Termex water heater turned off and does not turn on. Diagnosis of thermostat

The Termex water heater does not turn on. the reasons and what to do

The manufacturer of household appliances Thermex attracts users not only the quality and durability of products, but also affordable prices. Therefore, the number of buyers increases every day. Unfortunately, even the most reliable equipment cannot be operated completely without breakdowns. Thermex water heaters also require periodic intervention of human hands. And if a reliable device has stopped working, then read on, since this article contains all the possible malfunctions of the Termex water heaters and methods for their elimination.

It is much easier to determine the malfunction if you know the device of the water heater. There are three types of devices from Termex in total.

Electric Water Heater-Understand How It Works So You Can Troubleshoot Why It’s Not Working Correctly

Accumulative boilers

There is a distinctive feature in the water heaters device for 80 and 100 liters: the presence of two tanks at once. The first is covered with fiberglass, which is necessary to protect the metal from the effects of the liquid with which it will constantly contact. The external tank is necessary to prevent heat losses. Between the layers poured polyurethane foam, which reduces the rate of temperature reduction in the tank.

termex, water, heater, turned

There are tubes at the bottom of the water heater, which supply and drain the water. There is also a control panel and other electrical components, including a heating element that looks like a metal tube twisted into a spiral.

Brand Ten water heater Termyx Source www.Spares-bt.com.ua

The weakest place of any water heater is corrosion that inevitably appears in the inner tank. To prevent its appearance as long as possible, use the magnesium electrode installed inside the water heater.

Propromic type heaters

Unlike accumulative, running boilers have smaller dimensions and volume. Several heating heating heats for heating the water included in the water heater. They are usually equipped with two or three elements.

To increase the service life, heating elements are made of materials based on ceramics that are placed in the copper cylinder. The device is also equipped with a power regulator, which makes it possible to monitor the temperature of the water. The system monitors the parameters using the corresponding sensors. If, for example, the pressure exceeds a certain value, then the water supply will be interrupted, and the temperature sensor will turn off the heating element when the water is heated to a certain value.

The device of a proto.type water heater is source of Vannayasvoimirukami.ru


Devices of this type combine large and medium.sized tanks, which are used for storage and running devices, respectively. Thanks to this, combined water heaters can be used in both modes.

Thanks to this device of the Termyx water heater at 50 liters or more, the system has become the owner of the following advantages:

On average, the power of Termex devices is about 2.5 kW. This indicator allows you to obtain water of the required temperature, while spending a small amount of electricity.

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Why does the boiler not turn on

Boiler Termex

  • A triggered RCD (protective shutdown device). First, check the serviceability of the RCD itself, this is done by pressing the “Test” key on the device. In good condition it will turn off.
  • Fastening of the heater (tubular electric heater) or the heating element itself is not in order.
  • The filter for purifying water is faulty. Need to be replaced with a new.
  • The temperature sensor is broken.
  • No electricity. This is the most common cause of breakdown. With great caution, you need to relate to the cable passing from the shield to the mechanism.
  • The pressure measurement device failed. Frequent pressure wears it out. You have to buy a new one and install in a boiler.
  • A broken outlet.

Important! If the power of electrical appliances is more than 3 kW, you must have a cable with a cross section of more than 3.5 mm². Only such a cable will withstand the load, and the device will function without interruptions.

Once a year, the owner of the boiler needs to do planned cleaning and change worn parts. This will extend the boiler service life.

Ariston boiler

Water heaters of this brand are not turned on for similar reasons:

  • Lack of power supply. You need to check the quality of the cable using a tester.
  • A broken outlet.
  • Damage to the RCD. To check its work, you need to press the Reset button on the device. If the indicator has lit up, then there is a power supply. Then you need to press the Test button, the indicator will go out, and reset again. The indicator caught fire. the RCD works properly. If the RCD works correctly, then it reacted to another serious problem in the mains.
  • Failed heating. Breaks due to the thick layer of scale, which appears if the magnesium anode does not change in time. This must be done at least once every two years.

