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How was my experience

Friends, drinking 3 liters of cola a day is the perfect punishment for your worst enemies. You understand after a few days. I realized on the third day of the experiment.

At the start of the experience, my physiological indicators according to the Picooc smart scale looked quite normal, as for a 24-year-old man.

On June 6, I weighed 71 kilograms. With my constitution. a normal figure with a hint of “you could still be a little more”, as kindly stated Picooc. Pick up? No problem, and I practically gulped down a half-liter bottle of Coke.

I don’t want to go into the details of my daily diet: I ate like before with one exception. I replaced almost all of my liquids with Coke. Realizing that nothing good can happen to my body, I was morally prepared to exceed the caloric norm by 1260 kcal per day. Yeah, that’s a side effect of too much sugar in the world’s most popular soda.

In the terrible heat, it was nice to have a glass or two of Coke. Sometimes its sweetness made me feel a little uncomfortable. On the fifth day of the experiment I got tired of the constant gasping and feeling of an overloaded stomach and thought about ending the experiment, but still pulled myself together and brought the beginning to the end.

You know what the hardest part is? Getting on the Picooc S3 Lite once a day and seeing your health ruined. Honestly, the stats the scale was showing were clearly regressive.

In one week I put on one pound and 300 grams. That said:

  • body fat percentage jumped from 14.4 to 17. negative trend
  • muscle mass from 81.1 dropped to 78.7, which is a negative trend
  • my internal fat index jumped from 5 to 7, a negative trend
  • Water in the body has dropped from 58.5% to 53%. a negative trend (sugar takes a lot of energy to process)
  • Bone mass decreased from 3.2 kg to 3.1 kg. negative trend
  • body mass index went from 21.2 to 23. negative trend

Adding a little over a kilogram by excessive consumption of cola, I have loosened up my body’s habitual state a little bit. The best part was that the scales recorded the smallest deviations every day, and at the end of the experience I saw the real effect.

But the saddest thing about the statistics was the realization that I had added to my age. I’m 24 years old. Before the Picooc S3 Lite experiment started, they estimated my metabolic age at 26. By overloading my body with Coke, in just 7 days I had worsened my metabolic state by two years. So!

Picooc Mini Lite. My first smart scale

In recent years, the boring floor scale has gotten a major upgrade and learned to measure more than just weight. One weighing will tell you how much body fat, muscle and water. This is important information for those who seriously exercise, or want to lose a few pounds. Where to start? Picooc has released a new model of smart scales for those who want to get acquainted with home body diagnosis: Picooc Mini Lite.

What kind of diagnostics

How a floor scale can determine a person’s body composition? With the help of physics. All body tissues resist electricity differently: fat, because of its dielectric properties, conducts less current than muscle and water. Which means that if you count how the impulse travels through the body, you can find out the proportion of tissues in the body. This method is called “bioimpedance testing.

Bioimpedance analysis used to be done only in a clinical setting, and a person would be encased in electrodes. Contrary to this approach, a smart floor scale passes a weak electric current only through a person’s feet when they are weighed. Composition is calculated using the data obtained and the body model.

smart, floor, diagnostic, scales, picooc

Picooc has produced two generations of smart scales that, paired with a proprietary app, can analyze the human body in detail. A particular advantage is that a model that takes into account gender, height, age and ethnicity is used to calculate tissue percentages.

Different people have slightly different bodies, so averaged models can allow for significant errors. Not a problem in the case of Picooc, because the app takes into account the individual characteristics of users. The algorithms also take into account a large amount of data collected by the company in order to give an accurate verdict.

Why you need to know your body composition? In order to better understand whether you are gaining or losing weight, and what kind of weight: fat or muscle. Ordinary scales won’t tell you that, and, say, muscle loss from crash dieting won’t register on them. The Picooc, on the other hand, detects such fluctuations and warns you in time.

The Picooc Mini Lite integrates into your existing thoughtful ecosystem. These smart scales, like the older models, analyze the user’s body in detail and allow them to monitor themselves. Differences only in features for advanced users, design, and platform size.

Unpacking the scale

Picooc Mini Lite doesn’t give away its “brains” in any way. It is a floor scale with minimalistic design. The platform measures 25.8 x 25.8 centimeters and accommodates feet up to and including size 41.

Platform is made of tempered glass in milky white or deep black color. Four petal-shaped metal sensors are integrated. The surface is smooth to the touch, it is pleasant to stand on the scale with bare feet. Practically no electrical impulse is felt.

