Small kitchen with a refrigerator by the window

Options for expanding the space

Some interior partitions in khrushchevkas are not load-bearing, which means that it is possible to expand the kitchen through redevelopment.

Merging with the living room

Since most kitchens in khrushchevkas are gasified, it’s not always possible to unite the kitchen and living room by pulling down the whole partition. But there are several options for solving this problem:

  • To give up gas and switch to electric cooking rates. You must get permission from the authorities for this. In this case it is important to consider the load on the power grid, which will increase with the installation of an electric cooktop;
  • Install a glass or sliding partition, which will actually divide the rooms, but visually connect them into a single space.

Combining with a bathroom

This redevelopment can be legalized only if the apartment is on the first floor or if there is a non-residential premise under the apartment. In other cases it is strictly forbidden!

ideas for a small kitchen with a gas water heater and a refrigerator

The problem of old Soviet-era apartment buildings is very small kitchens. Fortunately, the choice of finishing materials and furniture in modern stores makes it possible even in 5-7 square meters to create a functional and comfortable space. Planning the design of the kitchen in Khrushchevka is complicated by the fact that in addition to large appliances. refrigerator, stove, oven, in the interior somehow need to fit also a gas boiler.

Experienced designers and just resourceful owners of tiny kitchens have implemented many such projects. We have collected the most beautiful and practical ideas for your inspiration.

Built-in fridges

Built into the kitchen set fridge not only saves space, but also greatly facilitates the design as a whole, creating a unified stylistic picture.

To implement such an idea it is necessary to provide in your individual kitchen order in advance the creation of a special niche. Its depth must be at least 5 to 10 centimeters more than the depth of the refrigerator. This is done so that the refrigerator is not strictly against the back wall.

A compromise variant Built-in freezing chambers under a table-top. If the family is small and little food is used, why not?

Wine refrigerators

Small refrigerators can also include such a variety as a wine cabinet, which is used to cool bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Such refrigerated cabinets are also very well built or under the countertop of a wall unit or under the working surface of the kitchen-island.

Option 4. Under the worktop, on the window sill or in the cupboard

How? Buy a small refrigerator with a height of 50 to 85 cm. Freestanding or built-in model. For a small family of 1-2 people such refrigerator will be just a treasure. It can easily fit under the kitchen worktop or a wide window sill. A miniature freezer model can be placed next to it or further away from it in the same way. And all the issues with storing and freezing food solved.

Small refrigerators are easy to hide in the kitchen in a vertical narrow cabinet. Part of the cabinet for the refrigerator, part for other appliances or kitchen utensils.

Mini-fridges can be installed under the bar, if you have one, or, as a last resort, directly under the dining table.

Where to put the refrigerator in a small kitchen design options

The design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator can be visually light and comfortable, if you choose the right location. It’s more difficult to do when you have limited space, since it requires a lot of room. Designers offer some universal ideas for solving the problem of lack of space in a small kitchen.

Small kitchens 5 sq.m. m, on which the fridge has found a place

Mass construction of Khrushchev houses was an attempt to solve the housing problem in the USSR. Citizens now have a long-awaited separate apartment, and with it the problem of how to accommodate all family members in such a small area.

To visually expand the space it is not necessary to decorate the kitchen only in the modern style. Discreet neoclassical. The solution for those who don’t like cold and uncomfortable minimalism.

White kitchen in khrushchevka 5 sq.m. with a refrigerator, a table for two people and a TV in the corner.

In this five-meter kitchen, the refrigerator was placed in an alcove by the entrance. Photos

The bright red fridge. the main element of the interior. Nothing should distract attention from the accenting object.

Below is an example of kitchen design in black and white. Minimal decorations, no curtains on the windows and the dining area set back from the room. All serves the purpose of maximizing workspace.

Khrushchevkas were originally designed as temporary housing, but because of the insufficient volume and pace of construction they have survived to this day. Modern man has come to the aid of designers who have developed many ways to create comfortable conditions and placement of all the necessary appliances in the kitchen of 5 square meters. м.

Project with a window sill and a dishwasher. 7 more photos

small, kitchen, refrigerator, window

Eclectic. The actual direction, but it is not easy to implement the idea for the average person. Brown, red brickwork rarely wins in a small area. often give preference to gray or white color.

Everyone is used to the fact that an integral part of the kitchen set is a mezzanine. In the photo below, you can see that functionality and practicality can be achieved in another way.The combination of blue and white. Not a bad option, if you dilute the interior with accessories of warm colors, which will add a little coziness to the interior.

Example of competent organization of kitchen space with a sink by the window, which almost every housewife dreams of:

The size of a straight kitchen

The smaller the kitchen area, the smaller the unit size. Consequently, it is more difficult to fit everything you need.

  • If the set is 2 meters in length or less, it is necessary to look for compromises and ways to rationally organize storage. Here can help high cabinets under the ceiling and non-standard compact size appliances: narrow dishwashers and ovens, hobs with 2 burners, microwave and 2-in-1 ovens.
  • The most optimal and comfortable in most cases is the kitchen length of 3-3,5 meters. This allows you to fit in one row of refrigerator, 4-burner cooktop, sink, cabinets-columns with built-in microwave and oven and other necessary equipment.
  • Single row units with a work space longer than 3.5 meters are not convenient. You have to do a lot of steps during the cooking process. In this case, it is better to make the work surface up to 3 meters, and fill the rest of the space with tall cabinets-panels or give preference to a corner layout.

Refrigerator. by the window, opposite the kitchen unit

It is good if you can place the kitchen set along two working walls. Significantly increases the number of kitchen cabinets, large work surface allows you to work in comfort without getting tired of cramped.

Minus: the fridge takes up part of the dining area. A family of 4 will be cramped, the whole family will have to dine in the living room only.

51 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space

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