The gas water heater stopped igniting the batteries are new

External causes: what to do if the gas stove won’t light up?

Change the position of the taps on the piping (open them) or turn on the burners on the stove. That’s how you check the gas supply.

Another thing you can rule out is a faulty connection. The water heater has three outlets: cold water inlet, hot water outlet and gas. It’s important not to mix them up during installation.

If the system does not work after the first installation or repair, there is a risk that the water hose is not properly connected. As a result, not only does not light the wick of the gas burner when you turn on the water, but also stops working the stove, as well as the gas equipment at the neighbors (if the house is multi-family).

My neighbor once screwed up like this. He was taken aback when liquid was leaking from the burners on the stove. The gasmen came, drained the water from the gas pipes on four floors, issued a fine. But “closer to the body, as Maupassant said

Why can’t the gas water heater turn on. because of low water pressure

It’s the most likely cause if the plumbing is working properly. In order for the unit to work, the head must be of a certain strength. If it’s not enough, the system is blocked. It is necessary to find and eliminate the cause of water supply problems.

Open the other taps. in the kitchen and bathroom. If they also give only a thin trickle, the cause is on the side of the water company. If the pressure is normal, it’s a problem with the appliances.

Low pressure can also be due to the poor condition or deterioration of utilities in the house. The situation requires a call to the REP.

Low gas pressure

An unlikely cause, but it can not be excluded 100%. If there is low pressure in the piping, the heater will not be able to ignite. It’s easy to check. Try to turn on the gas on the stove. If there’s no fire, call the gas company (04).

Mixing cold water in the faucet

If you open both taps at the same time, the hot water pressure will be less. Water heater will go out or not turn on. This kind of underflow is not welcomed. It provokes more serious breakdowns. Adjust the heat on the control panel.

If the water heater won’t light, check the draft!

Most appliances have sensors that respond to the draft. If there isn’t enough, the ignition is blocked. Always check the draft before you light the gas stove. Low intensity or no intensity is the first thing that should fall under suspicion if the installation is correct.

Over time, any duct gets dirty. Soot builds up in the chimneys, dust and debris enter the holes.

How to check?

Hold a lighted candle or lighter to the viewing window on the front of the speaker. Hold it upright. If flame is drawn in, there is a draft. If it is stationary, the flue is blocked and must be cleaned. Sometimes you can find a foreign object in it, which got there accidentally. Once I pulled out a dead pigeon that was interfering with the flow of air.

Deflection of the flame in the direction of the room indicates a reverse draft. Safety system blocks operation of the water heater. In addition, carbon monoxide is dangerous if it enters a room.

How to fix?

See if any of the neighbors have put a satellite dish near the vent. This may be sufficient to cause a back draft. Another option. illegal remodeling in the apartment above. If the neighbors have decided to increase the living space by dismantling the shaft. there will be no traction.

water, heater, stopped, igniting

If the vent is clogged, you will have to call a handyman to clean it out.

Causes of the speaker fading after firing up

When identifying the cause of the fault it is important to pay attention to two points: how the igniter goes out (is there any extraneous sound), does this happen immediately after ignition or during the combustion process.

Cause #1. failure of the flame ionization sensor

If the device turns on and goes out, the ionization sensor is responsible for about 70% of the problem.

This element is in constant contact with the flame. Ions produced during combustion are attracted to the sensor and produce current. If there are enough ions, the machine is working. If there are few of them, the appliance does not function.

The ionization sensor is a thermocouple that is heated by the flame. It is also called the gas sensor, because it prevents the device from leaking when the burner is off

  • the burner goes out 3-5 seconds after ignition;
  • when restarted, the appliance runs longer;
  • If you start the device several times and it is already functioning normally;
  • The problems appear only after a long break.

It is necessary to examine the wiring that runs from the part to the control board. To do this, check all the contacts. Then unscrew the retaining screws and place the heating electrode in the hottest point of the flame.

This method can prolong the life of the sensor for another year. If all is well with contacts and connection, the element should be replaced.

Reason #2. The water assembly diaphragm is worn out

The polymer part should have adequate elasticity. Over time, this property is lost. the element becomes hard, cracks and scale builds up.

The water assembly or “frog” is a fairly simple device. The lid is fastened with screws which can be used to access the membrane

If the element is worn out, the heater will go out. The membrane should be inspected and replaced with a more durable silicone one, if necessary.

water, heater, stopped, igniting

Reason #3. the wick is clogged with dust

It is not uncommon for the igniter model to get clogged. Flame becomes weak, yellow color appears. But color change of the flame can indicate a lack of air in the gas-air mixture.

Result. the appliance is either unable to ignite the burner at all or performs its function after a large amount of fuel. In the latter case, a characteristic popping sound is heard.

