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Quite common among the technologies of manufacture of refrigerators is “Samsung No Frost”. It’s also called wind-frost defrost.

Any “Samsung No Frost” refrigerator is equipped with evaporator which is taken out from the chamber of creation of cold in the case of back wall.

The kit includes an additional fan. According to the instruction manual, the fridge “Samsung No Frost” implies continuous circulation of cold air in the chambers.

The cooled mass enters the chambers. For this purpose, there are special ducts that the Samsung No Frost refrigerator contains. The instructions of the device say that moisture does not settle on the walls. It accumulates in the form of frost on the coldest spot, which is the evaporator.

The compressor of Samsung No Frost refrigerators, according to the instructions, from time to time turns off, and the frost layer defrosts. This is accomplished with the help of a small heater.

The system “No Frost” possesses both freezing, and refrigerating compartments. The technology presented will allow cleaning the inside of the refrigerator compartments only once a year. This saves a lot of time for users.

How to adjust the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator

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Samsung refrigerators have earned trust among consumers due to their reliability, quietness and economy. Particular attention is drawn to the temperature performance of the devices. Manufacturers independently determine what the temperature should be in the Samsung refrigerator. This is due to repeated research and testing.

However, every refrigerated cabinet and freezer has controls that allow you to regulate the cold within reasonable limits. Further the instruction how to set the temperature in the fridge Samsung two-chamber and zero-frost.

Depending on the model and type, the temperature settings of refrigerator chambers are noticeably different and decrease from the top to the bottom. The main chamber of the cabinet is set to 3. This index varies up to 2 degrees.

The average freezer temperature is about 18 degrees below freezing. Here the adjustment limits are noticeably wider. In addition, many models have freshness zones, where 5-7 degrees is the norm. precise information on these parameters can be obtained from the instructions, attached to the specific model.

Interesting: Samsung technology made it possible to achieve a result when the temperature in one chamber does not differ by more than 0.3 degrees, regardless of its volume.

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Adjustment is made from the control panel, which is linked to the sensors inside the unit.

Finding the temperature in your refrigerator yourself

An important feature of a good appliance is the ability to maintain the desired temperature for a long time. But when the temperature in the refrigerator compartment deviates from normal, it signals a breakdown. Therefore, it is important to periodically monitor how many degrees in the refrigerator.

Now there are many models on the market that are equipped with special thermometers to determine the temperature in the refrigerator. But, unfortunately, only expensive models have such advantages so far.

Very often the user can not understand exactly how to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator with the thermostat. Because the manufacturer uses a temperature scale without accurately determining the current value. There are several divisions on this scale. Where the upper bar is the highest value and the lower bar is the lowest. That’s why the owner wonders how to properly adjust the temperature setting of your appliance? Because it happens “by eye” and very often one chooses the central position. But sometimes it is very important to know how to measure the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer.

You can use an ordinary thermometer or buy a special apparatus in a store. Once you have placed the food in the refrigerator and turned the thermostat to a certain value, you must close the refrigerator and try not to open it for at least 12 hours. Then you can check the value. And if it doesn’t fit, you should measure the temperature until you find the right thermostat position.

Measuring the temperature in the freezer compartment is not important compared to the rest of the refrigerator. Because a small change will not harm the food stored in it. But it is important that the regulator remains at the same level and there are no temperature fluctuations. Recommended value in the freezer.18-24 ° C. No higher temperatures should be allowed, otherwise the food will be stored less properly.

What is the optimal temperature for a Samsung refrigerator

Let’s figure out what to set as the correct temperature in the discussed type of devices:

  • The manufacturer prescribes a number of degrees for the freezer compartment equal to.18. As you set the temperature in your Samsung refrigerator, the cold flow will begin to spread evenly;
  • There is an accelerated method to bring the food to the desired temperature. The manufacturer has taken care to create a compressor that allows you to set.26 degrees.

Avoid prolonged freezing at the maximum temperature! Otherwise, the components of the appliance can be damaged and can cause a malfunction.

Normal number of degrees, acting in the refrigerating compartment, is 5. Convection heat transfer is inherent in the appliances manufactured by Samsung. These settings are able to heat the space in the chambers differently. Samsung No Frost. models with electronic control. They contain fans that distribute the air, and the temperature difference is within one degree Celsius.

How to set the temperature in a Samsung two-compartment refrigerator

If the Samsung refrigerator is a two-compartment, the freezer is set separately, it can have an accelerated freezing function. Intensive mode lasts no more than 72 hours, with automatic changeover to the standard level.

A new device, once connected, can work for twenty-four hours without stopping. You can start setting the temperature once the mode is stabilized. It is important to follow the manual. You can set the temperature using the buttons and display or the manual regulator. On how to adjust the mode, informs the manual, developed for each series of Samsung refrigerators.

