The pieza on the gas water heater does not work

The automatic gas column does not turn on. Repair with your own hands

If your automatic gas water heater does not turn on for some unknown reason, then this article is for you. Consider the main causes of malfunctions and possible ways to restore the equipment performance. Let’s consider the repair of gas water heater with your own hands on the example of Termaxi. Before repairing works, do not forget to turn off the cold water and gas supply to the heater.

As any automatic water heater, it runs on a pair of batteries 1.5 volts each. If the gas water heater does not turn on, check the batteries. They may have run out of power. Usually the batteries last 6-12 months with heavy use. To do this, either replace the batteries with new ones or knock the dead batteries against each other to seal them. Thus, the capacity will be added. Install and check. If such procedure did not bring any result, then we move on.

First you need to remove the protective cover, which is attached by means of self-tapping screws. But first remove the three regulators (temperature, water pressure and the number of working nozzles) by pulling them towards yourself.

Since the wires are short, take out the temperature display, the on button and the indicator light. To do this, push down on the latches, and all parts will come out of the lock.

Inspect for mechanical damage to the wires. Then check the contact on the terminals of the battery compartment. To do this, remove the terminals and clean the contacts with alcohol.

Open the tap with hot water, if the gas water heater does not turn on, there may be several reasons.

The most common micro switch is out of order. This is the one which is responsible for powering the piezo element. The switch is secured to the water box with two screws.

It’s easy to tell if it’s working or not. Open the hot water faucet and press the microswitch.

You should hear a “click”, which causes the temperature gauge to show a numerical value and the LED to light up. The nozzles will light up. If it is, then the switch is working.

If it does not, you need to replace the switch. To do this, unplug the connector and unscrew the 2 screws.

Buy the same one and install it. If it works, congratulations. Repair of gas water heater with your own hands is now complete. If not, remove the water block. You should not touch the gas block yet. On this Termaxi model you need to unscrew 2 nuts and 2 screws.

In the Termaxi speaker the water block is attached to the nozzles, so remove it too. Disconnect the terminals that are in the way, and pull out the unit. Attention! There is a spring between the gas and water block. When removing the water block don’t loose it.

Check the condition of the stem. If it is clogged, flush it out. If you see mechanical damage, replace it. To do this, unscrew the 4 screws on the housing.

There is a membrane with a white rubber band underneath. Once it’s out, unscrew the nut and take out the stem.

If there are salt deposits or dirt on the diaphragm, clean it.

When examining the diaphragm in this case, damage is detected.

Install in place of the old one and reassemble all elements of the water unit in reverse order. Install in the column, connect connectors, check the operation. Water heater turns on automatically when the hot water tap is opened. Sensors work. Repair of the gas water heater is done!

Typical problems

Masters involved in repairing heating equipment, highlight the typical problems of some popular modifications of gas boilers.

Key faults of gas heaters “Bosch”:

  • Errors in the process of ignition of the main burner.
  • Various leaks.
  • Heater shuts down during operation.
  • Frequent problems with the solenoid valve. If the faucet is not properly adjusted, it works erratically.
  • Decrease of gas supply due to clogging of burner, it is necessary to thoroughly flush the nozzle.
  • No ignition at normal gas parameters, because of the breakage of the winding of the gas cutoff valve.
  • Excessive noise when operating the speaker, due to damage to the modulator spring making vibrating noises. To restore operation, either the spring or the modulator must be changed.

Reasons why the Ladogas column does not ignite:

Causes of problems with the speaker starting

In normal operation, the heater is almost silent and switches on after a delay of no more than 1 to 2 seconds after opening the extraction point. Below are the main signs to help diagnose the cause of the breakdown and ways to fix the problem.