To clean the element you will need two screwdrivers (Phillips, slot) and adjustable wrench.

  • Remove the housing. pull out the control knobs, unscrew the screws in the corners at the bottom, lift and remove the lid.
  • We unscrew the sensor pipe and the one which leads fuel to wick.
  • Remove the screws and disassemble the construction.
  • Clean the nozzle, blow out the tee, reassemble.

Blockage may also be in the draught sensor, and that is why the igniter smokes. After removing dust, dirt and dirt the igniter should burn with a stable blue flame.

After cleaning the device may be slightly noisy. The sound is caused by air sucked through the gaps in the wick guide. No danger, but you can eliminate the noise, if you tighten the wick with screws

If you want you can wash all parts of the construction. But don’t forget to dry them well before assembly.

Causes of problems with the speaker starting

In normal operation, the heater is almost noiseless and operates with a delay of no more than 1-2 seconds after opening the extraction point. Below are the main signs that help to diagnose the cause of failure and ways to fix the problem.

Piezo element does not give out a spark

One of the common problems. The malfunction can manifest itself in several ways:

  • No spark in the gas heater. cause: failure of the piezo element, electrode or its displacement. A similar malfunction is observed when the piezo element does not turn off (approximately 30 sec.). After this the ignition wick goes out. Repair if piezo element does not work: Replace the part.
  • There is a spark, but the speaker stopped igniting. the reason, elementary failure to follow the rules of operation. Before pressing the ignition button, keep the gas knob pressed for about 10 seconds. There is a safety system inside the water heater. Until the igniter is warmed up, the gas supply to the burner will be blocked.10 seconds of pushing the knob is usually enough to light the wick. If the piezo element doesn’t work although the spark is present, read the manufacturer’s instructions and light the wick according to the given instructions.
  • No wick ignition. the problem is caused by a malfunction of the automatics or insufficient draft in the chimney. The igniter is also defective if it is dirty and needs to be cleaned. When burning gas, soot settles on the device. Spark is present, but wick ceases to burn immediately after turning off the forced gas supply. Cleaning the igniter (must be serviced every year) will help eliminate the problem.

Replacement or adjustment of the piezo element requires the necessary tools and experience. For repair, it is better to use the service of service shops, or invite a master at home.

No power to igniter

Even good quality batteries, with heavy use of the heater, lasts only 6-8 months. After that the water heater begins to work with malfunctions.

Lack of sufficient water pressure

The technical documentation of water heaters clearly spelled out capacity. The minimum pressure at which the heater should work. If the burner does not turn on at a low water pressure, the cause is not always a malfunction of the equipment. The problem can be hidden in the discrepancy with the technical conditions. It is possible to normalize the operation by installing a storage tank and a booster pump.

With regard to automatic heat generators, battery-operated or electric, low water pressure leads to the fact that the water unit (frog) does not work. The regulator operating principle is that inside the cavity is divided into two parts by a diaphragm. In one cavity there is a rod that regulates gas supply and enables ignition of burner. The rod is moved by pushing on the diaphragm. With insufficient pressure the stem remains in place and as a consequence of this there is no spark in the automatic heater, as well as the gas supply to the burner is closed.

Malfunction of the diaphragm

The first sign of failure: the gas water heater does not ignite immediately after turning on the water, but after some time. At the same time, the water assembly can begin to leak. Causes of malfunction:

  • Diaphragm is stretched. there is a rubber diaphragm inside the assembly. Constant pressure is applied to the gasket. Even high-quality rubber stretches over time and causes the burner to ignite only at high water pressure. If the diaphragm is stretched, the “frog” does not leak.
  • The diaphragm burst. in this case, the gas-fired heater does not ignite the first time. Turns on when the valve is opened again. The duration of operation increases. A characteristic sign of diaphragm failure is a leaky water assembly.
  • The diaphragm is coarsened. the gasket is made of elastic rubber, supple enough to press on the rod at the necessary pressure of the liquid. If the water quality is poor, the diaphragm becomes coarse. For this reason, the water unit loses sensitivity, the gas column ignites poorly.

There are protrusions on the rod in the water unit for movement of the ignition lever. If the speaker stopped igniting from the batteries (especially if the batteries have been recently changed), and when you open the tap of the DHW is in motionless position, it means that the diaphragm is out of order.

Problems with the smoke evacuation system

To check presence of draught it is possible by means of the special aperture provided in a column. The circulation can be felt even tactilely when it is normal. Your hand will feel the air flow into the hole. You can hold a lighted match. The flame will deflect substantially toward the speaker.

Repair of gas-consuming equipment must be carried out by a specialized organization that has experience, appropriate licenses and approvals.