Boiler structure

So that in the process of repair you do not get confused in numerous nodes and details of the boiler, we will begin to understand the structure of the device: to begin with:

  • Ten is a tubular heating part: the higher its power, the more quickly the water heats up, but the more often the heater breaks.
  • The temperature sensor is a temperature controller of heated water in the accumulative container, which can be represented either by a regular scale with an arrow or an electronic indicator, depending on the modification of the boiler.
  • Plum and supply hoses. for hot and cold water, respectively.
  • Thermostat is a capillary, rod or electronic device for heating water: first the temperature sensor, having determined the temperature of the liquid in the tank, turns on/off the thermallane, which further activates/deactivates the work of the heater.
  • Insulation. sealing gaskets that serve as protection against leaks in the tank contact zone and heating element. The details wear out quickly, so they require frequent replacement.
  • Tank. stainless steel container with plastic, metal or enameled external housing.
  • Magnesium anode. a rod that is designed to protect the heater and a tank from corrosion processes.
termex, water, heater, turned

When a water heater is required

The first sign of a malfunction will be the absence or weak heating of water in the drive or running system. The analysis of possible malfunctions is carried out. The water heater repair is required if:

  • There is no signal about the supply of power, there is no current in the electrical circuit;
  • There is food, the indicator shines, and the water does not heat up. the heating element has failed;
  • the thermostat refused;
  • there were leaks or fistulas;
  • An anode replacement is required.

For self.repair, you will need a minimum set of tools and spare parts for the device. a spare heater assembly with gaskets, magnesium electrode and seals. To untwist the fasteners, the keys will be required to clean from scale. a brush, to examine the internal state of the enamel coating. a flashlight. 80 liters or another, they are repaired with their own hands in a certain sequence:

Lack of grounding accelerates the corrosion of all elements under water. In order not to rust the tank, flanges are not worn out, the grounding circuit is necessary.

It should be noted that the leak in the storage tank is not removed for many reasons. The inner tank is covered with enamel, welding will destroy it. But another insurmountable complexity is a three.layer structure, when it is impossible to dismantle an internal tank without damage to thermal insulation and upper eye. Therefore, you need to treat the tank carefully, knowing that it is not subject to repair.

Preliminary preparation

Preparation before the repair is as follows:

termex, water, heater, turned
  • Disconnecting a water heater from the network. Pull out a fork out of the outlet.
  • Block the check valve and valves for water supply.
  • The hose for cold water is disconnected and the liquid is drained. There will be a small amount of it, only the remains in the system.
  • The hose of hot water is disconnected and the water that is in the tank is already drained. If there is no separate pipe for draining water, the check valve is used in its quality, though the water in this case merges for quite some time.
  • It is necessary to completely drain the water, after which the water heater is removed. It is best to do this together, because the weight of the water heater is large enough and without water.

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Finding a malfunction and disassembly

Then the lower cover for access to the hets is removed. Caution needs to be taken here, because the entire electric part of the water heater is hidden under the lid.

It should be noted that sometimes the screws are sealed on top of the label. Before starting dismantling a thermostat, it is better if you take a photo or draw connections.

Next is the following sequence:

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Water Heater

  • Ten contacts are disconnected;
  • Fastons are released from the contacts of thermostat;
  • The nut holding the thermostat is dismantled, and it is removed away;
  • The sensors of the thermostat from Ten tubes are extracted;
  • The nuts of the Ten fastener are unscrewed;
  • Ten is carefully extracted from the unit housing;
  • The heater is checked by an external inspection for the integrity of the shell;
  • Ten is nicknamed the tester for a cliff and close.

What you need to know before repairing a boiler at home

Often the Ariston water heater does not turn on due to violations that occur in the work of the thermostat. If a problem is found, it is not necessary to contact specialists.

Before the repair work, it is necessary to identify the reason due to which the boiler does not work. The main causes of the malfunctions of the water heater were set out above.

After detecting the problem, you will need to find the method of its elimination. When repairing a particular part, one should be guided by the basic rules for performing the task. The main thing is not to forget to turn off the device from the mains.

Water heater repair for 10 liters

Ten often breaks down in these models of boilers. The rules for diagnosing the device have already been discussed in today’s article.

If the cause of the breakdown is in this device, it is necessary to be guided by the following algorithm:

  • Remove the faulty heater from the boiler. For this purpose, you will have to perform partial disassembly of the heating device. First of all, you will need to drain the remaining water with a hose. Then disconnect the corresponding wires, having previously photographed them. Next, unscrew the stand on which the tubular electric heater is located. Remove the heater from the stand.
  • Replace the failed electric heater.

Important! Arriving at the store, you need to show the seller the old heater from the water heater. On its basis, a new device of the same brand and size will be selected.

