The effect of laser hair removal on the period

Laser hair removal is dangerous with contraindications and incorrect procedure:

Mistakes of the client and the master become the cause of skin defects.


The most frequent complication is a skin burn. Caused by overheating of the skin. During the procedure, the energy beam does not penetrate deeper than 2-3 mm, and the heating time does not exceed a few minutes. This allows the skin to cool down quickly and effectively. Among the main causes of burns:

  • Long hair. before the procedure, it is recommended to undergo training and shave the hair. If the length of the bristles is more than 1-2 mm, it requires prolonged heating, which causes burns of the epidermis;
  • tanning. with a good tan the skin becomes not just tan, but bronze. To get the effect of light treatment is only possible by prolonged heating or by increasing the power of the equipment;
  • incorrect equipment settings. the master selects the pulse frequency and wavelength in accordance with the individual characteristics of the client. The mistake in the setting becomes the cause of burns;
  • Insufficient cooling. special attachments or creams help protect skin from overheating. Lack of these products increases the chance of getting a burn.

Black spots

Another common problem is the appearance of black spots on the spot of a dead follicle. It is the hair that cannot break through to the surface of the skin. The problem is typical for people with stiff and thick hair. To eliminate it will require:

  • An additional session of laser hair removal;
  • The use of pulling masks 3-4 days after the procedure, as the active component is used compositions of badyaga.

To remove black spots do not use peeling. this procedure will not give the desired effect, and will cause severe skin irritation.

We use the correct laser settings, if necessary, we do combined hair removal. Avoiding the appearance of black spots!

Small pimples

An unpleasant side effect after laser hair removal is the appearance of small pimples of light red color. They spoil the appearance of the skin and cause intense itching.

The antiseptic treatment with boric acid or alcohol will dry the pimple and it will disappear from the surface. Ingrown hair in the sebaceous gland will be removed with tweezers after pretreatment with alcohol.

Itchy, irritated skin

An unpleasant side effect of laser hair removal is a tooth and skin irritation. If the master in a timely manner treated skin cream with a soothing effect, the itching usually does not occur.

If after treatment the itching and irritation do not go away within 2-3 days, we are talking about individual intolerance to the laser beam. To remedy the situation will help soothing creams on a plant basis. Aloe vera, calendula or chamomile will have an anesthetic effect. The recommended creams are of light texture, which will help pores to breathe fully.

All about laser hair removal during the critical days

Can laser hair removal during menstruation women from all over the world worry about it. Because exactly on these days you can relax, allow yourself to let a little stubble (and namely with slight unshavenness in some mm and should go to the laser therapist). Let’s face it, there’s no simple answer to this question. The active phase of the menstrual cycle occurs in each girl individually. Some people do not notice the change, while others experience severe abdominal pain and spend the first few days in bed. Some even take a sick leave, so much discomfort they experience. Add to this an emotional instability that has long been an object of ridicule by the opposite sex.

Not all laser hair removal in critical days is permitted, for example, it is necessary to refuse a deep bikini. In addition to general sensitivity of the area, you will get shyness, anxiety and a psychological block. Experts in the field of laser therapy recommend postponing treatment of other areas if your general condition is unstable. Also taking strong medications, which include some types of analgesics, is a relative contraindication. And if you do not take them, but differ heightened nervous excitability, you simply can regard a slight burning or tingling sensation at laser action as serious injury and get strong fright.

Many girls during menstruation have noticed an increase in rashes on the skin. Unfortunately, this period makes women vulnerable to inflammatory processes. The pimples can appear not only on the face but also in the supposed zone of influence, therefore the laser will have to be postponed anyway.

It’s a scientific fact that just five days before your period starts, your body starts to readjust itself and react in an unusual way to common things. That is why it is worth to make a plan of visits together with a laser therapist: such an option will be convenient and you, and he. You can avoid an unfortunate coincidence, and “red” days will fall on the breaks between sessions. It will be possible to recuperate at home, rather than fearing burns, folliculitis, or hyperpigmentation, for example.

Is it worth laser hair removal: indications for the procedure

The traditional shaving method, now considered not only outdated, but also potentially dangerous. The use of a safety razor at home leads to micro-injuries of the skin and can cause infection. It provokes ingrown hairs and the development of folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles).