How to properly set the temperature in the Samsung No Frost refrigerator

Unlike drip defrost systems, dry sublimation system changes the temperature balance in both chambers. Evaporator placed in the rear wall, creating continuous ventilation of the chambers. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the Samsung two-chamber refrigerators No Frost like with drip defrost using the electronic regulation or manual control.

Let us use the example of Samsung refrigerator with Find Frost system, model RL33 EAMS, to find out why the temperature blinks on the display. Blinking can be explained by the reasons connected with the wrong temperature mode. Deviations are common.

  • The temperature in a Samsung refrigerator is higher than the set temperature, due to frequent opening of the door in a very warm room. If you do not open the circuit for 2-3 hours the blinking stops. Temperature may not be achievable under these conditions. Then there’s nothing left to do but move the setting on the display upwards.
  • Not set in mode, indicators, notify of the need to set the control points for the correct operation of the system.
  • One of the temperature sensors is defective.
  • If the door is not tightly closed, the system signalizes with a loud beep.

It is necessary to note that Samsung refrigerators are the most reliable and are adapted to work in the Russian conditions of power supply.

Samsung fridge of two-chamber type enclosed to the refrigerator how to set the temperature, allows to regulate the equipment independently. During adjustment, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to prolong the service life of the equipment and to ensure the food safety.

How to set the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator with drip defrosting system

Depending on the model and type, the temperature in the cabinet and freezer differs. If you change the temperatures in the freezer, the parameters in the cabinet are also in flux. Adjustment is carried out with the help of the buttons, which are adjusted according to the readings of the temperature sensors located:

The task of the sensors is to transmit the measured parameters to the electronic control system of the Samsung refrigerator. Temperature regulation is carried out on the display. In each case, when adjusting a particular model, you must be guided by the refrigerator’s temperature setting instructions.

Allow time for the thermostat to accept the ambient conditions before changing the temperature. Then turn on your Samsung fridge, let it operate to ensure the parameters set in the factory settings. One can check whether the electronic display readings are in accordance with the parameters by means of a glass with water placed in the center of the fridge and a thermometer. It is normal if the water shows 4 degrees. Samsung lays the setting temperature in the cold cabinet 1. 5 0 C, in the freezer the control range is wider than in the refrigerator, from.13 to 20 0C.

How to adjust the temperature within the allowed sector, written in the manual to the refrigerator Samsung, take the advice of the wizard in the video from practical experience. To change the mode, you can use the buttons Cooling Power, Fridge and display or manual thermostat. Do not try to set the minimum temperature, it increases the power consumption.

Samsung Refrigerator – No display – Dispenser Display Assembly

The main types of faults

Sometimes the Samsung refrigerator failure can be determined by yourself. If during the operation of the two-compartment unit heard clicks and noise of the motor, most likely the problem with the compressor or electronics. It is the result of frequent power supply surges.

Small malfunctions of Samsung refrigerators

A serious breakdown is usually preceded by a number of small nuances that can be eliminated independently. Paying attention to these shortcomings, you can avoid major damage. Minor malfunctions:

  • Pressing a button on the panel doesn’t get a response. Eliminated by rebooting the fridge. Failure means that there is no signal on the loop or in some relay. It can be restored by de-energizing the entire system. Blame weak contacts, worn out wiring. If not rebooted in time, it is possible that the control module is broken.
  • Noise is heard during the operation of the motor, there is a strong vibration when it is switched off. Possible defect of the compressor motor or its fasteners. Inspect the rear part of the refrigerator, locate and replace the unreliable clamps.

Important: this failure causes refrigerant leakage if not repaired on time.

Samsung two-compartment refrigerator with “No-frost” or “Cool’n’Cool” rarely breaks down because of malfunction of these systems. Failure of the systems is caused when:

  • If the operating temperature of the chamber increases more than by 3о. Cause: frequent opening of the door on hot days. You need to close the door and do not open it for 2-3 hours to normalize.
  • There is a layer of ice on the walls. Improperly set temperature setting or leaving hot food inside the appliance.
  • Tray overflowing with water. With too much food and frequent opening of the door.
  • Food is very cold or warm even when stored for a long time. The reason: The temperature is not set correctly. Parameters on the panel are controlled independently.
  • Fan failure. No Frost system works by a fan that prevents frost from forming on the walls. They are blown around by cold air. If frost or a layer of ice forms, it is worth defrosting the appliance by unplugging it from the mains until the ice has evaporated. Failure is close, if you hear a characteristic noise of the fan, it may stop spinning.

Improper operation of the doors causes the lights on the control panel to flash randomly. To fix the problem, you need to check the correct connections and contacts and connect them correctly.

samsung, frost, refrigerator, display

The most common

Troubleshooting Samsung No Frost refrigerators are not that common. When one of the components is damaged, it affects the operation of the device.