The base of the Mini Lite is made of plastic. Here is the battery compartment. three AAA batteries fit in there. Keeps its charge for months, but depends on frequency of use. If you weigh yourself regularly, i.e. a couple of times a week, the battery will last for a long time.

The scale is designed to range from 8 to 150 pounds, with accuracy to 100 grams. Weight values are displayed on a small built-in display under the platform glass. All the complex data and calculations take place in the app, to which the scale connects via Bluetooth.

The app is the head

Picooc app is common to all smart gadgets of the brand. It’s absolutely free and available for download from the Google and Apple app stores (requires Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 mobile devices respectively). To use it, you need to register, then connect to the scale and link it to your smartphone.

The app allows you to start an infinite number of profiles: that is, weighing the whole family. Each profile will be kept separately and will reflect changing parameters. The app will also ask you to enter your gender, age, height and ethnicity: this is needed to build a body model.

Because the scale connects via Bluetooth, you have to take out your smartphone and run the app each time you measure. The app understands when the scale is on the wrong user and will not immediately record the data in the profile if it appears to them to be incorrect.

A measurement takes seconds. It is better to put the smartphone aside so that its weight does not add up to the user’s weight. In the app, meanwhile, the following parameters appear:

  • body weight
  • body fat
  • muscles
  • Internal fat index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • body water
  • protein
  • bone mass

Electronic Floor Scale Picooc Mini White White

Picooc Mini scales. a smart way to monitor your shape. The gadget measures over 10 parameters, including body weight, fat, muscle, water, basal metabolic rate, and many more. The history of all measurements and visual graphs are available in the fully russified Picooc app. Set a goal (gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your energy level) and keep track of your progress while getting helpful tips from the gadget to help you reach that goal.

Bioimpedance method The device is based on the bioimpedance method. Special sensors are built into the platform. With each weighing, the scales pass an invisible pulse through the body. and by tissue resistance count the percentage of fat, muscle, water in the body and other parameters. The electrical signal runs along the lower part of the body. The composition of the upper body is calculated based on a special algorithm that takes into account age, gender, height and ethnicity. The accuracy of this method is as close as possible to the accuracy of devices for medical bioimpedance analysis of the whole body.

Model features All Picooc scales calculate the same number of parameters with the same accuracy. The only difference between the devices is the connection method and size. Picooc Mini smart scales have a compact 26 × 26 cm square platform. This means they will be comfortable for people with leg sizes up to 41. Picooc Mini connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Before you get on the platform you need to open the application and select the appropriate option. only after that will the results of weighing be saved.

Picooc Mini is powered by 3 AAA batteries (included).

App features Free Picooc app available for download on Google Play and App Store. The main screen shows a graph of changes and the history of weighing. The app allows you to add an unlimited number of accounts and weigh the whole family! You can subsequently make attached accounts stand alone on your new smartphone. For professional athletes, there is a sports beta version that takes into account the structure of the trained body. This option is separately enabled in the Picooc app.

Please note! Weighing is not available if you have a pacemaker. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use as inaccurate measurements are possible.

Picooc Mini V2 smart diagnostic scales, white

Picooc Mini V2 is the second generation model of Picooc smart scales. Increased accuracy of body composition measurement, adding a new parameter. heart rate measurement.

Measurement accuracy

The second generation of Picooc smart scales uses MFIM (Multi-Frequency Impedance Measurement) multi-phase bioimpedance method for the first time, which reduces the error of body composition measurement by 30% compared to other household smart scales.

Pulse Measurement

Thanks to the smart scales, you will be able to monitor your HR (Heart Rate) at every weighing.

Picooc Mini V2 scales measure more than 15 parameters: body weight, fat, muscle, water, basal metabolic rate and many more. and store the results on your smartphone. Picooc Mini V2 has a 26 × 26 cm square platform. This size will be comfortable for people with size 41 feet.

Connections to your smartphone

Picooc Mini V2 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Before logging on to the platform, open the app and select the appropriate option. The results are then saved in your profile.

Quick start and ease of use

Install free russified Picooc application on your smartphone (there are versions for iOS and Android).

Create a new account or login into an existing one before connecting the scales. When creating your profile, specify your age, sex, height and ethnicity. The algorithm needs this information to calculate all the parameters of your weighing.

To connect Picooc Mini V2 follow the instructions in the application. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. The gadget works on 3 AAA batteries (included). and is ready to use right after unpacking.

