The function of steam processing in a washing machine

How a steam generator works in a washing machine

Washing machines with the steam treatment function are structurally different from conventional models. In the back or top of the device is the generator. a special heat exchanger. On one side, water is fed in, which is converted into steam in a generator and then enters the drum through a tube.

According to experts, the built-in steam generator provides a more effective treatment of things. The steam penetrates deep into fabric fibers and easily conquers even stubborn stains of all kinds. It also kills allergens, disinfects things, without the use of any laundry detergent.

Pros of the steam function include:

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  • Quality disinfection. steam treats not only clothes, but also the entire inner surface of the drum;
  • Effective washing;
  • Economical. the device uses less water, you don’t need powder or gel for washing;
  • You can wash clothes made of any fabric. from coarse to delicate;
  • Soft smoothing. clothes barely need no ironing;
  • Compatibility with other washing programs or using the function as the main mode.

Among the disadvantages of devices with steam treatment can be noted:

  • Limited choice. Not all manufacturers equip devices with a steam generator.
  • High. and medium In the market you can find a few budget options, but these are isolated instances.
  • Steam function provides smoothing, but is not a full substitute for ironing. Home textiles can be used immediately, but office clothes or suits need to be ironed with an iron.
  • According to buyers’ opinions, not every washing machine removes stubborn stains effectively. they have to be washed. The disadvantage is subjective, but some owners have noted it.

Why do you need the steam feature in a washing machine??

Cost of such washing machines is quite expensive, so in this article we will consider all the pros and cons of machines with steam treatment to understand. is it profitable or not.


Every rationale always has disadvantages. But marketers do not like to spread the word about the “dark side of the moon” in washing machines with steam treatment function.


What points you need to consider when thinking about buying such a washing machine:

  • Not every unpleasant ambergris will remove one hot “fog” from things. For example, it is more effective to remove smoke residue from woolen garments with a full-fledged wash, selecting the mode recommended by the manufacturers of these clothes.
  • Against a number of stains from organic substances steam is not enough. without water and detergent, gel, or even bleach can not do.
  • One thing to try to refresh the silk blouse of a young girl, once put on the thing to visit the hub, another. a T-shirt of a man who has worked for 8-9 hours, for example, in the vegetable garden dacha. In the first case, steam washing will be sufficient, but in the second case, it is unlikely.
  • Expensive washing machines capable of high-quality steam cleaning at the highest level.

Principle of operation of the equipment with a steam generator

The device for introducing hot steam into the drum of the washing machine is in the upper part of the loading window. Steam flows to the specified point through a flexible hose connected to the steam generator.

This is adjacent to the solenoid valves, one of which the steam generator is directly connected to.

The water is fed into the steam generator through the solenoid valve, when the corresponding program is activated, where it is heated to the point of evaporation and then pressed into the drum.

There is a button on the touch panel or the conventional mechanical panel to start the steam wash or freshen up.

The steam washer can be started and monitored remotely, using a remote control, even in a nearby room.

To monitor the process there is an LCD screen, which accurately displays current information about the progress of washing and possible failures.

How it works?

The steam cleaning principle differs greatly depending on the machine’s model. Some models use steam treatment to give clothes freshness. Other models use this function solely for disinfection. However, there is a third type of washing machines, which thanks to the steam treatment are able not only to remove any dirt, but also to freshen and disinfect clothes. There is a special mode in the menu of the washing machine for these purposes. The following equipment is responsible for generating steam:

  • Steam generator, which is located in the back of the washer;
  • valve tube;
  • The rubber hose that connects the steam generator to the tank.

The principle of operation of the steam washer is simple. Through a special tube water flows directly to the steam generator, where the liquid is converted into high temperature steam. Afterwards the clouds of vaporized liquid are redirected through a rubber tube into the washing drum.

Thanks to the steam mode, cleaning and disinfection of children’s clothes can be carried out without getting wet. Really, it’s incredibly convenient, especially when you need to give your cloths a fresh look in the shortest possible time.

Steam has a superficial effect on fabric, and penetrates deep into the fibers, and 100% fungal, microbial, allergenic, and viral growth on clothing and linens is assured.

The steam generator functions differently depending on the manufacturer. In some machines, this is a kind of bonus, which allows freshening up the laundry. In other models. a full-fledged option, with which you can get rid of dirt.

The corresponding button on the control panel is responsible for turning on and off the function. Some models allow you to control the process remotely using the remote control.

Information about the progress of washing is shown on the liquid crystal display. It shows not only the stages of washing, but also warns about possible malfunctions.

How to use

Not all models have this function. Usually it is displayed on the panel as a program name. Using the function is quite simple: select this mode along with the main program. It should be noted that with some of them the option is incompatible.

Do you need detergent for the steam mode of washing?? If the machine has already washed your clothes a long time ago and you decided to just freshen them up and chose the quick treatment, then there is no need to pour the detergent into the tray. If you use the steam generator in conjunction with the main program, then you need exactly the right amount of powder.

Before washing with steam in a washing machine, carefully read the instructions for the technique. The manufacturer describes in detail the modes and features of their application. Use may vary on different models.

Steam washing machines: pros and cons

Many types of clothes need constant ironing to keep the look neat. However, the process is time-consuming, especially in large families. To make life easier for housewives, a special function of steam processing in the washing machine was created. This modern technology helps to save time. Most people are happy with their ironing. Experts have widely differing opinions on the benefits and harms of steam. To understand whether you need a washing machine with such a function, you need to understand how the device works.

How this algorithm functions?

Steam washers have many unusual options to help fight dirt better and safer. One of them is the “Steam Freshen” function. This is a unique technology that gives your clothes freshness and cleanliness without washing them directly.

The Freshen Steam program generates a stream of hot, humidified air from the washer. It fills the drum, penetrates fabric fibres, dispels impurities and removes unpleasant odours. over, the high temperature makes the laundry smoother and softer.

The Freshen Steam program means that no water is needed in the washer, so the laundry is left virtually dry.

The appliance follows a non-standard algorithm when you run the Freshen Steam mode. The dispenser does not draw water or detergent from the dispenser. the cloths in the drum are not soaked, they are moistened by the hot air. Cycle time is also reduced to 20-25 minutes.

No ironing or drying needed after the steam function. You can immediately take the laundry out of the drum and put it on.

How to choose and what to look for when buying?

Before proceeding to the review of models, it is worth reading the recommendations for choosing a machine with a dryer.

To choose the right washing machine, you should pay attention to the following points

  • Installation Type. This appliance can be freestanding or built-in. If you need to save space, it is worth considering the second option.
  • Type of load. The most common machines with front-loading. The advantage of vertical loading is that you can finish the clothes during the wash, if you suddenly forgot something.
  • Capacity. The bigger the tank, the bigger things can be washed. It is worth taking into account the number of people in the family.
  • Tank Material. Can be plastic (budget models) and stainless steel. The second option is more practical.
  • Energy Efficiency. Most washing machines are class A, which means economical use of electricity. If there are one or more pros next to it, this machine uses even fewer resources.
  • Programs. The device can have only standard mode or additional programs. These include delicate mode, wool, baby clothes, short cycle and intensive washing.
  • Useful Functions. This includes leak protection (turning the unit off in case of a leak), delayed start, and steam treatment to disinfect things.
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