The review of budget handheld vacuum cleaners for swimming pools

Automatic (10,000. 28,000 ₽)

These water vacuums do not require a filtration system. They only need low voltage to operate, which comes through a floating cable. Remote control allows you to choose the best mode of cleaning, then it is lowered into the water and directed. To clean the bottom and walls well, some expensive models have a scanning function to find more dirty areas.

Presented devices for a variety of surfaces, from PVC film to foam coating. Suitable for the care of large pools. Do not require the owner’s involvement in regular maintenance and to keep the water clean.

What kind of pool cleaner is right for you

Before you choose a vacuum cleaner to effectively clean the pool, you should decide what kind you need to buy.

  • limited budget;
  • Small swimming pools in terms of parameters;
  • Can be used for manual cleaning of the tank;
  • No skill in using automatic systems.

Semi-automatic devices are suitable for those who:

  • Expects to get a functional, but inexpensive technique;
  • Wants to simplify cleaning as well;
  • Will appreciate the quality of household appliances;
  • Has a medium to large sized pool.
  • has the financial capability;
  • does not like to do the cleaning;
  • is a confident user of automatic devices;
  • Has a huge pool.

about filtration systems

To properly answer the question how to connect a vacuum cleaner to the pool filter you need to understand the existing types of devices. In today’s pools there are two categories of cleaners: overflow and inline. And, if the first ones work only in case of exceeding the filling level during bathing people, the submersible filters work all the time. In addition, skimmers have several other distinct advantages over overflows:

  • multi-stage approach to the cleaning process, which guarantees a better result;
  • convenience and ease of installation (you can easily install it yourself), as well as a simple calculation (one device per 25 sq. km. м. basin);
  • undemanding in maintenance and storage;
  • Possibility of using chemical detergents to enhance the cleaning effect.

BUDGET Pool Cleaners in 2021. Top 6 Affordable Models

To increase the efficiency of the filter device is recommended to connect a manual or semi-automatic vacuum cleaner, the principle of which is based on a hydraulic pull created by a pump with a filter, while cleared of debris water returns back into the pool. This will allow high-quality cleaning of not only the upper layers of water, but also to collect dirt from the bottom and walls of the pool, which over time covered with greenish plaque, algae, silt and other tiny particles of dirt.

On the question of how to connect the vacuum cleaner to the skimmer, it is important to properly prepare the system, and assemble the device. For this it is necessary:

  • remove from the water any large debris, using a net;
  • For hydro vacuum cleaner models with its own filtration system, it is worth checking the condition of the cartridge itself;
  • Using the telescopic tube extended to a convenient length, lower the cleaning brush to the bottom of the pool and let all the air out of the hose by filling it with water;
  • After removing the lid of the skimmer, connect a special vacuum adapter, through which to attach the vacuum cleaner and connect the pump. If the system with an overflow, at this stage, connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the nozzle in the wall.

It is important to fix all parts on their places, so nothing can come off during operation. If this happens, then you can continue to work only after all the mud settles to the bottom, and the water is more or less lightened.

Basic safety precautions

Of course, the question of how to clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner usually does not cause difficulties, still it makes sense to adhere to certain recommendations, in particular:

Care must be taken to ensure that all air is vented from the hose, otherwise the pump may break;

Do not take the cleaner out of the water while the filtration system is running, as this can allow oxygen from the environment to enter the pump;

You should only work with the equipment when the water is calm, with no foreign objects and large debris.

Using a hydro-vacuum cleaner for pool cleaning greatly simplifies and speeds up the process. If all instructions and precautions are followed, the unit will last a very long time and the water in the tank will always be clean and fresh.

Automatic vacuum cleaner for swimming pool Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Transitional type between manual vacuum cleaners and robots for pool cleaning.

Automatic pool vacuum cleaner Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

It is also a vacuum cleaner connected to the recirculation system of pool water filtration, but you do not control it. No electronics inside, no brains, no motors or turbines. Works by the energy of the water pumped through it.

