The oven grill for villas with their own hands

Laying of the stove

After pouring the base, you can deal directly with the barbecue grill and stove itself.

The body of the furnace is laid out of ordinary bricks, and the firebox and chimney are laid out of fireclay. It should also be remembered that the brick should be highly fireproof, durable and not absorb moisture.

When calculating the necessary material, note that normal bricks are the same size, but fireclay bricks may differ from each other in parameters.

For masonry you will need mortar, which will bind the elements of the furnace.

  • It will consist of clay and sand. Soak the clay in water for a day, then add to it sifted sand. This mixture is suitable for bricks that will be heated during the operation of the furnace. If some of the bricks will not heat, you can use an ordinary mortar of sand and cement for them.
  • Also it is necessary before laying to prepare the metal corner, it will serve as a base for the furnace and stove.

The other elements can be purchased as desired and necessary. This includes the door of the stove and the ash-pan, the fire grate, the cooking surface.

The method of laying depends on which one was originally chosen. The first rows must always be wiped dry, then the surface is moistened by dipping a brick into a container with water. Chamotte bricks should not be dipped in water, you only need to moisten it slightly.

If necessary, bricks can be cut. Chamotte bricks are always placed outside, not inside. The entire masonry process must be monitored to ensure that the masonry was flat not only vertically, but also horizontally.

After the masonry is finished, the oven is dried naturally for one week. Before the first use, the stove must be heated for 2 weeks, at the same time checking the quality of construction. And only after that you can already use it for its intended purpose.

How to make a garden barbecue

Like any other structure, a barbecue for dachas is erected on the foundation. The pavilion should harmoniously fit into the design of the site. Since such a pavilion will be used all year round, it is better to build a garden type hearth.

The device of the fireplace must comply with the basics of safety engineering, a pipe should be taken out on the roof. The construction of such a structure has a fairly complex technology. Externally and functionally it represents a fireplace, which is used to decorate the interior of the dacha.

Gazebo or pavilion with a fireplace can be styled as a fairy-tale hut for receiving guests, or arranged as a summer house with kitchen utensils, dining furniture, sofa and TV. If the barbecue will be located in the pavilion, it is better to entrust its construction to professionals, but if you have a little experience, you can try to build it yourself.

The basis of the elementary construction of the barbecue is a rectangular frame, coal is placed in it, over which the grid is placed. Such a construction, as a fireplace, it is desirable to make multifunctional: at the bottom to build a firebox, above it. a china shelf, above. the barbecue itself, and above it can be located the smokehouse.

In this case the construction will be multi-storey. It is necessary to determine what should be the design of the future fireplace for country houses, and then make drawings and outline the plan of construction.

Brick barbecue with a chimney: poryadovka

This variant of a barbecue is a little bit more difficult but also not the most difficult. Most importantly the furnace chamber here has a straight vault, and it is much easier to make a vaulted one. Brick roasting chamber is raised to a height of 90 cm, the total height to the beginning of the pipe 217.5 cm.

Brick barbecue masonry diagram

It all starts with the preparation of the foundation. For this barbecue stove only a monolithic reinforced base (reinforcement step of 15 cm) on a base compacted with crushed stone is suitable. Place two layers of damp insulation on the dry foundation and start the bricklaying. If the barbecue is made in a pergola, the first row of masonry should start at floor level. If the foundation is lower, lay an additional row (or two) of bricks, and then begin masonry according to the above scheme.

The drawings of a brick barbecue

The first 9 rows do not require any special explanations. They are laid exactly according to the scheme, observing the order, using halves and cut bricks, if it is indicated on the plan. Be sure to check the verticality of the resulting walls, as well as control the thickness of the mortar 8-10 mm and horizontal stacking of each brick.

To control the thickness of the seam, you can use a rod of rebar of the appropriate diameter. It is placed on the edge, the surface of the row is filled with mortar, the excess just above the bar is cut off with a trowel. After laying and tapping the bricks, you get an even joint rod does not give a brick lower than necessary. The bar is then taken out and shifted higher.