Repair the heating element that has ceased to function is very problematic. To do this, you have to find a service providing such services. Surely, the cost of repairs will be high.

How to fix a 50 liter boiler with your own hands

As a rule, it is more difficult to fix boilers of large volumes.

Often the cause of the breakdown lies in the thermostat. To repair this element, you have to listen to several recommendations:

  • You can check the thermostat by installing its handle to the minimum value. To carry out such a procedure, place the thermostat Hard water. It is desirable that its temperature is above 50 degrees. After this action, the electric circuit will open up. The specific sound of the multimeter indicates a malfunction of the thermostat. In this case, a replacement of the device is required.
  • If the diagnosis of the thermostat has given a positive result, then the problem is most likely in the excessive scale, which must be completely removed. To do this, the heater must be placed in citric acid for several hours.
  • Check the outlet for performance. If numerous checks revealed the absence of voltage in the outlet, then it is better to replace it or fix it.

Boiler repair for 80 liters

Water heaters with a capacity of more than 50 liters are subjected to serious pollution. Especially in case of non.compliance with the rules for their exploitation. Because of this reason, the 80 liter water heater Termies may not turn on. Repair of such devices consists in cleaning the components of the heater from dirt and scale.

note! Information about the methods of analysis of water heaters is set out in the instructions that are supplied in the kit. After reading it carefully, you can learn about the functions and capabilities of water heating devices, as well as the main reasons for their breakdowns.

In the process of cleaning the boiler, various detergents are used, which do a great job with the task. Regular cleaning of water heaters- the guarantee of their long and effective service.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that breakdowns occur due to improper operation of water heaters. With proper maintenance of this device, the repair may not be needed at all. Including a boiler in a power grid, a person must ensure that the tank is filled with water. It is also extremely not recommended to use a water heater without grounding.

Situations when the water heater ceased to turn on is not uncommon and always unpleasant. You can try to eliminate the breakdown, but first you need to deal with the reasons.

So, in front of you is an outwardly proper boiler, but it does not warm the water, and no bulbs, sensors or displays do not work. Determine why the water heater does not turn on, you can only disassemble it. But before that, the presence of current on the network should still be checked. a wire may be damaged, a socket or plug can fail.

Naturally, in this case, the water heater will not work, although the device itself will not need the repair. Just connect any other working device. and you will see if the outlet works. Emergency triggers on the shield cannot be excluded. if the water heater is used simultaneously with other powerful devices in the apartment where the wiring is not designed for such a load.

Check electrical elements and heating elements

If everything is in order with the supply of electricity to the device, but the Ariston water heater does not turn on, then the tank is de.energized, and all the water merges. After that, you need to dismantle the cover cover. under it there are wires, thermostats and boards.

Then we use the tester. with it, we check the supply of electricity to the terminals of heating elements. The situation is quite possible when the integrity of the power wires is broken, or there is no contact of the wire and terminals on the heating element. The tester is also used to verify the performance of the heating elements themselves, because they can burn or punch on the case.

If a spiral fails inside the heating element, then the boiler will not turn on, since it will not be able to warm the water. He will also not work with a breakdown on the case, because immediately after turning on, a protective shutdown device (RCD) will work.

Keep in mind that the burned heater is not subject to repairs. only replacement, and if you doubt the choice of a suitable heating element, it is better to contact specialists a repair. They will pick up the heater corresponding to the brand, power and dimensions, and you do not have to dismantle a heavy tank.

Water heaters’ errors

The information presented below by errors will be given separately for Ariston water heaters, separately for Termyx devices.

Errors of the sensory differential of the Ariston water heater and their reasons:

  • E1. system error. Control board. Voltage leap, condensate was formed on the control board.
  • E2. “dry” inclusion. Turning on the device without water in the tank.
  • E3. short circuit or depressurization of the temperature sensor.
  • E4. water temperature rose above 90 ° C. Thermostat does not work.
  • E10. a malfunction of the temperature sensor.
  • E11. temperature excess (more than 105 ° C). Temperature sensors, overheating of the heating element are not in goodwill.
  • E12. water temperature is 12 ° C higher. Thermal attires are faulty, a large amount of precipitation and scale on the hets.
  • E13. the difference in the readings between sensors by more than 50 ° C. An error of the sensory differential, a malfunction of temperature sensors, dirt in the boiler.
  • E14. slow water heating. Low voltage in the network, a lot of scraps and precipitation in the device.
  • E15. lack of water in the tank. The safety valve worked.

