Robot vacuum cleaner with a base for self-cleaning

Ranking of the best robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning in 2022

A robot vacuum cleaner is actually an autonomous device that can effectively clean an apartment. Home helpers with self-cleaning require the least amount of attention. After filling the tank, the robot will return to the docking station, empties the garbage into a special bag, which should be changed no more often than once a month. These models are just gaining popularity, but enough to form a rating of the top 7 best robotic vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning, which gathered the top examples, worthy of attention of potential buyers in 2022.

Model 2022 Disadvantages Cleaning The volume of the dust canister, l Я.Market
iRobot Roomba i3 no lidar dry 0,4 Go to
Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Alpha S9 not completely russified voiceover dry and wet 0,3 Go to
Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Sometimes the robot does not immediately navigate dry and wet 0,4 Jump
iRobot Roomba i7 dry cleaning only dry 0,4 Go to
Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Low quality of wet cleaning dry and wet 0,2 Go to
Kyvol Cybovac S31 “Afraid” of black carpets dry and wet 0,5 Go to
Xbot L7 Pro Noise at maximum capacity dry and wet 0,6 Go to

iRobot Roomba i3

Robot vacuum cleaner of the medium price category, offering a balanced set of functions, advanced software algorithms. The Genius Home Intelligence platform offers an advanced customization option. Dozens of tools are available in the menu, allowing you to personalize cleaning, based on the characteristics of the room, the way of life of the owner, the presence of pets in the house.

iRobot Roomba i3 is controlled in several ways: through the voice assistant Alexa, Google Assistant, in a mobile app, buttons located on the body (basic functionality is available without advanced settings).

The package iRobot Roomba i3 includes an advanced docking station with self-cleaning system that virtually eliminates the need for regular human intervention. During charging, a powerful pump built into the platform will extract the collected debris from the tank of the robot in a sealed bag. The package is enough for 10-15 full cleaning average apartment.

Better cleaning is provided by the specially designed turbo-brush. Special protector collects up to 99% of dust, debris, while virtually eliminating wool, hair.

Cleaning dry
The volume of the dust bag 0.4 л
Robot features Scheduled cleaning, fall protection, obstacle sensor, docking station with bag, web control
Cleaning area 150 м²
Nozzle Features side brush, turbo brush
Noise level 65 dB
Price, ₽ 46 175. 52 700
Find in-store Yandex.Market
  • Branded app with advanced functionality;
  • Creating the optimal cleaning program based on operating history;
  • Able to clean carpets with pile height up to 0.5 mm;
  • low noise level;
  • building a three-dimensional interactive map of the room.

Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Alpha S9. fast, quiet

Home helper with a Japanese Nidec engine that delivers suction power up to 2700 Pa, which allows you to pick up more than 90% of the debris. When you hit the carpet, the power is automatically increased to maximum. Collected fractions are deposited in the tank, the air is cleaned in two stages before it enters the room.

When the tank is full, the robot vacuum autonomously drives to the station, where the dust canister is automatically cleaned. The user is notified of the need to replace the bag by the LED indicator located on the body of the charging pad. A wet-cleaning option with three water delivery modes is also available. In this case, the manual installation of a special module is required.

Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Alpha S9 uses LDS 2 technology for precise navigation.0, the assistant lidar scans the room within 360 degrees, builds an accurate map of the space, is able to drive over obstacles up to 20 mm high, including thresholds, carpets. Using the mobile application you can set the mode by voice commands, choose the time of cleaning, send the robot to the docking station, activate the silent mode, set the virtual walls, limiting the areal of the passage.

What robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning function choose: the test

It cleans up when you’re not home and it’s the wonder machine of today. We are talking about a robot vacuum cleaner that will clean the living room, collect dust under the bed, remove trash from the carpet and even wash the floor. But a robot vacuum cleaner needs maintenance just like any other vacuum cleaner. A number of companies have decided to simplify and automate this process, giving the devices a special docking station to clean the vacuum cleaner container after each cleaning. In the end, the vacuum cleaner cleans not only the house, but also itself.

There was a test model to see which is better.

Dust bag for 2.8 liters, low height, double roller brushes, single-sided brush, suction power of 2200 Pa

Vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning capabilities, 3 modes of operation (vacuuming, sterilization and deodorization), dust bag for 3 liters, single roller brush, double-sided brushes, suction power of 2700 Pa

Vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning capabilities, 3 modes, two water tanks, 2 modes of floor cleaning, 2.5 l dust bag, single roller brush, double-sided brushes, suction power of 1500 Pa.

We decided the best of the three contenders by giving it a test drive on four aspects: floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing and automatic dusting. All tests are recorded in real time and repeated several times, and the average will be used as the basis.

Test participants set to one mode, their dustbins emptied, batteries fully charged and water tanks filled. Cleaning area, type and size of debris are the same for all. All dust collectors are weighed before and after cleaning to calculate cleaning efficiency.

An area of 3.42 m² (regular floor and carpet) was selected for the suction test, on which 100 g of waste (a mix of beans, cereals, and sunflower husks) was evenly scattered.