To be able to lay the 6th row (solid), after laying the 5th, put a strip of metal thickness of 4-5 mm, width 40 mm. The length is a little less than the span of the oven 1450 mm. Strips are needed 3 one at the edge, two approximately in the middle of each row of bricks or as indicated below (11th row).

Creating two utility chambers

The masonry diagram of the next rows of the barbecue is clear. Only in the 12th row should you pay attention to the bricks that are sawn lengthwise. It should also be said that the 12th and 13th rows are larger than the lower ones, forming a decorative belt.

The formation of the firebox begins

Light color in these rows indicates fireclay bricks (SHA-8). It is laid on the same composition of clay and sand (a small amount of cement can be added). It is better not to use chamotte-based mixtures: they need very high temperatures for sintering, which cannot be achieved in outdoor barbecues. As a result this mortar can later simply crumble.

Forming the vault of the furnace

On this part of the masonry also everything is clear: begin to form the arch of the furnace. It is blocked off on the 22nd course, when the gradually narrowing process begins.

Vault-to-tube transition

The vaulting continues to form, and at row 30 it transitions into the chimney. Then alternate the 30th and 31st rows until you reach the desired height.

Preparing for fabrication: dimensions and material selection

To construct a grill for country houses, often already use the ready-made drawings.

The heat in the grill element comes from the red-hot stones

Structures made of bricks are assembled simply, because laying this material is much easier than welding metal parts.

The fixture for grilling meat usually stands on a foundation

An undoubted advantage of steel fixture is the ability to move it from place to place. Because of this it is usually decided to choose it as a fixture for cooking.

Different appliances differ in the number of grates and the construction of the firebox

Someone who has unlimited time and opportunities, you can build a house-grill at the cottage. In such a room you can grill barbecue all year round. In addition, such a grill can be equipped with an additional motor, which automates the system.

Room grill-house is made in the form of a diamond

Grill at the cottage: practical tips and affordable ideas on how to make a comfortable hearth with their own hands

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For most of us the vacation at the cottage associated with cooking on the fire different tasty. Therefore every owner of a country site first of all thinks about creating a special zone where the main character is a grill or barbecue. Therefore, in anticipation of the new dacha season, it is certainly not superfluous to learn how to make such a necessary for cooking healthy and delicious food stationary hearth with their own hands, so you can enjoy all the charms of recreation in the fresh air.

If modern city dwellers choose to go to the cottage, then they will necessarily cook food on the campfire. For this action, some try to install a barbecue, some barbecue stoves, and some grill. The most practical of this range of designs is the grill, because it is a kind of universal oven on which you can cook vegetables, fish or everyone’s favorite kebab.

In this review we will understand the features of the construction of the grill and acquaint you with a very practical and affordable options, among which certainly find one that is the best suited to your cottage.

Construction of a barbecue grill for country houses

First, a few words about what exactly is a grill. Its construction resembles a container, which can be of any shape, but necessarily with a lid and, of course, all parts must be made only of heat-resistant materials. It can be concrete blocks, fireproof bricks, natural stone, metal of sufficient thickness, ceramics.

The ideal form for such a hearth can serve as a deep frying tank, which provides perfect frying of any product from all sides, it occurs at the expense of the desired temperature of coals. Also thanks to the lid that helps not only to regulate the heat, but also provides an opportunity to soak up the smoke better to the cooked food.

As a rule, the grill consists of two levels, the lower is intended for placing fuel in it, and the upper. for food. In order to ensure the flow of air at the bottom and the lid make holes and install shutters to regulate this flow.

Location of the grill on the garden

With the construction solved, now it’s time to think about where to install such a necessary unit. Novate experts.Ru recommend that a responsible approach to this issue, because of the correct installation depends not only a pleasant holiday, but also your and your neighbors’ peaceful life.

oven, grill, their, hands

We all know that cooking on an open fire has its own rules and safety precautions have to be paramount. Therefore, first of all, find out from which side the wind direction prevails, and set the fireplace so that the smoke does not blow into your or the neighbor’s house, and also does not fall on the area of rest.

Also it is impossible to set the barbecue zone near the house, wooden and flammable objects near trees and among flower beds, toilets or garbage cans.

