The heater with Wi-Fi control

Electric convector Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi: quickly warm the room

The electric convector is a device specially designed to heat rooms by heating the air passing through it, without the use of blowers.

Model Frame 1500E Wi-Fi
Power 1500 W
Voltage 230 В~
Frequency 50 Hz
Heating element Aluminum
Control Electronic
Wireless control with Wi-Fi Motion technology
Stalling in case of overheating
Temperature control
Installation Wall/floor mounted (casters)
Overheat protection
Unit dimensions 760x90x380mm
The size of the box 805х130х470 mm
Net weight 4.8 kg
Gross weight 5.7 kg
Protection class IP24
Heating area 10-20 м²
Warranty 3 years

Smartmi Radiant Smart Version 1S heater

Another popular heater from Xiaomi, which has also made its way to the windows of local home appliance stores. The second most popular model of the famous brand. Has a capacity of 2200W, suitable for rooms of 10-15m2. Controlled through the Mihome app, you can set the algorithms of automation and remote control. Also has the ability to control with touch buttons on the body

Thermex Home app

Controlled through a convenient and intuitive Thermex Home app, which is installed on a personal gadget. You can now connect one, two or more appliances in your home, holiday home, cottage or office and control them remotely. from anywhere in the world!

Thermex Home app features

The Thermex Home mobile app is installed on your tablet or smartphone and is used to send messages to and from your device. The app has a classic control panel. the same as on appliances. but the Thermex Home has more control options.Namely:

Controls from a distance

Thermex Home allows you to remotely turn the equipment on or off and check its operating status. from anywhere in the world

Tracking the operation of the device online

The app shows all the operating data of the devices in real time. There is also an analogue of the control panel, where you can change the parameters of the devices

Multiuser control

Several users, such as members of the same family, can control one device at the same time

Automatic operation depending on the weather

Thermex Home allow you to set the automatic operation of devices depending on external conditions. for example, the weather outside the window

Programming of operation by day of week

Thermex Home allows you to create your own algorithm of device operation for each day of the week and time during the day

Timer 24 hours

If there is a desire to program the work only for the day without differentiation by day of the week. there is always a timer for 24 hours

WIFI controlled Electric door and a Water heater from anywhere in the world

Grouping of devices

In this case, several devices in the application can be combined and create common working conditions for them. whether it is the weather outside the window or the day of the week

Simultaneous control of groups of devices

Devices combined in the Thermex Home app can be turned on, off, and adjusted all at once

Xiaomi introduced a smart heater with Wi-Fi and voice control for 43

After a series of teasers Xiaomi introduced a smart heater. Now the fundraising is announced collective funding: all participants receive it for the equivalent of 43, and the novelty will go on sale at a slightly higher price. 50.

The heater, according to the developers, differs from counterparts and oil radiators in that it warms the room much faster and does not dry the air, thereby creating a more comfortable microclimate.

The regulators on the heater itself allow you to set the room temperature precisely: 20°C, 22°C, 24°C, 26°C and 32°C. The heater is turned off when the set value is reached, and as soon as the temperature drops, it turns on again. It also has an auto-off timer.

The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter. It can be controlled remotely from a smartphone via the Mijia app, or by voice through a smart speaker. You can activate the desired mode of operation and temperature, for example, when you are at work, and immediately get warm when you come home.

In the finishing of the body heater are used fireproof materials, and the degree of protection of the shell IPX4 is also declared, so that the heater can be used in the bathroom, for example.

The heater has a number of protection systems typical of electrical household appliances. For example, it shuts down when it reaches 95°C. Also the heater turns off when tilting the body at more than 45 °.

It’s interesting that in less than 3 hours after it was announced, the heater received over 10,000 bids.

Convectors with Wi-Fi control

The climatic company “Termomir” offers a range of convectors with Wi-Fi control.

When using electric heaters the question arises about which device is the most economical in terms of power consumption and the best in terms of efficiency. Among a variety of electric heaters, electric convectors with electronic and intelligent control top the list of energy-saving.

The convector principle is based on the laws of physics: the cold air from below, from the floor, enters inside, is heated by the heating element and the warm air from the upper lattice rises up, displacing the colder air. The convector operation depends on the thermostat that switches the device on and off depending on the desired and actual room temperature. So the more accurate and advanced the thermostat is, the more economical and efficient the heater is. The following devices are now on the market convectors with intelligent Digital Inverter control and the most economical work. Inverter-type control unit allows you not only to accurately maintain the set temperature, but also to smoothly increase/decrease the power to quickly reach the desired level of heating. Thus the convector works without overheating and without wasting energy, while providing maximum comfort.

