Scarlett vacuum cleaner robot does not turn on. The robot-vacuum cleaner with orientation in space

Malfunctions of robots-percleshots: the best methods for eliminating problems

Robot permutal-a very complex electronic and mechanical device. And, as you know, the more complicated the system, the more it is vulnerable to breakdowns.

The most reliable manufacturers will not be able to give one hundred percent guarantees that at some point the device will not fail, because, in addition to internal reasons, there are many external factors such as a powerful electromagnetic field, for example, for example.

But experts argue that you can deal with malfunctions of robot perceptions even at home.

What are the main problems in robots of vacuum cleaners. malfunctions, elimination

It rarely happens if the robot vacuum cleaner completely refuses to work.

often, the malfunction is manifested by a violation of one of the following functions:

  • The device after discharge of the battery does not go to the base or cannot find its location;
  • After setting up the charger, there is no process of supplying charger to the battery, which is confirmed by indication;
  • The power of garbage absorption falls or garbage completely remains on the floor after passing through the vacuum cleaner;
  • The lateral cleaning brush ceases to rotate or the frequency of its rotation is reduced;
  • The robot vacuum cleaner is randomly moves contrary to the given program or often encounters furniture. does not see it.

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How to eliminate the malfunctions of the vacuum cleaner robot at home? About this below.


The shape of the robot is round (rarely semicircular), flat. Average diameter values-28-35 cm, height-9-13 cm. The front part is indicated by a shock.resistant bumper equipped with a depreciation device and controlling sensors. Other sensors are installed along the perimeter of the case that control the work process. Within the framework of control, tracking parameters of approximation/removal to surrounding objects/obstacles is carried out. Scanning the environment for configuration of orientation in space is carried out.

Each specific device is marked by the presence of an individual package of functions. software and constructive. Their list may include:

  • determination of heights (prevents falling from the stairs);
  • memorization of the trajectory of movement (increases the efficiency of cleaning, reduces the time spent on it);
  • Wi-Fi module (makes it possible to program and control at a distance through a smartphone);
  • turbo-machine (increases the absorption coefficient of garbage);
  • The function of wet cleaning (the presence of a tank for water and mounts for a fabric cloth, which is included in the basic package of the model equipped with this function).

The robot vacuum cleaner is supplied with the charging base, spare components: brush screws, interchangeable nozzles.

Malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The robot vacuum cleaner, being a technologically complex device, is subject to malfunctions. Their name may vary depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner and the package of its functions. Current service or repair work should be carried out by a supplier, his representative or other qualified specialist. In some cases, the repair of the robot canine can be carried out at home.

Not charging

Within the framework of this problem, the following signs may be observed: the fast discharge of the battery, there is no charge at the time of connecting the vacuum cleaner to the station, the presence of signs of charge with its actual absence. Solutions: identify the problem and indicate the criteria for its elimination. The problem of the charge of the vacuum cleaner can be associated with the control of the battery, the malfunction of the base station, the software error in the firmware or violation of the operating rules related to the observance of the network parameters and others.

scarlett, vacuum, cleaner, robot, does, turn

Worn battery cannot be repaired. It needs to be replaced immediately. The lithium-ion battery, which does not hold an eclectic charge, is not only functionally outdated, but is an object of increased danger (there is a risk of spontaneous combustion/explosion). The breakdown of the base station can be due to several factors: voltage drops in the network, software failure, design damage, deterioration of the state of contact nodes.

Voltage surges on the network can provoke a failure of some blocks of the “base” chip. As a result, fuses, resistors, varistors and other details are burned out. Repair of this malfunction is carried out by replacing the control board of the “station”. It is not recommended to carry out independent repair of the affected areas of the microcircuit. non.compliance with electrical standards can lead to a negative impact on the vacuum cleaner during charging.

System errors

Some robots-papers are equipped with a display on which the symbols reflecting the introduced commands and the codes of the errors are displayed. The value of error codes is described in the technical documentation that accompanies a specific model of the vacuum cleaner.

  • E1 and E2. A malfunction associated with the functioning of the left or right wheel. check for the presence of stop.block factors/lock. Clean the wheel space of garbage and foreign objects;
  • E4. Means that the housing of the vacuum cleaner is raised above the floor level more than the required. The reason is the attack on an irresistible obstacle. The solution is to install the device on a flat clean surface, if necessary, restart the unit;
  • E 5 and e6. The problem with the sensors of determining the obstacles located in the case and the front bumper of the device. The path of correction of a malfunction is to clean the surfaces of the sensors from pollution. If the problem remains, send the device for repairs to the service center to replace faulty sensors;
  • E7 and E8. Indication of the problem associated with the operation of lateral (screw brushes) or the main brush (if one is provided by the design of the vacuum cleaner). Check the brushes for the entry of foreign objects into the perimeter of their rotation. If you detect, remove. Restart the vacuum cleaner if necessary.
  • E9. The housing of the vacuum cleaner was stuck, which prevents its further movement. Solution. change the location of the device.
  • E10. The power switch turns off. turn on.

