The refrigerator does not work the light is on Indesit

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Why the fridge does not turn on

Nothing lasts forever in this world. And sometimes comes the moment when something suddenly stops working. For example, the refrigerator doesn’t turn on. One should take it philosophically, because this object is the same device, as well as all home appliances. Sooner or later any of parts exhausts its technological resource and its replacement is required. In general, the refrigerator is quite simple in its design and therefore quite reliable in operation.

Having detected a malfunction, you need to conduct a general diagnosis to identify possible malfunctions. It is possible to do it by yourself without causing the master. First of all, you should pay attention to the electric power supply of your refrigerator. All you have to do is look inside the cabinet and make sure the light bulb is working properly. If it is so, but the compressor does not turn on, it is necessary to examine the electric wiring cord and the socket to which the mechanism is connected. The easiest way is to connect some other device to this contact, and if it works fine, then the problem is not in it. Check the power cord can only visually. It should not have fractures, questionable burnt spots on it, the plug at the end of the cable should not be hot to the touch.

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What you can do yourself

Refrigerating systems are the large home appliances with a not simple construction, and it is not easy to understand what to do by yourself. In general, the process of identifying faults can be reduced to the following actions:

  • Check the power supply voltage.
  • Check if the light in the refrigerator is on with the door open. If not, the technique is connected to another outlet, the work of which is checked. At this stage, visually inspect the plug and cord for mechanical defects.
  • If the lamp lights up, the temperature sensor is probably broken. Check the element: look for two wires going to the sensor, and short circuit. If it works, then it is time to change the thermostat for a new one.
  • If the matter is not in the sensor, then examine the protective and starting relay. If a ringing can not be done, a spare part should be replaced.
  • It is much more difficult if the cause of non-functionality of the equipment is the compressor. Those who understand electric motors can check whether everything is all right with the winding of the motor. There should be three contacts in it with no short circuit on the case. If there is a short circuit and when the check shows less than 20 ohms of resistance, the compressor is taken to the service center.
  • It is visually difficult to identify the problem, moreover the fridge electric circuit can also be out of order. In this case already the help of the master is required.

If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience, it is better not to do the repair with your own hands.

Indesit washing machine not starting up faulty door switch interlock

There are a lot of reasons for which the refrigerator can stop switching on. The person, far from the device of large home appliances, independently can check the integrity of the plug and the power cord only. If you lack experience, it is better to call a professional.

Why the freezer doesn’t work?

Except for the above-stated malfunctions in refrigerator operation it is possible to observe such breakages as disconnection of the freezing chamber. First of all you should pay attention to the set temperature and adjust it.

If the cause is not in the adjustment, it is worth to observe the refrigerator operation.

  • If the compressor switches off after ten minutes of work, it means that the freezer motor is faulty.
  • After normal operation the motor does not connect for a long time. this means that the air sensor or thermostat malfunctioned. As a result, the data on the real temperature in the freezer compartment are not received by the board and the motor does not connect.
  • Freon leakage also causes malfunction of the freezer compartment, and simply the freezer does not freeze.

The observance of the rules of installation and operation of the refrigerator Indesit will prolong the term of work of the technique and will save it from breakage. For this purpose it is necessary to pay more attentive attention to the requirements and instructions in the refrigerator’s instruction manual. In addition, proper food storage also extends the service life of your refrigerator.

General recommendations

If the refrigerator does not work, the motor does not turn on and the light does not light up it is necessary to make sure that the device is used correctly. The frequent reason of breakage is the improper use of the refrigerating unit.

It can consist in the following situations:

  • Rare defrosting and cleaning of chambers from ice.
  • Connecting the appliance to an unsuitable power supply.
  • If there is no preventive maintenance.

In order to prevent the user of the fridge-freezer from causing damage, it is recommended to defrost the device regularly and to wash and clean the inner surfaces of the chambers. Connect the fridge to the 220 watt electric circuit. Check the functionality of all parts, seals, and other components during cleaning.

Indesit refrigerator the light does not work

The light inside the refrigerator Indesit is on, but the motor does not work, how to solve this problem?

First of all you have to find out who is to blame: the motor or its control (relay, thermostat, etc.), and if the thermostat is still hot.д.)

the winding has shorted out, the actual motor has shorted out, as far as I remember it is model zero frost and if you do not seem that the motor stands there is a chance that it has burnt out, it is necessary to move away the refrigerator and feel the compressor whether it is warm, so certainly understand whether it works, and then any happens, call the master they are and free to diagnose and then you will choose where cheaper!

Compressor winding broke, winding short circuit occurred, shorted in the motor itself. As for the windings, it is a question of changing the winding, or replace the motor itself. The master can advise the second option that will considerably prolong service life of your refrigerator. However, it is up to you to decide what kind of repair. The short circuit of contacts in the compressor does not lead to good, it is necessary to repair, urgent repair. How to check the compressor directly? It happens that the relay is out of order, and the unit needs to be turned on to check the serviceability. In this case, the masters act as follows: connect two wires to the working main terminal, then connect the third wire to this terminal. Next, apply voltage and touch the third wire to the terminal of the starter coil with one touch. Be very careful, because the work is done with high voltage. Relay failure. A faulty relay prevents the engine from starting, because they are interconnected. How to check the fridge relay? Simple enough. The first thing to do is to remove the relay cover, disconnect it and check the resistance of the contacts with a multimeter. If the problem is in this part, you need to repair or replace. Defrost button sticking. When the button is stuck, the engine is stalled. The machine’s system doesn’t turn on the cooling and the engine won’t start. The repair of the button or its replacement is necessary. Thermostat malfunction. In case of detection of malfunction in the temperature regulator, repair or full replacement of the regulator will be required.

First of all check the starting relay and thermostat, if everything is normal with them, check the power supply circuit, if everything is normal there too, it is necessary to make a compressor replacement. Also don’t forget about the control board, there may also be a problem.

The fan is defective

Indesit products themselves can inform the user of internal faults. For example, a fan failure is reported by displaying the error code “F04”. To correct the problem it is necessary to check the circuit between the device and the circuit board, which directs the proper work. We measure the resistance or connect the fan directly to the mains, if the fan does not turn. you need a new one, you can buy it in a specialized store or order it in an online store with home delivery.

Incorrect installation of the unit

It often happens that after the purchase of a modern device the light in it is on, but it does not work. The possible cause of the malfunction is an unstable position.

If the refrigerator was installed without using a technical level, this can lead to a leaky fit of the door. Correspondingly, warm air is blowing into the compartment. The motor doesn’t turn on because the refrigerator doesn’t make any sense. So the light is on, but the appliance doesn’t work. Sometimes the problem is indicated by an error code on the display.

In order to eliminate the resulting malfunction, it is necessary to carry out a thorough diagnosis. Self-repair technique is undesirable, otherwise there is a risk of accidentally worsening the situation.

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