Samsung fridge operation modes deciphering

Samsung refrigerator how to set the temperature on the display

Samsung refrigerators are in high demand thanks to their low-noise operation, economical power consumption and optimal temperature in the chambers. The manufacturer has left possibility for independent regulation of the mode within limited limits, following the instructions for setting temperature in the fridge Samsung. How to set the temperature in the refrigerator, you can read in the video.

Depending on the model and type, the temperature in the cabinet and freezer differs. If you change the temperature in the freezer, in the cabinet, the parameters are also in the dynamics. The adjustment is done by means of buttons, which are adjusted according to the readings of the temperature sensors located in the refrigerator:

The sensors’ task is to transmit the measured parameters to the Samsung refrigerator’s electronic control system. The temperature control is on the display. In each case, adjusting a particular model, you should be guided by the refrigerator’s temperature setting manual.

Before changing the temperature, allow time for the thermostat to accept the ambient parameters. After that, turn on the Samsung refrigerator, let it run to ensure the parameters set in the factory settings. Check the correspondence of the electronic scoreboard indications by means of a glass with water placed in the center of the fridge and a thermometer. It is normal if the water shows 4 degrees. Samsung lays the setting temperature in the cold cabinet 1. 5 0 C, in the freezer control range is wider than in the refrigerator, from.13 up to 20 0 C.

How to adjust the temperature within the allowed sector is written in the Samsung refrigerator manual, take the advice of the wizard in the video from practical experience. Cooling Power, Fridge and display buttons or manual thermostat can be used to change mode. Do not try to set it to the minimum temperature, this will increase the power consumption.

Samsung side-by-side refrigerator operation, Disassembly of freezer compartment accessories

Using the Samsung SIDE-BY-SIDE COOLER


Cleaning and reassembling the interior of the freezer is very easy.

To remove the glass shelf, pull it toward you as far as it will go.

Samsung Refrigerator 5 in 1 Convertible | Full Guide Step by Step | Digital Inverter & Twin Cooling

Then gently pry the shelf up and remove it.

Grasp the door hatch with both hands and then remove it,

Remove the plastic drawer by pulling it toward you and

Remove the ice box by lifting it up and pulling it out

Remove the cover covering the front feet for

Open the freezer and cooler compartment doors and remove the three screws. Remove the cover by loosening the screws. During reassembly, put the cover back in its original position and tighten the three screws.

samsung, fridge, operation, modes

Do not use excessive force when removing the lid. The lid can break and cause injury.

Samsung refrigerator operating conditions

Proper installation of a new domestic refrigerator involves complete isolation from heaters and heating radiators. Install it in a cool and well-ventilated area. Do not place it near gas ovens and electric stoves. Also, experts do not advise to place near the southern windows, through which the enclosure will daily penetrate direct sunlight. Oddly enough, the best place to install it is with a draught.

If the temperature of the kitchen room increases due to the “warm” floors, pick a place on the inactive area. Or consider in advance when equipping such a floor, that it will be equipped with electrical appliances.

What are the dangers of keeping your refrigerator in warm areas all the time? This will cause uninterrupted operation of the compressor because of the constant circulation of warm air around the body. Uninterrupted motor operation will significantly reduce the life of the motor and the appliance.

Before letting the movers go and install the refrigerator, check the package contents, reread the warranty card and check the functionality. Only after making sure that you have all the accessories, that the warranty is filled out correctly and that the appliances are in good working order, let the store representatives go. If something went wrong make a claim on the spot and after the fact, otherwise it will be difficult to prove anything later.

  • The humidity in the room should not exceed 80%. If there is no way to measure the humidity, pay attention to the walls, floor and ceiling of the kitchen. if you notice condensation, the humidity is too high.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation. If you find problems, contact the housing and utilities department to have the ventilation ducts cleaned.
  • Choose the coolest place in the kitchen.

Pay attention to the climate class indicated on the information label.

Are you planning to install 2 fridges at once or put a freezer next to it?? Do not place them side by side. provide at least 2 cm distance.

Also follow the rules of wiring to the electrical system:

  • Match the appliances to the power grid. If it operates with voltage of 220V, connect to a two-phase power supply, 380V. three-phase.
  • Connect to a grounded socket to ensure safe operation. It does not hurt to install a fuse box to protect equipment from power surges.
  • Do not use extension cords, adapters and plugs. connection is permitted strictly to the fixed socket in the wall.