Ample opportunities for the application

The main screen of the Picooc app displays all the basic information: graph of changes and weighing history. One-touch access to measurement details and other sections. All parameters in the app are accompanied by tips and interpretations.

than 15 measures. Get complete information about your body on your smartphone or tablet. Parameters include current, ideal (based on gender, height, age and ethnicity) and control (how much to gain/lose) values:

  • Body weight (kg/ideal/control)
  • Body fat (%/kg/ideal/control)
  • Muscle (%/kg/ideal/control)
  • Body fat index
  • Basal metabolic rate (current/target/control)
  • Body water (%)
  • Protein (%)
  • Bone mass
  • Skeletal muscle (%)
  • Body Mass Index
  • Metabolic age
  • Fat-free body weight
  • Heart rate
  • Body Evaluation
  • Body type

Goal Setting. Indicate the desired result (gain weight, lose weight, or maintain tonus) and watch your progress and get helpful tips from the gadget to reach your cherished numbers.

Visual Charts. Track your changes with customizable charts of weight, body fat, and muscle mass. When displaying fat and muscle, you can switch between percentages and kilograms and set time intervals and even time of day.

Trends. Maintain a healthy shape. The app analyzes your measurements and deduces not only how your weight has changed, but also the sources of those changes. At the end of the month a detailed report with basic information is generated.

Measuring log. If you take body measurements, enter those numbers in the appropriate section. and track how they change.

Unlimited number of users. Weigh the whole family! In the app, you’ll be able to add as many users as you need. Additional profiles can be made independent on individual smartphones in the future.

Sports beta version. A special version has been developed for professional athletes, taking into account the peculiarities of the exercised body structure (high proportion of muscle mass and low fat). This option is separately enabled in the Picooc app.


It is not allowed to use the scales if you have a pacemaker. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use, as inaccurate measurements are possible.

Review of the Picooc line of smart scales

In the early days of smart gadgets, manufacturers like Fitbit and Tag Heuer were criticized for designing one-size-fits-all things for an average male audience. People are different, they want a variety of devices, not the same bracelet in two or three colors. Chinese startup Picooc is persistently “breaking” an uncomfortable trend with alternatives. smart floor scales.

It would seem that functionally it does not make sense to produce scales of different sizes and shapes. The big players in the market. Nokia (which absorbed Withings), Fitbit, Garmin and so on. are very conservative in design.

Five models of Picooc scales: S3, S3 Lite, S1 Pro, Mini and Mini pro

Picooc has decided the matter differently. The young company’s range includes the square S3, Mini and Mini Pro as well as the rectangular S1 Pro and S3 Lite. How else they differ? Let’s get this straight!

Picooc S3

Picooc S3 scales are the largest of all existing models of the company. The length of each side is 33,2 centimeters, so that long feet can easily fit on the platform. At the same time, the gadget is not massive, which is helped by its small thickness: only 2.4 centimeters.

The design is minimalist and austere. The base of the body is plastic, but the entire upper part is made of tempered glass. “Four-leaf clover” on the surface is not an ornament, but a sensor for bioimpedance analysis, which sends a weak electric current through the feet when weighed. The scale calculates the proportion of fat, muscle, bone, and water in the body based on tissue resistance.

Bioimpedance method is known since the second half of XX century and is used in many modern diagnostic scales. A standard gadget of this type measures no more than four characteristics. And Picooc scales calculate 12 at once:

  • Body weight
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Total percentage of body fat
  • Internal fat index
  • protein
  • Total Bone Mass
  • Your total muscle mass
  • Skeletal muscle mass separately
  • Percent water content
  • Metabolic rate
  • Body type
  • Biological body age

Data analyzed automatically in mobile app. It’s enough to enter age, height, gender, and ethnicity, and the “artificial intelligence” will determine the problem areas and advise what to do next. The app also keeps statistics and differentiates one user from another automatically.

Results are fully available in the app. The weighing itself is carried out without connection. Device displays weight on LED display hidden under glass.

Remarkably, the functions of the Picooc app are fully available on all scales at once. The only important point: the type of connection. The scales with Bluetooth connect directly to your smartphone, while the scales with Wi-Fi transmit the measurement data to the application through your home wireless network.

S3 supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the same time. Other scales have only one communication module.

