Samsung washing machine does not open the door

Unlocking a Bosch washing machine

The Bosch brand is well respected because of the quality and reliability of this home appliance. To unlock in different situations, this brand has its own secrets. If your model has the plus and minus keys on the panel, pressing the minus key will unlock the machine without any time or effort.

If the key lights up constantly and does not allow you to activate any mode, you must return to the program in which the failure occurred, then press the delayed start button and hold your finger on it for 5 seconds. After this, the lock will turn off.

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How to unlock the door

How to open the door, which is blocked ? No need to panic immediately: leave the machine alone for 5 minutes. The washer may not be broken at all, but has simply not completed the cycle. After 1 to 2 minutes the system unlocks the door.

If after a while the door can not be opened. Do it differently. Unplug the machine and let it “rest” for 30 minutes. The blockage may have been caused by a sudden power surge or water failure. Half an hour is enough time to reset and unlock the door.

You should also make sure that childproofing is not enabled. all modern washing machines have this feature. What buttons need to be pressed to activate and deactivate the lock, read the instructions for the model. Then press and hold down the desired keys. After that, the door should open.

How to open the automatic machine drum manually

There are several ways to unlock the washing machine. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to:

First method

The washing machine can be unlocked with an emergency cable. It is usually located above the drain filter behind the panel of the device. To remove the lock from the door, you need to gently pull the cable. But not all the models of the ELGI brand washing machines have it. If you could not find the cable, you will have to act differently.

Method two

You can try unlocking the door by removing the upper panel of the device. How to do it:

Carry out the procedure carefully, so as not to break the control panel.

Manufacturers often describe in the instruction to the technique, how to act correctly in such a situation. So make sure you read the manual before you do any manipulation.

Method Three

You can unlock the washing machine with an ordinary cord. To perform this manipulation, you need:

  • Choose a synthetic, thin, slightly longer cord than the diameter of the door.
  • Place parallel to the latch.
  • Slip the cord through the opening between the body and the door.
  • Pull the ends of the cord so that it presses on the latch of the lock.
  • After the distinctive “click” the appliance is unlocked.

This method will only be effective if the tab of the lock clicks into the side of the appliance.

If the above steps were ineffective. then the lock, door handle or control module is broken. In such cases, it is better to entrust the elimination of the failure to a specialist, who will diagnose the machine and carry out the necessary repair work.

The washing machine door won’t open. what to do?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when a washing machine (hereinafter also CM, CMA) refuses to give its owners the laundry after washing. What just no action is not taken. the door in the washing machine does not open. This defect is typical for front-loading machines. Units with a vertical load have a different device tank and drum, and such a problem they almost never arise.

You should not use auxiliary objects to open the door hatch

If the door is blocked, do not try to open the hatch, using physical force and improvised tools, otherwise you will break the door. Irritation and haste will not help here. It is better to calmly figure out why the hatch does not open and how to resolve this situation.

How to open the door of the washing machine with their own hands

You can use improvised means. The door of the washing machine, which is jammed, can easily be opened with a thin rope or a strong cord (photo). It is necessary to enter it into the groove, which is located in the body of the washing machine between the hatch. Then, you need to pull the ends of the rope at the same time, towards yourself. The door will open here.

In some cases, the hatch can be opened only by removing the handle. To do this, you must prepare a basin with rags, in case, when opening, water spills out of the hatch. The machine, as in all cases of repair, should be unplugged.

To remove the door handle of the machine, you must first remove the door itself from the body of the machine, which is mounted on two screws. They need to unscrew with a screwdriver. It is necessary, or to remember the location of all the elements or take pictures, so that in the future, when assembling there will be no misunderstandings.

Then, putting the door, with the open bolts upward, divide it into two halves. Pre-unscrew all the screws and pick up the top part with a screwdriver. Then, carefully separate the glass.

You need to pull the thin pin, which is fixed handle, and remove the spring with a hook. Then put everything back in place, in order.

Causes of locking the washing machine hatch

Mechanical damage and wear and tear

Mechanical damage. careless transportation, rough handling, overloading, and so on. can quickly cause the machine to break down. But even with the most careful owner, no mechanism will not work forever: over time, its parts lose the ability to perform their direct functions

Program failures

Any electronics is programmed to perform a certain algorithm. If the program fails and the door becomes permanently jammed, contact a professional to reprogram the appliance.

The filter or drain hose is clogged

A common problem is a clogged drain. It can be mechanical or natural. Natural clogs are caused by fabric fibers, which inevitably get into the drain, and salts from hard water. Mechanical blockage is caused by foreign objects in the drain hose: buttons, coins, etc.

