The gas water heater clicks but does not ignite

water, heater, clicks, does, ignite

Why the gas water heater does not turn on

Gas instantaneous water heaters have become an integral part of the comfort of many urban apartments and private houses. It is the simplest and most reliable alternative to both centralized hot water supply and electric boilers. However, despite the simplicity and reliability of the gas water heater often fires up for a long time or refuses to work at all.

Causes of failure in this case are many. Therefore, to correctly understand and identify the main reason why the gas water heater does not turn on is the most important task in solving this unusual situation.

In the general list of situations why the gas water heater does not turn on, you need to identify three main points:

  • The situation when the gas water heater is in good working order, but can not work due to external factors. the traction failure, lack of water pressure or low gas pressure;
  • The situation when the gas boiler does not ignite well under normal external factors, that is, there are problems directly with the ignition;
  • Cases when the automatic gas water heater does not heat water after normal switching on and start of hot water supply.

All of these cases, although generally similar, but indicating the presence of completely different causes, why the gas water heater does not turn on when turned on. At the same time, the cause of the fact that the water heater stops lighting up or ignites for a long time are quite standard situations, typical for most water heaters.

Problems with electronics and the gas unit

It is not uncommon situation when the wick does not light because the gas fuel supply is constantly blocked. This is explained by the fact that, most likely, the protection system, which equips equipment with electronic ignition.

As a part of this system is a thermocouple heated by a special igniter and generates a voltage that, in turn, turns on the electric valve, which starts the burner of the working mixture, after which the gas begins to burn.

If there is a malfunction in the automatics (thermocouple, for example), the valve is not energized, and the gas mixture supply line is blocked. Only an expert in repairing electronics can find a fault in the ignition device system, so in this case, there is no way to do without outside help.

In the final part of the introduction to the faults of the gas boiler, it should be noted that all of them with the appropriate technical training can be found on their own. However, when fixing some of them, you have to resort to the support of professionals.

Eliminating a draught disruption

To check the draught, try to use an ordinary match. Bring it to the chimney and determine if there is a draft, the flame will be deflected to the side of the chimney.

If there is no draft, the gas boiler will not light up, and users will not get hot water. Many speakers are equipped with draught sensors, and if they show insufficient draught, the ignition will not be possible. There may be situations when the flame lights up and immediately goes out. this is due to the fact that the combustion products simply have nowhere to go, they remain in the combustion chamber, and the flame goes out due to lack of oxygen. Lack of draft will require inspection of the flue gas collector and the chimney itself. If there are blockages here, they can prevent the normal passage of combustion products. The boiler perceives this as a lack of draught and does not let the gas light (or gas extinguishes immediately after turning on). Unfortunately, you can check yourself only part of the chimney, which is visible up to the entrance to the wall. further work should be carried out by specialists. If the house is private, you can try to deal with the chimney yourself.

Lack of charge

The reason why the piezo element does not work may be due to insufficient battery power. When the charge runs out, the fire will not light, even if the external display works. It is sufficient to remove the old batteries from the special compartment and replace them with new ones. This procedure is easy to perform on your own. If the speaker has a power supply, the contacts may be oxidized. As in the case of batteries, the failed battery is replaced with a new one.

Marey Power Gas Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting: Part 2 “Does not light “

water, heater, clicks, does, ignite

For the stable operation of the water heater it is necessary not only to follow the instructions for use, but also to carry out timely maintenance, t.е. Systematically clean the filters. Still at the stage of installation the device should be properly connected to the water system, and for this purpose should make installation and adjustment of the equipment by a professional.

For prevention, a filter should be installed to soften the water and rid it of impurities. You can solve minor problems like dead batteries yourself, but you need to be more careful with the rest of the elements. It is worth noting that the reason why the gas column does not turn on, can be street work. Otherwise, it is better to call a specialist, who will conduct a diagnosis with special equipment.

In conclusion of the article say.

Most failures arise from lack of maintenance. Make it a rule to have a technician come every year for preventive maintenance. This will extend the life of the heater at times, and the appearance of failure will be reduced by half. GazService has been servicing gas equipment for over 10 years. We can repair your water heater on the same day. We provide a guarantee for all work.

