The indoor unit of the air conditioner is leaking what to do

The conditioner is leaking: why it happens and what to do about it

Unfavorable climate changes and worsening ecology made air conditioner one of the most demanded home appliances for making comfort in the dwellings and offices. Because of wide functionality and optimal ratio of price to possibilities the split-system is considered the most widespread type of air conditioners for today. Such air conditioners are characterized by high reliability, and with proper care and timely maintenance can work for many years without failures. But nevertheless sometimes malfunctions and breakages happen and because of them you have to fulfill repairing of conditioners. One of such breakdowns is a situation when water leaks from conditioner.

It appears during cooling of the air, flowing through the evaporator of the device and, if the air conditioner is operating correctly, it is discharged into a separate tank, from where it is led out through a drainage pipe to the outside of the room or to the sewerage system. Depending on the type of failure, water may appear:

  • From the internal module (unit);
  • splashing with the flow of cooled air;
  • Drain on the wall, on which the indoor unit is fixed.

But in all cases, water usually drips from the indoor unit of the split system not immediately, but after about a quarter of an hour.

Leaky air conditioner internal block what to do

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When operating a cooling system, the owner is faced with the problem of water dripping from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Failures in the operation of the technique is associated with improper use and due to the breakage or clogged parts. Let’s look into the following questions in more detail:

  • causes of water leakage from the indoor unit of the air conditioner;
  • What is the “root” of the breakage;
  • Is it possible to remove the cause of incorrect operation of the air conditioner and when is it necessary to call a master?

The outside unit of the conditioner is leaking: causes, how to fix it?

Some owners notice condensation coming out of the outdoor unit. Let’s analyze why it happens and how to eliminate the problem.

Causes of leaking condensate from the outdoor unit:

  • Low refrigerant level. Such malfunction is solved by additional charging of freon in split-system.
  • Clogged evaporator. This problem requires preventive cleaning of the evaporator.
  • The freon line has lost pressure due to a drop in outside temperature. It is recommended to install a pressure regulator to prevent such malfunctions in the future.

A drain hose can be installed in the lower opening of the unit for safe drainage. If it is already installed, but water is still leaking from the unit, there is a chance that the drain is clogged with dirt and needs to be cleaned.

Why is the water dripping from the air conditioner?

Water that drips from the indoor air conditioner unit is accumulated condensate. It can accumulate for a number of reasons, namely:

  • 1 Drain pipes are clogged. The condensate should flow out somewhere, and if the drainage pipes are clogged and the water outflow is disturbed, then of course water will start to accumulate in the internal unit. In addition to the discomfort and constantly dripping water, it is dangerous with the formation of fungi, which in the future will have to deal with special. Tools and chemicals. That is why if you noticed that the air conditioner is dripping water, you must urgently call a master air conditioner repairman.

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# Price-list Price
1 Call a specialist and diagnosis of equipment (in the case of refusal of repair) 300 UAH.
2 Call a specialist and diagnosis of equipment (in case of repair) Free of charge
3 Minor repair of equipment From 300 grn.
4 Cleaning of the air conditioner From 450 UAH.
5 Air conditioner filling 100-120 grn / 100 grn
6 Repair of control module From 1500 UAH.
7 Repair of drainage system From 450 UAH.
8 Fixing the leakage From 250 UAH / per point
9 Compressor replacement (including the cost of the compressor) From 2000 UAH.
10 Repair of air conditioner compressor From 1100 UAH.
11 Replacement of the fan (including fan cost) From 1500 UAH.
12 Replacing housing parts From 1000 UAH.

To summarize. When the condensate is dripping from the air conditioner?

The main reason of the breakage when water leaks from the conditioner is the neglect of servicing of the climatic equipment. Drip water from the air conditioner indicates the presence of dirt, dust, and cinders in the drainage system and clogged filters.

Besides, the problem can be caused by incorrect installation of equipment. Drain pipes must be installed at an angle with a slope to the street, and the unit itself must be exposed strictly horizontally, with a similarly small slope. Only if properly installed, the condensate will not accumulate in the indoor unit. Also you should note the quality of consumables that are used by dishonest “masters” to save money, as the result the low-quality drain tubes crack, bend, and water starts to drop from the indoor unit. Remember, the stingy pays twice, do not save on qualified craftsmen.

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Advice from the experts

Here are a few more notes and tips from professionals who are involved in installing, fixing, and repairing cooling units. In general, they call the most widespread reason that the air conditioner is leaking is the clogging of the drainage reservoir. If you neglect to service it, it will eventually clog up. Dirt, wasps, spiders and other insects get into the tube. The question often arises. what are the insects doing inside the pipe? Like all living things in summer, they are attracted to water. Some even live there. Resourceful owners of air conditioners sometimes put a mosquito net on the end of the tube, but with the lapse of time it also clogs up.

