Solid fuel boilers with automatic wood feed

Automatic solid fuel boilers

Interested in adequate price automatic solid fuel boilers in St. Petersburg and Moscow? Then you should visit the catalog of our online store, where you can easily find a suitable model for your home.

Long range solid fuel boilers with automatic supply of firewood. A modern approach in solving heating problems. Buying such equipment, you will not have to turn off the heating system in your country house if you need to go away for a few days, and you will not need to buy it. Such heating equipment is able to work for 7 days without your direct involvement. read more

Solid fuel boilers with automatic fuel supply by price differ depending on the following parameters:

Choosing a solid fuel boiler with automatic fuel supply, you should first pay attention to the area of the heated space, the necessary configuration of the equipment and price range. Indeed, today a lot of manufacturers can offer progressive heating appliances that can show their best side. Heating equipment with automatic supply is equipped with special microcontrollers control, which regulate the desired mode of operation. It is not only about the automatic fuel supply, but also about the control of the whole functioning system.

Automatic solid fuel boilers

Warranty: 5 years. Boiler steel: 5mm. Burning time: 10 days on one load. The boiler is equipped with weather-dependent automatics, which controls the boiler operation according to the set temperature with smooth modulation of the burner power, the possibility of programming the combustion process. The burner is equipped with an auto ignition and self-cleaning system. Type of fuel: pellet.

Warranty: 5 years. Boiler steel: 5 mm. Burning duration: 10 days, on one load.

The boiler is equipped with weather-dependent automation, which controls the boiler operation according to the set temperature with smooth modulation of the burner power, the possibility of programming the combustion process.

The burner has an automatic ignition and self-cleaning system. Fuel: pellet.

TIS Pellet Combi model of 2020. This is a modern, compact, fully automatic boiler. The design of the boiler body, with a built-in hopper on top, allows you to install it in small boiler rooms. In this model the boiler drum and the flue gas path are completely modernized. The model is equipped with a smoke exhauster, which allows the use of the chimney with a cross-section of f80 and a height of 3 meters. New automation, with built-in gas analyzer, independently adjusts combustion parameters in automatic mode. Vertical type burner with auto-cleaning according to a pre-set schedule.

Warranty: 5 years. Boiler steel: 5mm. Duration of combustion: 7 days, on one load.

Additional chamber for wood burning. The boiler is equipped with the weather-dependent automatics, which controls the boiler operation according to the set temperature with smooth modulation of the burner power, the possibility of programming the combustion process.

Type of fuel: pellets, small coal fraction.

Guarantee 5 years. Boiler steel 5mm. TIS HARD BIO is a modern boiler for burning wood chips. The boiler is designed to work in heating systems of residential and industrial objects. A distinctive feature of the boiler is the ability to work with fuel from wood waste of any quality.

Automatic solid fuel boilers are the most convenient type of heating units. The fundamental difference of this class of boilers is the presence of an automatic fuel supply system. Automatic boilers work on the pellet fuel. pellets, which fundamentally differ from firewood by the same size.

Pellets are made from wood and agricultural waste and toa, dried in the production process, have a size of 50 mm, they have excellent properties. burn completely, leaving no coal, fuel efficiency up to 86%, hypoallergenic, low ash content, low cost. The fuel is characterized by compact dimensions that provide comfortable storage of the required fuel stock. The pellet storage room should provide a low humidity level. damp fuel doesn’t burn properly and rots quickly.

Pellets are produced in different classes. from premium and standard fuel to industrial grades.

The main difference between these boilers and boilers of the second class. with manual loading, in an automated fuel supply system. Pellets are loaded into large hoppers next to the boiler, and from there pellets are conveyed to the furnace by an auger and a motor. Fuel is loaded every three or four days to a week, depending on the size of the hopper, due to which human involvement in the heating process is minimal.

Boilers of this type guarantee automatic supply and ignition of fuel, maintain a predetermined temperature, have an emergency protection system, which is essential for residents of Moscow and the region.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler with automatic fuel supply?

First of all, let us remind you of the main types of solid fuel available: hard coal and lignite, oil shale, then and wood. If you decide to heat your home with solid fuel, then before you choose a boiler, you need to understand which of the solid fuel options are most available in the area where you live.