Clogged drain does not remove water from the washing machine, so the hatch does not open to prevent flooding of the room.

It is therefore important to clean the drain after washing. with hot water, a pipe cleaner or, in complicated cases, a special cable.

Sensor or control board is broken

The washer operates due to a group of sensors transmitting data to the main board. A common door locking problem is a faulty water level sensor (presostat): when there is no more water in the drum, the sensor indicates that it is there, and the main board does not receive a signal to unlock the lock. The problem can also be in the main board itself: either the components are malfunctioning, which can often be the result of a sudden power surge, or the microcircuits are in disrepair due to moisture or age.

What to do?

Deciding how to open the hatch door, you should analyze the condition of the machine and consider the possible causes. In all cases, you need to act carefully, without haste. Some options for opening the door may require outside help.

Clogging as a reason for blockage

If the door of the machine does not open, it is necessary to inspect it. If the appliance has broken down with laundry inside and there is water in the drum, it is likely that the drainage system has failed.

Procedure in this case:

  • Run only the Spin mode without washing;
  • If the water has been drained, it means that there has been an accidental failure in the control board;
  • If the appliance is not emptying, disconnect it and clear the blockage;
  • After restoring the patency of the drain hose, repeat the spin cycle.

After spinning and draining the water, the door should open after 1-2 minutes.

How to Release a Stuck Washing Machine Door

samsung, washing, machine, does, open, door

Failure in the control module

In some cases a blocked door can be the result of a fault in the control board.

Unplug the machine by removing the plug from the socket.

samsung, washing, machine, does, open, door

The door unlocking is signaled by a distinctive click. This is a moment that must not be missed.

Emergency opening: what the manufacturer offers?

All Samsung washing machine models are equipped with an emergency door opener.

This function is available with a built-in cable:

  • Open the door with the filter located in the front panel at the bottom right.
  • Find the cable fastener. It should be painted a bright color. yellow, red or orange.
  • Pull lightly on the cord to release the lock.

If there is water in the washing machine, you should prepare in advance a large rag to absorb it when opening the door.

Manual opening of the lock: access from above

If an emergency opening rope could not be found, you can go another way:

Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply;

All of these operations can be performed after the water has drained out.

Opening with a cord

This is the best way to open your washing machine, even if the knob or the latch mechanism itself has been broken through misuse or abuse.

For manipulation you will need a cord with the following parameters:

  • The length is equal to the sum of the circumference of the door plus 25 cm;
  • The diameter of the section must be 0.5 cm (to fit in the gap between the hatch cover and the front panel of the appliance).
  • To slip the cord between the door and the body of the washing machine. You can help yourself with a screwdriver with a flat tip or other similar non-sharp tool.
  • Pull the loose ends of the cord so that pressure is created in the area with the lock.

If the door is already broken, opening it will only solve part of the problem. Further it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and to repair or replace a spoiled detail.

It is not always possible to do it on their own. The experts in repair of washing domestic appliances will help.

Clearly this method is shown in the following

Method 4. disassembling the washing machine

To get to the lock, you must remove the top cover of the washing machine. Note that on some models you must first remove the back door, and only then the top of the machine.

If you look from above, the jammed lock will be visible. It is possible to reach it by hand. Then you need to press the locking tab, and the washing machine will open.

Pay attention! When the machine does not open after washing, do not forcefully pull the door. The handle can break, and the repair will cost an order of magnitude more.

samsung, washing, machine, does, open, door

An automatic washing machine is a complex mechanism that involves the work of several forces at once. It combines two such hazards as electricity and water. Manufacturers have taken into account the consequences and have developed a special safety system.

Exclusively for safety reasons, it is impossible to open the washing machine door during the washing process. The door lock is activated as soon as the program is set and started. From this point on many models the sign in the form of a latch lights up. Automatic deadlocking system prevents water spillage in the room and avoids the risk of electric shock or burns. The water in the appliance heats up to 90 degrees and opening the door during the washing process can cause serious damage.

Another norm is considered if the washing machine does not open after washing immediately at the end of the cycle. It takes a few minutes for the technician to remove all excess water. This period differs from model to model. The average time for a complete machine shut off is 1 to 2 minutes.

Important! If the model of the washing machine has a drying option, then the unlocking of the doors will occur only after the drum has cooled to a safe temperature.

Such situations cannot be considered a malfunction. This is just a feature of the washing machine and no additional steps should be taken.

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