Decoding display codes may vary depending on the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner and its model. To decipher the value of the error code in a particular model, you need to cheat with the instructions.

Destructive malfunctions

The work of a “smart” vacuum cleaner can be interrupted due to internal malfunctions that are due to the physical damage of certain components of the mechanism. Damage data can be expressed by the following signs.

  • The engine buzzed or does not rotate. The reason for this may be a malfunction of one or both bearings of the engine anchor. In most cases, the noise of the engine increases from the high contamination of the filter element. In this case, the passage of air through filters is reduced, which increases the load on the engine. Service or repair work should be carried out immediately.
  • Does not collect garbage in a container. This happens when the vacuum cleaner is full, and its contents interferes with absorption. In other cases, large and hard garbage stuck in a garbage chute or blocks the rotation of a turbo-found. If the absence of absorption is accompanied by overheating, the smell of burning, vibration of the case, it is important to immediately turn off the device and diagnose its nodes. the working capacity of the turbine, the presence of a short circuit in the wiring, and so on.
  • Spins in one place or only rides back. Probably, the work of one or more sensors that determine the movement of the apparatus is impaired. An acceptable solution is to clean the sensors with a napkin or an alcohol wool. A more rare cause of circular rotation of the vacuum cleaner is a violation of stable rotation of one of the wheels. The second (efficient) is ahead of the first, rotating the case in a circle. Another reason for the circular rotation of the vacuum cleaner is a failure in the device’s software system, which prevents the computing processes taking place in the control controller.


Error code Cause Solution
C1 The wheel is raised. Move the robot to a flat surface.
C2 Paul sensor error. Move the robot to a flat surface.
C3 Garbage Container Error. Make sure the garbage container is installed in the vacuum cleaner properly and well recorded.
C4 Wheel overload. The wheel interferes with the dirt stuck in it, dust, hair. Clean the wheel.
C5 Overloading the brush. The brush interferes with the dirt stuck in it, dust, hair. Clean the main and side brushes.
C6 Overload of the suction mechanism. Clean the garbage container, replace the filter.
C7 The internal error of the system. Turn off the robot by moving the power switch on its bottom to the OFF position, and then turn it on by moving the switch to the ON position.
C8 The front wheel stuck. Remove the front wheel and clean it from dust and dirt.
Name Cause Solution
E01 The left wheel does not work Peel
E02 The right wheel does not work Peel
E03 The vacuumber is filled Cleaning container for garbage
E04 The device is raised Put a robot on the floor
E05 The error of the lower sensors Peel the sensors on the bottom of the robot or wipe with a damp cloth
E06 Sensor error on bumper Wipe the bumper with a damp cloth
E07 The left side brush does not work Remove the side brush, clean from wool and hair.
E08 The right side brush does not work Remove the side brush, clean from wool and hair.
E09 The robot is stuck Install on a flat surface and run.

Reference! If the above solutions have not worked, then you should restart the device or contact the service center.


Pull out the dust container from the vacuum cleaner.

Remove an extraneous object from the left wheel.

Remove an extraneous object from the right wheel.

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Remove the obstacle to the vacuum cleaner, or transfer it to another place.

Wipe the front and rear sensor windows with a soft cloth.

Wipe the window of the cliff sensor/edge with a soft cloth (the sensor is on the bottom of the body in the front part). There may be several sensors, it depends on the model.

The brush does not rotate

A lot of robots-blankets are equipped with either one or two side brushes. Some models have a trumpet. In the event that you do not rotate side or central brushes, then most likely they just clogged with dirt or wound their hair/wool. We recommend periodically cleaning all the movable elements of the structure of the robot-blade (brushes, wheels). If, after installing the cleaned brushing in place, you noticed that the device is very noisy, it is likely that the brush is installed incorrectly.

In the event that after cleaning, the brush did not rotate, then the problem can be much more serious (the side brush engine failed, or the gearbox broke).

If, after cleaning, the left brush, or the right brush does not work, then the problem is much more serious. It is possible that this is broken by the engine of the side brush, or the gearbox broke. In this case, we recommend that you contact specialists and not try to eliminate the malfunction yourself.

Does not absorb dust

If you notice that your automated apartment cleaning assistant began to suck poorly and remove dust and not collect garbage, then a garbage container is perhaps overflowed. Remove the garbage container, clean it (rinse and dry thoroughly). The same manipulations should be done with filters, but you can wash only those that are reusable.