Hello Dear Readers. If your gas water heater does not ignite immediately, do not panic. After all, the solution to this dilemma can be quite simple. In severe cases the assistance of a technician is required.

When it does not turn on immediately, the user is confused about the causes of this defect. And there are a number of reasons. And it is considered in this material.

Switching on the device

The first step is to install the batteries. To do this, open the battery compartment and install the batteries, observing the polarity. Then you need to open the cold water valve and the gas valve. Open the nearest faucet tap with hot liquid.

At the moment when the liquid flows through the water unit, there is a spark ignition and, thanks to this, the burner is ignited. If switching on for the first time or after a long downtime, there may be an air accumulation in the gas line, in order to remove it, you will need to open the mixer several times holding for a minute and then close.

If the ignition of the burner occurs, you need to turn the lever to adjust the water pressure (located on the right) to the right, it will enable the device Vektor JSD 20, when the liquid pressure in the system decreased.

Conclusion and useful video

This video shows how to properly clean the ignition tube:

To understand the complete step-by-step disassembly, just watch this

B osch gas water heaters are widely used to solve an important domestic problem. the lack of hot water. In order to keep these devices running smoothly for longer, you need to have them serviced. And malfunctions that occur during operation can be corrected by yourself. all you need to know is the right procedure.

Want to tell about your own experience with diagnostics and repair of gas appliances of the Bosch brand? Share the subtleties of fixing the failure, add unique photos. the feedback form below.

If your Bosch gas water heater does not ignite the flame and you can not find the cause, and you do not want to call a specialist, seek advice from our experts and other visitors to the site.

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EE error codes in the gas water heater

Description of the error causes and methods of elimination

Insufficient water heating. Cause: High water pressure, contamination of the burner nozzles.

No gas supply to the burner. Cause: closed valve or defective servomotor.

No ignition of the burner. Spark is ignited, but if there is no flame, the automation gives a shutdown signal.

No flame or chimney blockage. Cause: Insufficient air circulation, causing malfunction.

Automation system malfunction. Solenoid valves operate although there is no signal from the water pressure sensor.

Gas burner starts prematurely. Ionisation sensor gives a flame signal, but the flow sensor does not trip.

No signal from water pressure sensor. Cause: circuit breakage between the electronic block and the reducer.

The water unit is out of order. Diaphragm ruptured, the gasket must be replaced. Additional signs of malfunction: leakage from the water unit, the appearance of condensation.

Unsuccessful attempt to ignite. Spark is present. The main burner ignites, after which the heater shuts down. The reason: low or insufficient gas pressure.

No traction. Flue gas sensor malfunctions. The burner switches off after 2 to 5 minutes of operation and will only start again when it has cooled down.

The water overheat sensor is triggered. There are several reasons. From insufficient pressure in the pipeline to the oxidation of contacts.

Problems with water heating the water heater

Household appliances fail, regardless of the popularity of the brand, the reliability of the used components. The only difference is the duration of operation. To understand the causes of the lack of hot water or its improper supply, it is worth to study the typical faults, ways to fix them.

Problem #1. the water heater does not turn on

When the water heater does not want to work at all, it does not indicate its complete failure. Sometimes the problem is not as serious as it seems.

Let’s analyze the main causes of this type of failure and talk about ways to fix them.

Lack of draught in the duct

If there is no traction, the gas will not ignite. The cause of failure is often a clogged exhaust duct, in which an object is stuck. Combustion products, such as soot, can also collect in it. As a result, the lumen becomes clogged and the draft disappears. Then the circuit breaker activates, the speaker does not turn on.

The chimney, clogged with combustion products, debris, can not provide the draft necessary for the heater. To ensure the quality of water heating, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the duct

To solve the problem, you must first check the draft. Light a match and bring it to the duct. If there is a draught, the flame will be directed towards the hood. If there is no draft, you can try with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of accumulated combustion products. some of the soot accumulates in the upper part of the speaker.

If self-cleaning is unsuccessful, it is worth inviting a chimney sweep.

Old or damaged batteries

Many modern speaker models use batteries to perform certain functions. If the contacts are oxidized or their service life has expired, the gas heater will not turn on.

To solve the problem just open the battery compartment, inspect them for damage, clean the contacts if necessary, as well as replace the batteries.

Low water pressure

Each speaker is equipped with a protection system, which ensures the safety of its use. If the water pressure is insufficient, the heating equipment will not turn on.

To check the quality of the water supply, simply open the tap. If the pressure is insufficient, it is worth to contact the management company, to find out the reason. When the pressure is good, but the water does not flow into the speaker, it is important to assess the condition of the incoming filters, which may be clogged.

water, heater, stopped, igniting

The cause of weak water pressure can be a clog in the connection point of the heater. To fix it, it is enough to unscrew the connection, check the water supply

When the water pressure coming out of the column is excellent, but it does not reach the bathroom, you can not take a shower, it is worth checking whether the spout is clogged.

