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Press “Vilen” can help in everyday life, because it is perfect for juicing vegetables, fruits and berries. The design of the press allows you to squeeze up to 95% of pure juice. The press is made of high quality steel, which is not prone to rust, and the outer part is enamelled.

stainless, steel, manual, juicer

Going to buy a quality berry, vegetable or fruit squeezer? With the high-quality 20L Vilen fruit squeezer you can get up to 15-17 liters of juice in just one batch! At the heart of the machine is a practical technology with a high.

Juicer Motor Sich SBA-1. Made of aluminum (hence lightweight) manual auger juice squeezer. Suitable for juicing both hard and soft varieties of vegetables, fruits, berries and even herbs

RAWMID Greenery RGJ-03 is the ideal auger juice squeezer for your home. With it you can prepare healthy cold-pressed juices with lots of vitamins and antioxidants.RAWMID Greenery1 juicer features. Cold-pressingGentle extraction is the way to squeeze the fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrition.

Type: worm, for citrus fruits, material: metal

FoodAtlas citrus press MJE-1 is designed for quick, high quality, not demanding labor-intensive production and squeezing juice from citrus fruits in catering enterprises (canteens, cafes, restaurants), confectionary factories, hotels.

Screw-type manual juicer is suitable for all fresh fruits and vegetables. In a matter of minutes it turns them into almost dry pulp and a healthy, rich in vitamins and other health-promoting beverage! Manual juicer in handling similar to.

Screw juicer, 200 W, direct feed, pulp collection

Type: citrus juicer, material: metal

Kale 1803 press is of high quality has the following features:Professional press is designed to extract juice from pomegranates and citrus fruits. Suitable for home use as well as for making juices, high quality press allows.

The 1300 W motor quickly and accurately cope with any product, and four modes of programs for different products will adjust the power and speed for maximum spin efficiency. The juicer has a wide mouth for whole fruits, over.

Mechanical juicer is designed for quick and easy preparation of incredibly tasty, fragrant, and most importantly. Natural juice with pulp from various fruits, berries and vegetables

Type: press, for citrus fruits, juice container, 0 l, material: metal

Type: auger, for citrus fruits, juice container, 0.30 l, material: plastic

Juicer Motor Sich SBA 1-Maximum efficient, simple and noiseless device Hand juicer Motor Sich 1 SBA. perhaps the best auger juice squeezer for tomatoes, apples, grapes, gooseberries and other berries, fruits and vegetables with seeds and pips. Prosta.

Type: worm, for citrus fruits, juice container, 1 l, material: plastic

Citrus juicer, 20W, 1 speed

Type: citrus strainer, material: metal

Turns fruits and vegetables into a vitamin-rich beverage in minutes

Type: citrus press, material: metal

Type: press, for citrus fruits, material: metal

Type: auger, juice capacity, 0 l, material: metal, plastic, pulp separation

How to use Hand Press Fruit Juicer 2020

Easy to use and reliable! Get the most out of your fruit with the quick squeeze system. Only takes a few seconds to get a glass of refreshing, healthy juice. Get vitamins in the morning without extra effort.Equipped with adjustable mechanism.

The juicer is designed to make juices from a variety of fruits at home

Ratings of the best juicers according to experts

The 5 most popular juicers for the home

This model is made of impact resistant plastic. No metal accessories, so the taste of the juice during the making, does not change. Consists of a molded nozzle and a bucket to collect the juice. The ladle is equipped with a special rubber, which prevents it from slipping on the surface. Easy to use and care, dishwasher safe. To make juice just press a half of a fruit to the nozzle.

Standard colors: orange and white, thanks to which the juicer will fit into any interior.

Easy-to-use juicer. press. Comes in black and silver. Material of the device is stainless steel, which indicates a long service life. The method of juicing is simple, just half of the fruit pressed to the mold and twist. The juice collects in a special cup holder.

In the dishwasher you can wash only the cone, the body itself is not suitable for such cleaning.

Model “Povarenok” wins over other juicers by its versatility and ergonomics. Made of high-quality plastic. The device includes 3 attachments (grater, separator, juicer) and a lid that changes its position.

Large plastic juicer. It has a juice capacity of 0.5 liters, unlike the others. Equipped with a rubberized base that prevents the device from slipping. Has 2 positions of the nozzle, which is attached to the base: squeezing, rubbing.

Quality plastic juicer with a double-sided attachment that can handle both small and large fruits. Available in white. The juice container is large, with a capacity of 0.65 liters., With measuring divisions. Dishwasher safe.