Does not turn on. the two-chamber refrigerator is warm, and the compressor does not give signals about its work. The causes of such a malfunction can be:

  • Problem with the power supply. In this case, the sensors are off and the light is not lit in the appliance. It is necessary to check the socket and cord. If the errors are caused by this, fixing them is not something difficult, you can repair it yourself. If there is a big problem with electrical wiring, it is better to turn to a master.
  • Breakdown of electronics. The boards are designed for various voltage fluctuations, but with its frequent jumps, failure is possible.

Repair the Samsung No Frost refrigerator with your own hands can be carried out, but then the warranty card is canceled.

You can determine the breakdown by yourself. If you do not start cooling for a long time, it is sufficient to activate the forced procedure or accelerated freezing. If compressor starts, temperature sensor malfunction.

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Heat in the chambers is often observed. If the compressor works and the chambers are warm, the problem is as follows:

  • Freon leakage. The cooling capacity has decreased, the pressure in the system has dropped.
  • Door not closing tightly.
  • Fault in drainage system. Due to water, various impurities settle inside the hole, which gradually form a plug. A puddle appears under the appliance.


The failure of the control module of the refrigerator can be referred to the infrequent failures. The system does not respond when the buttons are pressed.

Hidden troubles of Samsung two-chamber refrigerators

Defective Samsung refrigerator can work, outwardly nothing giving out “malfunction”. However, over time, the problem will only get worse. This is why the user should pay attention to any signals that are signs of more serious problems to come. Let’s consider the most common among them. In the first place. a defective relay in the evaporator.

The main sign is a constantly growing frost in this part of the unit. As a result of such failure the evaporator will be covered with a layer of snow in just 2-3 days. The end result is that the unit just stops freezing because of the high temperatures in the chambers. This is not surprising, because the compressor is no longer disconnected by the thermostat.

What you can do yourself in this case? The unit should be checked by an expert. But before this you will need to do the following.

  • The refrigerator is unplugged.
  • The device is emptied of its contents (products). You will also need to pull out all the drawers and shelves.
  • Next, open the door wide and defrost all devices in the refrigerator within 8-10 hours.

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The recommendation from the service center will most likely be to replace the control board.

In addition, the timer of the refrigerator often breaks. Interestingly, here all the symptoms are similar to the above case. Therefore, again, it is recommended to call a specialist, before repeating the same actions as in the case of the thermal relay.

Other possible unit breakdowns

Malfunctions in two-compartment refrigerators can vary. Units with electric control (almost all of today’s models) are considered especially vulnerable. The list of problems appears to be typical:

  • Occurrence of increased knocking, noise or rattling;
  • Poor operation of the refrigerator compartment (with excellent performance of the freezer compartment);
  • the opposite result from the above-mentioned;
  • the accumulation of water in the cooler;
  • Compressor motor start-up delayed;
  • Compressor operation without shutting down;
  • malfunctions of the electrical board.

How to set up the control panel properly?

A glass of water is placed in the central part. In this way we measure the exact cooling temperature.

If the final temperature is 4, then everything is fine.

In case of temperature increase by 1 or 2 degrees, it is necessary to adjust with the Cooling Power or Fridge button or the thermostat knob.

If there is no button, the thermostat knob with seven divisions can help. Turn it up to the desired temperature.

There is no point in setting a minimum temperature, as it will cause high energy costs and constant overloading of the compressor.

It is difficult for modern man to do without a refrigerator. But quite often it happens that a recently purchased and seemingly quite high quality unit, which should serve at least a few years, breaks down after a couple of months. One of the most common causes is improper temperature control.

Advantages of Zero Frost

The technology presented is characterized by positive qualities that are fully expressed in such household appliances as Samsung No Frost refrigerators. The models presented by the manufacturer fully possess these positive qualities.

  • uniform temperature distribution;
  • quickly recreate the required storage conditions when large quantities of food are loaded or when the door is opened frequently.

The second point is provided with the presence of a powerful compressor as well as high-quality thermal insulation, which are provided in the Samsung Know Frost refrigerator models.

How to set up

The user must set the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator manually, focusing on the degree of loading of the equipment and external conditions. The enclosed setup and operating instructions contain tips for adjusting the product. Sensors which measure the air temperature inside the equipment as well as indoors and in the evaporator casing are installed in the refrigerator design. The information is transmitted to the electronic control unit that corrects the compressor capacity.

Drip system

Equipment with a drip principle of defrosting has different temperature settings for the refrigerator compartment and freezer. Changing of the temperature background in the freezing chamber automatically affects the condition of the main compartment.

To adjust the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator, it is required to set the desired value by turning the corrector or buttons, the number is shown on the display (if the node is available). To check the operability of the node and the correctness of the device indications, a glass of water is used which is placed in the center of the refrigerating chamber. Water temperature should be 1-5°C (determined by a household thermometer placed in the container).

Double-chamber refrigerator

The two-chamber models differ in application of separate regulators and some versions of the refrigerating units have additional keys for rapid cooling of the upper chamber and rapid freezing of the foods located in the freezer compartment. If the equipment was transported in winter, the product is warmed up in the room for 10-12 hours before adjustment.

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