Often on the shaved area of the skin appears irritation in the form of small rashes and the effect of the so-called blue beard. When the subcutaneous part of dark hair is visible, which does not look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the use of razors does not guarantee long-term smoothness, many women note hair regrowth by the end of the first. The second day after shaving. However, this is not a reason to use the laser.

Before you sign up for the procedure, you should objectively weigh the pros and cons of laser hair removal. If we are talking about removing infrequent inconspicuous hair that slowly grows and is not prone to ingrowth, you can get rid of them with vaksir or shugaring. Regular use of wax and sugar paste in the conditions of a beauty salon or private office will help to curb their unwanted growth without much difficulty.

Reflecting on the need for laser hair removal, it should be understood that in order to achieve sustainable results will require a long course of procedures. Its duration is strictly individual, and then you will need to conduct regular maintenance procedures and strictly follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist. Therefore, before you decide for yourself, whether or not to make laser hair removal, you need to have time, money and be prepared for a change in your lifestyle.

Especially in the presence of the following list of problems:

effect, laser, hair, removal, period
  • A large number of unwanted hair.
  • Dark, visible, stiff hair.
  • Few visible and blonde hairs, as well as single gray hairs.
  • Fast regrowth of hair after depilation.
  • Irritation, redness, itching of the skin after using razor, wax or sugar paste.
  • Hair prone to ingrown hairs.
  • Folliculitis.
  • Hair on hard-to-reach areas of the skin for razor, wax and paste.
  • Bluebeard effect.

Laser hair removal easily solves these problems and guarantees long-lasting smoothness of legs, underarms, bikini and other areas. A nice bonus is improving the health and quality of the skin in place of exposure to laser light energy.

Laser alexandrite hair removal. interview with the doctor

The Clinic patients ask a lot of questions about laser hair removal and alexandrite laser hair removal in particular. We’ve gathered them all in one article with answers from our doctor, maxillofacial surgeon and dermatologist all in one.

What you need laser hair removal for?

A man of today wants to look perfect in all conditions. There is no denying the fact that it is aesthetic to have silky and smooth skin. However, getting rid of hair. the process is not the most pleasant and time-consuming. Grass trimmers, creams designed for depilation, wax strips, electroepilation. These methods of hair removal should be used on a permanent basis, and the growth of hair even with their permanent application does not stop. Contrast. When using a razor, for example, many people notice that hair becomes darker, thicker, grows more intensely.

Alexandrite laser hair removal is able to remove us from all these tortures, as the most demanded and productive method of light permanent hair removal.

Who is eligible for laser hair removal??

The most popular alexandrite laser hair removal among women. Beauty standards and an inner desire for a model appearance dictate their own rules. Ladies should always look luxurious, have well-groomed skin on their arms and legs. Genetics and other factors can make unpleasant changes in women’s plans to have smooth skin, but to have impeccable appearance everyone wants without exception.

This is where hair removal with an alexandrite laser can help. Everyday comfort and hygiene issues force girls to think about getting rid of their underarm and bikini hair. Here already plays a role not only a desire to look aesthetically, but also to feel comfort. growing hair often provokes the appearance of discomfort. Delicate areas are not limited to the most popular areas for hair removal. Many women experience difficulties related to hormonal abnormalities. Hormone imbalance often has an external manifestation as hair growth in unusual areas. On the face, chest, abdomen, or lower back. Of course, such a problem must be solved comprehensively and from the inside, resorting not only to laser hair removal, but also by consulting an endocrinologist, a gynecologist and other specialists, to whom the patient will be referred by the therapist.

Hormonal problems are not solved in a few days, most often they require both medications and various procedures to eliminate the external manifestations of disorders. Such procedures include alexandrite laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal for men??

Absolutely yes. and more often men become clients of cosmetologist clinics, because they also want to look aesthetically beautiful and get rid of discomfort, which excessive hair brings. Some need to get rid of stubble due to professional requirements, some just want to forget about the daily use of a grass trimmer or a razor.

Most of the stronger sex has to shave every day. Unfortunately, almost every man is aware of such phenomena as skin irritation, redness in the epilation areas, folliculitis. And how to forget about micro traumas, scratches and other troubles accompanying the process of getting rid of hair?