Just like its predecessor, it is connected to the pool filtration system, which means that it can only work in small pools.

Pool vacuum cleaner Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

The plus side of this machine (you can hardly call it a robot) is its simple design, ease of repair and light weight. Minus. they can not clean the wall and the hydraulic energy flow may not be enough and the robot crawling and effective cleaning. Forget about dealing with heavy soiling.

Total: Type: automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool Mission: to clean the bottom only Performance: sand on the bottom, the rudiments of plaque Pool size: small (fixed point of connection to the filter system of the pool) Mode of use: weekly to monthly Human involvement in the work: loading and unloading of the machine at each use Filter system: connection to the pool filter system Features: not all devices of this type can clean the walls

Types and models of pool cleaners

All pool cleaners can be divided into three large groups:


Because of their low capacity, they are most often used for cleaning ponds of limited size. They are suitable for small inflatable, frame-type pools up to 40 square meters.

Sometimes similar tools are also used to clean large-scale water stadiums. However, this can be done where there is a large staff of technicians and many units of handheld pool cleaners. But back at home, cleaning a deep, voluminous pond takes a lot of nerves, energy and time.

The manual underwater models are sold complete with an aluminum telescopic-type holder. There are 2 nozzles attached to the device. The first of these is a skimmer. It effectively collects debris floating on the water surface.

The second nozzle vacuum is made in the form of a brush. It cleans dirt, grease, plaque that has accumulated on the bottom and walls of the water tank over time. The functions of such a vacuum cleaner are very simple and straightforward. With the help of a corrugated hose the nozzle is fastened to the water supply tap under pressure.

A strong jet of water washes all accumulated mud from the pool surfaces. Dirty water flows into the special compartment in the vacuum cleaner. This is where the liquid is cleaned and returned. All removed debris goes into a special container, which, when full, is simply removed.

Cleaning a pool with a handheld vacuum cleaner is like cleaning an apartment with an electric vacuum cleaner. The only difference is the underwater tool has a long hose and a peculiar holder configuration. When you clean a pond, all electric elements are on the surface.

Semi-automatic models

There are two varieties of this device. cordless and vacuum. Both are effective for ponds with different fill volumes.

Semi-automatic cordless vacuum cleaner

Such appliance is operated by rechargeable batteries. It is used not only in order to clean the walls and the bottom of the reservoir. It also effectively disinfects swimming water.

The device cleans well all deposits, salt deposits, grease and dirt from the walls, the bottom of the pool. By disinfecting the water, it eliminates harmful bacteria that periodically accumulate in the pond.

  • No bulky hoses, wires.
  • No need to use pool filter pumps.
  • Reusable filter bag.
  • The battery must be charged for at least 8-10 hours in a row.
  • Continuous work time of the battery, fully charged. 60 minutes.
  • It is not provided with a telescopic rod.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaner

review, budget, handheld, vacuum, cleaners, swimming

It can be recommended for large swimming pools and water stadiums with a large area. advanced, but also more expensive device compared to manual models.

Has a number of technical advantages:

  • High cleaning speed.
  • Equipped with automatic flushing of the valve to remove the dirt.
  • Vacuum cleaner functions based on hydraulic traction.
  • Connects directly to the pool skimmer or to a local filtration system.
  • Equipped with a non-standard vacuum brush technology in which it is attracted to the surface of the walls or bottom, capturing an impressive cleaning surface.
  • Automatic adjustment of the water flow, which creates additional suction power.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaners work with a peculiar technology. They randomly select sectors to clean. After you finish cleaning one area, the unit automatically switches to the next contaminated area. It goes on like this until it cleans all the surfaces of the entrusted body of water. The flushing valve regulates the quality of its work and the speed of its movement over the cleaning surfaces.