Temperature in Samsung RL34EG / RL34EC double chamber fridge-freezer

Temperature in the cooling chamber of the Samsung RL34EG / RL34EC double chamber refrigerator

  • Pressing the temperature setting button in the refrigerator compartment can regulate the temperature to be maintained in that compartment.
  • When you press the button, the refrigerator beeps and the display shows the current set temperature in the refrigerator compartment. You can use this button to set the new temperature.
  • By pressing the button, the temperature will change in the sequence 3°C, 2°C, 1°C, 7°C, 6°C, 5°C, 4°C, 3°C.
  • The refrigerator emits a beep every time the button is pressed.
  • After pressing the button for 5 seconds, the new temperature setting will be confirmed. The display will show the current temperature in the refrigerator compartment again.
  • The refrigerator compartment temperature is not shown on the display when the “Vacation” mode is in progress. When you press the set temperature button, the “Vacation” mode will be automatically extinguished.
  • The temperature in the freezer compartment will start to regulate again according to the set temperature value.

Temperature in the freezer compartment of the Samsung RL34EG / RL34EC two-chamber refrigerator

  • By pressing the set temperature button in the freezer compartment, it is possible to adjust the temperature to be maintained in this compartment.
  • When you press the knob, the refrigerator emits an acoustic signal and the display shows the current set temperature in the freezer compartment.
  • Use this button to set a new temperature. By pressing the button repeatedly, the temperature will change in the following order.20°C.21°C.22°C.23°C.24°C.25°C.14°C.15°C.16°C.17°C.18°C.19°C.20°C.
  • Your refrigerator emits a beep every time you press the button.
  • 5 seconds after pressing the button the new temperature is confirmed. The display will again start to show the current temperature in the freezer compartment.

Anti-Frost function. No Frost

Many old freezers suffered from excessive ice formation, inevitably shortening their working life. No Frost technology has made it possible to remove ice and increase the lifetime of the appliance through additional ventilation. A big plus for users of models with this feature is the minimal amount of maintenance compared to standard models.

Most Samsung models are equipped with an indicator to signal problems. Often after purchase, the indicator behaves in a way the user can’t explain. After all, usually the light is on or off all the time, but a couple starts blinking. The most common causes of strange indicator and display behavior:

Frequent opening of the door causes the temperature inside to rise and the sensors will signal this.

Temperature control is not set up. If after purchase the refrigerator is turned on and left alone without doing anything, the system will respond to negligence and remind the buyer of its responsibilities.

Ice tray. Often a separate indicator for the freezer compartment indicates the wrong tray position. You need to change the position and everything will go back to normal.

Some indicators flicker when the door is repositioned. Need to check all contacts and normalize tightness.

In case you tried all of the above and nothing helps, please contact the service center.

samsung, fridge, operation, modes

Samsung refrigerators are in high demand, thanks to their quiet operation, economical power consumption and optimal temperature in the chambers. The manufacturer has left the possibility for self-regulation of the mode within limited limits, following the instructions for setting the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator. How to set the temperature in the refrigerator, you can see in the video.

How to configure

The user must set the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator manually, focusing on the degree of loading of the equipment and external conditions. The enclosed adjustment and operating instructions contain tips on how to adjust the product. The refrigerators are equipped with sensors that measure the air temperature inside the equipment, as well as the room and evaporator housing. The information is transmitted to the electronic control unit, which corrects the compressor performance.

Drip system

Equipment with drip-free defrosting has different temperature settings for the fridge compartment and freezer compartment. Changes in temperature background in the freezer compartment automatically affect the condition of the main compartment.

To adjust the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator, it is required to set the desired value by rotary corrector or buttons, the number is shown on the display (in the presence of node). To check the performance of the unit and the correctness of the readings of the device, a glass of water is used, which is placed in the center of the refrigerating chamber. Water temperature should be 1-5°C (determined by a household thermometer placed in the container).

Two-compartment refrigerator

Two-compartment models feature separate controls, some modifications of refrigeration units are equipped with additional buttons for rapid cooling of the upper chamber and rapid freezing of foodstuffs in the freezer. If equipment was transported in winter, then before setting up the product warms up in the room for 10-12 hours.

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In order to adjust the temperature, it is recommended to set the minimum value to 1 hour. The freezer cavity cools during this time, and the compressor starts running at a steady performance. The user then sets the desired temperature by turning the knob or pressing the buttons. On a part of models equipped with 2 compressors, a separate setting for the freezer and refrigerating chamber is used.

How to set the temperature in the Samsung fridge No Frost

On a part of modifications, there is a control panel which allows to conduct setting of the Samsung refrigerator. On the panel is mounted Freezer button, which changes the degree of air cooling in steps. Long pressing the button activates the fast freezing mode which automatically stops after 50 hours of operation.

If there is a need to freeze a batch of products, the manufacturer recommends to activate the function in advance (15-20 hours). Freezer mode can be forcibly deactivated by pressing and holding Freezer button for 3 seconds. Control indicators on the remote control to determine the mode of operation of the refrigeration equipment.