As diameter of drainage pipe hole is about 1 cm, and it is clogged, when split-system is working water will drop through the internal block in the apartment, not through the pipe on the street. It is better to entrust the problem of cleaning to professionals. After disconnecting the air conditioner and after flushing it the problem will be completely eliminated, the drainage system will be cleaned.

Quite often it is an independent human factor that is to blame for water dripping from the case. So, during the repair, sometimes you need to move it a little bit higher, lower, or to the side (especially when repairing the ceilings in the room). In this case, if it is done without the participation of specialists, the angle of the drainage can change, and the water does not flow outdoors, as it should, and drips into the room. Here can not do without the participation of workers service, t. к. It is necessary to drill a new hole and re-lay the communication. In addition, during the currently popular high-altitude works on insulation, industrial climbers, as experience shows, can both putty plaster over the drain (if the neighbors drip from above), and bend up the end of the drainage tube. Here, of course, in order to eliminate the leak, you need to redo the intervention of careless workers.

The freon evaporates in the wrong place

Inside the internal block there are copper pipes through which freon circulates. If there is a crack in them, it starts to evaporate. At the same time, its temperature can drop below.40 degrees.

At such temperature the moisture in the air crystallizes and precipitates on different parts of the inside unit. Over time it builds up, gets hot and starts to melt. Thus the drops of water get by the tray and conditioner begins to leak.

It is very difficult to define this problem by oneself, it is better not to risk and to call a master. If none of the solutions described has not helped you. contact a specialist. You can find it with the help of a specialized service to find a handyman. He’ll figure it out.

Water leaks from the air conditioner: causes and remedies

There is a drainage channel in any split-system in order to avoid damages. All condensed liquid is led out through special tubes to the outside and removed.

When the indoor unit of the air conditioner leaks into the room. this is a sign that the unit is not working properly. For troubleshooting you need to know what causes the leak. This helps to solve the problem quickly without making the situation worse.

Improper location of the drain hose

Condensed liquid from the indoor unit is drained out by gravity. For this, the drain pipes must be positioned with a slight slope. If it is not present or the slope is too narrow, condensate will accumulate in the indoor unit. Water leaks from the air conditioner into the room when the reservoir is full.

Incorrectly positioned drain hose makes itself felt after almost a few hours of continuous operation of the device after installation. In this case there is only one solution to the problem: it is necessary to reassemble the tubes with observance of the correct gradient.

The drainage channel is clogged

Why the air conditioner is leaking. the causes could be different. But the most widespread is the lack of service. Debris inside the drain makes it difficult to drain the condensate. The liquid accumulates in the internal block and the leakage is formed. This problem is solved by tubes cleaning and dirt removal from the system. In order to avoid repeated clogging it is recommended to perform timely split-system maintenance with assistance of specialists.

One more reason why conditioner is leaking. Condensate drain pipe clogging from outside. Insects, leaves or other debris can get inside the branch pipe. If this is the case it is necessary to remove the formed blockage with twist, bar, vacuum cleaner or other suitable improvised means.

Freon deficiency in the system

If there is not enough freon in the system the copper tubes start to freeze heavily, being covered with a layer of snow or even ice. In this case the conditioner is leaking after switching off the conditioner. During air conditioner operation tubes freeze, after turning off the air conditioner tubes heat up to the room temperature and ice starts to drop from the indoor unit to the wall or floor. Freon leakage detection and removal, topping up or complete refilling of the system.

No thermal insulation on the air conditioner tubes.

All copper tubes of split-system from outside unit to inside radiator should be covered with thermal isolation. Absence of protection reduces cooling capacity and causes “sweating” of the tubes in the room, namely in the lower part of the indoor unit. Moisture condenses on the cold tubes surface and air conditioner starts to drop on the floor. The decision of a problem. it is necessary to call a service worker for winding the route with thermal isolation. In this case it is necessary to check freon pressure and compressor efficiency.

Inner unit hangs unevenly. Not “level”.

The drain hose out of the air conditioner can be made from one of the two sides of the sump, from the left or right end of the indoor unit. usually not from two at once. If the unit case is tilted to the opposite side. from the side of drain outlet, the liquid starts to accumulate at the lower point of the tray slope and overflows over its edge. water starts to drop from the air conditioner. Solution of the problem. to put a construction level on the upper part of the indoor unit and set the level.

Upper sump drain is clogged. Rare Problem.

There are two drain pans in the air conditioner, the big one is on the bottom side and the small one is on the top. The upper tray is connected to the lower drainage channel, which can become clogged and the water begins to overflow over its edges, hitting the fan motor and the split system is leaking into the room. Contamination of the upper sump indicates an extremely dirty system. The solution is a full high pressure washing of the air conditioner with the necessary chemicals.