Press-type juicers have the features of cone devices. They do an excellent job, separating the pulp from the juice, which is why they are absolutely not suitable for making tomato, apricot or peach drink.

Top 10 Professional Juicers that will be indispensable in the kitchen

Food grade stainless steel AISI 304. Suitable for various fruits. Their size does not matter. Bottom is rubber coated to prevent the device from slipping on the surface. Convenient design. Lever mechanism allows you to squeeze out the fruit as much as possible. There is a system that eliminates splashing. High productivity. Suitable for both home use and catering.

Indestructible and easy to use. Lightweight design.

Has a removable squeezer body. The juicer is made of cast iron. Suitable for pomegranate, orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit. Suitable for home use, restaurants and cafes.

Universal high-powered machine made of cast iron, can be used for both fruits and vegetables. The color of the juicer is orange, so it does not fit in every interior. Easy to maintain and care for.

Professional mechanical juicer with high capacity. The device is made entirely of cast-iron. Allows you to process fruits and vegetables. High productivity. Comes in black or white. Design fits in any kitchen.

Professional device of good quality, suitable for pomegranates. Easy to use and maintain. Worktop is made of stainless steel, components are made of cast iron. With built-in drift eliminator which keeps the surface clean.

Stainless steel mechanical model. Material does not oxidize, which does not change the taste of the fruit. Includes strainer and juice container. Designed for fruits and leafy vegetables.

Professional pomegranate and citrus press. Equipped with a gear-type mechanism, making it easier to squeeze by hand. Equipped with a stepped strainer with pulp compartment that squeezes 20% more juice from the fruit than other strainers. Made of food grade aluminum. Built for great performance. Comes with a large bowl for juice. Machine dishwasher safe.

Rack and pinion mechanism, stainless steel bowl and aluminium filter. It has a wide bowl area that fits in any container. Equipped with a drip tray. Design is made in gray colors. Weight of the device is only 5.5 kg.

stainless, steel, manual, juicer

Professional pomegranate and citrus juicer with a modern design. Black and silver color available. Made of stainless steel and cast iron.

Semi-professional juicer. Reliable and easy to work. Made of cast iron and stainless steel. Equipped with rack and pinion mechanism, drip eliminator. Cone filter is made of stainless steel, thanks to which it does not deteriorate and does not oxidize. Machine bottom is rubber coated for stability.

Types of mechanical citrus presses

All hand presses can be divided into two types depending on the mechanism that produces the juice:

  • Geared. Squeezing with this device will require less effort, there is a large gear inside, which takes up most of the load. Even a child can juice with this citrus juicer;
  • lever. These models require a little more effort. To squeeze the pulp and get a fraiche, you need to put the handle down. all efforts are transferred to the fruit.

Both varieties of devices for juicing are quite popular today. Average yield of a drink from 1 kg of orange. 450 ml of juice.

stainless, steel, manual, juicer

If you’ve been looking for a great juicer or squeezer to juice citrus fruits and pomegranates, buy it in our online store with delivery to all. Choose the products of famous brands at our site and order a model with delivery to any city in Russia.

Selection Criteria for Juicers

Beautiful and comfortable items from the Plastic tools line has long occupied its niche among the kitchen utensils for the home. Products of this brand are made of reliable food-grade polymers and can serve a variety of purposes. This appliance is specially designed for citrus fruit and guarantees citrus juices without seeds or palms in a very short period of time.

  • Can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • bright;
  • does not break:
  • compactness;
  • easy;
  • with juice container.

The machine has a rubberized base that prevents it from slipping on the countertop. And the compact size of this device allows to place it easily on the kitchen shelf. The structure of the juicer is similar to a tea mug, it has a handle. a holder, which also allows you to securely fix the device on the surface.

  • Suitable for all types of citrus;
  • environmentally friendly BPA Free material;
  • optimal for cooking different foods;
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator;
  • affordable;
  • dishwasher safe; dishwasher safe.

Mini items from the collection 2022 are distinguished by elegance combined with functionality and will be the perfect gift for those who love HVA. Each appliance is made of environmentally friendly materials. high-strength lightweight plastic and corrosion-resistant steel. And the main color trend is considered to be the saturated greens and stain-free dark gray shades. For those who do not like big noisy juicers, you should focus on this instance. The model squeezes citrus fruit as well as berries with ease. Its main advantage is the special strainer that filters the pulp and prevents seeds from getting into the beverage, which often happens when squeezing lemon juice. And the already obtained nectar can be safely served directly on the table in a neat container that comes with it.

Manual juicers

The compact manual juicer makes it quick and easy to juice lemons and limes. The squeeze lid protects your hands from unwanted odors. Simply slide the cut fruit into the cap and rotate around the ridged cone.