There are models in which there is no display with letters. Then the causes of malfunctions and methods of elimination must be sought in the instructions for operation specifically for this model.

Sensory differential that does not have an alphabetic signaling device error

Remember! Due to the fact that electronic control units are upgraded all the time, manufacturers in operating manuals to different water heaters may not indicate all errors.

  • E1. there is no water in the boiler;
  • E2. a malfunction of the thermostat;
  • E3. the temperature rose above 85 ° C, the thermal switch worked;
  • Vakum, Over-Heat, Demo burns on the display, the protection worked when turned on without water.

In devices of certain series of errors E1, E2, E3 are accompanied by a sound signal and automatic shutdown.

Water heater display with the protection against “dry” inclusion

Correction of common water heater errors

Elimination of common errors of Ariston water heaters:

  • E1. to fix the system error, it is necessary to restart the control system, turn off the device for 5. 10 minutes. If the error appears again, inspect and dry the fee.
  • E2. before turning on, it is necessary to dial water until a stable jet in the crane appears.
  • E3. diagnose the cause of the malfunction, check the wiring. Replace the temperature sensor.
  • E4. In case of malfunction, replace the thermostat.
  • E10. Check the integrity of the wiring, the weakness of the contacts. Make sure the temperature sensor service. Eliminate the malfunction.
  • E11. Replace the temperature sensor. In case of overheating of the heater, clean the heating element from scale. The accumulative water heater must be regularly released from precipitation. Replace the heater.
  • E12. check the serviceability of sensors, heating elements, drain the precipitation or replace the heater.
  • E13. reloading of the control system, diagnosis of thermal attires and control systems of control systems. Replacement if necessary.
  • E14. check the voltage in the network. Get the heater, clean the scrap and deposits, drain precipitation. Check for serviceability. Complete the replacement.
  • E15. Check the presence of water in the water supply, the condition of the safety valve. In case of malfunction, replace the part.

Remember! Self.repair of equipment under warranty entails a complete rejection of warranty obligations by the manufacturer.

Correction of errors in Termyx water heater:

  • E1. turn off the device from the network, type water, turn on again;
  • E2. replace the thermostat;
  • E3. you need to enable the thermal switch by pressing the button inside the sensor body.

There are models with a self.operating thermal subject. After cooling the water in the boiler, he himself will return to the operating mode. To speed up the process of self.healing, it is necessary to completely change the entire volume of water in the device.

Vakum, Over-Heat, Demo is not a breakdown on the display: this is not a breakdown:

  • Disconnect the device from the network;
  • type water into a boiler;
  • Turn on the device;
  • On the sensory differential, click “^” up and not letting go, press “v” down.

Control of sensory, it is not necessary to crush much. If nothing happened after several attempts, look carefully, the inscription “Timer” should burn. It is necessary to turn off the inscription by pressing “

Good day, dear readers. Many owners of storage water heaters “Termyx”, after some time after commissioning the apparatus, find an error code E 1 on the display. According to the instructions, it means insufficient filling the tank with water. I don’t know how correct this is, in my case, everything looks somewhat different. In this article I will tell you how I cope with this nuisance.

I’ll start first. After the purchase and installation of the water heater “Thermex IF LT 50V”, there were no problems for three months, until the inscription E 1 began to flash. First of all, I opened the instruction manual and read: “E1 (Vacuum) means that there is no water inside the tank, and the heating element is turned on. Elimination method: it is necessary to fill the tank with water to failure, and then turn on the power.”Not really understanding why this is happening, I decided to open the hot water crane and drain a certain amount, while slightly shaking the heater itself (suddenly an air cork was formed in it). After these manipulations, I included in the outlet and set up the temperature. Oddly enough, everything worked. But the joy was short.lived, the next day the error manifested itself again. Confident that the water heater was again ascended, carried out already familiar actions. Again everything came back to normal, but an hour later there was a squeak that announced the problem. I tried it again, it did not help. Having drove over the network, I found only standard answers, approximately as in the instructions. Well, I think, if the matter is insufficient filling, why not completely drain everything and re.fill. So he did.

