The dishwasher Indesit is poorly washing the dishes of the reason. Incorrect placement of dishes

What to do if the dishwasher does not wash the dishes well: specialists’ advice

There are hardly many people who love to wash the dishes. Many housewives have long felt on their own experience how important it is to have a dishwasher in the house. This wonderful assistant is able to do wonderful things: to save you from many hours of standing near the sink and delight you with clean dishes washed to shine. High.quality models of dishwasher can work flawlessly for many years. But sometimes, after some time, the housewives begin to notice that the dishwasher does not wash the dishes, it is visible on it stains, stains of fat, plaque, or even food leftovers.

Why does a similar income happen? What to do? How to help his beloved assistant, eliminate the malfunction and improve the quality of washing?

The reasons for the poor operation of the dishwasher

Of course, the quality of washing cups and plates in the dishwasher depends on many factors. But all of them can be conditionally divided into four main groups:

  • improper operation;
  • blockage or scale formation;
  • the use of poor.quality detergents or errors in the dosage;
  • A malfunction of the dishwasher.

Let’s look in more detail these reasons and think about how to eliminate their consequences.

The supply of water has stopped

This is a fairly common situation when there is water supply in the water supply system, but it does not fill in the dishwasher. The culprits of the malfunction of the dishwasher can be a clogged filter grid or a faulty fill valve. They are at the very bottom of the apparatus, at the place of connection of the pouring hose.

To check these elements, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the water supply and remove the panel. If the grid is clogged, then it should be washed under a strong stream of water.

You can verify the performance of the feed valve using a tester by “calling” the coil winding. To do this, you will need to disconnect the coil of the coil of the wire and measure the resistance:

  • If the tester shows a short circuit, then this means that there is a closure between the turns.
  • Indication on the zero resistance tester means a shift of the winding.
  • With a good coil, the readings of the device must have a certain value of the resistance. In cases of detection of a breakdown, a faulty coil should be replaced with a new one, with the same bandwidth.

The dishwasher does not drain water

When the machine does not drain water, but at the same time you can hear the engine buzz, this can signal the blocked pump in small pieces of food that passed through the filter cylinder. Pumping water in this case will be impossible, and this will lead to a stopping program.

To unlock the pump, take the following steps:

  • First turn off the PMM and disconnect it from the network.
  • Then remove a dish for dishes from the machine.
  • At the bottom you will see a filter cylinder that will need to be unscrewed and extracted.
  • The filter is washed under a good stream of water using a brush.
  • To open the pump, remove the remaining water with a sponge (if necessary) and press the pump cover to the click, then pull the lid, holding the handle, with a slight effort up and a little forward.
  • Check the impeller for the presence of foreign objects and clusters of dirt.
  • Make sure that the impeller of the pump can move freely. It is recommended to use gloves to protect your hands, as there may be glass fragments in the pump.
  • Close the pump cover, making sure of its proper installation.
  • Install the filter in place.

In some models, the pump cover is removed using a hexagonal screwdriver (sprockets), and after cleaning everything is collected in a similar way.

Another causes of breakdown may be burning out the engine winding. The windings of the electric motor are checked using a multimeter for a closure or cliff, after disconnecting the motor from all wires. In case of detection of damage, the coil can be rewound by contacting specialists, or changing the engine to a new.

Diagnostics and repair of thermostat and control unit

Thermal attemptor or thermostat is one of the weaknesses of most dishwashers. It is necessary to clearly understand that it was he who failed, so the diagnostic algorithm will be as follows:

  • we turn off the device from the supply voltage and water supply;
  • We remove all baskets for dishes;
  • We dismantle the bottom sprayer and remove the garbage filter;
  • Install the device up and remove the side mounts;
  • Gently disconnect the drain pipe and raise the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Having gained access to the thermostat, we disconnect it from the supply wires;
  • Clean the contacts of the thermal attemptor and check it by the tester.
  • If the thermostat has failed, replace it and assemble the dishwasher again, after checking the wiring leading to the thermostat.