No Hot Water: Water Heater Troubleshooting

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Lights up and immediately goes out after turning on the water

The reason Small pressure. not enough water pressure in front of the machine. Eliminate the causes of reducing the water pressure in the supply network. Clean the dirt in the hoses, flush the filter element with running water, replace the faucet screens.

The reason Loss of elasticity of the membrane. mainly for domestic columns. The diaphragm of the water unit is torn, cracked or the water unit plate is broken. Disassembly of the water block and replace the membrane or platen.

Cause Mixed flow (pressure drops). use water flow regulator on the front panel to obtain the desired temperature. Flow regulation by mixing hot and cold water at the water heater outlet is prohibited.

The reason Weak draft, soot. the system of combustion products removal to the chimney is defective. Perform chimney and ventilation duct cleaning. Check the integrity of the reflector and chopper. Traction check burning match, bring the light to the window in the column, the flame should be delayed.

Fault Finding the reason why the gas water heater doesn’t ignite

Have a turbocharged gas boiler with an electric ignition. When you open the hot water, the speaker clicks, but does not ignite. You can hear the electric discharge, the fan is switched on.

The first thing you need to do is to make inspection, for this remove the cover of the heater. It is fastened on four screws: two from below, two from above. Also remove the knob flame, temperature control, winter-summer mode. On examining everything seems to be intact, no wires burned out anywhere, no water leaking anywhere.

The principle of operation lies in the fact that when there is water flow the gas valve is triggered, an electric discharge is created, the gas is ignited and at the same time the fan turns on to extract the combustion products to the street. If the water pressure is insufficient or the extractor does not work, the gas goes out, the heater turns off.

So, we open the faucet and see what’s going on. Water rustled along the tubes of the heat exchanger, the electrodes gave out, the fan came on, but the gas doesn’t light up. Check if the relay (microswitch) that activates when the water pressure is sufficient and opens the gas valve is working. To do this, turn the valve again, the tongue of the relay should move.

If it works, it means that the pressure is sufficient for the gas heater. Now check the operation of the gas valve. To do this with a screwdriver pull away the same tab, without opening the water. If there is a spark on the electrodes and the fan started, it means that the gas valve works.

The problem was found quickly enough, the ignition electrode did not give a spark. There are two of them: the side ones. The one in the center is the control one, it shuts off the gas supply if there is no flame.

Diagnostic methods

Why the gas water heater flaps when you turn on you can try to determine yourself. The owner must accurately follow the instructions. To diagnose the problem, you need to check the intensity of the chimney draught.

The gas heater has a casing with a hole, which is designed just for checking. If this hole was not provided during the production of the model, the inspection is carried out through the slot located at the chimney hood. You can also feel the draft at the hatch, through which the chimney is cleaned.

water, heater, clicks, does, ignite

Often the test procedure is performed with a lighted candle. It should be brought to the hole and observe how the flame behaves. If the fire is deflected to the side, then the draught is all right, with weak vibrations or their complete absence we can suspect chimney failure and bad draught. If there is no draught, the flame burns smoothly. This means that the chimney is clogged. In this case, you can not use the appliance, as there is a possible explosion of the gas boiler.

Most often it is with problems with the draft beeps, clicks or hums the heater.

  • clogged. If debris enters the chimney, soot is collected, it will gradually clog the passage. When the heater bangs, the hole should be cleaned. You can do it yourself, if the dirt is not too deep. Otherwise, you need to turn to the help of utilities;
  • Bad ventilation. When installing plastic double-glazed windows there is a violation of natural ventilation. For normal draft it is required to have enough air, otherwise the heater ignites with a delay;
  • Strong extractor. Excessively intense fan draws the waste and does not let it go up. What to do in this situation, interests all owners of equipment. It is enough to simply turn off the exhaust hood for the period when the appliance is in operation.

Why does the gas water heater shake, you should find out in advance to fix the problem in time, because the answer to the question whether the gas water heater can explode is affirmative.

The gas water heater ignites, but does not heat water well

There can be different reasons for this. Insufficient heating of water can be due to low power of the heater. For clarification simply look carefully at the passport of the installed device, study the technical characteristics, etc.д. Do not open the hot faucet in the bath, kitchen and sink at the same time or buy a more powerful device.

The water may not heat up well due to a simple burner blockage, which can be evidenced by the yellow flame and soot appearing under the appliance in the process of its operation. Water will also be heated insufficiently in the case of low gas pressure.

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