Of course, it is better to organize the hearth zone near a gazebo or a covered seating area, you can also near the summer kitchen. It is also a good idea to have a canopy at a safe height, because it will always be able to protect your grill from precipitation and will extend its life, and you create a favorable climate in any weather. And if you manage to place a table and a couple of benches on the leeward side, then the barbecue area will be ideal.

We have selected several ideas to create grill stove from the most available, and even throwaway materials, maybe some of them you will be able to do.

Creating a grill from a gas cylinder

This is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a grill stove with their own hands, if there is angle grinder and welding machine, and of course the gas cylinder. Since it is made of thick metal, the finished structure will be able to withstand high temperatures without the risk of burning the walls and bottom of the grill and unwanted deformation of the finished product.

The only thing that when working with such a container should be very careful and not disregard the rules of safety. To do this it is mandatory to leave the empty cylinder open for a couple of days, then carefully twist the faucet and pour water into it. Since the residual propane butane is lighter than water, it can easily be drained, but the cylinder is not completely empty, and start carefully sawing with an angle grinder at the right height. Of course, the smell of gas will be present terrible, but it is not explosive. Some masters advise filling the cylinder with sand, but this is a longer and more time-consuming process.

To arrange sufficient ventilation, you need to drill holes in the bottom, also make a few holes of the right diameter to install the legs, which will act as holders of the grid. But to do this, you will have to weld nuts, and then just screw in the rods. It is also desirable to weld or screw in side holders, so that the cut off cover is fixed on the bottom of the cylinder.

Gas cylinders inspire many vacationers to create a fairly practical grill, so we have collected the most striking models that can really impress and serve as an interesting idea to create your own personal masterpiece.

Grill from a metal barrel

This is a safer way to create grill with their own hands, but this design is less durable, because the walls of the barrel is much thinner than the cylinder. But it, too, deserves attention. To create a fairly capacious grill stove you need a 200-liter barrel, which you may find at home. But the specialists of Novate.Ru experts strongly recommend choosing containers after using food products, because those barrels, which were stored fuel, machine oil or any other chemicals, will have a very long and thoroughly clean.

Then come up with a base on which you will fasten the entire structure? Install the lower part, pre-drilling holes for air ventilation. Then you must install the brackets, on which will lie the grill, as well as the bottom rack to place the coals, because then you will be able to provide better air circulation. On the cut off upper part of a barrel (in which also made holes) weld or screw in loops from stainless steel.

When the grill is assembled, you need to light a fire inside to get rid of old paint or coating, and from the remnants of what used to be stored there.

Then give it a good sanding, wash it, screw the handles and install the temperature sensor, then paint the whole structure heat-resistant paint. Such a measure is necessary not only to give an aesthetic appearance, but also to protect the grill from rusting.

Brick barbecue grill

It is difficult to overestimate just a brick grill model, because it is not only environmentally friendly material, but it has a very aesthetic look. This kind of construction does not require any special skills or permits and is more or less accessible financially.

And its most important advantage. versatility. By and large this structure can easily be converted into a mini-cooking in the fresh air, combining several zones. the working table, the hearth itself, which can be used as a grill and barbecue, and even as an ordinary oven. If you make a solid canopy, it is quite realistic to install even a sink and several shelves for storing cooking utensils, storage for firewood and appliances for serving the hearth.

For the construction of the grill and related structures you will need fireclay brick (kiln), which can withstand large variations in temperature. To create the foundation you will need a rock pile, cement, sand, clay, rebar, crushed stone and small stones. In advance you will need to buy the metal corners, a few grates and shutters, as well as a sheet of thick iron for the overlap.

If you still decide to do niches and working area, you will need a table made of stone, doors, boards for shelves, and all kinds of handles. We will not describe the entire construction process, because the following photos and videos will clearly show how it is done. We also picked up some original options for arrangement of the kitchenette in the open air.

Creating grill-mangals from concrete blocks and outdoor versatile fireplaces made of natural or artificial stone

Recently, outdoor fireplaces have become increasingly popular. Such kind of constructions are made of natural or artificial stones. The method of construction differs from masonry in that you will need a formwork (wooden boards) to pour the foundation and to create smooth walls.