It is no secret that any solid fuel boiler requires some human involvement: to bring the fuel, to melt it, to put it in the furnace, to take out the ash. How often you need to go to the boiler for refueling and cleaning depends on several factors: the heat loss of the house, depending on the quality of building materials and the quality of construction, the temperature outside, and, most importantly, the boiler itself.

But no matter how good is a solid fuel boiler, leaving it unattended for more than a day in winter will not work, otherwise you risk returning to the frozen ice house. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. a solid fuel boiler with automatic fuel supply.

There are several solid fuel options, suitable for boilers with automatic feeding. It is obvious, that the main requirement to such fuel is the size and homogeneity of its particles: they should be approximately of the same size, not too big and not too small, so that the feeding mechanism would not clog and would send into the furnace exactly the needed amount for burning.

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Such fuel can be coal or lignite of 4 to 25 mm, or wood pellets of 6 to 8 mm. As for pellets, or as they are called, pellets, they can be not only from wood. Today, the raw material for pellets can also be a variety of agricultural processing waste: sunflower husk, oat husks, hay or straw, unsuitable for fodder, and even chicken manure and chicken litter.

As for the pros and cons of different types of solid fuel, it is worth noting that black coal in the combustion gives more heat than brown, and white wood pellets give more heat and less soot and tar than agricultural pellets.

So, with fuel decided, we choose the boiler. First of all, you need to understand what mode you plan to operate it only in automatic or in a combined mode: for example, using wood and coal on weekends, loading the boiler manually and the rest of the time (when no one is home). in an automatic mode.

Let’s start with universal variants. For example, a cast-iron multi-fuel boiler of Italian production Lamborghini Ecologik can operate on wood, coal, toe or briquettes, and, after installing additional equipment (door-adapter, pellet burner, auger and hopper), on pellets. It is possible to install additional equipment on the boiler without removing the basic one. This means that as soon as coal (or wood) burns in the furnace, you can open the main ash door, remove the ash and close the boiler with another door, which has a pellet burner, and continue operating the boiler in automatic mode. Then, if necessary, you can repeat this operation in reverse order to convert the boiler to lump fuel with manual feeding.

Similarly you can use VIADRUS LP A0C combined solid fuel boiler of Czech production. Just like the Ecologik, it can also be retrofitted and used in automatic and manual mode. And it is not just a pellet boiler with automatic feeding, it is a solid fuel boiler with stepless power regulation and remote control unit online via GSM or Wi-Fi.

Another interesting option from Viadrus is the boiler Fanda. Its special feature is the combined load. Due to the presence of two separate furnaces in the boiler, it does not require any retrofitting to switch from one type of fuel to another. There is a wood burner in the upper part of the boiler and a pellet burner in the lower part. So, while you are at home, you heat the boiler with wood. And in your absence, when loaded into the furnace wood will burn, the boiler automatics itself starts the pellet burner, and by your return you will have a warm and cozy house waiting for you. A Fanda boiler can also be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

ATMOS Czech offers a similar design with two burners. the ATMOS DCSP boiler. In this case, one of the furnaces is not just wood, but also pyrolysis that is with gasification of wood, where the process of burning wood is more efficient and longer in time.

However attractive the Combi boilers are, they are inferior to boilers designed for automatic fuel supply only. And here’s why: the automatic boiler has a more complex three-way heat exchanger, in which the combustion products take a longer path before they reach the chimney, and therefore give off more heat to the heating system. Thus, less fuel is used, saving you money, effort, and time.

One of these boilers. is the Czech OPOP Biopel Premium. Its main advantages are: high energy efficiency class (5th class) with efficiency above 90%, compact size and modular layout. The burner on the boiler can be installed either on the left or on the right, depending on the configuration of the boiler room. In addition, the boiler has several options for attached compact hoppers with capacity of 60, 150 and 250 kg, as well as a separate hopper of 220 kg with the possibility of increasing it to 350 kg. over, the compact hopper can be equipped with a pneumatic system for supplying pellets, and it will be filled automatically from the main container, which can be located 10 meters from the boiler in a nearby building.

Also boiler Biopel Premium thanks to the smart control unit and a new type of burner has the ability to continuously adjust the capacity in the range from 20 to 100%. This means that the boiler can maintain the desired temperature in the system, while consuming a minimum of fuel, and, if necessary, automatically go to the maximum power and temperature for rapid heating of the DHW boiler or heat accumulator.