Piezo element does not give out the spark

One of the common problems. The fault can manifest itself in several ways:

  • No spark in the gas heater. cause: failure of the piezo element, electrode or its displacement. Such malfunction is observed in cases when the piezo element does not turn off (about 30 sec.). After this the ignition wick goes out. The repair if the ignition piezor does not work, is to replace the node.
  • There is a spark, but the speaker stopped igniting. the reason is elementary nonobservance of operating rules. Before pressing the ignition button, it is necessary to keep the gas knob pressed for about 10 seconds. There is a safety system inside the water heater. Until the igniter is warmed up, the gas supply to the burner will be blocked.Pressing the knob for 10 seconds is usually enough to ignite the fuse. If the piezo element does not work, although the spark is present, you should reread the manufacturer’s instructions and light the wick in accordance with the instructions given.
  • No wick ignition. the cause of the malfunction is due to a malfunction of the automatics or insufficient draft in the chimney. The igniter is also defective if it is dirty and must be cleaned. When burning gas soot settles on the device. The spark is present, but the wick stops burning immediately after turning off the forced gas supply. Cleaning of the igniter (it is necessary to service every year) will help to eliminate the malfunction.

Replacing or adjusting the piezo element requires the necessary tools and skills. For repair, it is better to use the service of service shops, or invite a master at home.

The lack of power of the igniter

Even good quality batteries, subject to intensive use of the heater, lasts only 6-8 months. After that the heater begins to work improperly.

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Lack of sufficient water pressure

The technical documentation of water heaters clearly states the capacity. The minimum pressure at which the heater must operate is given. If the burner does not turn on at a low water head, the cause is not always hidden in the malfunction of the equipment. The problem may be hidden in non-compliance with specifications. To normalize the operation you can install the storage tank and booster pump.

As for automatic heat generators, running on batteries or from the electric network, low water pressure leads to the fact that the water unit (frog) does not work. The principle of operation of the regulator is that there are two diaphragms inside the valve. In one cavity there is a rod, which regulates the gas supply and turns on the ignition of the burner. The rod is set in motion by the pressure of the diaphragm. If the pressure is insufficient the rod remains in place and consequently there is no spark in the automatic burner and the gas supply to the burner is closed.

Diaphragm malfunction

The first sign of failure: the gas water heater does not ignite immediately after turning on the water, but after a while. The water assembly may begin to leak. Causes of malfunction:

  • Diaphragm is stretched. there is a rubber diaphragm inside the assembly. Constant pressure is exerted on the gasket. Even good quality rubber stretches little by little and this leads to the fact that the burner lights up only at high water pressure. If diaphragm is stretched, the frog will not leak.
  • The diaphragm is ruptured. in this case, the gas heater does not ignite the first time. It switches on when you open the tap again. The duration of actuation increases. A typical sign that the diaphragm has failed is the water unit leaking.
  • The diaphragm is coarsened-the gasket is made of elastic rubber that is pliable enough to be pressed on the piston rod at the necessary fluid pressure. When water quality is poor, the membrane becomes coarse. For this reason, the water assembly loses its sensitivity, the gas heater does not ignite properly.

There are projections on the spindle in the water junction for moving the ignition lever. If the speaker stops igniting from the batteries (especially if the batteries have been recently replaced), and when opening the tap of hot water the stem is in motionless condition, it means that the diaphragm is out of order.

Problems of the smoke evacuation system

Check the presence of the draught can be checked with a special hole provided in the speaker. When normal, circulation can even be felt tactilely. The hand will feel the air flow into the hole. You can light a match. The flame will deviate significantly towards the speaker.

Repair of gas-consuming equipment must be carried out by a specialized organization with experience, relevant licenses and permits.

  • Spectrum of situations
  • Improper piping connections
  • The problem with the draft
  • Sensitive relay
  • Problems with the batteries
  • Difficulties with the water pressure
  • Clogged filters
  • Problems with the membrane
  • Issues with popping

Hello dear readers. If your gas boiler does not ignite immediately, there is no need to panic. After all, the solution to this dilemma can be quite simple. In severe cases, the help of a technician is required.

When it does not turn on immediately, its user is puzzled by questions about the causes of this defect. And there is a whole complex of reasons. And it is considered in this material.

The Neva Luxury boiler does not light. Error codes

L0. shortage of gas supply. The causes are too high pressure in the gas line. Installation of a pressure reducer is necessary. Probably also it is necessary to adjust a temperature, pressure of water.

Е1. No signal from the flame sensor to the control board. Reasons can be different, check gas delivery, water supply, blocked electrode, loose contacts, blocked soot particles.