Masters advise to carefully and competently install and fasten the frame of the formwork exactly on the inside, so that at the end of the work it was possible to remove it without problems. Such outdoor design will always have a beautiful, solid and you can tell an antique look.

So if you want to give your garden a special style and flavor you can use this option of creating a zone of barbecue and decorate it accordingly.

If you really do not have time to build a stationary grill or barbecue, or maybe you just accumulated a lot of car disks, do not rush to give them up for scrap metal. See what you can do with this waste material, because it can be very creative in the most unexpected places and not only in the country.

Under the barbecue usually one understands a device for cooking kebabs. It is most often located outdoors, such as in the yard, and can be either mobile or stationary. Meat is cooked with the heat coming from the burning coals.

A barbecue is rather complicated equipment intended not only for roasting meat. The appliance can operate with coal, gas, or electricity. Barbecues are used both outdoors and indoors.

A charcoal grill is a simple device which looks like a heat-resistant metal box. Most often the device is equipped with legs.

Usually in the process of cooking kebab in this device smolders coals. It receives air from the top and through the holes in the walls.

Meat is grilled on skewers, for their placement on the top of the sides of the grill there are usually slots.

Outdoor Ovens and Barbecue area that you can build yourself

Barbecue is arranged so that the meat during roasting is placed over the coals on the grate. A charcoal grill always has a rectangular shape and a barbecue can be either rectangular or circular. A barbecue is in many cases a complex structure that has more than just a grate and a roaster. The appliance has a lid or a special damper to regulate the volume of air flowing into the hearth. This allows you to cook juicier meals. The height of a charcoal grill is fixed, but a barbecue’s height can be changed.

The purpose of the different models: outdoor oven for a summer cottage, a garden, a yard

A brick barbecue is best for those who live in a private home. Such an oven is stationary, that is, it cannot be moved. For such a barbecue you can make a rotisserie, a surface for cutting food, shelves for dishes and even a built-in sink.

Brick barbecue extended layout, which has room for cooking on coals and also for cooking various dishes.

An extended barbecue is used for cooking over charcoal or on a cast-iron stove with a hole. So you can make soup, heat water, or cook potatoes.

The iron barbecue is easy to carry, convenient for use in your own backyard or in the great outdoors. This design is compact and easy to fit in the trunk of the car. It is ideal for country lovers.

Construction of a garden stove on the garden plot

With the onset of heat residents of the cities go to the cottage to relax in nature, cook kebab and other dishes on the campfire. For owners of private homes and cottages cooking in the open air has become customary. An outdoor oven placed in the yard is perfect for this purpose. It is durable and multifunctional. The construction of the oven can be ordered from specialists, you can buy a ready-made factory model, or you can make your own hands, following the step-by-step recommendations of the masters.

An outdoor oven is ideal for a barbecue area outdoors

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Purpose and function of an outdoor oven

Outdoor oven will always be indispensable assistant, even if you go to the cottage only on weekends. Not only do people always want to eat outdoors, so they will have to cook food several times a day, so it is always necessary to have warm water for washing dishes or for showering.д. Advantages of this kind of oven is a lot, and if you build a stove-mangal or barbecue stove, then its functionality will increase many times.

Design features of the outdoor oven

If you decide to design the hearth yourself, you need to decide what kind of design will suit your site and your family, and what goals you are pursuing. As a rule, an outdoor oven consists of:

In addition, you can create a firebox and a place for the grate, combining it with the internal furnace chamber.

Advice from the authors of Novate.Ru: If you plan to make a stone/brick oven with a solid chimney, you have to install a solid metal rod inside it. It can be used to make a smokehouse.

The easiest stove with a hob

The most budget option, which you can do on your site. to install an ordinary stove with a cooking surface. This can be a metal construction or a gas cylinder adapted for the stove, a barrel of small diameter, laid out of brick or other refractory material, etc.д.