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To the boiler control unit can be connected sensors of temperature of smoke, coolant supply and return line, indoor and outdoor air. Having processed their indications, it will adjust an optimum mode of pellet burner operation, thereby reducing your expenses and providing the maximum comfort. The user only needs to select the desired operating mode.

solid, fuel, boilers, automatic

In addition, the control unit allows you to make all adjustments remotely from a tablet or smartphone and allows you to control: two mixing heating circuits, five pumps, a domestic hot water boiler, a heat accumulator, etc. д.

Among others, Biopel Premium has such useful features as programmable room thermostat RT-10 (besides the functions of the thermostat it repeats all the functions of the control panel, thus you do not need to go into the boiler room), burner and heat exchanger cleaning compressor (periodically in the automatic mode blows off all the cinder in the boiler and burner with high air pressure), automatic ash removal system (removes all ash from the boiler ash pan into the receiving box).

Solid fuel steam generators Wichlacz automatic fuel supply boiler

Boiler OPOP Biopel Premium by its concept resembles a smartphone, which the manufacturer has established a basic set of necessary functions, and the user may add any other options at their discretion.

If the price of calibrated coal in your city is comparable to the cost of pellets, you should pay attention to OPOP H8 series automatic boilers. Coal burns much longer and generates much more heat. In addition, the boiler, depending on the equipment, can burn any calibrated or pelletized fuel: brown and black coal, pellets of any origin wood or agricultural pellets.

Such omnivorousness is possible due to mounted on the boiler burner of special design. RETURN. In operating condition the burner looks like a volcano. For pellet combustion the burner can be additionally equipped with a sprinkler nozzle. for the most efficient combustion.

Possibilities of OPOP H8 control unit are the same as of Biopel Premium boiler, including control via the Internet.

Thus: when choosing an automatic boiler you should give preference to one of the features of its design versatility, which gives the opportunity to use the boiler on any available type of solid fuel or the maximum efficiency of the boiler multiplied by its long-term autonomy and the ability to control at a distance.

And, of course, let’s not forget the Laddomat. Three-way thermostatic mixing valve, which:

Solid fuel boilers

On this page you can find solid fuel boilers that are presented in the catalogs of Moscow and other Russian cities. To heat the room they use the heat released during the combustion of fuel. As the latter is used coal, wood, etc. It is the easiest and most affordable option of heating boilers on the market. Many models are energy-independent and can be installed in rooms without gas or electricity. The main disadvantage of such solutions is the complexity of operation, caused by manual loading of fuel and unloading of ash.

Variety of models on the market

If compared to gas models, solid fuel heating boilers are practically not made for wall installation. Most models are designed for classic floor installation, due to the weight and size of the units. Many are equipped with cast iron heat exchangers, which are considered more reliable and durable than copper or steel.

Devices of this type are characterized by an open combustion chamber, in which the air necessary to maintain combustion is taken from the room inside which the heating equipment is placed. Modifications with a forced gas exchange system (closed combustion chamber) are used much less often, and the price of solid fuel boilers of this type is high.

What to pay attention to when choosing

First of all, before buying, consider the area of the room, which heating is provided by the device. The higher the useful power of the installation, the larger the area on which it can operate. So, for a house of 100 m2 you can buy a boiler of 12 kW.

The efficiency of a heating boiler characterizes how effectively the device uses the energy received at combustion of fuel. Modern solid fuel boilers have an efficiency of 80%, in the most advanced models, this figure can reach 90%.

When choosing a heating boiler, pay attention to the number of heat exchangers used by the device. If only one is installed inside, then such a solution is suitable only for heating and maintaining the desired temperature in the house. If there are two heat exchangers, the model can additionally heat water for domestic use: washing dishes, bathing and showering. Despite the type of fuel used, many installations require connection to the mains electricity for automatic ignition or protection systems. But on the market there are also models, working in standalone mode. To buy a solid fuel boiler of this type is worth for regions with frequent power outages or complete absence of connection to the electricity grid.

Installation requirements for automatic solid fuel boiler

In spite of a lot of advantages, solid fuel boilers have significant disadvantages. Among them is insufficient fire safety, because during the combustion of fuel sparks are released, and the ambient air in the room is strongly heated.

