers, the European quality of assembly and materials have made this model the best solution for the organization of independent heating.

Consider the device series boilers Baxi Slim 1.300 iN” and “1.400 iN”, as well as the entire model range of floor units from the famous Italian manufacturer. Let’s note the main types and features, advantages, disadvantages and possible problems in operation, thanks to the instructions for use and technical characteristics of single and double circuit gas floor standing boilers “Baksi Slim”.

review, baxi, single-circuit, boilers

Floor standing gas boilers Baxi Slim: model range and features

Baksi company, along with wall-mounted models, is also represented in the market of floor gas boilers. cast iron heating devices of “Slim” series. In translation from the English word “slim” means “narrow”. One of the distinctive features of these models are their compact size, since the width of the boiler is only 35 cm!

Thanks to its small size, the floor standing boiler “Baxi Slim” can be installed not only in a separate boiler room, but even in a small kitchen.

The main element of the boiler model “Baksi Slim” is a durable cast iron heat exchanger for heating the coolant circulating in the heating circuit. Depending on the capacity of the model, this heat exchanger has different number of sections:

Dimensions and connection of the boiler Baxi Slim 1.400 iN

In the market it is possible to meet different models of floor standing boilers Baksi, their differences are specified in the name of the device. It is spelled out the rated power of the boiler: 15, 23, 30, 40, 49 or 62 kW, its equipment, method of removal of combustion products and purpose.

According to the way of combustion products venting, Baksi Slim floor standing boilers can be found:

Also spelled out in the name and a complete set of boiler series “Slim”:

Appointment of devices are also different, they are made for both heating and hot water, and this is indicated by the first number (1 or 2) in their marking:

Russian consumers have the most popular single-circuit boilers with open combustion chamber in the basic set, primarily because of the affordable price of the equipment. The more so that you can always buy separately and the circulating pump and expansion tank, which turns out more profitable and at a cost.

The same applies to devices with forced draught, the price for them is noticeably higher than for atmospheric models of boilers Baxi Slim.

All single-circuit boilers “Baxi Slim” have the ability to connect an external indirect water heater of different volumes for cooking household water in it. On the control panel, the boiler has special knobs for setting the desired water temperature not only in the heating system, but also in the external boiler.

Boiler “Baxi Slim” with a boiler of indirect heating to 200 liters “Baxi Premier”

All “Slim” series machines can work in two temperature modes:

In addition, floor standing boilers Baksi have built-in weather-dependent automation, the possibility of remote control operation with a programmable or mechanical thermostat.

review, baxi, single-circuit, boilers

Boilers are equipped with electric ignition and smooth modulation of burner flame, modern safety system and a draft sensor connected to the smoke hood (draft stabilizer), which is included in the delivery of the device.

Technical characteristics

The diameter of the chimney at atmospheric models is from 110 to 180 mm, the connection of gas to the boiler is made with bellows gas hose thread diameter 1/2′ or 3/4′. The diameter of the internal thread of the heating circuit nipples is 1 1/4′, and on models with a built-in pump and tank: “return. 1 1/4′, “straight”. 3/4′.

Advantages of floor standing boilers Baksi Slim:

Disadvantages of boilers model Baxi Slim:

Floor gas boiler “Baxi Slim” with a cast-iron heat exchanger. this is one of the best solutions on the market when choosing a heating appliance for home heating. Many positive customer reviews, excellent quality and versatility make these units more and more popular. We looked at the technical characteristics and features of the device of floor boilers made in Italy by the manual. See negative video feedback from the user.

Types of wall mounted boilers brand Baxi

The Italian manufacturer has established the production of wall hung gas boilers for heating and hot water heating. The equipment uses modern design solutions, the work regulates the sensitive automation.

The Baksi company is constantly improving the internal structure of the proposed equipment. Modifications affected the control unit, heat exchanger, burner device. In a line of wall hung boilers, both single and double circuit models are offered.