The temperature sensor of the dishwasher Gorenje

It happens that the thermal attemptor is in order, and all other elements are checked, and the water is still cold. In this state of affairs, most likely left the control unit, or one of its components of the elements. In this case, the “computer” of the dishwasher does not work, which compares all the data from other components of the device and gives a command to heat water. In case of failures, the team of heating for heating water may not pass.

dishwasher, poorly, washing, dishes, reason

The block is very expensive, so only an experienced specialist should be engaged in its repair or replacement.

In addition to the main reasons for the refusal to heat water, there are additional. It seems that they have nothing to do with heating water, but this is not so. We carefully analyze the following reasons:

Elimination of filter blockage

The garbage filter is rightfully considered one of the main components of the dishwasher. Its functional task is not to give the remnants of food and mud waste to penetrate the main working elements. Gradually gathering in the filter cavity prevents the normal circulation of water in the device, so the heating element is turned off, and the dishwasher does not warm the water. To normalize the operation of the machine, it is necessary to clean the filter.

The bottom line is that when the washing program is turned on, water should be well communicated between the accumulative tank and special containers. The heating element at this time supports the constant temperature necessary for high.quality washing. In the event that the filter is partially or completely clogged with garbage, the circulation becomes distant from the norm. Water accumulates in the tank, and the system will be forced to make up for stocks through cold tap water. Ten cannot heat her.

It is important for the consumer to remember that in order to avoid the manifestation of this malfunction, it is necessary to clean the dishes well before installed in the dishwasher.

It will not be superfluous to look into the accumulative tank during operation. If water is filled there, then it is necessary to quickly clean the filter. As a result, normal circulation will be restored and the problem of heating water will disappear, if the heating water did not fail due to the blockage or the thermistor has not burned out synchronously.

Incorrect detergents

Symptoms: the quality of the wash fell after the change of detergent or its dosage.

On the correct choice of detergents and their dosage, the quality of the sink depends, certainly very much. We think, do not explain the obvious truths: you should carefully read the instructions, do not buy very cheap money, do not save on dosages and do not fall asleep too many detergents. But even with careful following all the recommendations, you are not safe from fakes, of which there are many in stores.

Popular universal tablets “3 in 1” are often not as good as powder, salt and rinser separately. Firstly, the tablet dissolves longer and worse, and secondly, they are too universal solution, and may not be suitable for your conditions, for example, due to too hard water. The experiment does not prevent the experiment, comparing the quality of washing with the tablet and separate means. You can try to leave the tablets instead of the powder, but in addition to them use salt and rinser.

If too much foam is formed in the car, you have overwhelmed with a rinseum: either configure the dispenser for a lower feed, or pour more powder. He extinguishes foam perfectly.

Gray plaque and smudges on dishes after washing can mean a lack of rinseum: configure its dispenser for a large feed, if necessary, add a rinseum. White plaque can mean a loose closed lid for salt. When tea or coffee is poorly washed, a possible reason. There is little bleach in the washroom: try something else or use a suitable supplement. Similarly, if fat spots remain. The powder may not have enough fat.decorated agents.

Not everything can be washed in a dishwasher

Symptoms: dishes after washing became unusable.

The Internet is full of terrible stories about “gleamed” after washing meat grinders with a once chrome coating (he observed), swollen wooden boards and rolling ropes, leaving golden boots on glasses and plates. In the tank of the dishwasher. Aggressive chemical environment, hot water, drying at high temperatures: not all dishes can withstand this. So, once again we remind: read the instructions, look on the Internet, where the recommendations are full, or read our article “That you can not wash in a dishwasher”.

The drain filter clogged

Symptoms: Programs freezes at the stage of draining water or drain occurs for too long

Carefully watch the washing process: if it clearly hangs at the stage of draining water, then one of the most common reasons. clogging of the drain filter: water leaves the car too slowly, the sink is strongly delayed. We advise you to make it a rule to clean the drain filter after each sink. He quickly clogs.

Not only the drain filter can clog, but also the sewage system: in this case, you usually have problems with the drain of water from the same ordinary, through which the dishwasher is connected and drained and drained.

