The split system does not blow with cold air

Conditioner is badly cool

Very often it happens so that conditioner cools, but not so much, as before. Sooner or later such problem is faced by almost all users. There can be several reasons why conditioner is badly cool. Freon pressure, however, may be normal. In such situation it is better to address to a master at once and to order service. And then the problem will be solved. But if you visited our site not for search of a specialist, but for more information, then let’s analyze this situation in details.

The problem why the device cools badly most often appears because of its fouling. There is only one way out: to service it. But, at conditioners “on/off” there is some peculiarity about which you also need to know. The temperature of cold air coming from the indoor unit varies depending on the current room temperature. And the higher it is in the room, the warmer will be the outgoing airflow from indoor unit. Therefore, you can judge the cooling efficiency only by the temperature difference between the air (incoming and outgoing from the indoor unit). This difference should not be less than 7˚C.

Example one: the split system works for cooling, the room is 23˚C, (the unit is set to maintain 20˚C). If the temperature of the air coming out of the louvers is 13˚C, the air conditioner works perfectly.

Example two: The air conditioner works for cold and the room is 30˚C (the split-system also works for maintaining 20˚C). If the outgoing air near the blinds is 20˚C, that is also normal.

split, system, does, blow, cold

In both cases, the cooling is efficient, but the temperature of the outgoing airflow will be different. Therefore, it may seem that the air conditioner once cooled better. It is quite another matter when it does not provide the set temperature at all. A call for service is necessary.

A competent specialist will be able to define at once conditioner working capacity, and if it is required he will be able to make necessary measurements and by the parameters to define the efficiency of the conditioner. But this topic is for the next article.

Artificial shading instead of air conditioning

Citizens of the southern regions have to prepare for the heat more carefully. Very often in these geographical areas, when the sun is at its zenith, the air heats up to very high temperatures. Then morning and evening airing does not allow qualitative cooling of the premise. You have to use additional protection from the heat.

Experts advise owners of apartments without air conditioning, the windows located on the south side, to close for the summer with foil. This is the cheapest way to fight the heat. For the indicated purposes, it is allowed to use ordinary baking foil. You can buy it at any grocery store. Its surface perfectly reflects sunbeams and does not let them penetrate into the premise and heat air in it. It is easy to stick it on the windows. For this purpose it is necessary to use a usual scotch. If you want to cool the room without air conditioning in this way, you must remember that the foil does not transmit daylight, so after taping the room will become dark. And the window itself from outside will not look very dignified.

Why the air conditioner does not blow warm air?

Most modern air conditioners have a heating function. In devices there is a four-way valve, which changes a direction of the refrigerant circulation. Due to this the premise is heated due to the hot freon. This way of heating is more favorable then heating by electrical heating elements.

Sometimes it happens so that conditioner does not warm up in winter. It happens because of a number of reasons. Some problems are easy to fix, others require professional help, and some are not fixable at all.

Why does not air conditioner cool: the reasons and the decision

Why air conditioner does not cool air in the premise or it does not work well? An air conditioner at home is not always a failure-free device. It requires proper operation, care and maintenance. Sometimes the breakages happen. But there are a lot of reasons why conditioner does not cool a premise or does not cool it at all. It is always possible to answer these questions by calling a qualified specialist, but after all we all prefer to try to understand the problem ourselves, before we give money for the work, which, quite probably, did not require any efforts and special knowledge. This article will tell about the causes of poor cooling by air conditioner and what can be done about it.

Air conditioner does not cool because of external factors

If conditioner is working almost continuously, but the temperature is not dropping to the set point, first of all you should check whether the work of the machine is not hampered by external factors:

  • the room is poorly insulated warm air is constantly coming in from the street, and the cooled air goes out,
  • Regular air circulation is prevented by furniture or curtains (jalousies),
  • Power of the device does not correspond to the needs (not enough to effectively cool the room of large area).

If the cause of poor insulation, ensure that the air intake is only from the room and does not leak outside (as much as possible): close windows and doors tightly. In rooms with faulty repair there may be large gaps that must be closed. Remove obstacles on the way of air stream.

If the reason is in insufficient power, replace a conditioner, and use this one in a room with smaller area.

How to define serviceability of split-system

An important criterion for proper operation of the climate control systems is the temperature of the air stream at the evaporator outlet, which is 6-14 degrees for the models of the non inverter class. The exact value depends on the temperature of outside and inside air, the degree of fouling of the system modules’ grates. Inverter class conditioners give the same temperature parameters at the beginning and when the air in a premise cools down they raise it gradually up to 12-18 degrees.