There is a salvation: if you regularly attend the alexandrite laser hair removal procedure, the hair becomes less thick and stiff, inflammation and irritation goes away. After a full course, the hair will leave you completely.

In recent times it has become especially important to wear a beard, which further complicates the daily care of a man’s appearance. To keep the beard looking

Accurately, we have to make almost titanic efforts, because the hair often grows out where you do not want to see them. With laser hair removal, a man can permanently have a neat beard.

Often our patients are men involved in sports activities. Swimming, wrestling, or modeling. To maximize their own effectiveness in the competitive process, they need to eliminate all distractions that cause discomfort. Such factors include also an excessive length of hair, and often their presence at all.

Therefore, to think that only the fairer sex resort to laser hair removal is a big mistake.

Why use laser when there are easier ways of hair removal??

Less complicated methods of getting rid of hair cover suggest only a temporary effect. Such techniques include:

waxing, sugar waxing; hair removal with threads

These techniques are usually inexpensive and available for home use. But all of them have two big obvious disadvantages. The effect of using these methods is short-lived and takes a very long time.

After using a grass trimmer, unpleasant hairs already appear on the second day, which feel much tougher and less aesthetically pleasing than those originally shaved. The use of waxing, sugar and electroepilation gives a longer result, but the performance of the procedure is accompanied by severe pain. It is worth remembering that after 3-4 weeks the hair reappears, and often this process is accompanied by inflammation of the follicles, irritation and redness. In order to remove hair with the root, patients have to wait until the inflammation stops and grow new hair to an acceptable length. Therefore it is necessary to refuse beautiful open clothes, and to the touch all it is extremely unpleasant. Often the regrowth of new hair after sessions of such procedures occurs together with peeling, age spots, scarring and other unwanted phenomena.

And now let’s try to calculate how much time should be spent on preparing the skin for an important event or trip in today’s busy environment. Purchase of new trimmers, depilation creams, and visits to a cosmetologist at the Clinic. A month, maybe two? And if you also use methods of mechanical hair removal, accompanied by pain and irritation?

What techniques are related to getting rid of hair permanently?

The way of permanent hair removal refers to photo- and electroepilation, laser hair removal on different laser installations. All hair removal manipulation has its positive aspects and features, let’s study each of them in more detail.

During electroepilation, the hair follicle cells are destroyed by an electric current. This methodology is used when the body is mostly covered with gray or too light hair, which will not “take” the laser hair removal. The electroepilation is painful and there is a high probability of complications (scarring, pigmentation, burn phenomena), therefore it is better to use other methods for darker hair.

Photoepilation and Elos-Epilation. Light methods to get rid of hair for a long time. Elos-epilation is done with the use of light and radio wave energy. These methods work quite well, but the impact is not as pinpoint as when using laser. When using these methods the surrounding skin areas are heated, which is accompanied by pain, discomfort, and a decrease in the effectiveness of the procedure. Laser hair removal is more accurate in target areas, avoiding the possibility of hitting other areas.

Laser hair removal is performed most often on four types of laser units: alexandrite, neodymium, diode, and ruby. They differ in wavelength, pulse characteristics, efficacy, possible complications, and indications for use.

How the laser works?

Laser light is different in nature and parameters from the light we are accustomed to daylight or from the light emitted by the lamps in our apartments and houses. Laser light has special properties that are not found in nature. Each type of laser differs in specific wavelengths, coherence, collimation (negligible divergence of the light beam).

Due to the characteristics listed above, the laser light has a selective effect on the target areas, not affecting those that are undesirable to hit. During hair removal, special waves are selected that are easily absorbed by the melanin contained in our hair. The hair is supplied with light energy which is converted into heat and heated until the hair cells die. As a consequence of such treatment, the hair stops growing. The skin also contains melanin, but much less than hair, so no skin damage occurs. the skin cools down almost immediately.

Why the alexandrite laser is used at the clinic?

Alexandrite laser. One of the most effective and popular treatments today. Alexandrite laser excellently removes medium dark and dark hair, it is effective even in cases when the patient has hormonal disorders, causing darkening, thickening and stiffening of the hair.