Е3. Valve actuates before receiving a signal from flow sensor. Intervention of a specialist is required, because either the valve itself or the electronic unit does not work.

E7, the gas burner doesn’t light up although it has been turned on seven times. This happens when the gas or water block boils. Shifting of ionisation probes, breakage of electro-valves.

E8, the draught sensor malfunctions. The causes are either a clogged vent, or a breakdown of the sensor itself.

The gas water heater does not turn on: causes and repair

Gas water heater is a capricious thing. It happens that even the new technology begins to give out “surprises”: it turns off at the most inopportune moment or does not ignite at all. What to say about the old, worn-out water heater. But it’s hard to do without it. Do not really warm water on the stove!

When a column is broken you call a master, but you will have to wait for him, and the whole time you will have to do without hot water. Sometimes without the help of a specialist really can’t do. But often with a breakdown you are able to cope independently. What to do when the heater does not work? Why does not the wick or pad light up??

The most common causes of failure

We will consider the failure on the example of simple units Oasis and Neva.

The design of these devices is not complicated, so any man who has skills with tools can repair them.

Let’s consider a number of possible malfunctions and reasons why the gas water heater does not ignite:

  • lack of draught;
  • The water pressure is too weak;
  • Insufficient gas pressure;
  • the ignition system has stopped functioning;
  • clogged pipes or hot water supply filter;
  • The burner is clogged;
  • malfunction happened to the membrane or the gas unit;
  • Careless mixing of cold water in the faucet;
  • electronics or sensors malfunctioned;. insufficient gas pressure.

Stifling of the draft

If there is no traction, then the gas boiler will not ignite, and users will have to forget about the hot water. Many boilers are equipped with draft sensors, and if their testimony indicates insufficient draft, the ignition will not be possible.

If the gas heater ignites poorly, or the flame lights up and immediately goes out, it is due to the fact that the products of combustion do not find an outlet and remain in the combustion chamber, and the flame goes out due to lack of oxygen.

In such a situation, you will need to inspect the flue gas collector and the chimney itself. If there are clogs, they can become an obstacle to the normal passage of combustion products. The heater perceives this as a lack of draught and does not allow the gas to ignite (or immediately after turning on it goes out). By yourself you can check only a certain section of the chimney, which is visible to the entrance to the wall, the subsequent work should be performed by specialists.

The problem is related to the water pressure

If you have a gas boiler does not ignite, but there is no problem with the draft, then the possible cause of the problem is in the water supply. Low head is often the reason that the ignition does not work.

You can try to adjust the pressure on the heater itself, using the appropriate regulator sometimes such manipulations are successful. In addition it is necessary to check the filter that is located at the inlet of the speaker, it may be clogged.

water, heater, does, work

If there is no pressure even in the faucet with cold water, then all that remains to be done is to write a statement to the authorities who are responsible for the water supply pressure must meet the standards set in the country. If no one is going to solve this problem, then you need to make the installation of a pump that increases the pressure to the required standard and will help to ignite the gas in the column.

The pipes in the apartment/house can be checked. It is possible that they are clogged or there is rust on them.

Insufficient gas pressure

If the gas water heater has stopped igniting, then the cause may be associated with insufficient gas pressure in the main line itself. In order to be sure of this, you need to ignite the gas stove, and if the gas pressure is very low, it is necessary to call the gas service and make a complaint. You will not be able to make repairs yourself in this situation, because such problems are solved only by specialists.

Problems with ignition

Often there are situations when the gas supply is present, there are no problems with the draft, the pressure is normal, but the gas column refuses to ignite. If we are talking about a gas water heater Neva or Oasis with an electric ignition, then you need to listen to understand whether there is a spark generation.

That the spark is present, will tell you the crackling sound that occurs when you open the faucet. If you hear a rattle, but the gas-fired heater refuses to ignite, you can try to change the batteries. This is very often the reason for the ignition failure.

If you are the owner of a gas water heater with a piezoelectric ignition, then make sure that the igniter is functioning properly. If it burns, then the heater should ignite at once. If the flame is not observed, you can try to ignite it with the ignition button. If the igniter does not light, the nozzle is probably blocked. You will need to clean it. To perform this procedure, you must disassemble the equipment, find the igniter and clean it with a steel wire.