In addition there is a buzzer which sounds when the buttons are pressed.

samsung, fridge, operation, modes

On the panel of No Frost refrigerating equipment there is a button for adjusting the fridge compartment marked Fridge. Adjustment is done by a single press, holding down the button activates the Vacation power saving mode, which is used when the owner is away for a long period of time. Pressing the adjustment buttons automatically cancels the mode. The cooling unit will operate the CoolSelect Zone cooling mode in order to keep the meat or fish products in a separate compartment in the refrigerated compartment.

Faults related to temperature modes

Samsung fridge operation can be accompanied by the following situation: Temperature indicator on the display or on the control panel itself is blinking. The unit is still functioning and does not exhibit any obvious malfunctions. How to act in this situation the instruction will tell you.

The temperature has increased over 3 degrees. Reason. frequently opened door at high ambient temperature. To eliminate it, close the door and let the refrigerator go into normal operation (2-3 hours);

Wrong temperature setting causes ice crust to form. Install according to instructions;

Incorrectly installed ice tray (separate indicator). Check and set correctly;

Faulty contacts on electronic panel. Occurs if doors are moved around. Check connections.

Samsung Side by side fridge Demo, Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Full Demo, Samsung refrigerator

If corresponding actions do not result in changes, intervention of specialist is required.

Incorrectly set temperature in walk-in freezer causes ice crust to form. In addition to inconvenience, this is accompanied by increased energy consumption. Abnormal operation is indicated by water leaking into the tray. The above factors cause rapid deterioration of stored products, which is manifested not only by rotting, but also by drying out. Therefore, if there is the slightest suspicion of malfunction, refer to the enclosed manual.

See video review of Samsung RL-36 NO-frost model:

It’s hard for modern man to do without a refrigerator. But quite often it happens that a recently purchased and seemingly quite high quality unit, which should serve at least several years, fails after a couple of months. One of the most common causes is improper temperature control. How to reduce, set, adjust the temperature in fridge “Samsung” Know Frost, as well as in some other popular models? How to reduce, reduce to reduce the cold? Read about it in our article.

What the temperature should be

The optimal temperature in the refrigerator and freezer is specified in the documentation. The manufacturer recommends setting the value in the freezer.A fridge compartment should be kept at an even temperature of 18°C, ensuring uniform cooling of the refrigerator compartment. The technical specifications of the compressor allow the air temperature to be reduced to.26°C, the function is used for rapid freezing of food. Prolonged operation of the equipment at the maximum output causes damage to components and fridge breakdown.

The standard temperature of the air in the refrigerator compartment is 5°C or less. Samsung manufactures units with convection heat exchange, which have varying degrees of heating inside the compartment. Samsung No Frost refrigerator with electronic control is equipped with the fans for forced moving of the air masses, the temperature difference inside the refrigerating chamber does not exceed 1°Ñ.

Place beverage bottle

USING THE WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM (Not available on all models)

Press the release lever. Then lift up and remove removable water tank.Unscrew the water inlet from the tank and align the threads of the water inlet with the threads of a standard drinking water bottle and screw the water inlet all the way around.Turn the bottle over and fully insert the device

To feed water into the stopper.

When water pours out of a standard drinking water bottle or beverage bottle,

A gurgling sound may be heard (when air enters the bottle).

The threads on standard bottles for spring water or other beverages produced

Some brands, may not fit into the water fixture.

If water does not come out even after pressing the “PUSH” button, press the button again. Do not use carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola, cider or cream soda. At

the push button can cause a strong jet of water because of the carbon dioxide pressure built up in the top of the beverage bottle.

samsung, fridge, operation, modes

Use mineral water (non-carbonated) or cold boiled water that

Care of the water tank/water dispenser

Pull up and release the latches on both sides of the large water tank lid.Unscrew the water inlet fitting by turning it in the direction of the arrow and remove it.Flush out the large water tank lid and the

reservoir with warm water and detergent, then rinse and dry them. Grasp the cover. Pull it upwards and detach it.

Clean the lid and the receptacle attached to the lid for

sediment filtration using a soft brush.

After you clean the water fixture with a soft brush, push down on the fixture’s lever and rinse with tap water.А

When you pour tea or similar beverages into the reservoir, clean it as much as possible

more often. Pour tea into the tank only after filtering it from the brew. By hygienic

If possible, do not pour sugary drinks (juice, soft drinks) into the tank.

Any scale on the surface of the tank can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in vinegar or salt water. Make sure that the rubber seal of the water fixture does not slip and

Not to damage it with objects with sharp edges. It can cause water leaks.

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