Stainless steel bath furnaces

Ovens with a water tank

The location of the tank can be different. the hinged type, internal or overhead. The most efficient heat exchange is provided by the internal version of the installation.

When calculating the capacity take into account the average flow rate, which is about 10 liters per person.

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Catalogs chimney elements made of AISI 430 steel Ferrum Works

Factory equipment produces tubes with diameters ranging from 80 mm to 300 mm, also under the order make and diameter of up to 1000 mm. Also welded at the factory, starter, closing, branching elements, fasteners.

Structural “black” steel is a budget material for the sauna stove

These stoves for baths are really the most budget-friendly. The price tag of “black” steel stoves starts from 12 thousand. rubles. So if you splurge on the construction of the bath and the finances are limited, and you need a stove like air, it is ideal. But in addition to cost, black structural steel stoves have other features worth knowing about in order to make an informed decision.

Fig 2. In the Ermak bath stoves the furnace is made of structural steel

The first feature is the low thermal resistance. By heat resistance we mean the ability of the material to withstand high temperatures, and not to decay. So, the heat resistance of structural black steel is 400 degrees Celsius. And if we take into account the fact that the temperature inside the sauna stove varies from 500 to 600 degrees Celsius, then the second peculiarity of such stoves arises. it is a short service life because of the material destruction. To compensate low heat resistance of this material, manufacturers make furnaces with increased thickness (up to 8 mm).

Black steel furnaces have a service life of 5-8 years. burnout temperature. 400 degrees Celsius.

The advantage of such stoves, in addition to being budget-friendly, is a rapid heating rate. Disadvantages: the same cooling rate. Another plus. no brittleness problems like their cast iron counterparts.

And, of course, stove models made of black steel can be made in interesting designs. You can see them in the section “Stoves for baths”, selecting the filter item “Stove furnace material. of thick-walled constructional steel”.


  • Low heat capacity. Furnace made of stainless steel heats up very quickly, but at the same time also cools down quickly, respectively, it can not be used for heat accumulation, as a brick counterpart. As soon as the fire in the furnace goes out, the stove cools down almost instantly;
  • Fire hazard. Metal has a high thermal conductivity, and as a result the walls of the furnace heats up and can cause fire nearby objects;

Most often the hot water tanks are installed inside the furnace of the bath, in which the liquid is heated by an open fire directly in the furnace. However, now you can find natrubnye tanks for baths made of stainless steel, which are installed on the branch pipe chimney. in them the water is heated by the temperature of the products of combustion.

Casting and Pouring Stainless Steel Parts at the Foundry

Stainless steel bath furnaces

Voluminous, non-ventilated heater lets you get a large amount of steam, and the thick metal furnace and flue channels ensures a high service life of the furnace. Does not require brick lining.

Voluminous, non-ventilated heater allows you to get a lot of steam, thick metal furnace and flue ducts will ensure a high service life of the furnace. Does not require brick lining.

Stainless steel gas stoves of 06-GT series, capable of heating a steam room up to 70 m3. Does not require brick lining

Stoves of stainless steel for gas of a series of “06-GT” capable of heating of a steam room up to 70m3, designed for lining with brick.

Updated stainless steel furnaces with twice as much heat emitting surface. We use in their production a specific stainless steel. It has an increased okalinoostoykostyu and yet enough plastic that the body of the furnace is not formed cracks. These characteristics have made it possible to halve the weight of the stove, while maintaining the same long service life. Rigidity ribs were also added to increase the strength of the structure.

stainless, steel, bath, furnaces

These stoves are designed for bricklaying, have a function of controlling convection and can create a climate of a real Russian bath. Can be equipped with heat exchangers and glass doors. Any model of our furnace can be made of stainless steel, in each case requires an estimate of its cost.

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Bathhouse soars, Bathhouse rules.

High efficiency, economical consumption of firewood, high power and a pleasant design, decorating the interior of the room. modern bath stoves requirements. To determine the required power of the equipment, you need to know the volume of the heated room. So, in the description of each model you can find this parameter, for example 8.18 or 12-26 cubic meters. м. Choosing power, experts recommend adding 30% to the volume if you plan to heat the oven in the winter, or to increase it by 1.5 times if the room is made of solid logs.

In our store you can find models designed for heating different room sizes.

According to the type of material furnaces are divided into metal and cast iron. Both models have their own advantages and disadvantages: in price, brittleness of material, heat dissipation, etc. It is believed that when properly operated, a cast-iron stove. The best choice for the steam room. Cast iron. is a high heat output and pleasant warmth.

Steam quality depends a lot on the type of sauna heater. At this point we can remember the lessons of physics: the higher the temperature of the surface on which the water hits, the smaller the particles of steam, the more useful it is for our body. This is the “soft” steam. This is characteristic of an enclosed stove, in which the stones are hidden in a compartment. Inside the structure, they are heated to 40 degrees, and, water falling on them, turns into a finely dispersed steam. Open heater produces a coarse fraction of steam. Popular variant. a combination stove, where the exposed stones are used for decorative purposes, and the steam is produced on the inside of the stove.