Two of the three vacuum cleaners (iRobot i7 did not participate) passed the floor cleaning test, where a 2.2 m² surface was poured with coffee. They needed to remove freshly applied coffee stains and those that had dried out.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, base, self-cleaning

Ecovacs T8 AIVI and Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus did well in Standard and Turbo modes. And iRobot i7 turned out to be the outsider in terms of cleanliness and a lot of debris is left around the roller brush.

Robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning

Roidmi EVA is equipped with not only wet cleaning function, but also self-cleaning

One of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning function is Roidmi EVA. Like all vacuums in its class, it eliminates the need to manually empty its bin after each use. The docking station it plugs into to recharge it will do it for you. It already has a special pump and a large container for collecting dust and debris particles with a capacity of 3 liters, which is enough for plus or minus two months.

Roidmi. Roidmi is a famous manufacturer of robot-vacuum cleaners that specializes in self-cleaning solutions. To see the full range of Roidmi, visit its official website.

But, unlike all of its predecessors, the Roidmi EVA can not only clean the contents of the vacuum cleaner, but also wash the soft nozzle used for wet cleaning and then dry it. In fact, we are dealing with the first and probably so far the only full-cycle robot vacuum cleaner that not only cleans and cleans your apartment, but also cleans itself afterwards. The Roidmi EVA docking station has two four-liter water tanks for this purpose.

Robotic vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning

The first tank draws clean water to clean the soft wet cleaning nozzle. When the vacuum cleaner docks with the station, it starts the rinsing procedure, then pumps the dirty water into a second tank. This makes it possible to achieve even greater cleanliness. And all this without your intervention. And since only a small amount of liquid is used for rinsing, 4 liters of water is enough for a long time.

This dock has two water tanks: one for clean and one for dirty water

However, automation is not the only thing that can boast the Roidmi EVA. And because it is a robot vacuum cleaner from the advanced segment, its hardware features are also on top. Powerful stuff gives you suction power of 3200 Pa. This is a really good indicator because many modern models usually have less than 2000 Pa. So the Roidmi EVA can be used not only to clean your laminate, parquet and linoleum, but also carpets, rugs, and other hairy surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with two brushes with a rotation speed of 180 rpm and movable design with cushioning. Due to this the vacuum cleaner keeps high efficiency of collecting dust and debris, even when cleaning in conditions of uneven floor. While ordinary vacuum cleaners are usually unable to pick up dust in the recess in front of the threshold, this will not be a problem for the Roidmi EVA. It will easily overcome the barriers of height up to 2 cm will not leave behind a single particle of garbage. And thanks to its 5200 mAh battery, it will last up to 250 minutes without recharging.

Where to Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roidmi can go for 250 minutes on a single charge. Power!

The Roidmi has a powerful 5200mAh battery. Its charge is enough to clean in mixed mode continuously for 250 minutes. That’s pretty much it. In this time you can clean a large three-room apartment. But to get the balance between autonomy and cleaning quality you’d better predetermine the places where you want the vacuum cleaner to intensify, and where it can loosen up a bit. That’s relaxing, not slacking. That’s because the quality of cleaning will be on par in any case.

Washing robot vacuum cleaners are basically pretty inexpensive things. However, if we are talking about models with self-cleaning, they will be even more expensive. So do not be surprised by the price of the Roidmi. However, on Ozone its If you wish you can not even pay the entire amount at once, and take advantage of the installment plan, dividing it into 6 equal payments. You’ll end up with a hell of a bargain.

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robot, vacuum, cleaner, base, self-cleaning

Imou Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Hands-free Cleaning with Auto Dirt Disposal Base

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The robot vacuum cleaner’s cleaning modes

Cool that the Roidmi gives you the option of wet mopping

Roidmi allows you to choose among three cleaning modes, which vary in power. The basic mode will reduce the suction power to give you the quietest vacuuming possible. On medium suction power, as well as the volume, will be higher, and on the most powerful. even higher. The same number of modes are available for wet mopping. They determine how much water the vacuum cleaner will use. Need a simple wet cleaning. choose the initial mode. And, if it is necessary to progenerate an apartment after the guests, then the more assistant mode is useful.

A smarter vacuum cleaner than Roidmi might be hard to find

Roidmi vacuum cleaner. smart. Not only because you can connect it to the voice assistant (both Alice and Google Assistant are supported) and control it with verbal commands. You can teach it to clean the way you want it and where you want it:

  • Designate an exact activation time at which the vacuum cleaner will wake up and drive to clean;
  • Draw a cleaning map, noting the places where the vacuum cleaner should pay special attention to removing dirt;
  • Limit its route on the map in the Mi Home app so it doesn’t go to clean where you don’t want it.

Vacuuming Robots

The best robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning. Overview of features and functions of all 5 models. Which self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner is best and why. The ranking covers such flagships as iRobot Roomba S9, iRobot Roomba i7, Narwal T10, Ecovacs Deebot R98 and Lenovo Smart Sweeping Robot.