This parameter also depends on a producer: in European and Japanese split-systems temperature indices are higher than the ones of analogous equipment from Asia and China.

But this temperature does not always correspond to the declared criteria. What is the reason of this phenomenon. we will consider below.

Why doesn’t the air conditioner cool?

Company managers will answer all your questions, choose the necessary equipment and prepare the commercial offer.

In this article the reasons are reviewed, why the conditioner does not cool enough or does not cool at all and how to eliminate them.

Very often customers call us and ask the same question: “Why has the air conditioner stopped cold??”.

Or one more widespread question: “Why does conditioner blow with warm air??” (it actually blows not warm air, but room temperature air).

That is why in this article we decided to consider the main reasons of bad work of conditioners.

So, at the beginning let’s analyze how to define that conditioner is cooling bad.

The main criterion. Is the temperature at the outlet of the indoor unit of air conditioner, it should be from 6 to 14 0 C for non-inverter models. Exact temperature value depends on degree of fouling of internal and external blocks of splitsystem (more exactly its heat exchangers). And also from temperature inside the premise and outside, that is the more heat loads, the higher temperature of cooled air.

By the way, the temperature also depends on the manufacturer, Japanese and European air conditioners have slightly higher values of temperature at the output than Asian and Chinese.

Inverter models of conditioners give the same temperature values at the beginning of cooling, and after it the air in a premise cools down they increase it up to the value 12-18 0 C.

Before to definite conclusions and ask for help it is recommended to analyze by yourself the working capacity of your split-system. So, in addition to the equipment itself, the creation of coolness in the room is influenced:

Period of air conditioner’s work. Users often think that air exchange of such units is instant and the coolness should come right after switching on the split-system. But this is not so. It takes from 10 to 20 minutes to cool the room, depending on the performance of the device, the area of the room and the street temperature.

Correlation of air conditioner’s capacity to external parameters. Air conditioner will blow with warm air, if it has a small capacity. A small capacity unit, of course, will not be able to cool a large room, especially if it is hot outside. When choosing a unit, buyers often take a unit based on average external parameters, and overlook the fact that the load can be peak.

Room insulation. Split-system will not cool a premise sufficiently if doors and windows are ajar or ventilation is switched on. Such phenomenon is quite acceptable because there is not enough forced air exchange created by split-system itself.

How to Fix Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air | HVAC Training 101

The unit is blowing warm because of “blocked” inlet and outlet. Weak circulation and, consequently, lack of coolness can be due to obstacles in the form of curtains, blinds, or excessive furniture.

If the capacity of the air conditioner corresponds, the air passages are free, the doors and windows are closed, and still the unit blows heat, it means that the failure is in the equipment itself and it is necessary to carry out its diagnostics.

And you should start from measuring the temperature at the input and output of a conditioner. The initial temperature should be checked next to the air intake grilles, and the final temperature should be checked in the air stream coming out of the indoor unit.

Important! One should not check the degrees, putting thermometer inside the case of appliance, because it can be broken by rotating impeller of fan.

If after the measurement of values, the indicators do not meet the necessary values of 7-15 ˚ C, it means that the reason is something internal. Such difference can be a little bit different depending on the manufacturer and the brand of conditioner (you can specify it in the certificate of device).

Why the air conditioner does not heat well?

Majority of habitants of Russia are buying air-conditioning systems for cooling a premise in summer heat, without thinking whether conditioner can heat the air. Later a cold time of the year comes, and public utilities do not switch on the heating, and because of this it becomes uncomfortable in apartments. Then many people are wondering if conditioner can warm air in winter, and how one can use it for this purpose.

We should notice at once that the heating function is not available in every split-system, and first of all they are designed for cooling air in summer. Possibility of heating is defined by availability of four-way valve in the outside unit. Without it, the refrigerant can move only in one direction, which means that the indoor unit will only blow cold air. In order to understand the indispensability of this valve you should understand what makes air conditioner warm.

The main task of a split system in winter is to increase the temperature in the room. An air conditioner works according to the following scheme:

  • draws in cold air;
  • Passes it through the compressor (at this stage, the air is heated);
  • heats the air inside the room and gives the cooled freon to the outside;
split, system, does, blow, cold

In low frosts such scheme of operation is rather effective, but in severe frosts many split-systems can spoil after a few minutes of operation (or will slowly fail). That is why the answer on the question, whether a conditioner can warm winter air in 20°C frost is unequivocal. no. But in the off-season it is quite acceptable, if it gets cold enough in the apartment.

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