Question 5. What material should I buy a stove from??

Stoves are made of 3 materials: black steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

According to calculations and experience results, 6 mm of black steel lasts as long as 2 mm of stainless steel. Most stores now stock furnaces with these thicknesses. The iron for the furnaces is regular steel 3. And chrome steel with 17% of chromium is used as stainless steel. Chromium increases the life of the furnace up to 3 times.

Sometimes manufacturers weld thicker sheets of iron up to 8 mm in the most thermally stressed areas of black steel stoves. And in Fehringer stoves and in stainless steel stoves, on the walls where the most loaded areas, in some models, welded additional screens, increasing the service life of stoves. And in the end what to choose. an iron stove for baths or a stainless steel furnace?

Stainless Steel Wire Bright Annealing Furnace Process

Our recommendation. it does not matter if the thickness of black steel is large, and you have actually been sold a stove made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm, they will last for a long time, the only difference. the iron stove is about 2 times heavier than the stainless steel one.

Cast-iron sauna stove will definitely last longer than black or stainless steel stoves. But cast iron is afraid of sharp temperature fluctuations. this is classic. Manufacturers make additives in the cast iron, which reduces the appearance of this point to zero, but still it is likely to be so at least psychologically. Our recommendation. pour hot water on the cast iron stove, it will be less than the temperature drop or don’t pour at all and you will enjoy your stove for a very long time.

TMF Thermofor

This company emphasizes its geographical location by defining its products: “Siberian stoves, boilers and fireplaces”. The traditions of Russian bathhouse are especially strong beyond the Urals, that’s why it’s no wonder that one of the best manufacturers of wood-burning bath stoves is based in Novosibirsk. All a variety of heating units of the company can be divided into two large groups based on the material: stainless steel stoves have in their name the word INOX, and anti-crisis devices are made of improved structural steel and are labeled CARBON. Each popular model of the company. and sverkompaktnaya Wasp, and Geyser with a two-stage system of steam, and the powerful Tunguska XXL. available in two versions, classic and budget.

stainless, steel, bath, furnaces

Although TMF is primarily dedicated to traditional wood-burning sauna stoves, in the last few years the company engineers have responded to market demand by developing two limited lines of more modern electric and gas powered sauna stoves.

stainless, steel, bath, furnaces

In these furnaces, cast iron is used not only for the elements of the furnace, but also for making the body of the furnace. Much more massive than steel sauna heaters. Excellent for a long time keeps the heat, but slowly heats the room, generates a soft steam.

1 place Wood-burning sauna stove Gefest ZK 18 (M)

Furnace Gefest ZK 18 (M). the best cast iron furnace for Russian baths with a unique direct-heating heater in the ranking. It was Gefest furnaces are famous for their thought-out combustion chambers. Furnaces are made of pig iron SC 20 with the addition of chromium. In the line of Gefest modification has a more powerful steam formation and creates an ideal mode of the Russian bath. A reinforced enclosed heater for 18 m3 is equipped with a recess in the furnace (additional steam is stored there), and the lower part of the heater is in contact with the flame also with heat-removing spikes (directed into the depth of the heater). As a result, the heating surface increases several times over and the heat transfer is accelerated.

  • the presence of two combustion chambers, and the heater is the second vault of the furnace;
  • Flame separator of the lower furnace to direct the stream of fire to the rear wall and to the chimney;
  • Air vent under the chamber for the flow of additional oxygen, bypassing the combustion chamber;
  • Two types of doors. with glass and solid cast iron.

Furnaces Gefest ZK work exclusively in cladding (included). Available in “Optima” or “President” versions.

2nd place Wood-burning sauna stove Ermak 16 Grid-Premium (Cast iron)

Ask why the tablet stove Ermak 16 Grid Premium is better than the others? We answer: a durable modular cast iron and steel combination stove. The sturdy firebox is made of cast iron and graphite, while the sauna heater and complex smoke tubes are made of structural carbon steel. Large open mesh heater (also known as housing) for a dry steam bath. Lovers of Russian bath can equip the furnace closed heater and get a soft, moist steam.

The manufacturer offers up to 7 modules per oven. The heating system can be expanded with a steam generator, remote tank, convector, heat exchanger.

3 place Wood-burning sauna stove Ermak 16 Premium (Cast iron)

Another modular cast-iron-steel stove in the Ermak 16 series. Many parameters of the Premium and the Premium Grid are similar: the same variety of options, multi-mode operation, voluminous firebox with the division of the fire into 4 streams.

The model differs mainly in the volume of the sauna heater. Here it is “only” 40 kg (the grid has 150-200 kg), but the options allow you to buy a mesh heater and increase the capacity of the heat accumulator. Another feature of this model is more rapid heating of the premises, which contributes to the external casing convector on the body of the oven.

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