Flapsed the drain pump

Symptoms: completion or freezing of the program at the beginning of water drainage

Water can be poorly merged not only because of the blockage in the drain filter, but also because of the breakdown of the drain pump: if it does not show signs of life, the control module will not start the sink. If the pump is generally alive, but it works poorly, the process of draining water can drag on for a long time. This is a complex breakdown, and correctly fix the pump can only an experienced specialist with the necessary equipment for diagnosis.

What to do if the dishwasher does not wash the dishes, despite the repair attempts?

If you are not sure of the correctness of the mechanism of the dishwasher or you yourself cannot find the root cause of its malfunction, call the service equipment from the warranty workshop or contact any company that is engaged in the repair and maintenance of dishwashers.

Also remember that independent repair of dishwashers is possible only if you have appropriate experience. Unfortunately, inexperience often ends with random damage to the expensive parts of the device. In addition, people often mistakenly change the components of the dishwasher that do not affect the quality of washing dishes. Sometimes it comes to ridiculous: people change any spare part, believing that it is she who is guilty in dirty dishes, but in fact it turns out that the cause of the poor washing of the dishes is a clogged filter or the use of poor-quality detergent.

Therefore, in the absence of any knowledge and experience, it is better to seek help from a professional. You don’t want to buy a new dishwasher due to your own mistakes?

Incorrect operation

Dishwashers really save the time and forces of users, save water. But an illiterate approach to them often leads to serious problems and depreciates this good, in general, technique. Many users do not pay due attention to manufacturers’ instructions, and then wonder why the new machine does not wash or poorly launders dishes. Meanwhile, attentive acquaintance with these instructions immediately indicates a number of characteristic deviations and errors that cannot be ignored. So, a serious mistake is an attempt to use a little.known or unauthorized detergent.

All manufacturers strongly recommend a strictly defined circle of cleaning drugs. And when using such compositions, you can be confident both as a sink and in maintaining cars in perfect order. Theoretically, from the replacement of the recommended funds with independently selected harm may not be. But there is always risk, and even if there are positive examples.

Problems can affect both washing efficiency and the qualities of the equipment itself.

But even the appropriate type of drug needs proper dosage. This moment is especially relevant with strongly clogging dishes. When it is poorly laundered, you need to look at the instructions for both the water apparatus and the reagent. There is a considerable chance that the problem will solve quickly.

dishwasher, poorly, washing, dishes, reason

Another mistake is the wrong choice of intensity. For washing systems, constant work is equally bad both in the most economical and the most energetic modes. In the first case, the lubricant will not fall into the remote areas of the mechanism, in addition, favorable conditions for the propagation of bacteria will be created. In the second option, the wear of the working chamber and the main mechanisms will sharply intensify, the quality of washing dishes will worsen.

Therefore, often in the appearance of spots, fat raids after washing are to blame users themselves. They should just break the washing into several sessions, and the technique will successfully cope with the task.

Another typical problem is illiterate installation. This happens if the owners themselves take up the installation, either incomprehensible “people from the street”, or the installers work through their sleeves. Когда уровень слива подобран неверно, рассчитывать на хорошую быструю очистку посуды едва ли приходится. over, with unsuccessful placement, insufficient water pressure is very likely. Because of it, the cars work with interruptions and give out poorly cleaned utensils-no programs and powerful cleaning products do not correct the situation.

Irregular care

Sometimes it happens like this. it seems like a dishwasher did originally with its duties, and then began to poorly rinse the dishes or began to give it out with stains of fat and dirt. This is usually due to filter pollution. Accepting the stream of foreign substances, they inevitably accumulate it. And even like clean tap water passing through sprayers invariably contains extraneous components that are also postponed.

That’s why the negligent owners have dishes after processing in the typewriter still oily to the touch and is shrouded in divorces. Banal flushing of filters and spraying devices allows you to solve this problem. Some manufacturers even advise resorting to such a procedure after each sink. But limit yourself to restoring order with the indicated two parts is not enough. It will also be necessary to clean the working cameras of the dishwashers and especially their lattices, on which all kinds of dishes are installed. It is better to do this in advance, at least once every few weeks, so as not to face the need for “emergency cleaning”.

