Stainless steel chimneys for boiler

Stainless steel chimneys

Stainless steel is a guarantee that the product you buy will last a long time. But it is very important that its manufacturer has a registered trademark and a good reputation. Rustless chimney is called that chimney, which contains chromium at least 11%. The presence of chromium makes it possible to give the steel heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. In addition, stainless steel chimneys have a noble appearance and polished shape. Stainless steel with m nickel is called austenitic. nickel-free ferritic.On the market there are stainless chimneys with different thickness of the inner stack of the chimney 0,5 / 0,8 / 1 mm. but it is recommended to use chimneys with a thickness of steel 1mm.

Less durable, but no less reliable sandwich chimneys made of stainless steel. They are much cheaper than ceramic ones. Another name for them. double-circuit chimneys. They rightly occupy their niche in the market of building materials. Tightness of the connection of such chimneys is very reliable. Available in various diameters and lengths from 250 to 1000 mm.Stainless sandwich chimney for boilers is the ideal solution!

Our advantages

Gas heating boiler, according to the rules of operation, must be equipped with a chimney for the removal of combustion products. The chimney assembled from sandwich pipes is currently one of the most effective options for chimney system. Durable, reliable, economical.

The chimney for the boiler, operated in a private home, must provide a stable draught, for which. Have a sufficient height: to rise above the roof ridge by at least 0.5 meters (in the case of output nearby). Using accessories from our range of accessories you can assemble chimneys of any length and configuration, meeting all regulatory requirements and fire safety rules.

Chimneys for Homes and Villas

Designed to direct smoke through the smoke exhaust duct. It contains the optimum number of segments, which reduces the resistance of the flow of chimney waste.

Before installing the chimney, be sure to take into account all the nuances of the boiler, house and pipes. Your safety and efficiency of heat dissipation depends on the properly selected and properly installed chimney.

One important role is played by the airtight construction of the appliance.

According to GOST standards, the chimney must be insulated with reliable, heat-resistant materials.

Observe the distance between the device from flammable materials.

Tutorial- Installing a stainless steel chimney liner. My way.

For the good functioning of the chimney is necessary to install the pipe above the level of the roof. Due to this the air draught is increased. This allows for reliable operation of the solid fuel boiler. Basically the chimney is installed along the facade of the house without violating the roof mechanism. This method of installation saves space in the room, this is also a big plus for this category of pipes. In order to avoid the condensate accumulation the thermal insulation technology should be considered. Accumulated moisture reacts with the metal and begins to destroy the structure, leading to corrosion.

Chimney solid fuel boiler in the house

Chimney in a private home can be installed in two ways: through the wall and through the roof. For cottages, country houses use a sandwich chimney made of stainless steel. It is excellent for such premises. Two pipes of different diameters, and between them is inserted fireproof insulation. Thanks to the smooth surface inside the pipe, soot does not settle on the walls. The outer shell is made of stainless steel galvanized pipe.

Stainless chimney for solid fuel boiler

The type of chimney and the choice of material depends primarily on the type of boiler and place of installation. In 80% of cases, the chimney is made of stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and galvanized. Galvanized pipe is not recommended to put in the living room, and should be outside or in the attic, as at high temperatures, the zinc releases toxic substances, and it is harmful to the human body. Popular diameter of chimney pipes. 150 millimeters. The size range is from 75 mm to 300 mm.

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • extremely minimal condensate formation (with proper installation);
  • not difficult installation;
  • It is possible to install a chimney of any complexity and configuration;
  • economical than the brick version;
  • durability;
  • reliable protection against fires;
  • no foundation is needed.

Ceramic and metal chimney pipes are made in the factory with a special technology from proven and quality materials.

Ceramic chimney includes an inner channel of refractory ceramics, heat insulation of heat-resistant insulation, the outer safety box of light cellular concrete.

Brick chimney is not the most practical. Damaged because of the accumulation of condensation, there is a chemical reaction with the flue, respectively, the brick structure soon collapses. Liquid-fuel, gas-generator and automated solid-fuel fireplaces encounter the same problems.

If you still want brick masonry, you must follow the relevant recommendations for this installation of the chimney. Flue duct must be laminated, inserted inside a stainless one-layer pipe that can withstand an acidic environment. Guilding can be done at any stage of the house construction.

Chimney from asbestos cement pipe

It is strictly forbidden to connect the asbestos-cement pipe to the solid fuel boiler. At temperatures above 300 ° C, the walls, not withstanding the thermal effects, begin to crack and burst. Asbestos pipe installed only in the boilers of double combustion, ie where the flue gases escape at a low temperature.

Connection of asbestos cement brick chimney is possible under the automatic solid fuel gas generator boiler. The temperature of the escaping gas waste is not high.

Each product in the catalog has a description of parameters, GOSTs, steel grades, models, variations, zinc coating methods.

We recommend personal consultation with a specialist who will help you find the right design for your boiler.

Thanks to the special strong package delivery is safe and sound.

According to GOST standards. On this site you can arrange delivery and turnkey installation service! Guarantee for 10 years!

When ordering, specify all the details of your house, roof, etc.д. It will help you choose the right design. All models available in stock.

Right now leave your request online and get a great offer.

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Professional specialists of our company will produce turnkey installation of stoves, fireplaces and chimneys in a private home.

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Chimney for the boiler

The chimney for the boiler is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. To order a construction which is suitable in all parameters, it is enough to apply to the Internet store “Smoke Removal.RU”.

In our assortment there are all necessary accessories, allowing to assemble the products, designed for solid fuel devices. Sandwich elements are available in various diameters and lengths, so that an optimum solution can be selected for each case. They include a heat-resistant thermal insulating layer, which is located in the gap between the outer and inner pipe. All products are characterized by high strength, low weight, resistance to corrosion, perfect smooth surface, on which there are no products of combustion and soot. The structures are quick and easy to install. Thanks to their attractive appearance, they can be positioned inside or outside the house and do not require a special chimney system. Long service life and high efficiency of combustion gases evacuation are additional arguments for these elements.