In the process of repairing the gas boiler, it is important to be very careful. It is necessary to shut off the gas supply before carrying out any operations.

As for the hydrodynamic ignition, it is a symbiosis of a small generator and an electric circuit that generates a spark and feeds the rest of the electronic elements. If there was a breakdown of the generator or electrical circuitry, of course, the gas-fired water heater will not ignite. To make repairs in this situation by yourself is possible only if you have sufficient experience and appropriate knowledge.

The problem with clogging

Very often filters are installed at the inlet of the gas water heater, which rid the water of small impurities in it. Here occurs the deposition of salts, which prevent the normal movement of the liquid. All this leads to the fact that the column ceases to ignite, and accordingly all households are left without hot water. To solve the problem, you need to shut off the water supply, unscrew the filter and clean it. If the condition of the filter is critical, it is easier to replace it.

In addition, blockages can occur in the pipes and heat exchanger. Here you need to check the permeability of the water unit and make sure that the heat exchanger is passable. To remove the clogs it is possible by washing with special reagents, which can be bought at any hardware store. After this procedure is performed, the performance of the gas water heater will be restored.

In order to avoid deposits on the inside surface of the speaker, you need to install a filter at its inlet, which will rid the water of small impurities and soften it.

Removing a clogged burner

We have to state the fact that the burners in the gas water heaters Neva and Oasis are subject to clogging. This often occurs in models with piezoelectric ignition. Clogging occurs due to a buildup of soot. It has to be removed. To do that you have to dismantle the speaker and take out the burner. You can clean it with any improvised tools. After cleaning you need to put the burner back in place and check its performance. If necessary, you can immediately clean the heat exchanger as well, because.к. its clogging becomes the cause of poor draft and heating deterioration.

If your gas water heater does not ignite and you decided to clean it, then such a procedure is best performed outside, in the extreme case on the balcony. If you clean it at home, the soot flying into the air is sure to stain your furniture and walls.

Repair of the gas unit and diaphragm

There are cases when the gas boiler does not ignite because of damage to the membrane it responds to water pressure and controls the subsequent ignition. If this part breaks, then the further functioning of the gas boiler will simply be impossible.

Difficulties in repair are due to the fact that it is difficult to find a suitable membrane in the sale they are not often found, and they cost quite expensive. In addition to the diaphragm, it is necessary to check the entire gas unit, since there are a large number of parts that can break.

In order to disassemble the gas boiler and to make its repair, you can use the instructions, which are on the World Wide Web today a lot.

Mixing cold water in the faucet

Most users, instead of adjusting the degree of heating on the gas heater itself, begin to torment the faucet. If you make the cold water pressure too powerful, then the lit column will simply extinguish. If it was not burning at the time, it is out of the question. That is why, initially you need to turn on the hot water, and only then the cold water. Better yet, make adjustments to the degree of heating through the appropriate controls.

Also, do not forget that the intensive mixing of cold water is not welcomed by the developers of gas boilers, i.e.к. It can damage them.

Faulty electronics

The set of modern gas water heaters includes a large number of electronic units and sensors, which are absent only in the simplest models.

Sensors are responsible for controlling the draft and the presence of flame (ionization control), monitor the temperature of the water and automatically adjusts the degree of its heating. If there is a malfunction with one of the sensors, the gas boiler will already function incompletely, with periodic malfunctions.

water, heater, does, work

Users note that most often the traction sensor in the exhaust manifold breaks down, eventually this leads to the fact that the electronics do not allow the ignition.

Failures can also be associated with electronic modules that are present in many gas water heaters. Repairing them is not easy, because you need to have the appropriate knowledge and skills. It is best in this situation to contact the professionals.

Problem with water flow

Often the column does not light up when you turn on the water because of the reduced water flow. With such a malfunction in the faucet, the jet of water when turned on is very thin, weak. There is a feeling that the gas water heater by appearance is faulty. This happens with absolutely any brand: Neva, Oasis, Bosch (Bosch).

Reduced water flow can occur:

Sudden loss of performance of a gas water heater can occur in connection with street works. At this time may be making repairs to the street water supply. Accordingly, the total pressure of cold water everywhere will be drastically reduced. The owner can easily miss this point and look for the cause in the gas water heater, disassembling it. The reason is on the surface, but a person is confused and looks for it in a completely different.