To drain the water from the Termex-50 water heater, it is necessary:

  • Disconnect it from food.
  • Block the leading tap (connected to the fitting with the designated blue).
  • Put the mixer in the position of open hot water. Some part of it will flow out and stop, while the excessive pressure in the heater will drop off.
  • Unscrew the drain plug, while not losing a plastic ring. It can remain inside the fitting. Then pick it up with a screwdriver.
  • Put on a lobster suitable in size to ensure water drainage into the sewer.

During the plum, I noticed that in the toilet where the water went, some excessive substance accumulates, which, after complete drain, was gained for a good handful. When all the water leaked, I opened an incoming crane for a short time to wash the tank better. Then he took off the hose, tightened the drain plug and again opened the crane until the tank was completely filled. The signal to the fact that the tank is full, there is a constant stream of water from the mixer. You can include a water heater in the network and program the mode of operation.

All this operation saves us from the flashing error E1 for about 2-3 months, and when it occurs, I drain, wash and fill it again. During one such maintenance, I wrapped a gauze on the hose and collected all the extra muck. You can admire that it flows through our pipes.

And finally advice: use filters to additional drinking water to clean. I say goodbye to this, all the best.

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Water heaters are strictly cylindrical and oval and even rectangular shape, a variety of colors and design design. Often on the outer side of the casing the thermometer is attached to observe the operation of the device, as well as regulators or control elements. The material of the manufacturing of the housings is a steel sheet or plastic.

Features of vertical and horizontal boilers

To install the boiler, there are mounts in the housing design, depending on the type of placement (wall or floor installation circuit). The space between the water heater body and the inner tank is filled with thermal insulation material. most often in its role is dense polyurethane.

Basic information about the device of the boiler

The oldest concern for the production of hot water equipment for home use has been delivering its products to the country since 1995. It complies with all international and standards. The Termyx brand also includes the devices “Champion”, “Quadro”, “Blits”. That is, their device is identical to the main brand. The Termex water heating equipment as a heater uses only electrical elements, wet and closed. There are products in the line of products;

Timely cleaning and replacement of the anode will extend the service life of the main element.

Regardless of the principle of accumulation and supply of water, the devices have common functional nodes, which eventually become unusable, and repair is required:

  • A drive consisting of a shell, an inner tank and a heat.insulating layer between them. The inner vessel is made of galvanized steel or has an enamel coating. External shell of plastic or metal with powder staining.
  • Heating complex in the form of one or two open elements and anode for each of them. Electrodes with fixing on one platform, which are removed from the outside, unscrewing the fasteners are mounted.
  • The equipment controlling the process. temperature sensor, thermostats, electronic control systems, safety valve.
  • Installation gaskets, nozzles, taps and valves for connecting the device to the system.
  • Wiring with fuses, shield, and network arrangement, RCD and grounding circuit.

All internal storage tanks can be either enameled or galvanized. All of them have a magnesium anode paired with heating.

Protopotal systems use a dry element in the copper shell, they do not take scale, but are destroyed if aluminum parts are in the eyeliner. Water passing through an aluminum radiator carries ions that will destroy the copper case of the heater.

Selection and acquisition of the desired spare parts

You can purchase a full set of components for repairing electric segments by the manufacturer’s catalog, ranging from heating elements and thermostats to the RCD and valves. For each device, the boiler model and its volume in liters are indicated.

Details presented in the catalog are original spare parts manufactured by Thermowatt Italian plant. The cost of elements depends on the material, the size of the diameter, the coating (postponement).

Do.it.yourself repair tools

To check the presence of voltage in the outlet, use a tester or multimeter, but you can do with a simple device consisting of a light bulb, wires and forks. To disconnect the boiler from the water supply, you will need a gas key. To unscrew the nuts, you need worships and pliers (to connect wires).

Ways to eliminate breakdowns

Water heaters can be repaired at home and with your own hands. This requires some tools and knowledge of what the malfunction is.

The simplest breakdown is a faulty outlet. It often happens that it is precisely because of it that the boiler does not work. To correct the breakdown, you will need a tester or multimeter, you can also use a light bulb with a fork with a fork. Thus it is checked whether there is a voltage. In its absence, it is necessary to disassemble the outlet, fix it or replace it.

Non.working heater also often fails. To determine whether it is or not, it is necessary to remove the lower cover of the device case. Then, when the boiler included in the network, it is necessary to check if there is a voltage on the terminals of the heating element. This is done using a tester or multimeter.