The water heater ignites and quickly extinguishes

Such malfunction can be associated with a weak contact of the elements of the thermocouple, electromagnetic valve, which controls the gas supply to the main burner. To fix the problem, it is important to get to the elements listed above, to ensure a firm contact.

The same situation can also be observed when there are malfunctions in the automation of the gas heater. In this case you will have to call a specialist.

Another reason for a chaotic shutdown of the heater can be a breakdown of the temperature sensor. The device may ignite, but after a few minutes it turns off. If you try to connect it, there will be no result. The heater only comes back to life after a few minutes and then shuts down again.

Interruptions in the work of the heater can be associated with a faulty temperature sensor. However, to repair it, you need to contact professionals

Sometimes such problems occur in the summertime, as the heat exchanger heats up very quickly. It is possible to correct the situation, providing quality ventilation of the room.

If the cause of incorrect operation of the heater is a breakage of the temperature sensor, then only professionals can cope with such a problem.

Problem #2. The water doesn’t warm or heats only slightly

When the gas water heater is not heating water sufficiently, you can find the causes of failure inside the water unit, by inspecting the membrane for damage.

If the rubber membrane stops responding to the water pressure, the gas supply is automatically cut off. The cause of malfunction can be cracks in the membrane, deposits of salts, lime scale formed due to the high hardness of water.

To solve the problem you will need to disassemble the unit, thoroughly clean all elements. If possible, the membrane should be replaced with a silicon one.

Over time, the elasticity of the membrane is reduced, the part is rough, sometimes torn. As a result, the heater does not work properly. The problem can only be solved by replacing the element

Difficulties with water heating can also be associated with clogging of the coarse filter, located in the water node.

Low water temperature can be caused by the following problems:

  • The heater is clogged. The device may poorly heat water due to clogging, which is evidenced by the presence of soot, a change in the color of the flame.
  • Low power. When the water in the household gas heater heats badly, not providing a comfortable temperature, it is worth studying the manual. There is a possibility that its power is not enough for the supplied water head. Some models have the possibility of adjusting the power. If other malfunctions are excluded, it is worth taking this opportunity.
  • Low gas pressure. If the burner barely burns, the water has no time to warm up. In this situation you should contact the gas service.

Troubleshoot Water Heater AND Honeywell Gas Valve | Step-by-Step

Too hot water does not mean that the speaker is faulty. Reduce the intensity of heating is easy by turning the knob of gas supply, located on the pipe near the device.

Water does not heat up properly

Cause 1. Insufficient speaker power

Perhaps you often need to supply water to the kitchen and bathroom at the same time, and the heater does not have time to heat such a volume.

Cause 2. The water heater is clogged

Clogging can occur in the burner or heat exchanger due to excessive soot. It will be signaled by the red-white color of the flame at a normal water pressure.

The solution. to clean the heater, preferably with the help of a specialist.

Reason 3. The membrane of the water heater unit is damaged

If the water initially comes at an acceptable temperature, but gradually it becomes colder, the flame of the speaker is blue, and the light is weak, then the problem is in the integrity of the membrane. Cold water is wedged into the hot water flow and the outlet temperature drops.

Cause 4. Improperly installed water inlet and outlet hoses

If you have just turned on a new water heater, and there was no hot water, and still no, probably during the installation mistakes were made.

Smoke evacuation system problems

Problems occur after several years of use, due to irregularities associated with the installation and placement of the water heater, as well as changes in the specifications of the room used for the boiler room. The main causes of malfunctions:

    Lack of draft in the chimney. a frequent phenomenon in older homes. Ducts, especially those made of brickwork, deteriorate over time. Accumulated debris leads to deterioration of air circulation and accordingly affects the operation of the gas heater. Characteristic symptoms:

You can not fix the problem yourself. It is necessary to contact a service center for the maintenance of the flue ducts.

  • Installation of metal-plastic windows. PVC windows are hermetically sealed and prevent the flow of oxygen into the room where the speaker is installed. Lack of air supply leads to the water heater does not work or shuts down after 3-5 minutes of use. It is easy to identify the root cause of the malfunction. If the speaker works normally when the window is open, then the malfunction is caused by a lack of oxygen, which leads to a deterioration of the draught characteristics. To restore the circulation on the metal-plastic windows install a special air inlet valve.

You can check the draught by means of a special hole provided in the heater. In the normal state of circulation can be felt even tactile. Your hand will feel the air flow into the hole. A lit match can be held up. The flame will be significantly offset to the side of the heater.

Repair of gas consuming equipment must be carried out by a specialized organization, which has experience, a license and an authorization.

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