The program on the washing machine is not switching

How can the malfunction be provoked?

Usually if the washing machine suddenly stops during the washing, then after a while the error code will appear on the screen, which can be used to determine what kind of fault we are dealing with. In 90% of cases this happens, but even if we do find out what fault is causing the stoppage, we will still have to think about how to solve the problem, because the washing machine itself can’t fix it.

First of all, you should understand the typical causes of malfunctions that cause the machine to stop suddenly during washing. Then we need to move on to learning about the nuances of these malfunctions and how to fix them. Let’s begin with the typical breakdowns.

  • You have put too much or not enough laundry in the drum.
  • The user has selected the wrong washing mode.
  • There are problems with the electrics of the washing machine (sensors, wires, terminals).
  • There is a problem with the electronic control unit of the washing machine.
  • The leakage protection system was activated.
  • The door of the door does not lock or suddenly unlocks.
  • There is a major breakdown in one of the most important components of the machine: the motor, the heating element or the drain pump.

Notice the following! In addition to the above-mentioned breakdowns, problems sometimes occur with the fill and drain valves. If the machine can not properly fill or drain the water, in some cases this too can be the cause of a washing stop.

The programs on the washing machine do not switch

Our machine has no switching programs and manually, I switch modes, and the drum does not spin when washing or spinning. It just takes in water, heats and stays quiet, advise me on something, please.

If the machine is more than 3 years old, in practice, you have torn belt, replacement is not difficult, and the belt itself costs 1000r. On youtube you can watch how to change it

Good afternoon! Most likely the control module is defective. Or the belt is broken

The heating element is broken, you can tell by the cold door during the wash cycle; the programmer and control module are broken, causing the program to malfunction.

If the washing does not start and the drum remains immobile. perhaps the problem lies in the fact that the drum is jammed. It can happen because of small foreign objects in the tank (from previous washes) or because of “warping” of the drum (loose mountings or failed bearings). Whatever the reason, the jammed machine cannot rotate the drum and the machine seems to freeze during the washing stage. To check if the problem is really in the jammed drum, you can try to turn it by hand, preliminarily turn off the machine. If the drum does not spin or spins with great difficulty, this is your case.

You need to check the drive belt and motor (brushes break down more often).

If the selected washing mode does not work, try to diagnose the cause of the problem, based on the following knowledge: If the rinse and spin succeeded to start, then automatically exclude the breakage of the pump and other elements of the drain system. The main “suspect” is the heating element (electric tube heater). To find out if it is in working order, you do not even need to disassemble the machine. just touch the hatch glass after 15-20 minutes after starting the cycle. Just to be safe, start the wash at a temperature above 30°C. Warm glass. everything is fine, cold glass. heating element is defective. The next element under suspicion is the electronic module. Often the changeover fails because the module is broken or tripped.

Related issues

To start the wash, you need to open-close the door more than a year ago Siemens iQ300 WS10G160OE washing machines

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Good afternoon. I load laundry. selecting a program. I’m closing the hatch. I press the start button. Door opener symbol lights up, the machine.

The problem with the washing machine Siemens iQ500 more than a year ago Siemens washing machines

Hi. I need your help. There was an error E23 and it was found that the heating element was broken. After replacing it and got this nonsense.

Washing machine Siemens does not wash more than a month ago Siemens XS 440 washing machines

Good morning. The washing machine Siemens XS 440 on any program of washing, three times tries to spin the drum, then the water is drained and.

The root causes

The most common problem and breakdown is that the machine turns on, starts to work, but it does not activate additional options, does not change the temperature, does not switch washing modes. The problems can be of two categories:

  • Electronic. Observed when the control board malfunctions.
  • Mechanical. Occur due to wear and tear of elements, units and parts. The breakage may be caused by shocks or short circuits.