The units are designed for built-in, deep, voluminous pools, water stadiums. These are hard-working, efficient robots. Their function is set up so that no human intervention is needed. By running the vacuum cleaner, you can be assured that all pool surfaces will be perfectly clean. Labor costs are zero.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are not classified into above-water and underwater models. They operate fully under water. All of their electrical components are also located there. This category of cleaners is packed with a system of sensors. With the help of these indicators, the mechanisms detect dirty sectors. Automatic cleaning process follows.

In addition to the cleaning functions in the design of robots built-in water filtration system. The unit is powered by electricity, so the cleaning area is limited by the length of the cable. Reusable filters are built into the body of the vacuum cleaner.

When this kind of filter gets clogged, it is very easy to clean it by hand. Then it is used many more times and cleaned in the same way until it is completely worn out. Vacuum cleaners of this class are absolutely safe, even considering their 100% underwater location along with all the electrical components.

The robot is connected to the mains by a cable through a step-down transformer, because it uses low-voltage currents to work. Transformer is included with the sale. The vacuum cleaner handles swimming pools of normal configuration automatically thanks to the program built into its technical circuitry.

Top interesting pool cleaners from AlieXpress

The most common on the site are manual vacuum models, which are connected to a garden hose or filtration system. There are also robot vacuum cleaners for swimming pools. And let them have a high price, but for it buyers get a fully self-contained device that will do everything himself.

review, budget, handheld, vacuum, cleaners, swimming

TOOYOUNG Swimming Pool Cleaner

TOOYOUNG Swimming Pool Cleaner

One of the interesting products on AlieXpress was a bright plastic vacuum cleaner from the brand TOOYOUNG. The model has a classic design, in which the brush is attached to an extensible handle, and it connects to a garden hose or filtration system. The result is a vacuum that pulls debris and leaves from the water inside the bag. The kit includes the following items:

The water vacuum cleaner easily handles algae and sand, and picks up trash well. The pool will stay clean for a long time. Delivery is fast, but the packaging leaves much to be desired. Another disadvantage is the non-standard diameter, which will make it difficult to find and buy retractable handles for the vacuum cleaner.

Mayday House Swimming Pool Cleaner

Mayday House Swimming Pool Cleaner

There is one good quality nylon vacuum cleaner brush at AliExpress. Mayday House. Its nozzle seamlessly connects to pipes and hoses with a diameter of 1.5 in. The main part of the product is made of plastic. Due to the length of the brush can work with a large area, making pool cleaning much easier. Bristles are stiff, the hole for trash is wider than others.

Mayday House water vacuum cleaner has received positive reviews on AliExpress. Site users note the high quality workmanship and sturdy construction of the brush. It is wide and comfortable and fits snugly into the hose. The vacuum cleaner behaves perfectly in operation, cleans up all visible dirt. Despite all the benefits of the product, some buyers found the price to be overpriced. For the same amount can be found on the site a complete set with a hose.

  • It is comfortable enough to work;
  • sturdy construction;
  • Helps in the circulation of water;
  • fits snugly with the hose;
  • ease of use.

Prominent Pool Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Prominent Pool Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Prominent is one of the budget-friendly vacuum models on AlieXpress. Comes complete with five-piece telescopic handle, quick-disconnect hose and waste filter bag. Detailed assembly instructions are included. If you follow it, everything takes no more than five minutes. Brush is quite small in size, but due to the shape and vacuum it effectively sucks up all the dirt and coarse debris from the bottom and walls of the pool. Small particles of sand will pass through the filter, but that’s another matter. Prominent is a fairly easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, which should appeal to many people.

  • to work comfortably enough;
  • sturdy construction;
  • takes up very little space;
  • easy to store;
  • the brush fits snugly on the hose
  • easy to use.



VKTECH. a manual vacuum cleaner in a standard format. It has a rectangular brush and two different sized garbage bags. Vacuum cleaner is easy to clean. no special skills required from the owner.