Picooc Mini

Picooc Mini is, as its name suggests, small and compact. The sides are 26 centimeters long and the scale body is 2 centimeters high. Children and women can comfortably stand on such a platform, but a larger model is recommended for men with large feet. Thanks to its small size this gadget does not occupy unnecessary space. Here’s a tip: Set your scale on a low bookshelf if you don’t want to stand it on the floor all the time.

Like the S3, Mini has sensors for bioimpedance analysis and an LED display, which lights up only when you measure.

Unlike other Picooc scales, Mini is available in two colors: black and white. The gadget connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth only.

SMART SCALES CHECK| Picooc vs. Xiaomi

Mini is powered by three “little” batteries, their charge lasts for a year. The S3 will require four “finger” batteries, which will need to be replaced after 9 months.

Picooc S1 Pro

The thing that immediately strikes the eye is how elongated the S1 Pro resembles an equilateral Mini. The resemblance is reinforced by four steel sensors. Looks like someone took the body of the gadget and “stretched” it.

Of course, no one ever really stretched the Mini. The S1 Pro is a stand-alone model for people who are uncomfortable standing on a square scale. The gadget measures 32x26x2 centimeters.

The elongated shape increases stability on its own, but the device is also equipped with special silicone-coated feet.

The gadget is made in the typical minimalistic style of Picooc. There is nothing superfluous on the glass surface, and the edges are additionally treated so as not to injure a person’s foot in case of an accidental impact.

The S1 Pro connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the entire functionality of the Picooc app is available to you.

Picooc S3 Lite

Rectangular scales Picooc S3 Lite looks like S3 model visually. However, the Lite version is smaller and more ergonomic: 34x26x2 centimeters.

The legs of the scales are silicone coated and anti-slip. However, the device cannot be placed on carpets or soft coverings, it works only on a hard floor. The same is true for “brothers”. S1 Pro, Mini, Mini Pro and S3.

S3 Lite connects to Wi-Fi networks, but does not have Bluetooth. Both the S3 Lite and S1 Pro operate with four little finger-sized batteries (AAA). The first set lasts for 10 months, the second. for a year.

Picooc Mini Pro

Chinese engineers, having invented the topic of rectangular scales, are not going to abandon the square ones. The latest gadget invented by Picooc is the Mini Pro, almost “twin brother” of the popular Mini.

The main difference between the two models is the size. The Mini Pro is significantly wider and longer. 28.7 x 28.7 centimeters. The height is the same, 2 centimeters. Larger size also means more weight, 1.61 kilograms, so the novelty may seem much more stable.

Connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth, then the gadget has access to all the same features as the other Picooc devices.

You can buy or place an order for the gadgets mentioned in the review at Madrobots online store. Follow our updates so you don’t miss any new Picooc gadgets!

Top 5 Picooc smart scales rating. How to choose the best model?

Smart scales. an indispensable aid in measuring weight. Our article will help you find the right product in the variety of Picooc models.

The smart floor scale is a modern device with functionality far superior to the classic electronic body weight scales.

Improved equipment can work together with a tablet or smartphone, instantly transferring the data obtained to the application that allows you to discover a lot of new information about your body and health.

Choosing a smart assistant, it is worth looking at models from Picooc. the widely known manufacturer of floor scales of the last generation.

Test-Review: Picooc Mini smart scales

Scales, regular scales. Floor-standing, beautiful, they can surprise? Turns out they can! Because. It’s not just a scale like dozens of other manufacturers. It’s a smart scale! Ha, think of smart scales, now every second kettle in the house is smart, why do the scales that “smart”?? And just the scales need a mind to measure not only your weight but other vital parameters (12 in number), synchronize these parameters with your smartphone and even give advice on how to live and all that 🙂 And all this (and even a little more) can be done by the Picooc Mini

The scales come in the usual package, made of thick cardboard. Only inscriptions in a foreign language stand out and make you think: “intelligent scale”. what is it anyway.

On the back of the package technical specifications and a large QR code, which is still very useful.

bluetooth connection Android 4 platform.3 and up, iOS 8.0 and up metal and tempered glass composition maximum weight 150 kg. 100 g scale. automatic shutdown determines: weight metabolic rate percentage of fat percentage of visceral (internal) fat protein basal metabolism muscle mass bone mass BMI body mass percentage of water body type biological age skeletal muscle mass

After unpacking the box, we see that the scales are packed very well, they are not afraid of transportation. Of course such beautiful (tempered glass is used in manufacturing) need to be protected on all sides with a soft material.

In the package is nothing unusual and of course thanks for the batteries, which are already included.