The advantages of alexandrite laser application include the following points:

  • it is safe to remove hair because only the hair bulb is affected, but not the bulb and surrounding area. the skin, as a diode laser does;
  • the procedure does not cause painful sensations, you may only feel a tingling sensation. In cases of particular sensitivity of the skin, you can use local anesthetics or a cooling unit;
  • alexandrite laser does not cause scars, complications, maximum pinpoint effects on the target area;
  • universal use. alexandrite laser can be used for any area of the body
  • absolute hygiene. no contact of the module with the skin, and in the diode laser, after applying the gel, the module is in contact with the skin.

How many procedures must be done for optimum results?

A specific number of procedures must be clarified by your physician-cosmetologist, for different areas on average requires from 3 to 6 laser hair removal procedures. It’s worth remembering,

That gray hairs are unaffected by laser beams. Diode laser hair removal, for example, requires 8 to 12 treatments to remove hair.

The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the easier it is to perform the laser hair removal procedure. It is more difficult to remove hair, the appearance of which is associated with hormones: the armpit area, groin area, facial hair in women. If it is necessary to get rid of hair in these areas, it is necessary to conduct a complete course consisting of several sessions.

Why it is necessary to undergo a full course of procedures?

This is due to the fact that hair has three stages of growth. Anagen. It is an active stage of growth. Telogen. The stage at which the hair “sleeps”. Katagen. The stage at which the hair falls out. Laser exposure can only remove hair that is in the anagen stage. Depending on the chosen area and the genetic characteristics of the body, hair in the active stage can be 15-30 percent. Sometimes we have the feeling that there is too much hair in unwanted areas, but in fact it is a small part of what can potentially grow on this area. You can’t grow all your hairs at the same time, it’s a gradual process. The growth of the hair cover occurs in accordance with genetic features (that is why different ethnic groups have different thickness of hair cover) and hormonal factors (thick hair appears in adolescents during their transition age). After the first session it is necessary to wait for the growth of new hair and then visit the cosmetologist’s office again.

Thinning and damage to all hair follicles cannot be achieved in one session. Of course, most of them will be damaged, but there will remain those that are especially “hardy”. If you follow the recommendations of a specialist and undergo a course of procedures, the hair will disappear for good. Sometimes it happens that after 6-2 years patients have small, rare and thin hairs. In this case, it will be enough to have one laser hair removal procedure to maintain a perfect smoothness of the skin.

Anyway, laser hair removal is recognized as the most productive and fastest method of getting rid of hair.

Is there any way to prepare for the procedure?

Yes, the preparation is really necessary. If the patient previously got rid of hair with a razor, cream or never removed the hair cover, 3-4 days before the procedure is necessary to shave the target area with a machine tool, which is planned to be exposed to the laser. The hair length before procedure should not be more than 2-3 mm to prevent burning of hair during laser influence and consequently skin burns.

How goes laser hair removal?

First, the beautician conducts an initial consultation to make sure that the patient has no counter-indications for the procedure, individual intolerance, assesses the condition of the skin and hair, makes a conclusion about the possibility / impossibility of the procedure.

If the procedure is indicated for you, and in most cases it is, the specialist proceeds to perform it. To protect your eyes, you and your doctor wear glasses. At our clinic we use a non-contact module, which is the most hygienic and gentle way of treatment. During the actual procedure, the laser module makes non-contact movements parallel to the target area. Slight redness after treatment is possible.

Many laser units in other clinics use a contact method of laser hair removal with the application of a special gel. Our method of treatment

It is more hygienic, does not require gel application, and therefore no gel need to be removed after the procedure.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent, Safe, Worth It? Dark Skin, Side Effects, Cancer, Home Lasers, Burns

What not to do after the manipulation?

After laser hair removal session reddening of skin can be observed, but many patients’ skin remains the same as it was before the procedure. This question is individual. It is not recommended to sunbathe for a week after the procedure. Within 1-3 days after the procedure it is not recommended to visit the bath, sauna, swim in the open water.

What time the procedure will be more successful?

The correct time for the procedure is 1-3 days after the bleeding has stopped. At this time, the pain sensitivity is not particularly high, and there is a chance that the entire process will go painlessly. Also during this time, all side effects are reduced to a minimum. But a quality treatment and personal hygiene does not cancel it.