VKTECH, if properly used, perfectly copes with its tasks. The vacuum cleaner picks up all large and medium debris. sand, silt and leaves. In addition, the item will clean the entire surface of the pond without leaving traces.

The filter is easy to rinse after use. Quality assembly, good quality plastic.

The seller’s work also does not cause criticism. he promptly sends the goods and well packaged them. There is only one disadvantage. non-standard handle diameter, so the cleaner does not fit every hose.

review, budget, handheld, vacuum, cleaners, swimming
  • it is comfortable enough to work;
  • sturdy construction;
  • helps in water circulation;
  • fits snugly on the hose;
  • ease of use.

DEVVIS ICleaner 200

DEVVIS ICleaner 200

On AlieXpress rather rare to find robots that can clean pools. Model DEVVIS ICleaner 200 is one of them. It is considered by some to be the best. The power of the item. 200 watts, the device moves at a speed of 15 meters per minute.

This kind of device is suitable for pools with an area of 100-200 m². It is also important that it is able to move independently on the walls. Remote control is used to control them. The robot itself is plugged in and the cable length is 15 meters.

According to the manufacturer, the equipment works almost flawlessly. This is important when you need good equipment.



In the ranking of quality water purifiers in swimming pools, this model will take a worthy place. The unit can operate with the filter station on, which provides suction of debris with water. It is enough to connect the unit to the adjustable length of the hose. Vacuum cleaner model has a pulse diaphragm, which allows you to increase the area to be cleaned.

Watertech Pool Blaster Max HD

Watertech Pool Blaster Max HD

3 Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners in 2022 ����

Watertech Pool Blaster MAX HD. handheld self-contained vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for cleaning all types of private pools. Thanks to its high performance, as well as its extensive features, this model is able to please many.

Rating of handheld vacuum cleaners for swimming pools

Hand-held vacuums resemble conventional vacuum cleaners with a hose for cleaning your home. Among other pool cleaners, these models are the most affordable option. They are powered by a pump. Vacuum system collects debris and foliage and returns water to the pool.

Eco-Vac 1400

The Eco-Vac 1400 hand-held vacuum cleaner is powered by a 230 V plug socket. The motor of the device is not submerged in water during operation. Eco-Vac 1400 vacuums clean silt and other sediments from fountains, ponds, wading pools.

  • Capacity. 3,9 cubic meters. m-h;
  • The motor power is 1400 watts;
  • 180 mbar suction power;
  • Suction hose length. 4 m;
  • Power cord. 4,4 m;
  • Container volume. 35 l;
  • Length of water discharge hose. 3 m;
  • Weight. 9,5 kg;
  • Size. 36 cm36 cm58 cm.

The device switches off automatically when the tank is full. Starts up again after emptying.

Watertech Pool Blaster MAX CG

This cleaner is battery operated. So there is no need to look for an outlet near the pool to power the cleaner. Charge enough to clean the bottom and walls of the pool for 60 minutes. Suitable for cleaning any pond surface.

Contains angled brush, removable filter for silt and sand deposits, battery charger, instructions. Telescopic rod diameter 28 mm have to buy separately, its length varies depending on the size of the pool.

Kokido Telsa 50

Vacuum cleaner is suitable for a small private swimming pool with a surface of any material. Use in pools or ponds with a depth of 25 cm to 3 m. Recommended for ponds up to 7 m long.

  • Size. 23 cm15 cm39 cm
  • Weight. 2,3 kg;
  • Cleaning area. 375 sq. м.;
  • Capacity. 5,7 cu.m. m-h;
  • Nozzle width. 23 cm;
  • 40 min battery life.

Cleaning brush with lint on the sides easily slides over the surface, collects fine sand and dirt. For dealing with larger particles and leaves, it’s best to remove it.

review, budget, handheld, vacuum, cleaners, swimming

Assembling and disassembling the cleaner is very easy. To remove the filter it is necessary to turn 2 catches. Thanks to the transparent casing there is a standard sized hole for the rod.

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