Directly related to poor care and the formation of scale. If it arises, then:

  • The machine will not be able to fully spray water and detergents;
  • The execution of the washing cycle will go with great difficulties;
  • The risk of equipment breakdown will increase.

This is manifested first of all by the poor quality of washing. The occurrence of the scale is mainly due to the deposition on the metal parts of magnesium and calcium salts. They are always in tap water, and in regions with particularly hard water they affect especially strongly. The occurrence of scale is helped by idle washing with citric acid helps.

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

Important: some manufacturers offer special drugs to combat salts deposits. and neglect such a recommendation unreasonable.

Incorrect operation

The reasons that the dishwasher does not wash the dishes well in typical mistakes for using the unit by the hostess:

  • The user loads a very large number of dishes and cutlery;
  • utensils in the baskets are laid incorrectly;
  • The wrong sink program has been selected.

Dishwasher Detergent Not Dissolving-How To Fix It

The instructions describe in detail about the correct arrangement of dishes in the baskets. This issue of PMM manufacturers (Electrolux, Siemens, Bosch) is given great attention. Therefore, it is recommended to read these tips carefully before using the device.

One of the most important rules for placing utensils in the basket is its location in such a way that there were gaps between it, and the water could drain down without remaining in plates.

You should also pay attention to ensuring that the dishes in the lower basket do not overlap the flow of water to the upper basket. The stacked utensils should not interfere with the opening of the compartment with the tablet, as well as the rotation of the rocker. The more contents loads, the denser it is located. Such dense placement interferes with good circulation of water with soapy solution, and it may not remain washed.

Another reason why the dishwasher does not work qualitatively is the choice of the wrong program, for example, for washing highly contaminated utensils. In this case, a fast washing is launched (in this mode, water heating goes to a temperature of 45-50 ° C). In this case, with a highly contaminated contents with dried up the remnants of food, you should not expect a high.quality sink (it will be more correct to choose a sink program with soaking). This is also described in the instructions for the unit, which few read.

In order for the machine filter to be less contaminated, before loading the utensils into the device, clean it well of food residues.

dishwasher, poorly, washing, dishes, reason

Replacing detergents or incorrect dosage of them

The following possible reasons for the fact that the Electrolux dishwasher does not work properly and the similar ones. Bosch, Hansa and others. may be directly related to detergents. often such a problem is found due to the change of detergent to poor-quality or fake. This nuisance is easily eliminated if you return to the previously used tool. Also, you can try to choose the detergent until the highest quality and most effective option is found. If you did not change the detergent, and the dishwasher sometimes began to wash the dishes poorly, the problem can be in the wrong dosage of the product.

  • If stains appear, this may mean that there are few rinses in the water. In this case, it should be increased by changing the settings. It should not be increased much, otherwise the rinser will be poorly washed off, and the dishes will become a very brilliant.
  • With a poorly closed container for salt, it is able to get into the water excessively and white trotes may appear on the utensils.
  • In the absence of a whitener on the cups, traces of lipstick, tea or coffee can remain on the cups.
  • For plastic dishes, the detergent should contain special substances, otherwise the machine is not able to wash it well.
  • Another common reason that the dishwasher began to wash poorly, there may be dishes for washing dishes not intended for PMM. At the beginning, using such funds, you are able to observe that the device effectively launders the contents, but after a while they score the nozzles of the rocker, and because of this the quality of the unit is reduced.

If the user refuses to use special salt, which restores the ability of the ion exchanger to soften water, then over time (if the stiffness of the water in the highway is high), it clogs and fails. The use of complex tablets “3 in 1”, with very hard water, is not able to replace salt and it still needs to be added to the unit.

Other malfunctions and their elimination

Independent repair of the dishwasher always begins with the tracking of all cycles of the device. This is the only way to reliably identify the reasons why one of the functions has broken. For example, if the inlet valve does not work, the technique constantly picks up and drains water. It is sometimes possible to fix such a breakdown only by looking at the water flow meter. With an ongoing set, it will work very actively, as well as the pump inside the case.

