The fridge body of myer fridge is very warm

Why the sides of the refrigerator haier become warm?

When the compressor runs the refrigerant through the system, the heat-exchange lattices heat up, and this heating can be quite strong. Therefore, where the heat-exchanging grids are built into the sides of the fridge, the walls of the fridge are notably warm. This is normal and not a temporary phenomenon.

When the fridge is working, the grill is heated by the heat from the chambers and is cooled by the ambient air In Samsung fridges the grills are installed on the side and not on the back, and are closed by the sheet of metal. That is why the side walls are heated. the grilles extract heat from the refrigerator chambers and heat the metal.

Heat pump

Those users who are a little bit familiar with the construction of home appliances can know that refrigerator is a kind of heat pump. Roughly speaking, with special equipment, the thermal energy of the substance (refrigerant) is pumped from one place to another. Speaking about the refrigerators, this partition is pumping in the direction of the freezer (or main chamber) outside.

Why is the side wall of your refrigerator hot??

When your fridge is working, the grid is heated by the heat from the chambers and cooled by the ambient air In Samsung fridges, the grids are not installed on the back, but on the side, and are covered with a sheet of metal. That’s why the side walls are heated. the grids take the heat out of the refrigerator chambers and heat the metal.

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The partition wall between the refrigerating and freezing compartments becomes warm? Heating between the chambers of the refrigerator is done with the help of a special heater. FAN or piping Condensation can occur due to temperature difference between the outside environment and the freezer compartment. Surface heating is not a breakdown of the refrigerator.

fridge, body, very, warm

How to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator?

Turning regulator clockwise. Increase cold, decrease counterclockwise. The figures on the knob do not indicate the temperature in degrees Celsius, but the serial number of the position. They show in which position of the regulator will be more cold and in which less. Usually the cold adjustment scale has values from 1 to 7.

The ideal total temperature of the refrigerator should be between 3 and 5° C. The freezer, on the other hand, must maintain a temperature of.18°C or lower. In the freshness zone (if there is one) set the temperature to about 0-1 ° C.

When you call for service

If the body of the equipment is constantly heating, first check the settings of the refrigerator. Then pay attention to the observance of the rules of operation of the device and eliminate all the shortcomings. If this does not give results, go on to the search for technical problems. First check the rubber seal. For other problems, it is better to invite a specialist who will diagnose and solve the problem. Self-repair can lead to more serious damage.

Advice. Before the arrival of the master, disconnect the refrigerator from the power grid, remove the food and defrost the unit.

History of Origins

In ancient times, people were faced with the problem of freezing food and drink so that they would not spoil. The Emperor Nero spent enormous sums of money having his servants store snow and ice on frozen bodies of water. The emperor preferred to treat his important guests only with chilled wines.

Southern Europe had long suffered from the lack of refrigeration for its food. But thanks to the famous traveler and merchant Marco Polo, many learned from his book that ice and snow can be used as a “refrigerator. Since the seventeenth century, most wealthy homes had refrigerators at their disposal. They differed significantly from today’s models, but still coped very well with their main function. cooling. They were made of faience and porcelain containers, in which bottles were placed and ice was placed on top. This unit was put on the table, it was small and was considered a symbol of prosperity. Unlike the Italian ones, the Russian apparatus was simpler. It was a log cabin with huge amounts of ice and snow, which was dug into the ground, with a dense planking on top of it. Such a construction allowed to store food for a long time.

As is well known, the greatest discoveries were made by chance or necessity. So it turned out with the refrigerator, which is more in line with the prototypes of modern models. The discovery was made in 1803 by an American entrepreneur Thomas Moore, he was engaged in selling butter, but it is a “capricious” product, as it melts quickly. As a result, he designed a refrigerated truck. It required thin sheets of steel, which formed a vessel, with rabbit skins laid on top. The steel vessel was then placed in a cedar barrel, in which ice was poured. After a couple of decades, this type of refrigerator was modernized, rabbit coats were removed, and the ice was replaced with ammonia absorption. They were the prototypes of today’s.

What to do if the walls get too hot

Normally, the compressor operates for about 20 minutes and then shuts down for the same amount of time. Accordingly, during these periods, the refrigerator walls heat up and cool down. If the surfaces are equally warm all the time or their temperature is sometimes too high, it is a cause for concern.

The refrigerant circulating in the closed circuit actively absorbs heat from the environment during the transition to the liquid state and releases it during evaporation. When a compressor compresses a gaseous substance, it liquefies, taking heat energy from the refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerant then enters the condenser, made in the form of a grid, and dissipates the accumulated heat into the air outside the refrigerator. In some models, the condenser occupies the back wall of the refrigerator, but is often built into the sides as well. this design allows the panels covering it to become gradually heated during compressor operation and to cool down at idle time.

You may also find that the refrigerator gets warm between the chambers. This is because several condenser tubes are laid in the inter-compartmental partition to reduce the temperature difference between the compartments. This solution prevents corrosion, the growth of mould and the sealant from freezing to the cabinet.

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And finally, the refrigerator motor heats up because the refrigerant transfers some of the heat energy to it during compression. However, you should not check it by touch: the temperature here can be quite high, and you risk burning yourself.

fridge, body, very, warm

Why are the sides of your refrigerator getting hot?

The condenser of the refrigerator gets warm

During normal operation, the temperature of the grill should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. If the condenser is too hot, then check:

  • Presence of dust and oil drips. Dirt makes it difficult for heat to escape, so the grill needs to be kept clean. Turn off the equipment, move the housing away from the wall and clean the condenser of dust.
  • Turning on “Super freezer” function. In mechanical models, this mode causes overloading of the motor-compressor, so the grill is constantly warm.

The cooling gas leakage is also probable. But the problem can be detected only by a master during the diagnostics.

Modern models

However, even such devices are prone to failures. Compressor failure is a common cause of breakdowns and malfunctions. To prevent breakage the consumer should take into account a number of important rules of operation:

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