In the event that the voltage is present, but the heater does not warm the water, it is faulty. The boiler must be turned off from the network, and then measure the resistance and call the heating element itself. The device is worker if the call is heard or there is a certain number of resistance. If there is no sound, no indications, then the Ten is non-working.

Ten replacement begins with the analysis of the boiler. This process is best started with draining water, for which the hose is connected to the cold water tube. Then it is best to photograph or sketch how the wires are connected. Only after that you can safely disconnect them.

After that, both thermals are pulled out and the stand is unscrewed by the end key by 14. Everything that was on the stand must be removed. Next, you need to take the heater and purchase a similar, but whole, and replace it. Everything is mounted in the reverse order. At the same time, it is recommended to apply a little thermal paste to thermal attires to avoid bite and provide normal contact.

Non.working thermostat is visible by the fact that the heater is solid, but still does not turn on. It must be pulled out of the flange stand. Then set the position of the handle on the maximum and check two contacts using a tester. If there is no reaction, then you need to purchase a similar thermostat and install instead of a faulty.

A thermostat check can also be carried out by setting the handle to the minimum value. But for this, the thermostat should be placed in water with a temperature of 60 degrees. At the same time, the electrical circuit of the thermostat will open, but the tester will not respond. If the tester reacted, then the thermostat does not work and it must be replaced. over, even with the not.free work of the thermostat, it is recommended to replace it with a new.

To avoid the leakage of the water heater in the seal, even when installing the boiler evenly and correctly delayed its main parts. All seals should fit well to the perimeter.

The failure of the magnesium anode can be determined only with its visual inspection. It must be replaced if it is covered with a cape. The anode is located on the flange, and in order to get it, you must first unscrew the nut.

Boiler device

When there is a boiler, you need to know at least its key elements and main indicators. Having familiarized themselves with them, the principle of work becomes clear, as a result, the slightest malfunctions can be quickly eliminated.

The water heater consists of the following main parts:

  • The external body of the water heater is covered with enamel, which is applied using the powder staining method. This allows you to reliably protect the tank outside and give it decorativeness.
  • The bracket allows you to attach the tank to the wall.
  • Hot water pipe. Also made of stainless steel with special properties. Has high wear resistance and is stable before corrosion.
  • The tank is a storage capacity of steel with special impurities. The latter are necessary so that the tank does not affect corrosion for longer and to increase the mechanical strength. The Thermex is covered with a special fiberglass inside the tank. This coating is applied with a layer of 250 micrometers.
  • It provides purity and freshness of water in the tank. In this case, there is no reaction with the coating of aggressive chemical units located in the water. The coating also gives Baku strength and elasticity, which provides better protection against pressure drops and heat strokes. In such tanks, cracks occur extremely rarely, since the linear expansion coefficient in steel and glassofaor are equal.
  • The magnesium anode is perhaps one of the most important parts of the boiler. After all, his service life depends on him. The anode represents a metal rod made of metal. On top the rod covers the magnesium alloy.
  • It is this anode that accounts for the first oxygen blow, which is released when the water is heated. Thus, he does not respond with other elements of the boiler made of metal. However, it must be borne in mind that over time the anode is destroyed.
  • The platform on which the heating element is located, the magnesium anode, thermostat. It is made of a steel flange. The platform is attached to the case with nuts in the amount of 5-6 pieces, which allows you to quickly install and remove it if necessary.
  • Pipe on which cold water. It is made of wear.resistant steel, which is resistant to corrosion.
  • Thermostat automatically regulates the temperature of the water. It is worth noting that thermal steers that have a double degree of protection are used in Thermex water heater.
  • Often, two thermostats were installed in the water heaters at once. This is necessary so that one of them controls how the water is heated, and the second controls the state of the first. In some models, most often very expensive, there is a third thermostat that controls the state of the heater.
  • Ten is a tubular electric heater and is the main part of the boiler.
  • Thermal insulation from polyurethane foam runs in the gap between the inner tank and the outer skin. He makes the water heater a kind of thermos, well saving heat. As a result, the consumption of electricity is still reduced.
  • The safety valve replaces the check valve. It is necessary to protect the boiler from high pressure.
  • The thermal switch automatically shuts off the boiler with an increase in temperature above 95 degrees. On the water heater housing there is a button of the thermal switch that can be used when overheating of the water.
  • The thermometer from the outside of the tank allows you to determine the temperature of the water.
  • Electronic circuits that exercise control and control.
  • Control panel located outside the boiler.