Presses of Helix collection with a unique twisting mechanism help to get the most at minimum effort. A further innovative solution in the kitchen. The citrus juicer Helix squeezes the juice out of lemons, limes and oranges effortlessly until the last drop. Indispensable for making both lemonades and marinades. Robust juicer body made of steel and nylon. Handles have special shape to prevent the gadget from slipping out.

Material: metal Color: black, metallic Length, mm.Width, mm : 275.: 185 Height, mm.: 395 Manufacturer: China

Wheatgrass Manual Juicer The Manual Juicer BL-30 hand auger juice squeezer perfectly juices fruits, vegetables and berries, such as currants, blackberries, grapes, as well as leafy vegetables, herbs and sprouted wheat. It is also successfully used for making home-made wine. Has a solid stainless steel metal construction.

HOT SALE! For professional use. Made of steel. For squeezing citrus fruit juices as well as pomegranates. Powder-coated and blackened on top. 1 year warranty.

Simple and robust juicer. Its construction consists of a screw press, a body and a bowl. Operated by turning the screw.

Lexen Healthy Juicer Manual GP27-R is a great alternative to expensive machines, able to take care of your healthy diet. Robust, it can be used very frequently.

Citrus juicer with pit squeezer. Thanks to the rubber colander under the tip, pips and seeds do not get into the juice. Ergonomic round handle for comfort and ease of use. Product dimensions: 8,716,66,8 cm.

In our online store you can buy the Juicer at an affordable price. Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region by courier, in other Russian cities by any convenient way.

The Helix spiral juicer is the right choice when you want to treat yourself to orange juice, make a marinade with lime juice, squeeze a lemon into a cup of tea. The innovation of the spiral mechanism is that it allows the application of horizontal compression force, which requires much less effort. To squeeze the juice, you need to cut the citrus in half, drop it into a metal container with the cut down, cover it with a press and bring both handles together.

Manual juicers for home: varieties

Mechanical home juicers vary in design:

  • With a handle. The device screws into the pulp of the fruit, and when it breaks down, juice is released.
  • Squeeze. You squeeze the fruit inside and squeeze out the juice.
  • With a container. The fruit is squeezed onto a ribbed prong, the juice flows into a container.
  • Lever. The fruit is squeezed by the press, which is operated by pulling a lever.
  • Screw mechanical juicers. Operate on the principle of manual mincer.
  • Nozzle sprays. Inserted directly into citrus pulp. The best option for juicing.

Choose the right mechanical juicer for the house can only be experienced: What design will be convenient for you. a matter of individual.

You can also buy manual juicers with delivery from a warehouse in and CIS (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Astana, etc.). д.). If you still have questions call. 8-800-234-1000 and get free advice from our experts.

Manual screw (press) juicers with delivery in Russia and all over the world

In recent times all of us sometimes have to choose between buying juice in packages or drinking freshly squeezed natural juice. And in vast majority of cases we choose natural juice. The morning glass of fresh fruit is a habit for most of us. Therefore, the juicer has already become a usual kitchen accessory, without which at times you can’t do without.

It is a hand juicer that is suitable for people leading an active lifestyle, cottagers who do not have access to electricity, people who doubt the effectiveness of electric juicers, as well as those who want to save money. Mechanical model is a bit more complicated in design and works as a regular press. To get a certain amount of juice it is necessary to use a lever that creates a certain pressure.

To buy a manual press juicer means to make your diet healthy, to allow the body to get real vitamins from fruits, t.к. Thanks to the low speed of rotation you can cook 100% healthy juices, as during processing the vegetables, fruits, herbs are not heated and are virtually deprived of contact with the air: the juice does not foam, is not destroyed on fractions, not subjected to excessive fermentation.

Manual screw juicers. cope wonderfully with grass (for vitgrass lovers), vegetables and fruits, make nut milkshake and much more. We would like to single out Sana Citrus Press citrus juicer. It is designed especially for pomegranates and all citrus fruits. It becomes very convenient to juice citrus fruits because before processing the fruit should be cut into 2 halves without peeling!

Rules of operation of mechanical juicers

In order to keep the device in good working order and attractive appearance, it is necessary:

Stainless Steel Manual Juicer

Violation of rules of operation of an inexpensive mechanical auger juicer may cause its damage. For each model, we offer a 1-year warranty repair or replacement parts.

If you find factory defects or extraneous noises in the work of manual auger juicers, contact the closest point of acceptance of equipment for inspection. Addresses of service centers in St. Petersburg and Moscow and all information about the service of equipment you can find in the “Warranty” section.

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