To reduce the risk of ignition, it is necessary to consider a number of requirements for the installation of an automatic unit:

solid, fuel, boilers, automatic
  • For any boiler, working on solid fuel, it is necessary to equip a special room. The furnace area should not be less than 7 sq.m.
  • A strong ventilation system must be provided in the boiler room, t.к. Large amounts of oxygen are needed for continuous operation of the equipment. Specialists recommend to provide the diameter of outlet and inlet holes in the ventilation shaft at least 100 mm.
  • Non-combustible materials (cement, tiles, plaster) should be used for finishing walls, flooring and ceilings.
  • It is better to install the boiler unit in the place of the furnace room, so that around it there was at least 50 cm of free space. In this case you can comfortably maintain and adjust the system.
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What are the dangers of using unsorted coal?

In lots of unsorted coal in excess there is coal dust, huge chunks of rock the size of a fist, which jam the auger of an automatic solid fuel long-burning boiler, tearing off the keys between the motor and gearbox. As a result, the boiler fails or simply malfunctions. To fix the situation you will have to tinker with it a lot, spend money on replacing faulty parts and components.

In Russia, sorted coal intended for solid fuel boilers is seldom available, therefore, suppliers recommend to use coal of 6-13 mm fraction (black-seed coal). As a rule, this is anthracite of increased caloric content. However, because of its high calorific value and extremely high combustion temperatures, anthracite fuel deforms burners. Over time, these parts must be replaced.

Even if to apply anthracite of a small fraction, which will possess calorific value, allowable for combustion in TKDG, it is impossible to wait for effective work:

  • With a 70% probability, the boiler will not finish burning coal;
  • the rated power will drop by half;
  • A 25-kilowatt boiler can “turn” into a 15-kilowatt boiler
  • The coal will have to be reseeded and used a second time.

In order to automatically combustion boiler long burner gave the declared power, you need to feed the burner a certain amount of fuel per 1 unit time:

  • Long-flame coal has a caloric value of 6100 kilocalories per 1 kg (7 kW). For the boiler to give out 28 kW power, you need to feed 4 kg of coal per hour. During this time, the coal should burn completely, but effectively burn 4 kg of coal in an hour is unrealistic. That is so to burn so that the device efficiency reached at least 75%, not to mention the declared by the manufacturer 85%.
  • If you reduce the fuel supply by 2 times, the boiler output will fall in proportion to the amount of fuel supplied. That’s why if the boiler “does not raise” the temperature above 50 degrees, the reason should be looked for in the wrong settings.

So that the boiler with automatic fuel supply works without failure and problems, it is necessary to buy long flame coal. As the manufacturer declares its caloric value is 6100 kcal per 1 kg (in practice the figure is 15-20 % lower). It is worth bearing in mind that long-flame coal, which is sold in Russia, has a fraction of 13 50 mm, while for boilers with automatic fuel supply in most cases, the fraction should not exceed 30 mm.

Recommendations for the selection of devices of long combustion

First of all, the boiler type is determined by the area of heated space and time of operation of the system.

Use the formula to choose the output: 1 kW heating capacity per 10 m2 floor space.

If the building is small, and heating is used periodically (for example, only at weekends), the classical solid fuel boiler with a mechanical thermostat is a good option. It is inexpensive, easy to maintain and reliable.

If you heat large areas for a long time, you should consider pyrolytic boilers or boilers with continuous combustion. к. High efficiency levels offset the cost of the fuel, and the higher price is compensated by savings on consumables. Pyrolysis boilers have two furnace chambers.

In the first, wood or charcoal burns in an atmosphere with reduced oxygen, releasing gases which are then burned off in the second chamber. This allows full utilization of all fuel energy and eliminates the need for frequent loading of new portions (fuel is loaded 24 times a day).

Reference! In the boilers of long combustion with a special telescopic burner, the solid fuel elements burn from the top down, so the wood is loaded once every two days, and the coal burns for up to five days on one load.

Solid fuel boilers for long combustion. how to choose the best?

Boiler long combustion on solid fuel is ideal, characterized by its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. After all, you simply do not have to frequently toss wood or coal in the furnace, and the high efficiency will positively affect your costs for heating your home. Today there are a lot of interesting models on the market, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. When selecting solid fuel long-burning boilers, the first things to note are:

  • type of equipment;
  • power and size of the furnace;
  • the fuel used;
  • material of the heat exchanger;
  • efficiency;
  • durability.

Advantages of wood-fired solid fuel boilers

It is also worth noting a number of difficulties, which will be encountered when choosing this type of boilers.

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