Also, the water pressure in the gas water heater can gradually decline due to the banal contamination of the aerator, designed for the faucet. To rule out the cause of the malfunction associated with the aerator in the faucet itself, you need to remove it and clean it.

This is a typical aerator, which is installed on the mixer. Try to clean it

Owners who have a strainer in the inlet should also not forget about it and clean it periodically.

Filter coarse filter. It is installed on the supply of cold water in the column. Clean it as well

The bulb filter can also cause a gradual decrease in the water pressure in the gas column. Do not forget about it and, first of all, if the wick of gas water heater does not light, pay attention to this. If you miss the cause, which lies on the surface, there is a risk to invest money in unnecessary diagnosis or repair of the gas boiler. Repair and diagnosis of the gas water heater, in this case, is not appropriate.

Two filters for water purification in bulbs. They can also be clogged

There is another case related to the lack of water pressure when turning on the gas water heater. This is due to a mechanical blockage in the hose. Dross in the hose was detected and it was blocking the water path. Dust could be coming from the heat exchanger.

The gas water heater has two regulators. One is responsible for controlling the strength of the flame, the second is responsible for regulating the flow of water. The smaller the position of the regulator, the lower the pressure the heater can operate at.

No pressure

If the gas water heater does not ignite in automatic mode when you open the water tap, then here the possible reason is the lack of pressure in the water supply. To make sure that this is the reason you need to open the cold water tap.

Lack of normal pressure indicates that the water heater is working, and the lock is triggered because the low pressure in the system will lead to overheating of the device and its failure. Correct the situation by cleaning the common filter for the water supply system of the apartment and the salt filter for water treatment. Usually clogging of these filters occurs after repair of pipes on the main lines. internal deposits and just dirt under the pressure of water get into the filter element and settle there.

Another thing is if the gas water heater does not light up when the hot water tap is open, while the cold water tap has a normal pressure. Here you need to clean the strainer installed in front of the membrane of the water block. It turns out that when the pressure in the system is normal, the filter reduces the pressure in the appliance itself, not allowing the gas valve to open. The method of removal is simple. remove the nut and clean the brass mesh.

If the gas water heater does not ignite when you turn on the water, the cause of this situation may be a problem with gas pressure or the complete absence of gas in the system.

In this situation, usually the water pressure is normal, and the piezo element gives a spark. The first thing to do. it is to check the presence of gas in the gas line, to do this, you need to try to turn on the gas stove. If the hob does not switch on in manual or automatic mode and no distinctive hissing of gas can be heard from the burner, it is very likely that there is no gas in the gas supply line.

The variant when the gas does not go in the gas column in the presence of normal gas flow to other appliances and when there is a spark on the piezo element indicates the fault of the gas equipment or clogging of the gas filter. When the gas boiler does not ignite when the water is turned on and the ignition system is triggered, it is necessary to check the condition of the gas filter installed in front of the device.

The fact that the composition of natural gas, the presence of impurities and gas condensate can clog the gas purification filter. Because of this the gas pressure is reduced, the igniter does not light or the safety gas valve is turned off. One of the symptoms of a dirty filter can be cases when the device does not light up immediately, or if it turns on, it begins to work intermittently at first, and then after a few minutes it finds the desired mode.

What to do if the gas boiler does not ignite at low gas pressure or clogged filter? First of all shut off the gas supply valve and open the windows for ventilation. Next, you need to notify the gas service of the problem and if it is not a centralized gas disconnection, then call the master of gas service.

The main thing in this case, do not try to do the repair yourself and wait for the arrival of specialists.

The problem is usually due to clogging the exhaust of combustion products, soot may accumulate on them, also the problem may be in the draft sensor. It is necessary to clean the combustion chamber and the combustion products collector. There may also be a problem with the chimney.

Pay attention! At home it is possible to clean only the visible part of the chimney, cleaning the rest of the chimney should be handled by professionals. To check the air supply you can use a lit match, to do this bring it to the window on the panel. If the flame deflects, we can conclude that there is air supply.

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