Pump breakage

For the effective condensate gathering in the drainage tank the split-systems have the pump. If it is broken, the conditioner is leaking into the room, because the liquid does not get into the reservoir. It is difficult to notice the defect without carrying out diagnostics. That’s why only service center specialists should decide the reason of leakage elimination in this case. Eliminate breakage by repairing or replacing pump with a new one.

Leaks in the air conditioner’s liquid supply circuit

In chiller-fancoils there is a closed circuit for circulation of working liquid in the system. Vibrations or just a bad fixation leads to depressurization. Consequence. The air conditioner is running, which can lead to the equipment failure. To find the problem you need to check the reliability of fixing pipes. If necessary, seal problem areas and tighten fasteners. You can do it yourself. You only have to keep in mind that exceeding the tightening torque can lead to thread breakage.

How To Fix / Drain Leaking Window AC | Leaking Inside Aircon | Quick Fix | Leaky Air Conditioner

Causes of leakage in split system

The hotter the summer, the more intense the condensation. In a perfectly working system it quickly trickles down from the radiator ribs and immediately through the drainage pipe goes outside of the case (into the street or sewage system).

Let us return to the description of split-system operation. With the help of a fan turbine, air from the room passes through the fins of the radiator, the inner casing works like a vacuum cleaner. Everything in the “atmosphere” is drawn inside, and settles on the wet radiator. After a short time, it becomes a flake of dirt.

It becomes the reason of unpleasant smell, but also these “rags” do not let the condensate to flow down. Freezing occurs (ice, snow).

Pieces of dirt fall into the tray and clog the drain pipe. As a result, your air conditioner leaks on the wall of the room.

indoor, unit, conditioner, leaking
  • Cause Follow the chain: dust in the air, dirt buildup on the radiator, condensate retention, frosting, snow formation. The problem continues to build up, like a snowball. Air duct grid gets clogged, system goes out of operation, uncontrollable process begins. Melted water runs down the walls of the enclosure, dripping onto the walls and floor. In addition, this piece of ice can break the fan turbine and housing.
  • Cause Dirt clogs up the drain tube opening. Here it is not necessary to wait for snow to stick: water gathers in a tub (by natural way), then it simply pours over edge. The warmer it is in the room, the more intensive the condensation and the higher the probability of a flood.
  • Cause Blockage in the street part of the drain pipe. Insects often crawl into this hole: bugs, bees, wasps. Most often just to drink water, sometimes to build a nest. If the Juke gets stuck in the tube, a clog will form. As a result the water does not go, and then you know.
  • Cause Plastic tubing that diverts water from the wall of the house could bend from the heat, and block the free flow of fluid.
  • The reason Mechanical damage of the tube. In constant contact with water (plus the thermal contrast), the plastic can crack. There is a trivial leak. In addition, the internal drain tube somehow connects to the external hose.A joint is not always airtight, or it has lost its strength with time.

What’s the conclusion? If air conditioner is leaking, the reason is most likely in contamination. Cleanliness is a warrant of health, not only yours but conditioner’s too.

Installation errors that cause water to leak from the indoor unit

In the vast majority of cases, when water leaks from the air conditioner in the apartment, the reason lies in the improper installation of the equipment. In simple systems the condensate is removed from the tray via a drainage pipe by gravity. The routes with a complex configuration, great length or height difference require a special drain pump for forced drainage.

Basic mistakes when installing air conditioner:

  • Wrong angle of the drain line. As a consequence the water cannot come out from the system by gravity. Instead of it accumulates in a sump of a conditioner, and after it is full it starts dripping in the apartment;
  • The indoor unit is not level. When installing the air conditioner it is important to level it strictly. If this is not done, the accumulation tank for condensate will be at an angle, that can cause water to drip past the tub or quickly overflowed over its edge;
  • Poor insulation of refrigerant lines. Freon pipelines connecting indoor and outdoor units must be well insulated. Otherwise condensate will form on them, flowing then into the room along the wall or directly from the case;
  • Improper charging of a split-system. Often air conditioner leaks because of insufficient quantity or use of wrong type of freon. Incorrect charging leads to formation of ice on the evaporator, which then melts and causes leaks;
  • breaks in the freon lines. They are formed at makeshift installation of split-systems. As a consequence pipes section decreases, refrigerant circulation is disturbed and evaporator freezes;

Window air conditioner leaking water inside. fix

  • not fully opened valve on the thick line of the outdoor unit. In this case, the air conditioner is leaking due to insufficient freon pressure in the system, leading to evaporator frosting;
  • Incorrect length of the freon pipes. It causes refrigerant boiling too early or too late. As a result, air conditioner lines are covered with ice, condensate is formed, which then drips into the room.
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