If laser hair removal is planned, then the critical days are far from the best period for this. It is also better to forget about the period of 5-7 days before the expected date of the beginning of critical days.

We must not forget about the preparation. The day before the procedure you should remove all vegetation. It is better to do it with a depilatory cream or razor. Do not use sugar paste or wax mixture for the procedure, epilator. It is better to wash the skin before the session, but do not use any detergents or cosmetics.

How the laser hair removal of bikini works?

Immediately before epilation is a consultation, where the beautician carries out diagnosis. Then the procedure is performed in several stages:

  • The customer is placed on a special chair. After that, an anesthetic is applied.
  • The client wears protective glasses.
  • The laser device is adjusted, taking into account individual characteristics.
  • Then a special agent is applied, which improves the laser effect.
  • Direct influence on the hairs is carried out.
  • The beautician cleans the skin. Then the drug is applied. It helps to relieve irritation.

The duration is from 20 minutes to 1 hour, it depends on the area to be treated. Many people wonder how men’s bikini laser hair removal is done. The method is identical. Preparation requirements are standard.

Laser and photoepilation complications

The presence of unwanted hair is a problem for many people who are not satisfied with the existing methods of hair removal (shaving, waxing, chemical depilation, electroepilation) because of either short-term results, or strong painfulness, or frequent complications (such as scarring after electroepilation). The invention of selective photothermolysis and the creation of various laser systems with different wavelength ranges have made effective and long-term hair removal possible. Currently, several types of lasers and photo systems are used for hair removal: ruby laser (694 nm), alexandrite laser (755 nm), diode laser (800 nm), IPL systems (590-1200 nm), Nd:YAG-laser (1064 nm).

Epilation occurs by destroying the hair follicle, where the main pigment is melanin, which acts as a chromophore. a substance that absorbs radiation at a certain wavelength. With optimal wavelength, energy density and pulse duration, the melanin of the hair follicle is heated and the hair follicle is destroyed. The surrounding tissue is not damaged.

Compared to the existing types of hair removal and depilation, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle quickly, precisely and precisely, which explains its high aesthetic result. Besides, epilation with lasers and photo systems allows treatment of large surfaces of the skin quickly, with almost no pain and with minimum risk of complications. It is no coincidence that it has become one of the most popular of all aesthetic procedures performed with the help of quantum technologies. Laser and IPL systems, according to manufacturers, help remove unwanted hair quickly, safely and effectively. But numerous studies show that these methods of hair removal are still not without side effects and complications.

In connection with the growing popularity of laser hair removal laser therapists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, general practitioners should be aware of possible complications and side effects of these procedures to diagnose and treat them correctly and in time.

What does the effect of laser hair removal depend on?

” There is a little less hair, but after waxing the result was better. I haven’t noticed any effect from the laser hair removal”.

Here are such reviews can be met from people who do not understand what the effect depends on.

The result after the first procedure varies from person to person. The fact that the laser affects only those hairs that are in the growth stage. The amount of such hair at the time of the procedure is not more than 25% throughout the body, but everyone’s hair is different. Hair loss begins 2-3 weeks after removal.

The “dormant” follicles reactivate within 3-4 weeks, and then they can be removed in subsequent sessions.

The maximum effect of laser hair removal will be visible only after several procedures, when most hair stops growing. Should pass about 4-7 procedures, depending on the epilation area.

It is possible to get rid of 90% of unwanted hair during 8-10 procedures. On average hair may not grow for 2-5 years, and the new hairs will be thinner and lighter.

How long will not grow hair after the course is over it is impossible to say for sure, because there are many factors that affect it. Let’s consider them in details.

How the effect of laser hair removal depends on the skin type

The laser beam affects directly the dark pigment in the hair. Laser hair removal will be good if the client has dark hair and fair skin. That is II (Nordic) and III (Middle European) phototypes.

This does not mean that the owners of dark or very light skin will have a bad result! Simply for them other settings of the equipment are applied. For light skin and light hair the laser power is increased, and for dark skin the density of the laser energy is reduced.

Read more about skin phototypes in our post.