The next possible cause may be pollution of lateral or central brushes. About how to solve this malfunction, we wrote earlier.

The third possible reason, which is of poor.quality garbage and dust harvesting is a breakdown of brushes. In this case, they just need to be replaced.

The most fatal reason for which the vacuum cleaning robot does not move on the surface and does not absorb garbage and dust, is the engine malfunction. We extremely do not recommend repairing the engine with our own hands and seek information about this on the Internet. Our recommendation for engine breakdown. refer to a qualified specialist or to an authorized corporate center.

As for the robots-blankets with the function of wet cleaning and automatic supply of liquid, they still have a specific problem: a microfiber rag is not wetted. In this case, we recommend checking and cleaning holes or valves for water supply.

The vacuum cleaner does not add dust

Not all vacuum cleaners warn about filling the vacuumber, and reducing the force of absorption most often occurs precisely for this reason. Therefore, the first thing to do when identifying such a malfunction is to shake the dust from the vacuumber and clean the filters.

Attention! The foam and mesh filter can be washed under the tap, and the paper non-filter is categorically forbidden to wet. It can only be blown and cleaned with a dry brush.

Other reasons for decreasing performance can be:

  • Clogging of central and lateral brushes. Leads both to a decrease in the efficiency of the supply of garbage to the absorption of the hole, and to the complete stop of the vacuum cleaner as a result of their stuck or breakdown.
  • The failure of the main electric motor due to critical overload, the outflow of the motorcycle resource or due to any other mechanical problem.

In the latter case, it will not work to eliminate the malfunction yourself. you need to contact specialists.

Problems with navigation

Cyclic circular driveways, constant collision with obstacles or returning to the base immediately after launch may indicate malfunctions of the navigation system of the robot. From the list of possible malfunctions, the clogging of orientation sensors should be excluded first of all, which may vary depending on the design of the robot:

  • IR sensors of the detection of obstacles (usually hidden under the tinted glass of the bumper);
  • Ultrasonic and regional sensors. in small windows on the bumper and side;
  • fall sensors. along the perimeter of the bottom;
  • Laser rangefinder. “washer” with slots on the robot cover;
  • Sight video camera. in the recess on the front panel.

Each of the detected sensors must be blown and wiped with a dry cloth. You should also check the operability of the wheels. clogging of the rotary roller often leads to the fact that the vacuum cleaner backs back, and then turns off.

Another common problem is associated with a black pattern on the carpet or floor, which the robot perceives as an insurmountable obstacle, or with black furniture, into which the device constantly crashes at full speed. Such features of navigation are explained by the disadvantages of orientation sensors: IK dates of the fall perceive black stripes on the floor as failures that need to be bypassed, and the IR sensor of the detection of obstacles, on the contrary, perceive black furniture as free space. You can avoid such incidents initially choosing a robotic assistant with an advanced navigation system based on a lidar, echolocator or video camera.

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– 2. Alexander Yakovlev

Pros: price, collects a little fine garbage
Minuses: Rides randomly, does not cover the entire area, rests on the closet and slip
Review: Room area 15 m, without carpets and many furniture. Rests on something and the cleaning is finished on this. You have to constantly rearrange and he drives the same ways, leaving gaps. Turn on and leave, as it can immediately bury

– 2. Mukhina Svetlana Evgenievna

Pros: Everything works fine if you want to show off in front of your friends, you succeed! Guests are delighted!I do not advise buying, do not regret the money as I buy more, more power! And this is a toy, collects dust, but you will wash the floors!
Minuses: There is not enough power, it is not suitable for cleaning, and very noisy, my households do not allow it to turn it on, it crashes into everything and does not essentially remove it. I spent money in vain! But if you want to boast before your acquaintances, take it, you will turn it on and boast.
Review: Take it more expensive, or do not take!

– 2. Yulia a.

Minuses: 11 months later, he just stopped working. At first he sent less time to work out, and one day just no longer turned on. The store sent to the service center. I handed over the vacuum cleaner there already three months ago, has not yet been repaired and did not return the money. I do not advise you to buy a surlett company vacuum cleaner, If it breaks. time and nerves will cost you huge. Until now, the story has not ended, I will act already through the court. You need it? Before that I left a good review. I take my words back, hurried.