Efficiency of the new generation of inverter convectors brands Electrolux and Ballu officially proven by independent tests of FBU Rostest.Moscow (Report 50-06-19 of 05.07.2018 г.). Energy consumption of convectors with Digital Inverter control is 78.8 % lower than convectors with a mechanical thermostat and 48.4 % lower than convectors with a classic electronic thermostat. For additional saving the devices can be connected to the w-fi module or gsm socket for remote control.

Energy saving convectors. Heaters are noiseless and safe, can be installed in children’s rooms, as well as in cottages and wooden houses, are optimal for heating not only apartments, offices, residential and domestic premises, but also summer houses, country houses, garages, farm buildings, etc.д.

The most economical and energy efficient heaters are presented on the site of the Thermomir store. Which heater or convector is better to choose? Our technical specialists will tell you.

You need help in choosing or have not found the model you need? Call!

Convectors with remote Wi-Fi, gsm control

Convectors with remote Wi-Fi or GSM control with 10% DISCOUNT. Let’s build a system of electric heaters controlled by phone. Official sales with warranty support. electric heaters. more DISCOUNT.

Electric heaters with remote control. it’s convenient. in the country house, cottage, for a large number of rooms.

Electric convectors in the world: NOBO (NOBO):

Also, when removing the built-in thermostat of Nobo Nordic (Nobo Nordic) model NFK4W 05/10/15/20 (height 40cm, 500 to 2000W) and Nobo Oslo (Nobo Oslo) NTL4S 05/07/10/12/15/20 (0.5 to 2 kW, 40 cm) one can create a system of electric heating with remote control. We will choose other variants of convectors Nobo from the availability in St. Petersburg and to order.

Electric convectors Electrolux (Electrolux):

Heating modules convectors Electrolux can also be equipped with mechanical and electronic thermostats (control units) without Wi-Fi control.

Ballu convectors

heater, wi-fi, control

Control units for Ballu convectors. reliable mechanical, precise electronic or energy efficient digital INVERTER with Wi-Fi control.

To choose electric convectors with remote (Wi-Fi, gsm) control by phone (smartphone), to get a DISCOUNT and buy at a wholesale price and inexpensive in St. Petersburg: (812)702-76-82. Official shipments. (

Get additional information by phone (812) 702-76-82 or send us a message; we will answer it within one working day.

How to choose and buy a smart heater for your home or cottage?

Before you buy a smart heater for home use, you need to make sure it is suitable for the parameters of your home. What you need to pay attention to first?

  • Type of mounting and place for installation. There are several types of convectors. Usually on the market there are models for installation on the floor and wall mounting. Installation of both types of devices does not cause any problems. The main difference is only that wall heaters require more space for installation due to the peculiarities of their mounting.
  • The heated area should correspond to the size of your room, then the heater can satisfy 100% of your need for a comfortable temperature. If you choose correctly, you will not be too cold or too hot.
  • Connection interests with which the device is compatible. In order not to have problems with remote control of the heater. you need to understand in advance what type of smartphones and smart home services it is compatible with. Most convectors have no problem connecting to iOS and Android smartphones and work seamlessly with Google Home, Yandex, Mi Home, Redmond or Nobo Energy Control software.
heater, wi-fi, control

Which is better to choose?

On the market now are very popular two types: ceramic and metal. The first version cools down a little more slowly, because the thermal conductivity of ceramics is lower than that of metal. But it takes longer to heat up. I still think that the metal one is much better, but in fact many people say that they are the same.

The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the area of the device and its power. There, everything is proportional: the bigger the heater, the more powerful it is and the larger the area can be heated. But for a small apartment or a small room it does not make sense to take a large.

For example, for a room of 5 to 7 square meters, a low-power heater of 0.50. 0.75 kW. If the area is already larger (from 8 to 11 meters), you can take from 0.75 to 1 kW. If it is a large kitchen or a room (from 12 to 19 square meters), the power increases. from 1.25 to 2.00 kW. Two kilowatts is just right for a room from 20 to 28. If the room is huge, more than 28 meters, you can look at devices 2.50 kW. Or simply take a few small ones at 0.75 kW.

For models I can not advise exactly, because they are all about the same. Only may be different design. There are companies like Ballu, NOBO, ELECTROLUX. They all cost about 8000. At NOBO they are hinged and can be installed. The other companies have them placed on the floor and have wheels for moving.

The same Ballu have also heaters. in terms of indicators, they heat a large room faster. But they consume almost twice as much electricity. So if you need a constant temperature, it is worth looking at the simple convectors.

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI. Smart Garage Gym Heater

If you still have questions you can write them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Also write what you have chosen. Our new readers will benefit from a review, so if you are already a happy convector owner. write a few words about your unit.

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