AAA type rechargeable batteries 1.5 V (3 pcs.) instruction manual warranty card

Externally the scales are (seemingly) no different from many of their counterparts. Beautiful and transparent. But if you look closely you can find significant differences.

Yes, the scale has a beautiful and bright display to indicate your weight. The figures are very bright and shine beautifully in the dark.

But the display is an important part, but it does not determine whether the scale belongs to the “intelligent scale” category. First of all 4 metal plates draw your attention right away.

These plates are an important part of the scale to determine the many parameters of your body. Through these plates, the scale passes a small electric current (oh horror some might think, what kind of torture machine is this, your scales). But there is nothing to be afraid of. The current is so low that ANY user won’t even feel it. But the instruction immediately warns. these scales should not be used by people with a pacemaker, and pregnant women should consult a doctor.

And secondly, the scales are a little bit thicker than regular scales.

On the back side of the scales has four rubber feet for stable installation on the surface and a compartment for batteries.

Although the scales are “intelligent scale” and determine a huge number of parameters, to understand their use is elementary. First, there is a very nice and high quality manual in Russian. But to be honest, many people may not even need it. And here’s why.

All thanks to a very high quality smartphone app. The app will take you step by step through all the steps you need to take when you first “start” and then use the scale on a daily basis.

The free and fully russified app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Setup, though simple, requires you to enter your data. For example for the first time in my life I wondered what race I am 🙂 I thought for a long time and decided that I am. Caucasian ethnicity.

Next, scan your personal QR code, which is drawn on the box and inside the manual.

And synchronize with your smartphone.

All these steps are intelligently explained by the app. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

To measure your data, you need to follow a few rules. Of course, the scales should stand on a flat surface and it is better to measure in the morning, while it is necessary to measure barefoot.

The application has advanced settings, I note that you can add multiple users to the scales and thus use them for the whole family.

Well then you measure your weight (and other parameters). The scales indicate only your weight on its display, other parameters of your body are sent to your smartphone via bluetooth.

Every day you measure your weight, the app analyzes this data.

And it gives you statistics and recommendations for your body. Naturally no one doctor scales will not replace you, but advice and a picture of your body can give.

Beautiful and really smart scales. This is when the word “mind” is added to the gadget, not for the sake of fancy words, but for the real reason. The gadget really amazes and even me, a person who was skeptical about all sorts of scales and tests, made me weigh myself daily, eat less sweets, drink water, and in general monitor the body. After all, it’s damn nice to get up in the morning on the scale and see the inscription that your body is “normal” 🙂

Scales are suitable for the whole family, in a handy app you can add an unlimited number of users and have a daily competition in the fight for a healthy lifestyle 🙂

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V1 or V2, which should I choose??

Changes in technology and new metrics are great, but are the differences between the two generations of Picooc noticeable to the end user?

Predictably, it depends on a person’s needs. In the summer of 2019, Picooc added a sports beta mode to the app to more accurately determine muscle and fat percentage in people who are actively exercising. The new model worked better, but wasn’t perfect. There is a limit to what algorithms can do.

For someone who uses scales to lose weight for the summer or maintain a healthy weight range, the first generation of Picooc scales are sufficient. Bioimpedance data is good to use to track trends over a long period of time. That is, if weighed regularly, the scale will show that fat is decreasing, muscle is growing (or vice versa). When the margin of error is constant, this is a good level of analysis.

Active workout fans are interested in detailed data so they can build an optimal exercise regimen. “Good enough” is no longer good enough when competing against similarly physically fit people.

The bioimpedance multiphase is the answer. It solves an important problem, saving a convenient way to take a reading when weighing. It worked: the scale became more accurate, and no extra wires with electrodes had to be molded to the user.

Any new user or avid athlete will find the second generation of Picooc scales more useful. Those who have been using the first version for a long time do not have to “switch”. If you want to compare the first and second generation, nothing is easier. Models are connected in one application in parallel. Balance and heart rate will probably prove to be useful metrics, and the old scales will want to be disconnected and given to someone as a gift.

Picooc Mini Smart Scale (Bluetooth, 26×26 cm)

Picooc Mini. the smart way to monitor your shape. The gadget determines more than 10 parameters, including body weight, amount of fat, muscle, water in the body, basic metabolic rate and many others.

The history of all measurements and graphs are available in the fully russified Picooc app. Set a goal (gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your body tone) and keep track of your progress while getting helpful tips from the gadget to reach your cherished numbers.

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