– one. Natalia

Pros: Nothing
Minuses: He broke quickly
Review: I bought it in Citylink a week ago. As a result: once the vacuum cleaner seemed to be removed, discharged, put it on charging, after which it does not work

– one. Denis Malein

Minuses: Bought, I did not expect anything much. After two zigzags, the vacuum cleaner stopped and vacuumed the baseboard without moving.
Review: I made a return (of course, through Yandex, the return is extremely convenient, you need to go to the mail, pay for the transfer, wait until the vacuum cleaner reaches the seller, then wait until he takes it, then wait for his imprisonment). On May 11, I was told that I did not take off something there (something from the packaging) and therefore he worked incorrectly. Goods of good quality, nothing will happen for sending. Now specially opened the instructions, read. Nothing is said there in preparation for work that you need to pull out some kind of seal (I know that this is not part of this smart device). In general, if you are sure that you will not return. Take on Yandex, otherwise. better ozone or other stores, more friendly. I can attach the instructions, I found it specially in the evening and remembered that I was not quite an idiot, I read it before this device is turned on. Very upset, 400 for delivery and 20 days of frozen money.

– one. Julia Angukova

Pros: It broke down after 10 months they said to hand over to the service, SNRVIS-prostly a separate hellish office. Passed in January. The product has not yet been corrected and did not return the money.
Minuses: The board burned down
Review: I do not recommend

– 3. Maria Golovan

Pros: Collects garbage, price.
Minuses: It is not possible to turn on and leave with him, it runs on something (underwear dryer) and that’s all, stands in one place and so until the battery sits down. He does not collect all sections, it seems to clean, but in some strange ways. About wet cleaning I don’t know who at all uses this. Wash and soak a rag every 5 minutes, if only. Sound, he is very loud.
Review: Price quality. Better to pay and take a better model.

The reasons for disconnecting the vacuum cleaner

Modern technique (especially not the most budget models) has an electronic filling and combines several functions. Different components or parts can fail. However, there are several of the most common malfunctions that lead to the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not work.

Important! Most often, the equipment is spontaneously disconnected if the electric motor overheats.

The motor. the most important component of any vacuum cleaner. has its own load limit. If the temperature inside rises to a critical level, electrical insulation is damaged. Overheating reduces the life of the motor and increases the risk of short circuit. link.

The reasons because of which the vacuum cleaner may not be turned on:

  • Long work. Household appliances are not designed to work at maximum power for a long time. Modern vacuum cleaners are able to regulate the force of absorption on different surfaces and with varying degrees of pollution. Manufacturers recommend always set the correct mode to optimize the load on the engine.
  • A crowded vacuum cleaner. A large amount of garbage interferes with the normal passage of air flow. As a result, the device is forced to work at the limit of its power, and this leads to overheating of the motor.
  • The clogged hose. Garbage (especially large) can get stuck inside a corrugated hose or telescopic tube for absorption. The resulting blockage interferes with normal operation and increases the load on the engine.
  • Damaged hose. The vacuum cleaner hose is made of rather fragile plastic, which can crack under pressure under pressure. If an excess hole is formed in a flexible pipe, the force of the input flow of the air is reduced.
  • Dirty filters. Several types of filters are installed in vacuum cleaners (for preliminary and for thin cleaning, as well as to protect the motor). If at least one of them is clogged with dust, the air will hardly pass through the “insides” of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Broken button. Over time, the inclusion button located on the case wears out, and the electrical contacts cease to work as it should.
  • Party interruptions. The problem can be hidden in a faulty outlet or in the damaged cable of the device itself.

Most. but not all. of these problems can be eliminated right on the spot.

Diagnosis and elimination of problems

The engine overheating does not occur immediately, and the planning problem can be seen in advance. Often the vacuum cleaner is shutdown is preceded by a drop in absorption power: the device collects dust worse, and the incoming air flow weakens. The sound with which the vacuum cleaner works may change.

Some models are equipped with special fuses (thermal switches) intended to protect the equipment. If such a vacuum cleaner is overheated, the device simply will not turn on. However, in budget devices there is usually no such function.

Important! Advanced vacuum cleaners are additionally equipped with sensors that signal the person about the high temperature in the engine.

If the absorption power falls, you need to turn off the equipment and try to find out the reason. First of all, you need to check the hose and vacuum cleaner, then make sure of the cleanliness of the filters.

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner stops turning on suddenly. In this case, you need to make sure that electricity comes to the device. To make sure the outlet, just connect another electrical appliance to the network. Then they examine the power cable of the vacuum cleaner: there should not be creases or violations of the integrity of insulation on the wiring. Frequent problem. grinding the wire at the junction of the fork.

Important! The smell of burnt rubber is a bad sign indicating the burned isolation.

If the vacuum cleaner does not turn on and at the same time smells of burning, then either the wiring is damaged, or the electric motor is out of order. It is unlikely that you can cope with such a breakdown on your own, and you need to contact the service center.

Engine repair is an expensive procedure that takes time. Not everyone can sort it out with your own hands. knowledge and experience are required, as well as suitable spare parts.

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