The principle of operation of water heaters is quite simple. Cold water enters the tank from below. The heater installed on the flange stand heats up to a certain temperature value. In fact, Ten performs in Boyler as a boiler.

The thermostat, which is located at the bottom of the boiler, allows you to adjust the required temperature. He triggers the heater when cooling water, as well as when it is used and turns it off when the set temperature value is achieved.

Types of faults

Repair of any water heater, regardless of its volume, it is necessary to start with the clarification of what, in fact, there is a malfunction. over, you can preliminarily determine the cause of the breakdown without even analyzing the boiler.

There are main malfunctions, knowing which it will be possible to easily and quickly fix the water heater:

  • The water heater stopped turning on. First of all, you should check whether there is a power and current in an electrical circuit.
  • The water heater does not gain water.
  • Knocks an RCD (protective shutdown device).
  • The boiler does not warm the water at all, or does not warm according to the given conditions of heating.
  • The water heater leaked. Leaks in water heaters occur quite often. over, it may flow from below next to the flange stand, or maybe on the tank itself. Sometimes you can see how water drips out from under the boiler cover. The cause of leaks can be both the wear of the boiler itself and the wrong maintenance or installation.

For example, the absent ground leads to leaks, due to which the device is corroded ahead of time.

  • Breeded outlet.
  • Unemployed Ten. Most often, the main working element. Ten fails in water heaters. With this breakdown, as a rule, protective automation is triggered, the water is poorly or does not heat up at all, the indicator bulb does not burn in the on, the machine on the meter can knock out. Often the water is muddy, has an unpleasant odor, and the water heater itself is noisy.

If you determine this breakdown in the appearance of the heater, then damage to its shell will be visible. However, such damage is not always visible, so it is better to use the tester. If the ohmmeter on the terminals gave out infinity, then it broke the nichrome spiral. If the device shows zero, then this is a short circuit.

The reasons for the heating breakdown are most often as follows:

  • his service life ended;
  • The device worked without water;
  • The boiler was turned off for a long period, while there was water in it;
  • Voltage drops.
  • Faulty thermostat.

Often the cause of the breakdown is the failed thermostat. It can indicate a voltage at which the control thermostat will work, but at the same time the inclusion of the heater will not happen.

It should be noted that quite often before the breakdown the tank gurgles and faints. Although often the boiler is turned off from the network and the water pouring. So you have to repeat several times.

Installation of a flow water heater

The entire volume of work on the installation of the “proto” can be divided into such stages.

Power supply. “Protoralists”. very voracious electrical appliances, their heating elements consume high capacity.

Cut the tees into the pipes of cold and hot water supply. Put the taps on the tees, sealing all the compounds of Pacley or the FUM tape.

Connect the tap on the CVS pipe with the inlet pipe of the water heater (indicated in blue), and the tap on the dowry pipe with the output pipe.

Open the mixers and make sure that all connections are sealed and there are no leaks (hot water riser should be disconnected).

If everything is in order. turn on the water heater in the outlet.

Disconnect the worked.out thermal protection

If the problem is not in the heater, but the Termex water heater does not turn on, then perhaps the electric circuit has opened due to the operation of thermal protection. Thermal protection is an obligatory element of the water heater, it does not allow overheating of water above the critical mark of 90 ° C. Thermal protection is triggered due to the fact that:

The control of the thermostat is not cut and does not work at the right time;

The heating element overheats due to the thick layer of scale on it.

The thermal protection button is returned to the working position by pressing. this will allow you to close the circuit again and ensure the performance of the device, but there are two points here. The first. the thermal protection button in almost all round and flat water heaters is located inside, and in order to press it, you need to drain the water from the tank and remove its plastic cover. The second. it is necessary to eliminate the reasons for the trim of thermal protection: in practice, this means that the boiler will have to be cleaned (most often it is the Ten to clean from scale). After cleaning, the boiler is collected in the reverse sequence, the entire chain of wires, starting with a fork and ending with the heater, is nicknamed, after which the technique is launched.

Dismantling and cleaning is best done to specialists. contact the repairs engineer, and the masters will conduct free diagnostics and high.quality repair work. And you will receive a guarantee for all replaced parts, which is excluded during the “home” repair.

The water heater may not work for many reasons. This article will describe in detail the malfunctions of boilers that lead to this. Water heaters from Termyx and Ariston firms will be considered as examples.

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