It is much easier to diagnose a violation of the insulation of the body. In this case, when touching the network connected to the network, the technique is quite noticeable by the current. It is better to entrust the diagnosis of the place of breakdown to professionals. Similar will be the actions during the breakdown of the control module. You can fix it yourself only those malfunctions that do not require the use of specialized equipment. In other cases, especially if the technique is squealing, shows other signs of emergency work, it is worth suspending its operation, contacting a service where they can diagnose and repair equipment without risk to aggravate the problem.

Unregulated drain

One of the signs that the technique simply sees and drains water is a noticeable deterioration in the quality of cleaning dishes. At the same time, everything happens in the standard mode: the motor works, the water is poured and drained. But instead of starting the washing cycle, a completely different process occurs. The newly recruited water is just as quickly dumped into the sewer. You can detect such a leak if control the flow of fluid. the counter will show that this indicator is constantly increasing.

The reason for the occurrence of such a problem is the failure of the valve in the release of water. If it is faulty, fluid supply continues even upon reaching the maximum permissible level.

Automation fixes the overflow, then launches the pump to the drain. The procedure for eliminating the problem in this case will be such.

  • Turn the valve responsible for blocking the water supply.
  • Wait for her full drain. De.energize the technique.
  • Get to the intake hose. Remove it, disconnect the installed filter.
  • Check the operability of the inlet valve. This is done using a multimeter. If the resistance indicators differ from the standard values ​​(from 500 to 1500 Ohms), the part will have to be replaced.

You can reinstall the inlet valve yourself only if a person has experience in soldering parts. It is important to understand that any errors when interfering in an electrical circuit involved in the supply of the device with energy can lead to more serious breakdowns.

Does not dry the dishes

One of the main advantages of the dishwasher can be considered the fulfillment of the full cycle of the necessary procedures. from rinsing to drying dishes. If at one of these stages a failure occurs, the appearance of plates and glasses suffer. For example, an incomplete drying process will lead to the formation on the surface of the drones, spots and divorces.

Figure out why the operation of the equipment takes place in an abnormal mode, you can independently. Most dishwashers use condensation drying, occurring due to heat release with a cooling body of technology.

If this happens too fast, drops of water will evaporate slowly, leaving traces. The drying process in this case is activated by simply opening the sash of technology. The reason for the low temperature of the water and body is exclusively failure of the heater, thermal attewer. their replacement will completely solve the problem.

When using a turbine in more expensive models of machines, source of ugly spots on the dishes becomes a broken fan. It is he who pumps hot air inside the body. Drying will resume normally only after replacing the fan with a working one.

Hugues at work

Immediately obedience to the installation of a dishwasher, owners usually rejoice in every sound from the equipment body. But if over time the technique began to buzz, you will have to take the noise more carefully. Most often its source is a broken bearing installed on the circulation pump. Over time, he loses greatly in strength, destroying, requires replacement. The work procedure in this case will be such.

  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Remove the pallet.
  • Weaken the clamps holding the pump. Take it off.
  • Separate wires and nozzles.
  • Disassemble the pump, dismantling first a heater, then anchor and impeller.
  • Find the bearing. Remove it and gasket. Replace with new consumables.

Repeat actions to update the bearing during active operation of the equipment at least 1 time in 3-4 years. Also, the source of the rumble in the absence of other sounds may be breakdown of the pump. In this case, the pump is removed according to the same scheme. His entire block changes, not individual details.

Preventive measures

In most cases, it is possible to prevent a breakdown of expensive dishwashers, simply carefully studying the instructions for its operation. The frequency of filter cleaning is always indicated there, a list of compatible detergents is recommended. It is optimal if the basic preventive measures are used after each use of the technique. This will avoid many unpleasant phenomena.

When cleaning the filter, the thin cleaning element is simply washed, having previously soaked for 10 minutes in a solution of liquid SMS for dishes. It will be useful to rinse the lattice that delays the coarse particles, as well as a steel mesh behind it, and then rub it with an old denture.

The overgrowing of sprayers in the working chamber is a sure sign that it is time to redirect the air conditioning unit. At the same time, sprinklers themselves will also have to be soaked in an aqueous solution of 9% table vinegar, then cleaned with a mechanical method. Then they are washed with hot water.

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