The causes can be eliminated by yourself only mechanically. If the device does not switch washing modes, the repair will consist of disassembly of the machine, repair work and subsequent replacement of parts. Here are the three main signs of failure, which lead to the fact that modern washing machines do not switch washing modes:

  • The appliance only operates in the set mode and does not switch it. In this case the problem is in the failure of the switch itself or the control module. The first one is located on the control panel. When rotating, the element simply scrolls, but does not change the modes.
  • Breakdown of the control module occurs because of a factory defect, during long-term operation in conditions of high humidity, as well as does not switch washing modes at sudden voltage fluctuations. To fix the problem it is necessary to replace the element or perform soldering of the tracks.
  • The machine allows you to set the mode before starting, but in the process of washing it does not switch to spin or rinse. In this case, you can judge about the breakage of the heating element. To be sure of this, you need to check the degree of heating of the element after 15 minutes after the start of washing. If the water temperature is low, it will not allow the machine to follow the set program.

If the cause of the mechanical problem is established, you can address the breakdown. The heating element will need to be replaced. As for problems related to electronics, only professionals will be able to fix them.

Control module replacement

If the machine does not stop washing, and the water is heated. perhaps the control module is broken. The main thing is to fix the problem in time, otherwise the brain of the washing machine will need to be replaced.

In a number of automatic machines, the problem may be caused by the programmer, i.e. the element responsible for selecting programs. It is considered a reliable component, but it can also get damaged because of its long service life. What to do? It is necessary to change.

It is not difficult to replace the control unit. Difficulties may arise when diagnosing its condition. This should be done by a professional. After checking it will tell you what is preferable. repair or replacement. The module is most often located behind the control panel. How to replace it:

  • remove the washer lid;
  • Take out the powder tray;
  • Remove the control panel;
  • Disconnect the module and remove the wires (take a picture of them);
  • Plug in the new unit, referring to the photo.

Washing machines, as well as other household appliances from time to time come into disrepair. The situation when the washing machine does not switch washing modes, sooner or later occurs to everyone and brings many problems. In this case, the device almost always does not go into the rinse and spin modes. This article will talk about how to identify the cause of this malfunction and eliminate it yourself, without going to service centers.

Common malfunctions and their symptoms

Since the washing machine has a complex device, the washing program may be disrupted due to the failure of a variety of parts and mechanisms. In this case, the cause of the problem may be damage to both the electronic components and the executing parts. Most often, failures occur in the case of:

  • A surge or sudden drop in voltage,
  • Failure of a control module,
  • One or more sensors malfunctioning,
  • Broken or clogged drain parts,
  • Worn motor brushes,
  • problems with the heating element.
program, washing, machine, switching

Failure can manifest itself in different ways. The washing machine can “hang” and not react to user actions. Sometimes it seems that the washing proceeds normally, but the program execution time is delayed, sometimes it suddenly stops at one of the stages.

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Whatever it looks like a failure of the washing program, it is necessary to take urgent measures to eliminate the problem. What to do in this situation to decide the owners of the washing machine. Many people prefer to call a master, which seems logical, but something can be done with your own hands, for a start to identify the problematic node.

LG Washing Machine De error code how to replace door interlocks

program, washing, machine, switching

The washing machine does not switch to rinse and drain

The Indesit WISL 82 washing machine freezes in any mode of operation and does not switch to rinse and drain. Washes and washes endlessly. Called a master, replaced the tenor all cleaned, but the problem remains. If you include a rinse and spin separately, it works, but not in the program.

Hello! If the machine washes and PURCHASES water periodically, then it is definitely a self-drain. Check the drain hose. Also, if it constantly washes, then there is a problem with heating (if the drain separately works, of course), but you said that the FAN is new. So the problem is either in the wiring, which is rare, or in the control module. In any case, you need a proper diagnosis, otherwise you will replace the whole machine at random

I have the same situation, but the washing cycle is complete, i.e.ч. Flushes the water but won’t go on, door unlocks. There is a problem with the board?

Check if the drain hose is correctly installed, possibly a “siphon effect”.

I agree, maybe the water is leaking into the gutter. 2 Check how the drain hose is installed.

Good afternoon! You need to check the water level sensor. Software may also be broken. You need to reflash the drainage pipe.

Drainage hose not installed correctly. Make sure it is correctly installed.

Full preventive maintenance of the hydraulic system, firmware, will solve the problem

Check if the drainage system is correctly connected, maybe water is draining by itself. If all is well there. The problem is in the control module. May need to be reprogrammed. Worst case scenario: replace the module.