Hormonal background influences the epilation effect

Hormonal imbalance affects the body, which will try to restore balance. For example, taking hormonal drugs can provoke activation of “sleeping” hair follicles. Therefore, it may seem that the number of hairs has not changed, although in fact it is not so, and all hairs, which at the time of epilation were in the stage of anagen, were removed.

effect, laser, hair, removal, period

The body’s capacity for rapid tissue repair and individual characteristics

There is such a concept as “paradoxical growth”. It’s a normal phenomenon, it’s just the body’s way of reacting to hair removal. It may happen that after 3 sessions it will try to replenish the removed bulbs, activating their recovery and maturation. There is no need to panic, we prolong the course, explain the situation to the client and continue the fight. After the second session, hair growth slows down, and more time is required for the hair to enter the anagen stage. If after the first and second treatments the interval is 3-4 weeks, then the subsequent intervals should be increased by another 2 weeks. That is, if after the second session 3 weeks have passed, after the third session another 5 weeks should pass. Closer to the end of the course the intervals may be half a year.

Note that such hormone-dependent zones as the armpits and bikini do not require long intervals. In this case 1-1,5 months pass between the procedures.

The intervals between treatments

Different areas of the body have different amounts of hair in the growth stage, which the laser removes. For example, on the hands they are 20%, underarms and bikini zone. 30%. It turns out that for one session hair removal underarm zone will remove more hair than on the arms. That is, for different zones different number of procedures will be required.

Epilation area

Improper preparation for hair removal can reduce its effectiveness. It is necessary to explain clearly to each client about all possible consequences of nonobservance of the recommendations and contraindications.

Compliance with recommendations and contraindications

Improper preparation for hair removal can lower its efficiency. It is necessary to explain to each client about all possible consequences of nonobservance of the recommendations and, especially, contraindications.

effect, laser, hair, removal, period

The quality of the procedure and the effect of laser hair removal

The right choice of power on the basis of the client significantly affects the result. A specialist with sufficient training will be able to choose the most effective program.

What are the contraindications of laser hair removal??

There are temporary factors in which laser hair removal should not be done. This includes:

Women during pregnancy face the physical problem of unwanted hair removal, because they simply do not reach the right places. Therefore they start to think about the best way of hair removal and stop at laser hair removal. But this type of hair removal is contraindicated during pregnancy. The thing is that during pregnancy hormonal levels are unstable and the skin becomes sensitive. For these reasons pigmentation can appear, and the process will be more painful. In addition, the effects of laser on the fetus have not been studied, and its safety for the embryo cannot be proven experimentally due to ethical considerations. But after the delivery the problem of hair removal can be solved, but don’t forget about the list of other contraindications.

First, children have most of their hair in a dormant state. They have little dark pigment (melanin), so the laser removal procedure will be almost useless. Somewhere around the age of 12-13 years active hair growth begins.

Secondly, adolescence is the time of raging hormones and restructuring of the whole body. The body of a teenager in this period is not easy and it is better to give time to complete all the processes begun.

During laser hair removal it is necessary to refrain from visiting the beach or a solarium for 2-4 weeks and 2-3 weeks after the procedure. The skin after sun exposure is dehydrated and needs moisture, it becomes dry and irritable, and therefore prone to burns and pigmentation. The laser affects the dark pigment in the hair follicle. The best result will be obtained when working with dark hair on light skin, and not vice versa. Creams and lotions for artificial tanning are also contraindicated. And after the hair removal procedure is not allowed to sunbathe, because the skin is susceptible to irritation, and she needs proper care. It is necessary to use moisturizing and sunscreens on the exposed skin areas.

After hair removal with wax or sugar paste (shugaring) must pass 30 days. Because these methods remove the roots and laser hair removal procedure will be ineffective.

After epilation on the inflamed skin area, the infection present on the surface can spread further. For example, when applying laser to the skin area with folliculitis formed by saprophytic bacteria, it is possible to provoke infection all over the surface and worsen the situation in general. Besides, in case of infections the immunity reduces, which affects the healing time of tissues. Laser hair removal with inflammatory processes can lead to pigmentation of the area. Since the laser beam hitting it can cause increased production of dark pigment (melanin).

The area where the planned procedure is to be performed must be healthy. There should be no peeling, burns, allergic rashes, traumas and micro traumas. Otherwise epilation will be ineffective, and the condition of the lesions may worsen. The procedure can be done after the restoration of the skin.

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