The main thing in this kind of outdoor stoves, the creation of a cooking surface, furnace chamber and the simplest chimney. On it you can heat water, cook, roast and stew, but it is not possible to make kebabs. If there is nothing else to cook on, make sure there is a roof to protect the appliance from rain.

oven, grill, their, hands

Russian stove as a type of garden hearth

Creating a Russian stove is one of the budget and popular options. It is good that any solid fuel will do to keep the fire going. Often the owners of the site stack it themselves, because the design does not have complex calculations. Such stoves are made by laying refractory bricks with the installation of the cooking surface, firebox and chimney.

As a rule, they are compact, no higher than 2 meters and the chimney is small, to organize a good draft will be enough and 40 cm. To create the entire structure requires 200-250 pieces of bricks (halves can also be used).

Interesting variants of Russian stoves with ovens, in them you can dry fruits and vegetables, bake pies or “tomato” porridge. But for the creation of such a design is better not to undertake, in this case, you need a professional.

Tip: If you want to use the Russian stove in the cold season, its side walls should be insulated to minimize heat loss.

Out-door stationary grill/barbecue

In the simplest sense, a charcoal grill is a small metal grill in which meat, fish or vegetables are cooked over charcoal on skewers. The same principle is used to organize a barbecue, only instead of skewers they use a grill, sometimes two divided ones, so the food can be jammed. They are mostly portable and folding, which is very convenient for trips to the countryside.

But today we will talk about those barbecues/barbecues that are made of stone or brick for many years. As said before, it can be a multifunctional design that will help to cook all the above and not only, because if it is equipped with a cooking surface and a smoker, the family will always have a healthy meal and smoked delicacies in addition.

Since so many different cooking areas are organized, the brazier itself will have a fairly large weight, which means that to build it you will have to make a strong foundation and only then proceed to the construction. There are designs that are equipped with a large flap or door, then the oven-mangal turns into an oven-grill.

Outdoor tandyr stove

This kind of outdoor oven has recently become very popular. Tandyr attracts by its compactness, economy and versatility. The only thing is that in the pursuit of fashion not everyone understands how to use it and how to cook delicious dishes in it. Although ignorance in our time is easily eliminated with the help of video lessons or master classes, so you can take a risk.

oven, grill, their, hands

The whole family can take part in the creation of such a grill, and for some models there is no need for large financial expenses, you should only thoroughly study the technology of construction and strictly follow the recommendations. Tandyr can be not only made, but also bought ready-made, sometimes even mobile. It is also necessary not to forget about the additional purchase of metal rings and hooks for roasting meat on the bone or ham, a variety of grids, special skewers. single or “samokrut” (they are placed vertically in the tandoor), a cast-iron cauldron with a support ring for cooking the first course of dishes. (in a tandoor they are arranged vertically), a cast-iron cauldron on a supporting ring for cooking first courses and pilaf, pottery for roasts and dishes that require stewing in a roaster.

Tip: Ceramic dishes should not be placed on an open fire or a strongly heated brazier. To begin with, it must be placed on the grate and only after it has heated up completely is it placed in the stove.

A fireplace is a type of outdoor stove

For lovers of thorough structures and recreation near an open fire, you can try to make an outdoor fireplace. Of course, if the dacha owners are not familiar with the stove business, it is better not to take up such work on their own. The fireplace can be any size, it all depends on the area suitable for the hearth, the preferences of the owners and financial capabilities.

In fact, the design of the fireplace resembles a barbecue/barbecue only with a wider entrance to the furnace. Inside it, it is desirable to install a spit and a grate, then it will not only bring aesthetic satisfaction, but also gastronomic.

A canopy over any kind of outdoor stove

To have a picnic in any weather, you should take care about creating a roof / gazebo. It will help protect the fire from water if not on the cooking surface, then in the chimney, which is not the best way to affect the work of the roaster. If space and finances allow, then ideally you can make a full-fledged gazebo for dining area.

True gardeners do not hinder winter or bad weather, even being in a warm city apartment, they come up with new ways to organize recreation areas, growing, storage and landscaping. And while there is no possibility to start doing something, you can recharge your imagination with the following original ideas, which you will definitely want to implement on your country site.

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