May be a gravity drain into the drainage system 2. Water level sensor 3. Firmware

Most likely you have violated the rules of installation of the washing machine, the hose at the end! Drainage hose, that is, in a place of connection with the drain should be 40-70 cm from the floor level on which the washing machine stands

Also, the most common reason why the washer does not rinse, drain or spin is the drain pump (pump) breakage. If the pump is used for a long time, or if there are small objects in the pump, “washed” during washing, the pump can burn out.

Malfunction in the brain of the washing machine. In this case the board simply does not give the necessary command. in our case to drain, rinse and spin as a result, the machine stops at half of washing.

Requires reprogramming or replacement of the control board.

program, washing, machine, switching

Failure of water level sensor. Pressostat Water sensor. pressostat. determines the water level in the tank. Based on these data and the program cycle, the control board gives the command. to drain or collect water, go to the rinse or spin. If the sensor has failed, the “brain” receives no information and stops the washing process.

The washing machine does not rinse the laundry well

If the washing machine does not rinse the laundry or does it poorly, there may be several reasons for this, from the most simple and trivial to complex and unpleasant. Here are a few situations where the cause is not a machine malfunction at all:

Overloading. If you have too much laundry in the machine, there is not enough room for the detergent and it doesn’t dissolve properly. It gets clogged in the folds of the clothes and is not in sufficient contact with the water.

Too much powder. Sometimes white streaks are left on laundry because the amount of powder far exceeds the amount of water intended for rinsing. To eliminate the trouble, it is enough to run an extra cycle several times.

Low water pressure. There are two reasons why the water pressure is not high enough:

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In the first case, you can not do anything, you just need to wait until the situation improves. In the second case, it is necessary to clean the supply pipe and the filter screen installed at the system inlet, the rinse program will work again.

If none of the above is confirmed, most likely the cause of the trouble lies in the failure of the washing machine itself.

How to repair the control module of a washing machine yourself

How to replace the control module of the washing machine with your own hands?

To remove and replace the control module of the washing machine you need

  • Pull out the tray, gently pushing on the plastic latch.
  • Unscrew the self-tapping screws behind the tray. It is also worth unscrewing the bolt at the back of the control unit.
  • Then the front top cover is removed, on which the main control elements are fastened. On it you can also check the integrity of the mode switch.
  • The panel is attached to the plastic latches, they must be carefully removed using a flat screwdriver.
  • Wires can not be disconnected, their length is sufficient to place the board on the body of the washing machine and make a replacement.
  • Rubber padding sticking out from under the tank will get in the way. It is not necessary to exert much effort and pull the board. To do this, unbend the edge of the seal and remove the rubber clamp.
  • After unscrew the 2 bolts from the hatch lock and disconnect it from the board.
  • After unscrewing the lower and upper screws of the base plate, you can remove the main board.

It should be completely inspected for burned out elements. If the burnt-out places are few, it will be much more profitable to give the board to the service center for repair. If the most of it is burnt out, then it is not reasonable to repair it and it may cost more than to replace it. You can buy a new control module in specialized stores. When buying it it is important that it is already programmed, otherwise you will have to pay extra for its setup. The control module of the washing machine can be replaced following the above instructions, only in the reverse order. It is important to remember the connection places of wires, before connecting a new board.

Common malfunctions and their symptoms

Since the washing machine has a complex device, the washing program can be broken because of the failure of various parts and mechanisms. At the same time the cause of the problem may be damage of both electronic components and executing parts. Most often malfunctions occur in the case of:

  • surge or sudden voltage drop,
  • failure of the control module,
  • incorrect operation of one or more sensors,
  • Drain parts break or become clogged,
  • wear and tear of the electric motor brushes,
  • problems with the heating element.

The failure can manifest itself in different ways. The washing machine can “hang up” and do not react to the user. Sometimes it seems that the washing proceeds normally, but the program execution time is delayed, sometimes it is suddenly interrupted at one of the stages.

No matter what the washing program failure looks like, it is necessary to take urgent measures to eliminate the problem. What to do in this situation is up to the owners of the washing machine. Many people prefer to call a master, which seems logical, but something you can do with your own hands, to start identify the problem node.

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