Lenovo Smart Sweeping Robot and Narwal T10 are not yet available.

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Self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners: a bargain!?

The world of robotics is rapidly expanding: the demand for technology is increasing, brands are trying to meet the expectations and requirements of the audience, new models are being developed and released, and there are more and more people who want to buy the cherished robot.

The time has come when having a robot vacuum cleaner is not a happy accident, but a deliberate purchase to save time. The market provides many opportunities, allowing you to buy a smart assistant on the basis of financial capabilities, preferred design, necessary functions and additional features. You can find the right model of gadget for every consumer request.

Every year robot vacuum cleaners become more and more perfect and “smart”. Some representatives of this segment have a self-cleaning function. Now users do not have to clean the dust canister after each cleaning cycle, the docking station takes care of that.

Does it make sense and is it worth overpaying??

You have to pay for comfort and extra convenience. The presence of a self-cleaning system increases the Amount is impressive, so let’s analyze in detail whether this function is worth the money.

What is the peculiarity of such a device: the dust collector remains unchanged, its volume is the usual 0.5-0.6 liters on average, however, the dust collector is the charging station of the device, which contains volumes 30 times larger.

After finishing cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner returns to the base and unloads the contents of the vacuum cleaner. The charging station presses the debris, which allows you to have less contact with dust and spend a minimum of time maintaining the device. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, base, self-cleaning

If the process of cleaning the dust canister is not something onerous for you, then you can refuse to pay too much for such a model. And for everyone who wants to save the maximum of your time we made a rating of robots with self-cleaning system.

The top 5 robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning function

iRobot Roomba i7. 2019 model, suitable exclusively for dry cleaning. The navigation system is based on equipping the device with an optical camera. The robot intelligently analyzes the external environment, builds and remembers maps of rooms. The device allows you to plan the cleaning and divide the room into zones. The most convenient way to control your fridge is to use the official mobile app. In it you can use absolutely all the features that the manufacturer offers.

2021 NEW Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self cleaning Base Support Alexa Google.

iRobot Roomba s9. an updated version of the previous model, released a year earlier. The gadget ranked first in the list of the most expensive robot vacuum cleaners in the world. Its What the manufacturer offers for such a high price?

  • Optical camera that allows the robot to intelligently analyze the space and navigate.
  • Accurate mapping of the room and the ability to memorize multiple cleaning plans at once.
  • The robot is able to divide the territory into separate zones.
  • Cleans large rooms and is ready to work up to 120 minutes on a single charge.
  • Convenient interface application to control the robot from your phone.
  • Ability to recognize carpets and increase power when moving to them.

Note that the iRobot Roomba s9, like its junior model, is designed only for dry cleaning. A solution for users who cannot imagine a complete cleaning without wet wiping the floors: additionally buy a robot-washer or allocate time for manual cleaning.

Xbot L7 Pro. a representative of our rating, whose

Check out the features of the device:

  • The robot is able to perform not only dry but also wet cleaning, which draws its clear advantage over the first two models in our rating.
  • Lidar, which is responsible for the accurate navigation of the device in space.
  • Ability to build a map of the room and remember up to 4 cleaning plans.
  • Increased suction power up to 2700 Pa.
  • Carpet detection and automatic suction power boost on carpet transitions.
  • Separate wet-cleaning tank (110ml).
  • Powerful battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which allows you to clean on a single charge up to 2.5 hours.

Narwal T10. not only in our rating, but also in the whole market of robotics, a cleaning robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning. The cleaning station is equipped with two reservoirs: for clean and dirty water. After cleaning the floor, the robot returns to the base, rinsing the cloth with clean water.

  • Narwal T10 not only wipes the floor, but also picks up debris from hard floors. The user does not need to purchase additional gadget for dry cleaning.
  • The robot is equipped with lidar, which allows you to navigate in space.
  • Mobile app that gives you access to many of the device’s features, including the motion limiter.

Lenovo T1 Pro

Lenovo T1 Pro with laser navigation. the flagship model with suction power up to 2.7 kPa and a next-generation 5200 mAh battery will be a faithful assistant in dry and wet cleaning of the entire house up to 200 square meters.м.

It comes with everything you need: two docking stations (for picking up and recharging), spare bags, a water tank and its own cleaning tool.

Premium product looks appropriate: perfectly round, snow-white body with lidar turret and gold-plated spring-loaded bumper.

The filtration system is multilevel, includes several high-quality filters, and the ultramodern HEPA, including. Tough side brushes scrub hard to reach areas, and a powerful turbo brush cleans everything, including carpets. Rubber wheels make it easy to move around.

The model supports wireless communication, which opens up a wide range of management options.

For all its advantages the device is only 30 thousand, which brings this model of robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning to a leading position.

A good robot vacuum cleaner frees people from the hassle of housework, providing quality cleaning of the floors from all kinds of debris and dust, and the presence of self-cleaning function allows the user to completely remove himself from the boring occupation. With this new generation of robotics you will have more time for you and your family, and leave the cleaning to a professional.

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