To purchase a chimney for the boiler just call our experts by phone 7 (499) 391-71-86 to discuss all the terms of cooperation and get advice.

The chimneys from stainless steel the most demanded Buyer in the Russian market.

  • Low weight
  • Low price
  • Installation work on the chimney is many times cheaper than, for example, ceramic
  • No foundation required
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Universal, used for fireplaces, stoves and boilers
  • It is less accumulated soot and products of combustion due to smoothness

Sandwich chimney. a double-loop construction of stainless steel, where between the two tubes are packed under the press factory non-combustible wool. Insulation.They are reliable and safe, resistant to temperature changes, unlike the usual pipes are not sandwich and have a low level of condensation.

Sandwich chimney is used for installation of stoves, fireplaces, boilers.Sandwich stainless steel chimney is by far the most durable material. We recommend choosing a chimney made of mirror stainless steel and steel thickness is not less than 1 mm. These are NIICM chimneys. Thinner steel chimneys Baltvent and Vulcan. But Vulkan gives a guarantee on their chimneys conditionally for 50 years.You should not install this type of equipment yourself. We recommend to entrust the installation of stainless steel sandwich chimneys for fireplaces to professionals.

stainless, steel, chimneys, boiler

STANDARD chimney of steel grade 304

AISI 304. austenitic stainless steel (thick. 0.5 mm. and 1 mm.) is used in the production of quality chimneys, which are best suited for gas boilers, boilers, water heaters, boilers on diesel, as well as solid fuel stoves, boilers, fireplaces

Chimney “PREMIUM” AISI 321

A wide selection of stainless steel chimneys

The company “Furnaces-Chimneys” offers a wide range of quality sandwich chimneys of different diameters of stainless steel, as well as structural elements. tees, elbows, boxes, deflectors, tips, etc.д. All proposed products are made of high quality stainless steel. Use of laser welding ensures reliability of the weld and its aesthetic appearance.

From a set of different elements can be assembled construction of any complexity. In our company you can order a sandwich stainless steel chimney for any type of heating equipment. With a correct choice of parameters you will get a safe steel chimney with a long service life.

Как сделать колпак на трубу (флюгарку)

Characteristics and photos of products in the catalog will help you decide on what to choose. Among the advantages of working with us. a wide range of products, long warranty, convenient payment and delivery system, professional installation.

To buy the products on our site you can contact us by using the “Order a call” function. A specialist will clarify all necessary information, will help you choose a chimney design made of steel, calculate the cost, and advise on all matters of interest, including payment and delivery of goods.

Sandwich chimney sandwich 150 for fireplaces boilers and furnaces

The main advantage is a quality thermal insulation Basalt fiber without phenol and glue that does not burn from high temperatures up to 900 g not direct fire!

Ease of installation and safety

If a question arises about the installation of the chimney, then today the most affordable solution is the chimney from stainless steel. As a rule, first installed a single-walled chimney, then put an insulated sandwich chimney.

Insulated pipe must pass through the ceiling, as required by the SNIP regarding fire safety. The pipe itself is a chimney sandwich consisting of two pipes, one inside the other, and insulating material Basalt or Bazaltin fills the space between them.

Stainless chimney

Chimney pipe made of stainless steel 430. Thickness 0.5 and 1mm sandwich chimney. Also make a chimney for a fireplace boiler furnace chimney of other brands.304-316-321. The cost of the chimney assembly is calculated separately at the manager’s visit. Here you can buy stainless steel pipes for the chimney and find out how much it costs to build a sandwich chimney. Sandwich chimney installation at a discounted price is made after the calculation of the project as a whole. Also for sale are sandwich pipes.

Reliable chimney pipes are essential part of the heating system. Online store “Smoke Flue.RU” gives you the opportunity to order modern products that meet standards of quality, at competitive directly from the manufacturer.

The products are made of durable stainless steel. The material is resistant to temperature changes, UV light, high humidity, mechanical damage and other external influences. The design is not subject to combustion and melting, and fully meets the requirements of fire safety. Upon customer request, non-combustible basalt filler may be insulated, which reduces condensation and increases the service life of the equipment.

A variety of sizes are available. It is possible to choose the optimal diameter for most standard models of boilers or fireplaces. For greater compatibility two types of cross-section pipes are also available. square and round. Products can be made to order. If necessary experts will help you with the selection of special adapter to the required diameter.

To buy a pipe for the chimney from the catalog, add the desired product and fill out the form. To order a product, get help with the choice or to learn more about our products you can also call 7 (499) 391-71-86.

In the manufacture of our products we use high quality metal with optimum parameters. Our specialists will help you find the right diameter that is ideal for the output of the furnace or fireplace, as well as recommend adapters, if necessary. In addition will take into account the initial requirements and the cross section of the pipe. It can be round (provides good draught) and square (suitable for furnaces with economy mode). We produce both standard versions, and make pipes according to individual order. Our employees are experienced and have a high level of professionalism, so cope with tasks of any complexity.

  • wide assortment;
  • always affordable for stainless steel chimney to buy which you can take advantage of a special offer;
  • competent advice;
  • delivery and installation services;
  • attentive and responsible attitude to each order.

Our managers will tell you about the features of our products, peculiarities of their use, and give you information about promotions. We value our reputation, so we strictly control each stage of production and cooperation to avoid unforeseen situations in the delivery and use of our products.

To purchase chimney pipes from the catalog add the desired product and fill out the form. To order a product, get help with choosing or to learn more about our products you can also call 7 (499) 391-71-86.

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