Wall mounted dual circuit boilers Baxi

Gas wall mounted two-circuit boilers Baxi, distinguished by versatility and small size. The boilers have simple and intuitive controls. The following features are present in the design:

  • Two heat exchangers. Italian hinged two-circuit gas boilers heating Baksi, equipped with two heating circuits: of steel and copper. The primary heat exchanger is used for efficient and quick heating of the coolant in the heating system. Secondary circuit, designed for hot water heating. The flow heating method is applied.
  • Buffer tank. the disadvantage of all dual-circuit models, is the long period of time from opening a faucet, before the supply of hot water to the water intake. In boilers Baksi, there is a built-in storage boiler, connected to the recirculation system. This tank provides an instantaneous supply of hot water. From the opening of the faucet to the flow of heated water in the DHW system, it takes only a few seconds.
  • Combustion chamber type. we offer residential wall mounted dual-circuit gas boilers Baxi with a combustion chamber open (atmospheric) and closed (turbine) type:
  • Turbine connected to the coaxial chimney, through which the combustion products are drained and the air mixture enters the burner. Two-circuit wall mounted gas boiler Baxi with a closed combustion chamber, has low installation requirements. Allowed for installation in the apartment of a multi-storey house.
  • The main difference between the two-circuit heating devices, is the provided function of hot water heating. The disadvantage of 2-circuit. limited capacity (total volume of water heated during the hour).

Wall mounted single circuit boilers Baksi

Baxi wall-mounted compact single-circuit gas boilers, are in constant consumer demand due to the following features:

  • Long life. the device has only one heat exchanger that heats the heating medium for the heating system. The weak point of two-circuit units, this DHW coil, which, after several years of operation, begins to overgrow from the inside. The inner cavity is narrowed and the boiler can not operate to heat water. In some cases, it also leads to a complete stop unit. In single-circuit models, the heat exchanger has a wide cavity, which does not overgrow even when using “hard” water.
  • Ability to connect to a storage tank. the principle of operation and structure of the wall mounted gas boiler Baxi with an external boiler, is as follows. The tank is connected to the supply and return pipes, forming a small circle of the heating system. When you turn on the boiler, first heats the water in the boiler. After that, the heating system coolant is heated.
  • Type of combustion chamber. as well as two-circuit analog, wall-mounted single-circuit gas boilers Baxi, are made with turbo and atmospheric combustion chambers.
  • Performance. single-circuit models have a large capacity and are designed to heat premises up to 300m².

In modern heating systems, the single-circuit boiler with connection to the boiler of indirect heating is used more and more often. The advantage of this scheme is the possibility to obtain hot water in a large volume. The manufacturer manufactures indirect heating boilers, with a volume of 100 to 2500 liters.

What should be considered before buying a boiler Baxi

If the question of buying a single-circuit or two-circuit boiler from Baxi has been finally resolved, you need to think about the calculation of power for the future unit. By standard, it is calculated on the basis of 1 kW per 10 square meters. м. living space.

For example, if the area of the house is 125-145 sq.m. м., The device should not be weaker than 12 kW. But this should take into account the insulation of the house and its degree, as well as possible heat loss. In order not to miscalculate these indicators, it is better to leave this work to professionals, because here you will have to pay attention to the chimney, its choice is based on the characteristics of the combustion chamber.

If frequent power outages are allowed, you need to buy an additional battery. Most private home owners, first of all, pay attention to the energy-independent wall mounted gas boilers. But for such equipment you will have to pay a rather large amount of money. If the family is large, it is worth thinking about installing an additional boiler, if it has not been provided.

Before buying, you can ask about what kind of heat exchanger is installed in the unit, if it is copper, this is a definite advantage over other models, as this unit will last longer. As for cast iron heat exchangers, they are also not affected by corrosion, but the disadvantage is that they are very heavy and have an undesirable brittleness. If you take into account all these features, the gas boiler will last a very long time, and will not require repair.

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